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Your Dream Quotes

We’ve collected the best Your Dream Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Chanda Kochhar, Pratik Gandhi, Bai Ling, Malik Jackson, Tay Keith. Use them as an inspiration.

What I was told by my parents was that, you know, take this inhibition out whether you’re a girl or a boy. Basically, pursue your dream, and as long as you’re a capable and hardworking human being, you will be able to follow and fulfill your dream.
It is always good to have dreams, chase them, and work hard. But you should know when the dream is sucking you in and you become such a slave of your dream that you can’t see what is right and wrong and that is disastrous.
Like, you can find your dream, if you firmly believe. You have to have the innocence, and you have to have the daringness to trust.
That’s your dream, to get paid and take care of your family. But you still want to win, too.
I want to prove that you can go to school and still chase your dream, too.
Hold on to your dream; hold on to your dream – because if it can happen for me, it can happen for you.
If you’re having fun, and it’s your dream, stick with it. If you can’t hang in there, go find something else to do.
When you start to live your dream, it’s not quite what you thought it was because there is a lot of overwhelming stuff that comes on top of it, and you have to figure it all out.
There is always a dream, for me, in the locker room before matches as well during the day. If you have a strong mind, a strong tendency to keep you strong, I think your dream is coming.
I guess life offers you opportunities to live your dream. We just have to accept what comes our way and live those moments completely. You will not get back this time again, so live every moment you get.
Quite often you want to tell somebody your dream, your nightmare. Well, nobody wants to hear about someone else’s dream, good or bad; nobody wants to walk around with it. The writer is always tricking the reader into listening to the dream.
We are being accused that some models are anorexic. But we as fashion designers cannot be blamed, because you know, when I talk to women around the world, rich and poor and young and old and intellectual and not, what they want to be is skinny. You ask them, ‘What is your dream?’ It’s to be skinny. That’s all they want.
No matter what your dream is, just stay the course, ride the waves, and know that, if the dream is in your heart that it, in my opinion, is meant to materialize. But it can only materialize if you stay the course.
Kim Hawthorne
It’s never a good feeling when leaving your dream job.
When you believe in your dream and your vision, then it begins to attract its own resources. No one was born to be a failure.
Success is attaining your dream while helping others to benefit from that dream materializing.
You have to fight for your dream, but you also have to feel fortunate for what you have.
Cesc Fabregas
Whether your dream is a $100,000 in sales or a million, the amount of work is likely the same – you’ll still have 86,400 seconds each day, so why couldn’t you imagine creating the company and enterprise that can fulfill every aspect of any dream you wish to have?
You have to persevere, you have to just not give up, and you have to know what you want. You have to be able to see your dream.
You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.
All I can tell you really is if you get to the point where someone is telling you that you are not great or not good enough, just follow your heart and don’t let anybody crush your dream.
Whatever you want to follow as your passion, it’s about having the right mental attitude, having the right focus, following your dream and never wavering from it.
Many people don’t have an internal vision to go after something, fight for something, make a plan. So the biggest thing is – until you get picked up by a major label or until something breaks, you need to plan out what your dream is going to be.
Become your dream.
James De La Vega
I believe in hard work, but I believe in vindication as well. You have a few nightmares, I imagine, before you reach your dream.
When you are finally in space and you’re finally looking back at Earth and you realize for the first time in your life there’s nothing standing between you and your dream, it’s just so hard to describe the profound impact of that.
I was this little kid writing songs. I look back at having that dream, and it’s weird. Being able to do it and live out your dream on any scale is amazing. I don’t take any of it for granted at all.
Hold on to your dream, no matter what it takes.
In this work, you have to convince everyone all the time, at different levels, to support your dream. I learned you have to be confident in order to do that.
Nicolas Ghesquiere
Once you have your appetite well under control, start to acquire your dream figure with exercise.
I’m a believer in finding a passion, hard work and definitely not giving up on your dream.
Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people – to build something isn’t a one-man show. It’s more important to have smart people who really believe in what you’re doing than really experienced people who may not share your dream.
When you’re a kid your dream is to be decisive in a Champions League final, and I managed to do that.
When you start fighting, when your dream is to be the champion of the world, when you accomplish that, you don’t feel lost. It doesn’t hinder you. It only helps.
When I started acting, I was asked said, ‘What’s your dream?’ ‘What would you like to achieve?’ I would say, ‘Oh, I’d like to sit opposite DeNiro and hold my own.’ But, you never think it’s gonna happen.
No one gave me an opportunity, which I desperately needed in my struggling days. If there is one thing that I have learned during that period is that you need to create an opportunity yourself if you want to live your dream.
You take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality.
I didn’t want to find out the reality that if I wanted my dream, I had to lose weight. That’s a crushing dream for anybody… to change yourself to get your dream. Nobody should have to do that.
End of the day, don’t like me or whatever. Just go back dreaming about your dream car or house while I go buy them.
Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.
If you don’t follow your dream, who will?
If you want your dream more than you have to have people’s affirmation, that’s how you break through your border bullies.
Bruce Wilkinson
Probably the most common question I get is, ‘Who’s your dream guest?’ That’s kind of annoying because there isn’t one.

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