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Understands Quotes

We’ve collected the best Understands Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Debby Ryan, Donald Evans, Michael Wolff, Sergei Polunin, Bernie Siegel. Use them as an inspiration.

I wouldn’t do the music thing if it weren’t for my brother, who’s a producer. He understands me and helps my vision come to life.
Laura Bush is the same way. I mean, they both, um, understand, they understand the challenges of the moment and understand the responsibilities, he understands the responsibilities he has to protect the national security of America as well as the economic security of America.
Trump loves the media. Trump understands the power it has and, accordingly, loves the people who have media power.
It’s very important for humans to see dance, it’s a language that everybody understands.
The doctor I would want for myself or for anyone else I cared about would be one who understands that disease is more than just a clinical entity; it is an experience and a metaphor, with a message that must be listened to.
President Obama understands that, as a nation founded by those who fled religious persecution, freedom of religion is central to who we are as Americans. Our rights are not given to us by government, they are endowed by our Creator.
Even the government understands that the environmental challenge is so big that no single agency can handle it. It needs collaboration among all the stakeholderscompanies, governments, NGOs and the public. Public accountability will be the ultimate driving force.
After the last two years of springtime gas price spikes, nearly everyone in Southeast Wisconsin understands that something is wrong with our gasoline regulation and supply system.
It’s always marvelous to have somebody who, you know, you feel understands and wants to encourage.
You meet with a CEO or founder. You talk about sales, engineering, product management and give some ideas or suggestions. And the founder quickly understands that you really can help them both operationally and from a strategic standpoint.
In Washington, I am a leader on the issues that matter to my community, and I think that’s what my constituents want, and also I think that’s what voters want. Someone who understands them, who wants to represent them, and who works tirelessly every day on behalf of their interests and their values.
The power and appeal of Documentary is the way it alters and plays with the way the viewer relates to and understands the subject.
Ben Edwards
One who sees the Supersoul accompanying the individual soul in all bodies and who understands that neither the soul nor the Supersoul is ever destroyed, actually sees.
Unless a design is infused with a personality – and by that, I mean mine or someone else who really understands what design is all about – it will never, ever have any mystery.
Whenever I’m having a hard time, Mum guides me through. She understands how a situation can become overwhelming.
Anybody who understands how a movie gets made understands that a deep-pockets player is not going to make a movie that has anything defamatory in it without protections.
One who understands the relationships between the human heart and the human mind will always out-hack those who chase after an ever-changing technology.
As a consumer goods company serving billions of consumers every day, Unilever understands the drivers and motivations that create the norms that lie behind people’s behaviour.
RuPaul might not broadcast herself as political, but I think she tries to make moves in American history by catching more flies with honey than vinegar. Rather than telling people to vote, maybe she’ll do a mini-challenge on voting. She understands that you can influence people in a good way without preaching.
Hillary Clinton understands that a president’s job is to worry about future generations, not the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry.
Stacey Napp understands the ugly side of divorcewhich is often the side that involves money. In fact, she understands it so well that in 2008 she started a business, Balance Point Divorce Funding, which invests in divorce and probate litigation, helping clients cover costs in exchange for a share of the winnings.
People often complain that music is too ambiguous, that what they should think when they hear it is so unclear, whereas everyone understands words. With me, it is exactly the opposite, and not only with regard to an entire speech but also with individual words.
Felix Mendelssohn
People power is way more powerful than anything. The sooner everyone understands that, the better.
The Fair Elections Act in its final form will require every single voter to produce ID showing who they are before they vote. Away from the noise in political Ottawa, everyone understands that this is common sense.
An architect should live as little in cities as a painter. Send him to our hills, and let him study there what nature understands by a buttress, and what by a dome.
What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing and it’s charming.
Edgar Degas
Most people view coffee and lunch as personal time, not deal-making time. Unless the person you’re meeting understands that this is a working lunch, then they may not even think that this is a serious business conversation.
I think it’s important that everyone understands that there’s no real prescription to having an awesome life.
Stella McCartney, not only is she a designer, she is a mother of four, and she lives for practicality. She understands what a woman needs to wear to work and what a woman needs to wear when it’s time to go out and put on the Ritz!
I think that Yulia Tymoshenko should prepare to resign. She understands that well.
Viktor Yanukovych
Once one understands that ‘racial tensions’ is a euphemism for a black animosity toward whites and a left-wing construct, one begins to understand why the election of a black president has had no impact on most blacks or on the left.
The elite cannot understand why President Trump is liked by so many Americans, nor why people flock to his rallies. Yet, it’s in part because they believe he ‘gets’ them. They believe he understands and, most importantly, respects their economic values and their dreams.
I get to travel the world doing what I love to do – making other people happy… They might not even understand my words, but the one thing everybody understands is music.
The corporate community understands the need for rules. Indeed, it argues for regulation to protect intellectual property, physical property rights, and contract law. So why does it oppose global regulation to protect people and the environment?
There came this point where I sat down with all my notebooks and I had to start to write, when I thought: this whole notion of writing for the person who understands nothing, the average reader… He has to die! I can’t have him in my head. And so the person I started writing for was the homicide detective.
David Simon
It’s really tricky to find someone who understands the relationship that Tessa and I have, because it’s unique.
Because Iran understands Afghanistan far better than Americans do, making Iran a partner in a long-term effort to transform Afghan agriculture makes sense.
We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.
The moral equation strongly tells everyone who understands freedom, who understands morality, that Israel is engaging in a just war in defense of its people and its freedom.
In many cases it is a matter for decision and not a simple matter of fact whether x understands y; and so on.
John Searle
No one understands the threat posed by Chinese Communist military companies better than DoD.
We were looking for representation that was creatively and commercially in synch with our core DNA. The team at WME understands where we’re going, and we’re looking forward to taking our company to the next level with them by our side.
The conservative is the one who understands his own society from within and loves and defends it.
Guardiola has a lot of knowledge about the game and understands the psychology of the players. You can see all the things he is doing well.
It takes so long to train a physicist to the place where he understands the nature of physical problems that he is already too old to solve them.
Eugene Wigner
We share the emotions of driving race cars. It’s cool to have a dad who understands what you mean when you talk about oversteer or traction. But it’s not a help at the race.
We went to dinner and healed the wounds, at least to a certain degree. But I hope he understands the hurt he did to me. He put the boot into a pal and I don’t think you should do that.
Ian St. John
I think everybody understands mobility because everybody’s got a cellphone and lots of apps and seen how they’ve moved off of PCs and onto mobility.
We have no words for speaking of wisdom to the stupid. He who understands the wise is wise already.
There’s a rhythm and a cadence in a scene, and when an actor understands without any real direction from you, then that’s a very valuable gift. And some people get it, and some people don’t.
South Carolina needs a Senator who cares about South Carolina, who fights for you, who understands and feels your pain, and works to address it.
I’m a big believer in making sure that action is not confusing and the audience understands what the characters are up to and what they’re doing.
I’d rather be on a label that understands us and allows us to be a bit odd.
No one understands my accent. I’m constantly going to auditions and being told they don’t like how I talk. You have to live with criticism, and I don’t take it personally.
Lauren Socha
It’s fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you.
When a man understands the art of seeing, he can trace the spirit of an age and the features of a king even in the knocker on a door.
Good listeners have a huge advantage. For one, when they engage in conversation, they make people ‘feel’ heard. They ‘feel’ that someone really understands their wants, needs and desires. And for good reason; a good listener does care to understand.
The thing about Buffy and Spike is they understand each other on a level that nobody else understands her.
Bam understands the concept of a team and bringing out more out of somebody else, and he finds enjoyment and pride out of making somebody else better.
I’m proud to be a feminist because making sure that everyone understands we all have a role in fighting for equality is the only way to move forward.
I stand for all those who feel that the government no longer understands the individual and no longer respects individual rights.
Harvey Milk
When you do deals with France involved, you want to make sure that the government endorses your deal, understands the strategic rationale.
I write all my scripts with Salman in mind. He understands me perfectly on the sets.
Nobody understands me, I’m really sensitive.
I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.
What I’ve learned is that everybody really wants to sell their story. No matter who they are, everybody feels that what they’re doing is the right thing, and if they could only explain themselves to a reasonable person that understands them, then maybe they’ll listen.
At the end of the day, you want a straightforward, simple system which everyone understands. If you can get clarity and simplicity in any process, it’s better for everybody.
Wishing to open my mouth, O brethren, and speak on the exalted theme of humility, I am filled with fear, even as a man who understands that he is about to discourse concerning God with the art of his own words. For humility is the raiment of the Godhead.
Isaac of Nineveh
My wife is used to Formula One, and she understands the life.
My mom often tells me to get married, but she gets it now that I don’t want to. Like any other mom, she is worried, but she also understands the demands of my profession. I am blessed to have a family like this.
It’s a huge honor to be put in the Hall of Fame… it’s even better because I played there for six years, and I left on bad terms. To be able to come back and be recognized – in hindsight, I wish I would have stayed, because everyone understands my career was large in Orlando.
Silicon Valley is a great place for Bitcoin, since everyone understands computers, and there are lots of libertarians running around.
I like Mourinho’s sessions: very dynamic, always with the ball. There are no really long sessions or talks. He understands what a footballer needs: twenty minutes, that’s it. No time to lose concentration.
I will argue that in the literal sense the programmed computer understands what the car and the adding machine understand, namely, exactly nothing.
John Searle
Alaskans deserve a fighter in the United States Senate who will always stand up for Alaska, who understands our great potential, who has the experience, respect and seniority to accomplish that. I am that senator.
The heart of Jesus is compassionate and understanding. It has felt the sting of ingratitude, and when my heart suffers from that same offense, I can turn to him, and he understands my feelings.
Every daughter is a shadow of her mum. I respect that, but there’s a limit. There’s a certain line that needs to be drawn, which every mother and daughter understands.
I think there’s something so funny about Ram Dass. I was lucky enough to sit across from him at dinner once, and I got up the courage to tell him that he was my favorite comedian. Even though he’s not a comic, he talks about showbiz in a certain way and understands that there’s a presentation to it.
The media understands the system only on the basis of ministers and governments. It seldom sympathises with the people who work within that system.
A stylist understands our body language; they know what works and what doesn’t. I’m happy this concept has caught on in the South film industry.
A thoughtful piece of criticism by somebody who understands the context of what you are doing is a tremendous gift and honor to read, even if they don’t completely embrace your work.
My attitude is different. And no one understands me the way my friends do.
One of the key factors of life is love, and the key factor of God is love, so having that understanding is really important in a relationship. Having someone that genuinely respects you and understands your life and is open to hearing about your life is really cool.
Salesforce’s Chatter is what convinced me that the company understood what is going on in the enterprise; this was the biggest attraction for me. I saw that Salesforce understands social.
J.P. Rangaswami
President Biden has made an exceptional choice in nominating Gayle Manchin for Federal Co-Chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. A longtime educator and West Virginia native, she understands the critical issues facing our Appalachian communities and is well-qualified to serve in this role.
I know of nothing more moving, indeed semi-tragic, than the yearning helplessness in the face of a dog, who understands what is said to him, and can not answer!
The lesson of the Cuban Missile Crisis is plain: Strength prevents war; weakness invites it. We need a commander-in-chief who understands that – and who won’t leave us facing a foe who thinks he doesn’t.
I loved the last album, and it was one hundred percent me. But this is like me two years later, who understands a little bit more about music and understands a little bit more about making an album. I wrote a lot more.
I use Amy as a major sounding board for a lot of things that come up, and she understands the family dynamic and business dynamics better than people would think. She is a big support and voice of calm when things are a little bit dicey, like great wives can be. She does all of that.
Even close people left me – I was hurt by them and felt there was nobody who understands me, which made me fall apart.
Anyone who lives in Washington and has an official position viscerally understands the cost of a lack of privacy. Every dinner – especially ones with a journalist in attendance – is preceded by the mandatory, ‘This is off the record.’ But everyone also knows, nothing is really ‘off the record.’
Like Lyndon Johnson, President Obama understands that timidity in a time of troubles is a prescription for failure.
Anybody that wants to be something greater than themselves, that understands that bringing meaning and intention into work and bringing those two things together, is a member of the ‘we generation,’ and the money tends to follow.
Any smart executive understands that to find the best talent she has to explore new territory that lies beyond familiar geography. That applies not only to gender, but also to race, religion, background and age.
I’ve done two remakes, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Son of Sardaar,’ and I see nothing wrong with it. The originals were in a language that not everyone understands, so when you’re making it in another language, you can reach a much wider audience. That’s how I look at it.
I’m always amazed at how records can make you feel like somebody else understands you.
If you do something that you’re proud of, that someone else understands, that is a thing of beauty that wasn’t there before – you can’t beat that.
My mom is just someone who’s easy to talk to and hang with. My sister, it’s always cool to be able to help her out with things. My brother is fun when we’re just joking and messing around. And my dad is someone who’s helpful with my music and easy to talk to about that stuff because he understands me in that sense.
You hear about actors being late and all that sort of stuff, but you never find that with an actor who’s directed, because an actor who’s directed understands all the problems your production is going through.
With the violin, for example, one understands culturally that the sound comes from the instrument that can be seen. With electronic music, it is not the same at all. That’s why it seemed so important to me, from the beginning of my career, to invent a grammar, a visual vocabulary adapted to electronic music.
I want to make sure everybody in this state understands that I am going to prioritize the education of our young people first and foremost.
I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don’t give a damn whether the client understands that that’s worth anything, or that the client thinks it’s worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It’s worth it to me. It’s the way I want to live my life.
Never assume that the guy understands that you and he have a relationship.
I was like little-miss wannabe punk-rocker; I would go home and secretly listen to Pink, and dance around, like, ‘Ugh, she understands me so well!’
When I appointed the Minister of the Environment to major cabinet status, the Planning and Priorities committee, the signals that that sent through Ottawa were major, because that’s what the bureaucracy understands.
On a day when Osama bin Laden again threatened the United States and our allies, it is disturbing to realize that John Kerry neither recognizes nor understands the murderous ideology of our enemies and the threat they pose to our nation.
Marc Racicot
Lisa understands me. I’m very complex, but I have trouble opening up to people. I tend to keep things to myself. All my life, I’ve been kind of shy – opening up is always a challenge and Lisa can understand that.
It’s a wise man who understands that every day is a new beginning, because boy, how many mistakes do you make in a day? I don’t know about you, but I make plenty. You can’t turn the clock back, so you have to look ahead.
Michael and I talk at least every two weeks. He understands why I’ve done the things I have.
Neymar is a very humble down to earth guy, who enjoys playing football and likes to play that way. Anyone that knows him understands this.
I’ve grown to love Barack Obama. Hillary is no Bernie Sanders. But she’s a politician, and she understands Congress. And I think with that kind of twisted beauty, she could lead our country.
We want to make sure the military gets it right and understands that if they’re going to have less money, they’re going to have to spend it a lot more smartly.
Sleep more. I don’t think anyone understands how important it is. If you have a choice where you’ve only been sleeping five or six hours and can sleep an extra hour or work out, sleep an extra hour.
A politician is a man who understands government. A statesman is a politician who’s been dead for 15 years.
No one understands the impacts of shifting fish stocks more than commercial and recreational fishermen in my district.
The biographer has two lives: The one she leads, and the one she ultimately understands.
I think maybe the most important thing that we have to say is that people don’t often talk about network executives being brave. You don’t talk about them as having integrity and a higher purpose, because it’s a job… except for Bob Greenblatt. He is a theatre person. He loves and understands it.
When you work for somebody who is very technical, and understands and has creative solutions to your problems, it spurs you along and stops you making excuses for things. And I found that very useful.
David Perry
I’m looking for a Justice who appreciates the awesome responsibility that she will be given, if confirmed. A Justice who understands the gravity of the office and who respects the very different roles that the Constitution provides for each of the three branches of government.
Clients become very attached to the fitter who they feel understands them.
Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do.
Nobody understands another’s sorrow, and nobody another’s joy.
A graphic designer, you know, who understands ideas and understands that ideas are what makes the world go round, could change the world with a magazine. If one talent could do it right now, and everybody would stop saying it’s the death of magazines.
You will be hard pressed to read another book that understands you as well as ‘Leaves of Grass’ does. It was made for you in the way that the constellations were made for you. It understands and makes space for your doubts, your love, the guilt and passions of your life and waits for you.
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
We can speak about the institution, but ultimately the bar is the group that both is in touch with the public on the one hand and understands the judicial institution on the other.
Stephen Breyer
I believe that the average guy in the street will give up a great deal, if he really understands the cost of not giving it up. In fact, we may find that, while we’re drastically cutting our energy consumption, we’re actually raising our standard of living.
And so every one of us in the FBI, I don’t care if it’s a file clerk someplace or an agent there or a computer specialist, understands that our main mission is to protect the public from another September 11, another terrorist attack.
How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.
Good Democrats love America. Good Republicans love America. We need a leader who understands not just the words of unity but the practice of building unity.
Every normal woman that is a mother will do everything for your baby to make sure he is happy. Every mother understands that the baby is only happy being with his or her mother.
Kristine Opolais
My characters live inside my head for a long time before I actually start a book about them. Then, they become so real to me I talk about them at the dinner table as if they are real. Some people consider this weird. But my family understands.
That the actual practice of meritocracy mostly involves a strenuous quest to avoid any kind of downward mobility, for oneself or for one’s kids, is something every upper-class American understands deep in his or her highly educated bones.
Clinton understands that in a competitive global economy we need the best-educated workforce in the world. She and I worked together on a proposal that will revolutionize higher education in America.
If you get a great wife who understands the demands of someone in athletics, I think that’s important.
Tony Romo
The public understands that the government is broke, but many still don’t want to cut programs they enjoy or depend on.
Mr. Trump has evolved to the point where he understands that a grass-roots strategy must be supplemented with paid advertising to be able to combat the negative ads that will run against him – and he is prepared or preparing to spend what it takes to make sure his message gets to the voters.
I may be wrong, but I am never in doubt! And anyone who has been around me for even a minute understands that my self-confidence and self-esteem is sometimes overwhelming!
The president needs to be a figure that unites Singaporeans. In order to do that, he needs to be someone who not only understands the viewpoints held by the establishment, but those held by the other more divergent sectors of society.
She thoroughly understands what no other Church has ever understood, how to deal with enthusiasts.
Daring is doing. Daring is asking something outrageous despite your chances of failure and rejection. Daring is going out on a limb by believing in something that no one else understands, and if all fails, daring is trying again.
No matter what you may think about her politics or her record, Hillary Clinton understands that this is not reality television; this is reality. She understands the job of president. It involves finding solutions, not pointing fingers; and offering hope, not stoking fear.
If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.
The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.
So, 50 films, 3 National Awards, 74 plays and serials later, here I am playing Professor Das in JL50,’ who understands time travel. When in reality, I’m not tech savvy at all.
I joke a lot and I don’t think the UFC understands my joking.
No one feels another’s grief, no one understands another’s joy. People imagine they can reach one another. In reality they only pass each other by.
I am not a Hispanic candidate. I am an American candidate who happens to be of Hispanic heritage, who understands the culture, who has worked the border and has a unique understanding of those issues. But rest assured my job is to represent all Americans as a U.S. senator.
My husband is very supportive – he wants me to work but understands I also want to be with the kids.
Alex Hales has tightened up his game from South Africa and learned about Test cricket. It’s great when you see someone who doesn’t quite nail it, but goes away and works away at it, come back a person who understands more about Test cricket.
My father has a manufacturing company in Kentucky, and he’s an electrical engineer. A brilliant man. A brilliant businessman. So he understands the business aspects of my business very well. My dad and I always communicate when I have to negotiate a deal.
Everybody kind of understands, Oh yeah you take drugs and it does something to your brain and then you can’t stop. It’s easier to describe that shame, that horrible feeling of not being able to control your own life.
Aimee Mann
Abu Mazen understands that it is impossible to vanquish Israel by means of terrorism.
Violet speaks Spanish and understands it. She loves Cuban food! My mom is very good at teaching her about our culture, whether it be the food or Spanish or explaining to her that she’s Cuban.
The Coronavirus pandemic has three major battle fronts: public health, economic, media. Whatever his flaws, Trump understands that all three battles must be waged.
Justin Timberlake is everything, and what more could you want in a person? He’s funny. He’s cute. He’s great. He just understands. I get him and he gets me, and that’s cool.
Further, there are things of which the mind understands one part, but remains ignorant of the other; and when man is able to comprehend certain things, it does not follow that he must be able to comprehend everything.
We need somebody ready to be commander-in-chief on day one, who understands there are no moderates in Iran; they’ve been killed a long time ago.
I am confident that the Defense Department understands JSTARS is a major priority for Congress and will complete the process of updating the JSTARS fleet in a timely manner.
Every era needs a genre through which it understands itself.
I need a stylist to help me pull together a wardrobe. I just don’t have a lot of time to go shopping. So I have a stylist that knows what I want to wear, what cut of clothing I like, someone that really thinks and understands what my style and how I want to feel in the clothes.
A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.
Messi is just an anomaly: he can dribble, he can score, he can pass, he has the vision, he understands the game.
For us, the biggest thing is casting and making sure that every role has the right fit and that person understands the role, and then, really, it’s pretty easy. You just try to stay out of the way and say ‘action’ and ‘cut’ – don’t say ‘cut’ too soon. Let it happen.
A sociopath is not just someone who doesn’t care about human emotion. They’re someone who understands people to the point that they can manipulate them to an extraordinary degree.
I think only a woman understands another woman‘s body.
A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music. He understands how things go together. For a chef, once you have that basis, that’s when cuisine is truly exciting.
Family are everything; everyone understands the strength of family. For me, they were the reason that I managed to get by while I was in captivity and now they are the reason to live in freedom.
In my own situation, I cannot show anything… And I believe that everybody now understands that, president or not president, one is entitled to have a private life. But of course when one is president, this creates duties and obligations.
My mother was there every day of the production. You know what? My mother and I are so close, she really understands the fact that I am 18 and I am maturing. I guess I am not your average 18 year-old.
Michelle Trachtenberg
I’m thrilled to be joining Gap Inc., a company that understands the importance of integrating technology and retail in ways that improve the lives of its customers.
The fact of the matter is that nobody understands what John Coltrane is doing except John Coltrane. And maybe not even him. So we’re all experiencing it on this subconscious level.
Star Wars has built-in scale. Everybody understands it, we know the scale of the universe.
Everybody understands friendship, and friendship is different than love – it’s a different kind of love. Friendship has more freedom, more latitude. You don’t expect your friend to be as you think your friend should be; you expect your friend just to love you as a friend.
Carole King
Many people don’t understand ring control. They think they do until they’re against someone who really understands how to set traps, how to create holes in the octagon that they fall into.
The conformist understands that the reason of his desperate look for conformism is that he realises he is different and that he never accepted his difference.
It gets harder and harder to make sure your public understands you’re a sensitive human being, but I am sensitive. I don’t like to be hurt.
Teddy Pendergrass
I’m loud, I’m super comedic about my life, and I always try to look for partners who are the same about theirs, and with that I just try to always find a partner who I can have a laugh with who completely understands me before I begin to share anything.
I tell everybody, no one understands how challenging and stressful practicing medicine is.
There are practical little things in housekeeping which no man really understands.
Haseeb Hassan is a fantastic director. He really understands characters and their relationships. He always gives sound advice and direction.
I was the ‘no one understands me’ teenager. But I think truly I’ve realized now that I didn’t understand a thing myself. So I just had some livin’ to do.
Rachel Keller
I think my friend Tom Hanks knows me. He understands me very well. He’s always had a sort of parental feeling toward me. He knows I’m a big mush ball, which is just part of my personality.
I am really happy in life. I have a partner who really understands me and spends time with me.
I think Bush understands the Internet and the incredible expansion of global e-commerce.
I never want to dumb it down. If there’s any simplification, it’s just a simplification to make sure that the reader understands the point that the character is trying to make.
Dick understands what I go through. He understands the difficulty and the brutality of the business.
While Donald Trump is busy insulting one group after another, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Yes. We become stronger when black and white, Latino, Asian-American, Native American – when all of us stand together.
I feel very in tune with the spiritual world and no one understands it unless you have got that intuition.
James Patterson has a way with female characters. He understands women in a way that a lot of male writers don’t.
Tracy Pollan
Where folks like Google have fallen down is in just putting a little review box up, then closing their eyes and letting the algorithm take care of itself. Yelp is a technology company, but also a company that understands how people want to connect with one another.
If you are famous, you should find someone who understands your profession but doesn’t do it.
New Hampshire understands the need to pursue modern and long-term energy strategies that will help lower costs, protect our natural resources, and create good jobs.
Everybody understands about expanding Medicaid. It’s really simple.
Hillary Clinton understands that we have to invest in education and jobs for our young people, not more jails or incarceration.
I don’t want to pretend like I’m some intellectual person who understands Flannery O’Connor.
Every year, the World Economic Forum decides on a theme for its meeting of the world’s elite in Davos, Switzerland. Usually, it’s highfalutin nonsense that no one understands and everyone ignores.
I need someone who understands an artist‘s mentality. I couldn’t be with someone who wouldn’t let me have my freedom.
Believing that a crisis is a useful thing to create, the Obama administration – which understands that, for liberalism, worse is better – has deliberately aggravated the fiscal shambles that the Great Recession accelerated.
Mark Meadows will fight for what’s right, because he understands that higher taxes and more regulations are not the way to solve our country’s problems.
With these scripts and these writers, so much of it is done for me. Because we don’t just throw words around: we make sure the audience understands.
Fighting is worldwide. Fighting is fighting, everyone understands what it is.
Nobody understands anyone 18, including those who are 18.
Jim Bishop
A professional soldier understands that war means killing people, war means maiming people, war means families left without fathers and mothers.
You could argue we are a different audience today,but on the other hand what is it that makes Shakespeare great? It is that he understands the common denominator of man, his emotions and relationships.
Cognitive psychology has shown that the mind best understands facts when they are woven into a conceptual fabric, such as a narrative, mental map, or intuitive theory. Disconnected facts in the mind are like unlinked pages on the Web: They might as well not exist.
Asking why rappers always talk about their stuff is like asking why Milton is forever listing the attributes of heavenly armies. Because boasting is a formal condition of the epic form. And those taught that they deserve nothing rightly enjoy it when they succeed in terms the culture understands.
Texas deserves a leader who understands that making education a priority creates good jobs for Texans and keeps Texas on top.
It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace. When we understand the other fellow‘s viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit down and work out our differences.
I speak all my languages basically every day with the people in the dressing room, and it’s a pleasure to be able to do so. On the pitch, if it’s a group of players I’m trying to communicate with, then I use English because you need to make sure everyone understands what you are saying.
I’m a free spirit, so if I am with someone it has to be a man who understands that, and not all men do.
Marisa Berenson
It’s just something about great players when they play in certain arenas or against other great players. They elevate their play. LeBron is one of those guys. He feels the moment. He understands the moment.
No man has a right to expect to succeed in life unless he understands his business, and nobody can understand his business thoroughly unless he learns it by personal application and experience.
The American woman is more stylish than any other in the world. She understands the power of good style and has the confidence to feel comfortable.
Max Azria
Like myself, President Obama is the father of two daughters. He understands the obstacles that they face as women, but he also understands the emergency of the state of young black men in America.
My mother doesn’t really embarrass me. Even when I was young. She understands my career.
I think voters want somebody who understands their problems. You’re right that they don’t expect the president to fix everything. When he’s wrestling with Congress and Wall Street and the rest of the world, they hope he’ll be looking at things from their vantage point.
I think the ‘Harpers Bazaar’ woman is not a fashion victim; she understands fashion but is not a victim, you know.
I’ve been honored to take part in protests and events across Illinois, joining with thousands of you in the resistance, making calls, sending letters, and making sure Washington understands that we will not allow the ACA to be repealed.
One of the things that I want to make sure everybody understands is that when you delegate the authority, you have to set the standard.
Bob Gates understands the difficulty of going to war. This is a man who spent almost his entire life working for the government.
I have just enough people paying attention that I have the freedom to be in charge. And I have a great record company – Nonesuch understands what I’m about.
We’ve gotten tremendous support. Everybody now understands how critical it is to help small businesses get out of this recession and into recovery.
It’s a unique fraternity to be a standup. I think everybody understands, you know, opportunity, and everybody – especially at the top – are genuinely rooting for you.
Comedy is just an unspoken language. Everybody understands it. Funny is funny. When it’s not funny, they’ll let you know.
I believe the U.S. already understands and will understand more and more that only a strong Russia will respond to the genuine interests of the United States.
Vladimir Putin
Mitt Romney understands the private sector, he understands how profit is created, and he isn’t embarrassed by it.
My family understands the pain of struggling with a loved one who’s suffering from a blood-related cancer, and we seek to support those who are working to find a cure.
Nadia Bjorlin
At the end of the day, New Yorkers need a mayor who understands the problems they face, brings a smart plan and good people to the table, and, more than anything, has the independence, courage and conviction to do the right thing.
The greatest act of faith is when a man understands he is not God.
The only leader America should ever have is someone who understands that the people are the government.
Like my father, Trump also understands working-class Americans.
I find you write with one person in mind. Usually for me that one person is my wife, because she’s my most severe critic and understands best what I’m trying to do.
I like girls that have a nice smile and nice eyes. I want to date a girl who understands my busy schedule and that I have to be on tour a lot. And she has to make me laugh!
Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, a possession for all time.
The most important thing when you do a movie is that you find an audience that really understands what you want to do and is really supportive of it.
Alexandre Aja
My agent spoke to me about a loan interest from Barcelona. The club wanted a striker with La Liga experience and someone who understands Spanish football.
Odion Ighalo
It is very difficult to play beside Messi and whoever understands it any other way is a fool.
I appeal to everyone who understands what it is to have kids in school, have a mortgage, to work for a living; to have someone in their family or in their life who is less-abled and who is going to need help from the government.
It’s very easy for me to say what success is. I think success is connecting with an audience who understands you and having a dialogue with them. I think success is continuing to push yourself forward creatively and not sort of becoming a caricature of yourself.
I think that the general public understands that its own doctors are human, fallible, and flawed.
All the books on my shelves, when I would go to them to look for help with my anguish, they all just seemed so crass. They didn’t get it. Those books don’t understand. Nobody understands.
Clinton understands that climate change is real, is caused by human activity and is one of the great environmental crises facing our planet. She knows that we must transform our energy system away from fossil fuels and move aggressively to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.
The need to do something about global warming is obvious. And it’s also pretty clear that the public understands the need for change and is ready to embrace it. What is missing is political will in Congress to stand up to the powerful energy companies and their well-paid lobbyists.
When I was younger, I was an aggressive fighter but I’m growing into someone who understands we don’t have to answer things with violence.
I always thought ‘Of Mice and Men’ was such a perfect book because there’s nothing not to understand, but it’s still really clever and moving and complicated, but everybody understands the complication.
As a president, we need a businessman who understands that business is not usual – someone who’s not going to put up with business as usual in Washington, D.C. Having a businessman who’s not going to put up with business as usual in Washington, D.C., is exactly what we need.
I just feel like nobody truly understands who I am as a person. They think it’s one thing, but they get another. I feel like nobody fully comprehends who I am as a person, as a man, as a living organism in this world.
I first started doing hidden-camera segments on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.’ He was the coolest guy in the world to work for because he understands the creative process, and he had total trust. And he just let me make up whatever I wanted; I experimented and tried and played. We had a lot of fun over there.
Real Madrid needs a coach that knows the club and understands the values that it represents.
I just want young people to read my books and feel cared for, feel safe, feel like there’s someone else in the world who understands – or at least acknowledges – your existence.
It would be fun to have someone in the White House who has worked in the private sector… and someone who understands that wealth creation is a good thing and they want more of it. Wealth is good.
Nobody understands what a producer does.
I reject the idea of work-life balance. The phrase is a bald-faced lie, designed to hang over the human psyche like the Sword of Damocles, because balance presumes an even distribution of weight, of value. But anyone who has ever lived understands that no set of tips or tricks can create a lifestyle equilibrium.
That is one of the reasons why we advocate for good relations between the two countries. Turkey understands the needs of the region.
Igor Luksic
What will become compellingly important is absolute clarity of shared purpose and set of principles of conduct sort of institutional genetic code that every member of the organization understands in a common way, and with deep conviction.
I love to play football. And I think anybody that’s ever been my teammate or I’ve been theirs understands how much I love that.
Where Brock Lesnar would be without Paul Heyman? He would certainly be on top. He would certainly be the number one box office attraction. He would just be doing it without someone who truly understands his persona like I do.
McConnell is the most talented majority leader in a generation. He has complete control of his caucus and understands and exploits their weaknesses, ambitions, and desires. In an impeachment trial where his members knew Trump’s guilt was absolute and unequivocal, he bribed and browbeat them into submission.
All I can ever hope to be to my son is someone who’s supportive, someone who listens and understands and points out possible other ways of thinking, ways of feeling, ways of approaching things, suggests rather than demands.
I think every journalist understands when they are the beneficiary of hot information that, yes, they have a scoop, but they’re also being used. Part of your responsibility as a journalist is to tell the story of why that information is coming to you, consistent with the ground rules of your sourcing.
John Hockenberry
I can tell you, because I serve on so many nonprofit boards – where half of us are academics and half of us are from Wall Street – that there’s no CEO who understands at all a derivative. All they know is that somebody tells them in their organization, ‘We’ve got a wonderful profit center.’
Everybody understands, for whatever reason, what it’s like to not fit in, or not do it right, or not be perfect.
Anyone who understands the rudiments of politics doesn’t say, ‘We will stop Iran’s oil exports‘… we have been the guarantor of the regional waterway’s security throughout history.
The nominee is Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan joins Mitt Romney. The budget plan, the approach on Medicare and all of that is going to be the Romney plan. What he has is a man as his number two who understands the details of budgets, who has demonstrated a willingness to take on tough issues.
Diana Vishneva is not only a magnificent dancer but a magnificent actress – no one works harder or understands more.
For sports in general, it’s good to have a person in the White House who’s physically fit, who loves sports, but also understands and knows how to run a country.
Arriving at a simple piece of music is a very difficult balance because, in being simple, you could easily be banal, so maybe it’s more difficult to write a simple piece of music than a 12-tone piece where no one understands exactly what it is about.
There’s no anger ever in a spiritual. There’s always the dream of a hope of a better day coming. That God understands the troubles that I’m experiencing.
We need a mayor who knows how to balance a budget, who understands the urgency of delivering all the services that a great city needs, who understand the need of working families.
Carolyn Maloney
We could have gone with much bigger labels and more money, but we wanted to go with a company that is LA based, all in the same building, and really understands what the artists want.
Catholicism actually resembles a family that survives because even as it aspires to holiness, it understands and can live with sin and imperfection.
It’s funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they’ll do practically anything you want them to.
I’m lucky to have met Nicolas Ghesquiere, the creative director of Vuitton. He understands me and knows me, and I admire his sensibility and talent. Karl Lagerfeld is another huge designer and artist for whom I feel affection and admiration.
Brigitte Macron
I think ‘Slate”s editorial staff understands the intersection of journalism and technology better than any other.
I don’t think most of Congress understands how economics works.
Armaan has a simple approach and understands what a composer wants. I tell him, ‘Give the song your own vibe but I will still come and fight with you and change it.’
There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man’s whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue. Live being true to the single purpose of the moment.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Jeanie McCarthy is the love of my life. She’s the only woman who really understands me, my music, and my heart. It took me a long time to find my soul mate, but thank God I found her before I moved to the other side of time.
Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.
Nobody understands how the world will change. The only way you can plan for the future is to have scenarios. You have to have the courage to take a leap of faith on one of them.
Gen. Mattis is a warrior. What I appreciate about Gen. Mattis is he understands the principle that if you go to war, you go to war to win.
I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.
Everyone in my country understands that Russia cannot do without Europe and that, vice versa, Europe cannot do without Russia. We depend on cooperation.
Valentina Matviyenko
As much as a man would like to believe that he understands women, there is simply that much that he can write from their point of view or really understand them.
I love it when you like a character, and then she does something you don’t like, and you hate her for a while – then you love her again. I’d like to see her have unlikable moments that the audience understands and sympathizes with.
Adelaide Kane
There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.
Mathematics are the result of mysterious powers which no one understands, and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part. Out of an infinity of designs a mathematician chooses one pattern for beauty’s sake and pulls it down to earth.
Marston Morse
Players build up friendships with each other, so when a team-mate wants out, part of you understands that he is torn and you know you can’t begrudge him a move. But the other part of you wants him to stay because you want to win games.
I think there’s just so many people in the world that don’t feel understood, and when you hear a song and you go, ‘Oh, that song understands me,’ that’s an amazing feeling. I get it when I listen to the radio… That’s a beautiful part of music.
Canada truly understands that girls and women who have access to a safe and high-quality education is a priority.
We have to pick up people’s issues within and outside Parliament and give a voice to their pain and problems and come across as a party which understands this.
Oh, well, in Los Angeles everybody is an actor, or a producer, or a writer, or a director, or an agent, or… So everybody understands the hours.
Julie Benz
If anyone understands the enormous mountain that cruiserweights like myself have to climb, it’s WWE champion Daniel Bryan – who not only climbed that mountain but now stands atop it.
Great as my dad was – I would never have gotten my first job announcing if I didn’t have the last name Buck – it’s my mom, Carole, who has made the biggest difference. She was on Broadway back in the 1960s. She understands entertainment, has incredible instincts.
No one understands the dysfunctions and debilitating impact of America’s political system in the swamp better than Mark Melcher and Steve Soukup.
I think adidas really understands that it’s cool to be in business with the right people. It really feels like a bunch of creative minds rather than some rap guys stamping their names on a sneaker. We’re arguing over shoes, ideas, and everything – it’s like a tug of war.
The only language that the Japanese whaling industry understands is economics.
Anything is possible. No one understands how far you can push your body to the limit, and I like to play with that.
I still feel like I’m alone at times – even if I’m in the midst of a million people. Because no one – including me – understands my mind creatively. I haven‘t really been formally introduced to my gift yet. I feel like I’m still on the runway.
Donald Trump understands media. He’s a television star. And he’s connected with America.
Empathy has the power to bring together people who would otherwise never meet. It has the power to teach us and to reach us in moments of isolation when we think nobody understands.
Oftentimes what happens is that the writer understands one character, but they don’t understand the other one, and the other one ends up not being written as well.
Before I lost my voice, it was slurred, so only those close to me could understand, but with the computer voice, I found I could give popular lectures. I enjoy communicating science. It is important that the public understands basic science, if they are not to leave vital decisions to others.
I find that when you grow and evolve with music, the music understands you, and vice versa – whether or not the creator of that music knows.
Any director who’s also acted understands the fact that every person has a different process and has to be approached differently.
Architecture, like dance, is also a language – one that everybody understands.
God understands more about the financial markets than many who write about them.
I know that everybody understands how excited the fanbase is for ‘In Your House.’ It’s one of those weird ones right? It just stuck with all of us. Yeah, I think everyone’s gonna be happy with what’s been produced.
None of us are immune to grief, and everyone who has suffered loss understands that grief changes, but you never wake up one morning and you’ve moved on. It stays with you, and, you know, you ebb and flow.
I am an artist, and I have a lot more to offer than just being a one-dimensional character, and I think our audience sees that and understands that – they’re behind it.
And, I hope now that everybody understands that the Labour Party – as it always has done – stands for free speech and individual Members of the Labour Party are entitled to exercise that free speech.
Ron Davies
You’re on an island when you’re injured. Nobody understands what you’re going through. And everybody’s different. Some people heal quicker than others.
A bloc of states is emerging that understands that they may have been wrong to think that Israel is the world’s greatest problem.
My husband’s a director, so he understands what I do.
Sasha Alexander
Any patient who has a serious illness requiring multiple doctors understands the frustration of lost medical charts, repeated procedures, or having to share the same information over and over with different doctors and nurses.