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Umbrella Quotes

We’ve collected the best Umbrella Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Bowen Yang, Cristin Milioti, Aidan Gallagher, Naveen Tewari, Isabel Allende. Use them as an inspiration.

Pride for me has always been about holding a personal vigil within your own relationship, with nuclear being under the queer umbrella or being an ally wherever you land.
I’ve never been able to keep track of an umbrella, but then my dad gave me this fancy umbrella. It was in his car, and I had again lost some awful Duane Reade disaster umbrella. It was my first adult umbrella that wasn’t from a drugstore, and I have left it all over New York, and every time, I went back to get it.
One of the great things about The Umbrella Academy‘ and its TV version is that there are 10 hours of footage, so characters are a lot more fleshed out and further developed.
Nasscom has a big mandate – a lot of things come under their umbrella.
I’m interested in people who have to overcome obstacles, people who are not sheltered by the umbrella of the establishment, marginals.
Never bring an umbrella to the countrywear a tweed cap.
I was playing a lot of Coldplay before the world knew who I was, before anybody knew my ‘Umbrella’ song. Those songs still stick in my head. I just love it. It’s without pop culture, it’s just a song. It’s just singing.
Whether the Sikhs want to worship in Wisconsin or the Christians want to worship in Texas or the Jews want to worship in New York, we’re living under the magnificent umbrella of a Constitution that says we can.
I have never criticised the Thai government. I was only invited there to share my experiences of being a young man who took part in the umbrella movement. And this led to me being detained as soon as I stepped off the plane and being treated in a way that goes completely against human rights and the law.
To me, all music that is made under the umbrella of the United States of America is Americana music.
Since 1989, public alarm at the prospect of atomic Armageddon has quietened, but the number of nuclear-armed states has increased, arsenals are being modernized, and powerful states remain convinced that a nuclear security umbrella is vital to national defense, domestic prestige, and geopolitical clout.
Under the big political umbrella, a man is just like a leaf in the ocean, with no control of his destiny and does not have any choice.
Zhang Yimou
I don’t walk under a ladder, or open an umbrella in a room. I have always been superstitious.
‘The Lion‘ all began with a picture of a faun carrying an umbrella and parcels in a snowy wood. This picture had been in my mind since I was about sixteen. Then one day, when I was about forty, I said to myself, ‘Let’s try to make a story about it.’
A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.
Before I die, I will preach to the Muslims in the Arab world. I will preach in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. I will preach in Tehran. I will do it under the umbrella of God. And see its impact.
I carry an umbrella when I am outdoors and always wear sunscreen, even when I am sitting in front of a computer screen! I never touch coffee or other caffeinated drinks.
Fan Bingbing
My dad says that when I was two or three I used to go out dressed as a different character every day. I remember thinking it was perfectly normal to wear different coloured shoes and carry a pink umbrella. But now I’ve got a goddaughter of that age; I realise it’s not normal at all.
If you are in a band like my brother, Rudolf, who is in the Scorpions, then you have a kind of umbrella and you cover each other. You have five people to discuss things with and you are all in the same boat, and therefore make much wiser choices.
Michael Schenker
Rogue economics is a sort of umbrella under which we find the criminal economy, the illegal economy, but also those gray areas, gray areas where there is not a proper regulation, where there is not legislation for the economy.
Loretta Napoleoni
Anonymity would be a fantastic umbrella. I don’t like intrusion.
Societies cannot move forward without law, and our constitution is the cornerstone of the law and our National Assembly is its umbrella and fortress.
The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood‘… is an umbrella term for a variety of movements: in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.
I thought Umbrella Academy’ was this really interesting and unique world.
I have read books that are so cliched and lazy, my eyes have bled. But I also have read books marketed under the chick-lit umbrella that are so honest, clever and gritty that I’ve wanted to give up writing and paint walls instead.
What’s great about documentary, it seems to me, is that it can be experimental filmmaking. You have a license to do a lot of diverse things under the umbrella of ‘documentary.’
I think the American people are very smart in understanding our country is very trustworthy with nuclear weapons. We’ve had them from the beginning. But they have also been critical for keeping the world more at peace than it would have been if it hadn’t been for the American nuclear umbrella.
Haley Barbour
It definitely takes a long time, because Umbrella Academy’ scenes are very interesting from a writing point of view with all these very off-the-cuff, oddball characters who are all different from each other.
I wish feminism wasn’t so scary to people. It should be an evolving concept. I think it’s an umbrella term to embrace conflicting ideas.
Merritt Wever
I’m not the first person to talk about this, but L.A. is just sort of a weird city because it’s just a bunch of little towns put together under the umbrella of L.A. So people feel disconnected from each other and far apart, and in a relationship, that can also be a thing.
The first 600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, before you get into the Sierra Nevada mountain range, is heavy on desert. One of the things I carry with me in the desert is an umbrella. People think that’s insane. It has a shiny top to it, so it looks totally ridiculous, but the difference can be 20 degrees.
There’s this great panel – I forget what the actual comic is – of Spider-Man in the rain holding an umbrella and eating some Chinese takeout. It’s like, that’s the essence of ‘Spider-Man.’
It’s always fun to do another season of The Umbrella Academy.’
I would just randomly blurt out things like, ‘What if a man showed up today and was carrying an umbrella, but it wasn’t raining?’ Eventually, people started to call me weird.
The big umbrella issue is, do I make a bigger difference on the outside of political process or on the inside?
Look, I support gay marriage from a policy/voting booth perspective. I also happen to think that gay marriage bans like Prop 8 are violations of the 14th Amendment‘s Equal Protection clause. And I suspect including gay marriage under the umbrella of ‘marriage’ will strengthen families.
I come from a home where my mother was the only emotional umbrella under which we found all the warmth and comforts and sustenance. My father would come and go, and not as often as we’d want him to.

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