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Tongues Quotes

We’ve collected the best Tongues Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Betty White, Douglas Adams, John Lyly, George Whitefield, Aravind Adiga. Use them as an inspiration.

I don’t know where I learned elephants like their tongues slapped. Whatever turns you on.
We think that the world is a solid, vivid place, full of shape and colour and solid objects like this table and this microphone and so on, but we actually create that in our heads out of the bits of information that hit the back of our eyeballs or hit our eardrums or hit our tongues or whatever.
We might knit that knot with our tongues that we shall never undo with our teeth.
John Lyly
As for the extraordinary operations of the Holy Ghost, such as working of miracles, or speaking with divers kinds of tongues, they are long since ceased.
I grew up, as many Indians do, in an archipelago of tongues. My maternal grandfather, who was a surgeon in the city of Madras, was fluent in at least four languages and used each of them daily.
When I need a word and do not find it in French, I select it from other tongues, and the reader has either to understand or translate me. Such is my fate.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
It is my great good luck the words I use are English words, which means I live in a very old nation of open borders; a rich, deep, multi-layered, promiscuous universe, infused with Latin, German, French, Greek, Arabic and countless other tongues.
Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. We form friendships so that we can feel certain emotions, like love, and avoid others, like loneliness. We eat specific foods to enjoy their fleeting presence on our tongues. We read for the pleasure of thinking another person‘s thoughts.
I was raised in a little church, the Grundy Methodist Church, that was very straight-laced, but I had a friend whose mother spoke in tongues. I was just wild for this family. My own parents were older, and they were so over-protective. I just loved the ‘letting go‘ that would happen when I went to church with my friend.
Lee Smith
Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.
Men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues, and can moderate their desires more than their words.
When we were making Speaking in Tongues and Remain in Light, we were jamming. From that we were taking the best bits and then recording and improvising on top of those.
We Houstonians are a spicy lot. We raise our babies with tongues of fire, mostly lit by chips and salsa. Our blood is as thick and warm as queso.
Editorial pages all say, ‘Well, the other guy has a point, too. It remains to be seen how this will come out. We certainly hope it comes out fine; blah, blah.’ Cartoonists don’t go that way. Our job is to stick out our tongues, to show a big raspberry to whatever pompous jerk happens to be mouthing off.
Jeff MacNelly
There are the further difficulties of building a population out of a diversity of races, each at a different stage of cultural evolution, some in need of restraint, many in need of protection; everywhere a bewildering Babel of tongues.
True hearts have eyes and ears, no tongues to speak; they hear and see, and sigh, and then they break.
Edward Dyer
In reality, speaking in tongues is an acquired skill. At the time, I thought I was undergoing a spiritual experience. You feel good when you do it.
Michael O’Keefe
We’re talking about being relevant again. I want the Sixers to be on people‘s tongues again… I want the Sixers to be the basketball team that people want to see.
Our brains are way, way more complex than any computer we know how to make. They’re way more creative. The input‘s pretty good, but the output is constrained by our tongues and jaws moving and us typing.
And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.
A common language doesn’t soothe dry tongues and thirsty throats.
For millions of Americans, climate change is no longer just a chart or a graph. It’s the smoke on our tongues from massive wildfires. It’s the floodwater invading our homes and record-breaking hurricanes and heat waves.
There are many men whose tongues might govern multitudes if they could govern their tongues.
George Dennison Prentice
Courage: Great Russian word, fit for the songs of our children‘s children, pure on their tongues, and free.
Anna Akhmatova
I have learned to interface – what I think would be the contemporary term – with various different lexicons, and people speak very different languages. I’ve learned to speak in a lot of tongues, and I can live with the bellicose language of some fervent, fire-breathing Christians, sure.
I have every reason to believe that an individual man or woman fluent in several tongues seduces, possesses, remembers differently according to his or her use of the relevant language.
I’m not a xenophobe – I think immigration is a good thing for most countries – but they transmute the foibles of their native tongues into English in a way that’s difficult to figure out.
The eyes those silent tongues of love.
Hearts that are delicate and kind and tongues that are neither – these make the finest company in the world.
There is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us, and not we, them; we may make them take the mould of arm or breast, but they mould our hearts, our brains, our tongues to their liking.
The laity ought to understand the faith, and since the doctrines of our faith are in the Scriptures, believers should have the Scriptures in a language familiar to the people, and to this end the Holy Ghost endued them with knowledge of all tongues.
So, is Hollywood anti-religion? Not in my opinion. But unlike, say, politicians and preachers who talk faith before going off to speak in tongues to their mistresses, Hollywood just doesn’t wear its faith on its sleeve.
No relationship is perfect and people who say they don’t argue are either liars or biting their tongues all the time.
Kym Marsh
There is not one New York but thousands – mixed-up conurbations and microclimates with their own internal logics and charms, dreams and juxtapositions, faces and tongues.
I am living and having supernatural experiences. A lot of people get really freaked out about that. I speak in tongues; I’ve been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Listen! Clam up your mouth and be silent like an oyster shell, for that tongue of yours is the enemy of the soul, my friend. When the lips are silent, the heart has a hundred tongues.
At this moment, by an undeserved stroke of fortune, I am the direct voice of the poets of my race and the indirect voice for the noble Spanish and Portuguese tongues.
Gabriela Mistral
I come from no country, from no city, no tribe. I am the son of the road… all tongues and all prayers belong to me. But I belong to none of them.
Amin Maalouf
The contribution of Islam to history and modern civilization is the product of the efforts of peoples of many races and tongues which came to accept its way of life.
Aly Khan

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