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Tennis Court Quotes

We’ve collected the best Tennis Court Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Nasser Hussain, James Baker, Lleyton Hewitt, Nick Kyrgios, Tom Ford. Use them as an inspiration.

I think I’ve broken every finger, and my wrist on a tennis court in Guyana, and at 33 you get other injuries like hernias and tennis elbow.
You don’t need to know who‘s playing on the White House tennis court to be a good president.
James Baker
I’m more in that Rafa Nadal high-energy high-octane mold out there. I wear that emotion on the court. That’s how I play my best tennis. People either like that or not. And I can’t change that: that’s who I am on a tennis court.
It’s good when you’re out there on a tennis court. There’s nowhere to hide. It’s all you, tactically, physically, mentally.
A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.
I think everything I do in my life I try to have fun, and I try to be creative on the tennis court, outside the tennis court.
I’m 6ft 7in and I was a bit like a giraffe on the tennis court, though I did play at county level.
All we see is gym, tennis court, and bed.
The mental part of the game, being able to free up on the tennis court, is much easier said than done.
The second I was on the tennis court, I had the structure I wanted. I was in complete control of what I was doing.
On the tennis court, one needs a cool temperament, tremendous ball sense, reflexes, speed, hand-eye co-ordination, power, timing and peak physical fitness. Off the court, the player and support team need skills in planning, execution, travel, an ability to raise funds when needed, and several other talents.
The most important thing is definitely success on the tennis court. I know that if I win matches, everything else will fall into place, and the money and sponsors will follow.
When I was a baby, I was on a tennis court every day with my mom and with my brothers, so I would pick up the balls for them when they’d play, and then sometimes I’d play with them, but not very often.
I got picked on a lot. I was a complete geek in school. I had braces. I didn’t have the hot girlfriend. I wasn’t ever sought after. I was a stocky, awkward kid who got laughed off the tennis court when I tried that.
I grew up playing tennis. My father has a tennis court at his home in Bel Air and I was always watching him on the tennis court as a kid, he was a fanatic. I started playing seriously around ninth grade.
I don’t really know why I started playing as a kid, but I grew up in Queens, New York, not too far from Forest Hills, where they played the U.S. Open in those days. I even got to be a ball boy there. Also, there was a tennis court just a block away from our house, and I’d hang out down there.
I’ve been on a tennis court all my life. The only thing that’s been there longer is the net post.
As a teenager, Monica Seles won some historic matches on the tennis court, dominating opponents and filling a room with trophies.
I would blast AC/DC and walk out onto the tennis court and try to hit the ball hard.
I think I’ve always had a decent perspective on wins and losses on the tennis court.
Tennis court, the results, yes, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and knowing that all the work I put in is working. It’s a great feeling. But happiness is something way bigger than tennis.
There are a lot of things that go on between the lines of a tennis court, mentally, physically and whatnot.
I grew up on the tennis court with lots of other kids. There were like 40 kids all afternoon and I was one of the youngest ones, so I always had to chase everybody to keep up.
I train Monday through Saturday. I usually have fitness training for 90 minutes, then I’m on the tennis court for 3 to 4 hours.
Sloane Stephens
From the outside, Rick Rubin’s house above Zuma Beach is a generic millionaire beach home. There’s a rarely used tennis court and a circular drive.
I did a really good job of sticking to the tennis court.
Brad Gilbert
I think any success you can have on the tennis court, doubles helps. If you’re playing on the weekend, you’re in the trophy ceremony at the end of it, one of the last guys in the locker room, it can only give you confidence.
I have to do two or three hours of treatments every day just to be able to step onto a tennis court.
The biggest problem I see with early-stage entrepreneurs is they get the idea in their head, and they leave it in their head. And they begin embellishing it in their head, making it more ornate. They add on the second story to their dream house – then add the tennis court and the turrets and the gargoyles.
I’m as patient a father as I am on the tennis court. It takes a lot for me to get really upset, but sometimes kids can get you really cross if they really keep bugging you.