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Temptations Quotes

We’ve collected the best Temptations Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Oscar Wilde, Ari Melber, Matthew Simpson, Ruth Westheimer, Chet Faker. Use them as an inspiration.

Anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there.
The temptations to wrong are many; they spring out of a corrupt nature.
It is impossible to deny that people in power face more temptations than ordinary citizens.
I think the most-played record in our house was the ‘Big ChillSoundtrack – so Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, Otis Redding. I think that’s where I got my love for a good hook, a good soul hook – really smooth and warm and from the heart.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
The secret to The Temptations is the music: simple music about a man loving a woman. We talk about the lady when we need her, when we want her to be there; we talk about ain’t too proud to beg. It’s simple, you know? You can’t go wrong.
Dennis Edwards
I grew up in Pittsburgh, and regularly, my parents would take us to the Holiday House Supper Club to see acts like Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, Ben Vereen, Freda Payne, Stephanie Mills, and The Temptations, to name a few.
Children may be born angels, but with all the temptations out there in the world, it takes work to try to keep them that way.
Imagination is a screen onto which the evil spirits can ‘projectimages, temptations presented as stimulating entertainments, offering us pleasurable rewards if we give in to the temptation.
I always loved Little Anthony and the Imperials. They were like the precursors of the Temptations. I loved their music.
Bobby Keys
I’ve always liked to keep myself busy so I don’t get sucked in by temptations and that was part of the reason why I set up my BMO brand – to keep me occupied during my career, but also for when I finish football.
Some athletes can change, because it’s not easy when you became famous too fast. The money, the pictures, the fans following you everywhere you can have everything you want. There are different temptations every time, but you have to be calm with your focus and your work.
I have had my share of choices and temptations, too; I would not lie about that. And I would also like to confess that had it not been for my mother, I would probably have never been able to make the right decisions during those formative years of my life.
We will never sell or have an IPO. What that does is suddenly flushes you with cash. It makes you now work for a group of stockholders, who, again, put pressure and temptations on your true-blueness.
Pleasure has ever more been represented by poets and by painters as clothed in perpetual smiles and adorned with the richest jewels; and in real life, we have known many who, allured by her deceptions, blandishments, and hollow but showy temptations, have followed as she pointed until ruin has befallen them.
I know that each of us has much to do. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the tasks we face. But if we keep our priorities in order, we can accomplish all that we should. We can endure to the end regardless of temptations, problems, and challenges.
As the world’s getting filled with temptations, we’re getting a bit frivolous and a bit fickle.
The most important lesson I’ve learned in this business is how to say no. I have said no to a lot of temptations, and I am glad I did.
Football puts everything at your fingertips. And I was raised in a way that focused everything on looking after your family. Faith really helped me realise that the temptations that you have on hand will give you joy, enjoyment, whatever, but only for a short while. And after that, it is all gloom.
The road is a fun place, and it’s a great place to get out there and explore the country. But as far as the road life with the ‘rock n’ roll temptations,’ there’s not much of that with me.
The Temptations still stand today, not in spite of those who left us, but because of them.
Otis Williams
With the ’60s era and Motown, my grandparents actually introduced us to that when I was younger, so I grew up listening to the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Supremes and Diana Ross’ solo stuff. I just loved it.
I think of people like Ray Charles, Otis Redding, and Isaac Hayes. They all came out of the South, and they followed a certain tradition and energy. That’s no knock to groups like The Temptations or The Supremes, not at all, but they were way more polished in how they did things.
I love eating. Unfortunately, I have to be really determined and control my foodie temptations. That is the only thing I don’t like about being an actress; the constant need to check my weight. Otherwise, I love my job!
There are numerous bugbears in the profession of a politician. First, ordinary life suffers. Second, there are many temptations to ruin you and those around you. And I suppose third, and this is rarely discussed, people at the top generally have no friends.
So the job of building structures, building a constitutional structure, is not just to punish those who behave badly but actually to protect people from their own temptations.
As far as favoriteoverall package‘ record of all time, I’d have to say ‘My Girl‘ by The Temptations. I like everything about it, not only the composition – but the arrangement, the production, the lead vocals, the background vocals, the horns, the strings. That one I listen to over and over again.
The federal government must retreat from its hyperactive involvement in areas traditionally under statesauthority and refuse future temptations to regulate and legislate on every issue that happens to come to mind.
This much I have learned: human beings come with very different sets of wiring, different interests, different temperaments, different learning styles, different gifts, different temptations. These differences are tremendously important in the spiritual formation of human beings.
The whole time I was with ‘The Temptations’, I was accumulating my own solo recordings.
Ali-Ollie Woodson
When The Temptations began, we wanted to be visual. So we did our own choreography and developed our own uniforms.
Dennis Edwards
There are all kinds of great things that megachurches and successful fundraising appeals can allow you to do, especially in terms of overseas charity work, and so on. I’m just arguing that American Christians need to recognize the temptations that can expose you to as well.
As a kid, looking at Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, New Edition, the Temptations, Motown, people who I felt were huge artists, they made me wanna do something.
My parents taught me to react quickly when temptation comes and to say ‘No!’ instantly and emphatically. I recommend that same counsel to you. Avoid temptations.
Temptations come, as a general rule, when they are sought.
Margaret Oliphant
In junior high school, I had this singing group called The Halsey Trio. We would sing songs by The Temptations at school assemblies, so I figured I could do something like that again.

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