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Team Sport Quotes

We’ve collected the best Team Sport Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Masai Ujiri, Valtteri Bottas, Patty Mills, Alexander Volkanovski, Rick Perlstein. Use them as an inspiration.

In this sport if you want to win you need to be selfish, it is that kind of sport, even though it is a team sport you need to think about yourself.
It’s one of those things, as a team sport there are always things you try to find to come together and bond.
There are no excuses in fighting. You can be playing a team sport and have a good game, and you can lose. In fighting, it’s all on me. If I go out there and lose, then it’s my fault. I like that.
I believe politics is a team sport. That, for awful and unfortunate reasons beyond any of our control, the American system only allows, effectively, for two teams.
I want kids to continue to enjoy our game and benefit from the rewards of playing the ultimate team sport. That’s why it’s important for young players, parents, and coaches to know about U.S.A. Football’s Head Up Football program.
I wanted to make the world‘s greatest football undershirt. But I realized that no team sport had equipment for apparel. Apparel was an afterthought.
M&A at Microsoft is a team sport for the senior leadership group. They’re all involved in it, and we all play different roles. My role is the first centralized business development role at Microsoft.
In an individual sport you can always plan your ideal peak, but in a team sport the experience of playing in the qualifiers makes you stronger as a unit.
I believe in work, in connections between the players, I think what makes football great is that it is a team sport. You can win in different ways, by being more of a team, or by having better individual players. It is the team ethic that interests me, always.
Football is a team sport. I’m proud of what I achieved in my career, but I also know that I wouldn’t have achieved any of it without the support of my team-mates. I played with great players, great managers, and in great teams.
I wrestled when I was a kid. That started me off with the discipline, because making weight was my responsibility. It is a team sport, but it is also a solo sport.
Football is the ultimate team sport. You’re dependent on 10 other people on the field to have success on a particular play to get to the common goal, which is the win. On a set, we need everybody doing their job and pulling their weight.
I can’t predict the future of football. I don’t think it’ll go the way of boxing because it’s a team sport. It’s built into our education systems, the flagship for a lot of universitiesfundraising campaigns. So no, I don’t think it’ll go away.
I played soccer until I was like 10 or 11, maybe 12. I had fun with it, but it was a team sport, and I hated losing, and we kept losing, so I quit.
In my regular life, I am very involved in commissions for cities and sometimes countries. And I think of public art as a team sport. The outcome is only possible with the interaction of all the players.
Janet Echelman
Fighting is a very independent thing, and it’s not a team sport, and it’s not the NFL, you know, because we don’t have to look the same.
The airline business is the biggest team sport in the world. When you’re all consumed with fighting among yourselves, your opponents can run over you every day.
I don’t like individual awards because this is a team sport, and the coaches try to promote the collective.
You know, I never looked down the road and said, ‘Hey look, one day, the Hall of Fame.’ It’s always about playing each and every game 100 percent and I thank my teammates for getting me into the Hall because football is a team sport, not an individual sport.
Two things are always happening in acting. On the one hand, it’s a team sport. We’re all pulling together. But on the other, you have to look after your own character. Guard their interests.
Wrestling is a team sport, and an individual sport all rolled into one.
William Baldwin
This is a team sport.
Communication is key in any relationship – especially in a team sport, and football is the ultimate team sport.
It’s incredible to win an individual award in a team sport and also one where everybody wants to be able to say, ‘I’m the best.’
I’ve never been a fan of individual awards because football is such a team sport. There’s so many things that goes into making plays. It’s about teammates trusting one another and working together.
I grew up in a town with a great wrestling tradition. Then I was a team sport queen in high school; I played softball, volleyball, and soccer. Oh, and I also did ski racing.
Football is a team sport and not an individual sport. We win as a team, and every individual is better if we are part of the team.
As a competitor, you always want to receive the best rewards. But you understand that it is a team sport, and you understand the better your team plays, the more you are rewarded.
When I’m playing a team sport, it’s not about one individual, it’s about everyone, from me to the other 23 people who were there, to all the support staff who’ve worked very hard behind the scenes.
Think of the difference between a team sport and one that you do by yourself. Like it or not, if you’re by yourself, you’re going to be faced with a lot more of your own doubts and your own drawbacks and your own whatever.
Football is a team sport and I’d rather place the team above my personal desires.
Football is such a team sport, so no one individual does it. No one coach or no one assistant coach or no one player, it’s a great team sport, so I don’t get carried away with a bunch of accolades.
That’s really the only thing that matters to me – what you’ve done as a team because basketball is a team sport.
You cannot buy players and know, for sure, that they can deliver. You cannot know because football is a team sport.
I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport.
This is the ultimate team sport, and I really feel that the quarterback position is the epitome of that.
The great thing about playing team sport is you win and lose together, and the pain is never as bad when you share it.
I don’t know why you play a team sport and not be concerned about making your teammates better and helping your team win games. That’s the only thing that really matters, and if you’re the best player, surely you’re going to have some effect on the game’s outcome.
I always wanted to help make tennis a team sport.
Working in network news is not a solitary pursuit; it is the ultimate ‘team sport,’ in which success is derived from the collective performances of remarkable people united in purpose and dedication.
I think football is a team sport.

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