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Team Effort Quotes

We’ve collected the best Team Effort Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Nick Lampson, Barry Trotz, Nick Lachey, Justin Peck, Masai Ujiri. Use them as an inspiration.

None of the things I have done would have been accomplished without a true team effort.
You don’t have that good team effort without good goaltending.
Marriage is a team effort. Both of us share that philosophy.
My philosophy on choreography is that the making of a ballet is a team effort, and we’re in this together. It’s not me hammering on them. It’s more about how we can elevate this piece collectively to something great.
You have to figure out that balance between younger players and veteran players, star players, and All-Star players, really a team effort. And then you have to be lucky.
If anything, game development is even more of a team effort than making a movie, so for individuals to get credit for making a game is absolutely insane.
The filmmaking process is a team effort. A screenwriter cannot possibly do exactly what he wants as if he was writing a novel.
Leigh Brackett
John Cleese was with a group called Cambridge Circus, who had come to New York, and we became friends. Years later that produced a certain team effort.
Terry Gilliam
Broadcasting is a team effort and two, or three, individuals not functioning as a team cannot be as effective as they can if they set aside their own agendas and focus on what they see on their TV monitors and embellish the TV personas of the talents involved. I’ve been blessed to have had many outstanding partners.
We just had a bunch of guys who liked each other, and we worked well together and sacrificed to win ball games. It was a real team effort.
I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about the recognition of individuals when so much of this was a team effort.
I have to be my own artist. I need the world to know who I am, especially for music. When it comes to acting, that is a whole other story. I have no complaints; that’s a team effort. It’s not just me, it’s everyone. But when it comes to music, it is solo; that’s all me.
Mitchel Musso
Playing two people is definitely difficult, but it’s made possible by everyone around me, and it’s a big team effort.
I’ve figured out that life in general is a team effort; it’s a team game.
I’m not a selfish actor. I believe that it’s a team effort. You’re not in a scene by yourself.
A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say.
Michael Winner
Animation is very much a team effort so you must be a team player.
Bud Luckey
There’s so much hard work, dedication, and focus goes in from not just the athletes but from the coaches, officials, governing bodies, and Sport Wales. It’s a real team effort, and it’s rightly called Team Wales.
I try to just focus on what feels right to me when I am conceiving it, conceptualizing, designing, etc. and then talk it through with the team and listen to what they have to say. This kind of thing is a team effort, and working with a great team is the most important part of filmmaking for me.
I think that a president needs to have a variety of views presented. But also, there has to be a team effort, because otherwise, I think it creates a dissonance and difficulty.
I played quarterback, and it was a leadership position, and even though I’m doing a solo thing now, a lot of my success is a part of assembling this team of people who are really, really talented, and their position doesn’t put them out front the way mine does, but it’s still a team effort.
It’s about making sure we’re there at the end of races and we get the best possible finish we can. What comes with that is being able to have realistic expectations and not trying to do something more than what the car is capable of, so it’s a team effort for sure.
I think it’s important to remember that you go into something like marriage knowing that you don’t know very much about it at all. But I do look at the marriage of my mother and stepdad, and what makes it work for them is that it’s a team effort.
I have a great race team, great grew members, awesome health care team, endocrinologist, nutritionist, and of course family and friends. It truly is a team effort, both when you are dealing with diabetes in regular life and also on the racetrack.
Hockey is not a one-man show; it’s a team effort. If you don’t work as a team – even if one or two guys aren’t working – you’re not going to win. That’s the way it is.