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Talks Quotes

We’ve collected the best Talks Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Lou Williams, Alice Walker, Adam Curtis, Harold Pinter, Neeraj Kabi. Use them as an inspiration.

You know what, Kawhi talks the most in our group chat. The dude is a leader.
I can easily imagine Obama sitting down and talking to any leader – or any person – in the world, with no baggage of past servitude or race supremacy to mar their talks.
In the battle for Kobane on the Syrian border, everyone talks about the enemy – IS – and the frightening ideas that drive them. No one talks about the Kurdish defenders and what inspires them.
The crimes of the U.S. throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless, and fully documented but nobody talks about them.
Adopting mannerisms is called mimicry. That is not a good way to do things. You don’t start to imitate somebody, the way he walks and talks, that is a very irrelevant element of acting.
When we talk to God, we’re praying. When God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic.
Jane Wagner
One of the chapters outlined in my book talks about the Iranian influence with Venezuela, these terror flights that go back and forth that we don’t manifests on, and then nuclear material smuggled across our unsecure southwest border from Mexico into the United States.
We understand what President Trump means when he talks about taking the country back. He does not see America as a country of people from diverse backgrounds united around values of freedom and respect. In his ‘American carnage‘ version of our country, immigrants and refugees are a threat.
Fame doesn’t make me any different. I am the same man now who grew up in the hard streets of Panama. I am just myself. I always will be. Whoever wants to talks to me, talks to me. Whoever loves me, loves me for who I am.
Roberto Duran
After reading the script I ask the director about my character‘s background, what does he do, how he walks, talks, what clothes he wears… I ask the director how he is looking at it.
Everyone talks about age, but it’s not about age. It’s about work ethic. Winning never gets old.
Lisa Leslie
If there really was a crisis, and if this crisis was caused by our emissions, you would at least see some signs. Not just flooded cities, tens of thousands of dead people, and whole nations leveled to piles of torn down buildings. You would see some restrictions. But no. And no one talks about it.
My wife says I don’t listen when she talks. But when people talk, I’m in my own world. I think – always thinking.
Sometimes things can be a guilty pleasure, but with ‘Idol,’ everyone talks about it like it’s a real thing; they argue over who’s gonna win… There’s no laughing at it.
If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
The missile that downed the Malaysian plane, they say, is a Russian-made missile. But the weapons that are used in the barbarism in the barbaric act against the Palestinians were made by the West, and nobody is blaming them. Nobody talks about it; not even the U.N. Security Council can pass a resolution against Israel!
Yahya Jammeh
The job of the poet is to render the world – to see it and report it without loss, without perversion. No poet ever talks about feelings. Only sentimental people do.
Mark Van Doren
My mom is just authentically herself all the time. She loves herself. She loves her sense of humor. She brings people in when she talks. She brings people in when she laughs. Watching her, I think that that’s when I first learned and was encouraged to be myself and to sort of love and live in that way.
When one talks about six coaches in four seasons something‘s wrong, something bad’s going on.
I learned to listen and listen very well. It helped me athletically and in the classroom as well. The person who talks a lot or talks over people misses out because they weren’t listening.
It’s true there were a lot of clubs interested in me – I had talks with some of the biggest clubs in Europe.
Matteo Guendouzi
When a movie star sits and talks to you, it’s almost always, and only, because she’s promoting something.
Rich Cohen
People think in Hollywood there’s a family, where everybody gets together talks about stuff and we all know each other, and it’s just not that way at all to me.
It’s always that time of year around January where trade talks come.
Mitt Romney talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed. I can tell you that Massachusetts wasn’t one of them. He’s a fine fellow and a great salesman, but as governor he was more interested in having the job than doing it.
I feel like great TED Talks are ones that are a little bit subject to interpretation, that do provoke further conversation – and potentially controversy.
However, I have a low opinion of people with narrow political horizons. Someone who talks about the environment and knows nothing about economics can make as many mistakes as someone who does the opposite.
I’ve spoken several times with Prime Minister Erdogan about relations between Turkey and Israel. I’m pleased that, following President Obama‘s visit to Israel, talks between Israel and Turkey are again taking place and hope that relations between them will further improve in the interest of both countries.
Nellie Kim, an Olympic champion from the former Soviet Union, got a 10 right after me in ’76, but nobody talks about that.
Everybody talks about Pittsburgh reinventing itself and being successful in the 21st century – well, outside the city limits, it means energy jobs and manufacturing.
Around my neighborhood, I’m known as the American who talks to her computer while she types.
I think younger fans can’t quite grasp that’s what you do as an actor. They’re like, ‘It doesn’t make sense. How can he talk like this when he talks like that on the show!’ It’s really cute, actually.
I am all for a good drag out argument every now and then, but the person that talks the loudest and uses the most curse words is not necessarily the winner of the argument.
Every coach talks to their players. Imagine not talking to Lionel Messi – that would be ridiculous.
Michael Carrick helps me a lot day-to-day. We always talk and he tries to help me with my positioning on the field. He’s someone who always talks to me, which is important for adapting my football to the Premier League.
Usually, TED only invites the most accomplished and famous people in the world to give talks.
I would like to stress here that a lasting peace in the Chechen republic and so-called peace talks with the bandits are not the same thing, and I would ask everyone to make no mistake about that.
I can just remember what I have seen, and then I often think about how I do well throughout the match, and then, if I miss one chance, everyone talks about the miss. Only that.
It’s necessary for Israelis and Palestinians to make the compromises that are required to get the direct talks back on track.
There are so many feminist groups that talk about women’s rights. But, there’s domestic violence against men as well. Nobody talks about it because of the social stigma.
Luv Ranjan
I’m not satisfied with the progress of the work, but I am happy that the talks are going on. It might have a negative effect if the United States joins.
Everybody always talks about it, about how you don’t know love until you meet your baby, and you really feel that. There are no words. It was a really wonderful surprise. And there is no way to prepare yourself for the sleep deprivation and what comes with it.
In the book of Colossians, it talks about that because of what Christ did, we are pure. We are without judgment on ourselves. And only through him can we do something like this.
I would say things like ‘I am the greatest! I’m pretty! If you talk jive, you’ll drop in five! I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! I’m pretty!’ When white people heard me talking like this, some said, ‘That black man talks too much. He’s bragging.’
In the original introduction to the word meme in the last chapter of ‘The Selfish Gene,’ I did actually use the metaphor of a ‘virus.’ So when anybody talks about something going viral on the Internet, that is exactly what a meme is, and it looks as though the word has been appropriated for a subset of that.
Almost immediately, I remember right when Tikrit even fell, a few days after Baghdad fell, there was talks of insurgency, there was talks of jihad and of resisting the American occupiers, and slowly this turned into an organized movement.
Farnaz Fassihi
No stranger ever comes up and talks to me. I’m the invisible woman.
Notes on ‘Camp’ talks a lot about homosexuality and androgyny and performance and a false seriousness, nit-picking the trivial things and making them funny. And that’s exactly what drag does. Reading through the entire essay I couldn’t help but relate all of it back to drag.
In my 20 years of baseball, I’ve been misquoted three or four times, and for someone who talks as much as I do, that’s incredible.
When you write music that expresses doubt or concern, or talks about some of the darker things that a developing human goes through, people will come out of the woodwork to listen to someone else say it out loud.
The road to the Paris climate talks has been paved across decades.
I think everyone talks about talent. It’s really one of the most overused terms. It comes down to, do you play, and do you win? Talent is one factor, but certainly not the only one.
‘Bandhan’ is easily one of my favorites as the title itself talks of eternal bonds. It is an excellent example of a movie that shows truth always prevails.
Contract year isn’t what everyone else talks about. For a player, it’s just another year in the league.
The North African mule talks always of his mother‘s brother, the horse, but never of his father, the donkey, in favor of others supposedly more reputable.
I think every age has a medium that talks to it more eloquently than the others. In the 19th century it was symphonic music and the novel. For various technical and artistic reasons, film became that eloquent medium for the 20th century.
There are editing procedures for talks just as there are editing procedures in jazz improvisation.
In the original version, David Pumpkins talks a lot more.
Mikey Day
I mean the game is just, everybody talks about baseball but I really think football probably has a little bit more American feeling than anything.
The Tory Party only talks to Brexiteers. It almost demonises… It comes across as dismissive of those who are not.
Trump talks like a guy at a bar in West Virginia. Trump talks like my dad sitting around the dinner table.
Nobody talks about cancer until they have to, and then, it’s really all you can talk about.
Come on, when does it come to the point where your name can’t come up in trade talks? Willie Mays got traded. Pedro Martinez got traded. So what? That’s part of the game.
President Barack Obama talks about the need to ‘invest’ in alternative energy sources. But the reality is that he is not investing his money – he’s spending yours.
Mark Zuckerberg talks about telepathy, and Elon Musk has invested in trying to create a brain-machine interface.
What happens to a private company that comes out with a quarterly report and an annual report? It gives transparency. It talks of basic issues of governance and transactions with related parties.
Nuclear talks are not about nuclear capability. They are about Iranian integrity and dignity.
Think about ‘GoodFellas’: It could be a textbook on how not to write a screenplay. It leans on voice-over at the beginning, then abandons it for a while, then the character just talks right into the camera at the end. That structure is so unusual that you don’t have any sense of what’s going to happen next.
As a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and public company CEO, nothing irks me more than when a startup founder talks about wanting to cash in with an initial public offering.
Conor McGregor started well with his marketing, he talks a lot and is a great fighter, we can’t deny that, but I think he crossed the line.
My friend Paul Ryan talks about fiscal responsibility, but voted to put two wars on a credit card.
Steny Hoyer
The film is intended to unite people and not create division in the society. ‘Partition‘ talks about peace and humanity.
The Joker that Christopher Nolan created in ‘The Dark Knight‘ had the scar across his mouth, and the first time you heard his explanation for it, he makes you believe that’s how he got it. But then you get into the film, and every time he talks about his scar, it’s a totally different story.
There’s a small group of guys in hip-hop that really have money. The whole culture talks about money, but it’s a small group that actually has it.
Dialogue can be held with everyone. It is not necessary to be like-minded to hold talks, but it is compulsory to be right-minded.
In New York, everyone’s really neurotic and talks about themselves all the time.
I’ve never been invited to do an exhibition or do a talk in England, except once, about 10 years ago. I’ve given talks all across Canada, many in the United States, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan – but not England.
Brian Wildsmith
There are few ironclad rules of diplomacy but to one there is no exception. When an official reports that talks were useful, it can safely be concluded that nothing was accomplished.
One always talks of surrendering to nature. There is also such a thing as surrendering to the picture.
Pierre Bonnard
Most of my friends are not actors. Most people have an idea of what an actor’s life is, and it’s pure glamour and excitement: it’s easy and free and everyone loves you. But with a certain level of fame, there’s a real level of paranoia and depression that comes with what you do, that nobody talks about.
I learned to impersonate the kind of person that talks about poetry. It comes from teaching, I think.
I think the good thing about Macklemore is that he is very precise about what he gets involved in. As you can tell, he’s very passionate about what he puts his name on, because he talks about things people don’t usually talk about, and his concepts are very, very passionate.
George W. Bush was a silver spoon dolt with no record to speak of other than bankruptcy and selling tropical plants, and we let him sail into the White House, but Barack talks about religious fundamentalism and guns being prevalent in poor areas, and we roast him for weeks?
Many times, the Senate talks of things and never gets anything through.
Most fiction says you may or may not be alive tomorrow; science fiction talks often about the future.
I loved 1990s television: ‘The Fast Show,’ ‘Father Ted,’ ‘Harry Enfield.’ ‘Clive Anderson Talks Back.’
They have horror stuff in the Bible. Like if you were to read Deuteronomy 28, that talks about the blessings and curses of God.
No one talks about woman power. The Spice Girls – they’re masquerading as little girls. It’s repulsive.
The more money the louder it talks.
Arnold Rothstein
The game is just, everybody talks about baseball, but I really think football probably has a little bit more American feeling than anything.
Everybody talks smack during games.
I think Obama is right when he talks about the rule of law as a cornerstone of what the United States should stand for.
We got shorted when it comes to recognition for the ’80s war. Everybody talks about the ‘Monday Night Wars’ and the ‘Attitude Era,’ but it was neck and neck in the ’80s.
The British government says that for Sinn Fein to be involved in talks the guns must be left at the door.
I look at Samoa Joe, and I’ve told him a number of times that I see his stuff at ‘NXT’ and think to myself, ‘Man, I could have a great deal of fun with you.’ He’s a guy I have sort of enjoyed, and one of those sleeper guys that no one talks about.
When I started giving talks about women’s history, one of the things that bothered me was the tendency to say, ‘Well, everybody was totally oppressed and suddenly in 1964 we rose up, got our freedom, and here we are.’ It dismisses the women who fought for rights for several hundred years of our history up to that point.
The federal government gets a lot press, and that’s what the media talks about, but your state and local governments, in many ways, have more impact on your life than the federal government does.
Bore, n. A person who talks when you wish him to listen.
Being a medium, a lot of religious people are like, ‘ok. that’s talking to the dead.’ The bible talks about it in a very different context so I think there’s more stigma to being a medium.
When the trainer talks to the fighter, there’s a connection. You don’t always have to say much.
Literally everybody talks about 56 percent completion percentage. It gets brought up in every meeting. It’s something I’m trying to work on.
Why would it matter to anybody if a game developer talks about a project that they worked on ten years ago that was canceled? It really bums me out to think about how many of those games have been lost to time.
Almost everything I have read about Istanbul talks about it as the gateway to the east. We’re so programmed to think of it like that but for much of the world, it’s the gateway to the west, or even where north meets south.
The thing about World War II is that everyone knows about the concentration camps in Europe – in Nazi Germany and Poland and Auschwitz and the other camps – but, no one really talks about the camps that were here in the United States.
My wish is to be a catalyst, to push for solutions, to broker peace talks, to ensure accountability, especially for those who committed and are still organizing unspeakable crimes.
Ger Duany
Everybody talks about tariffs as the first thing. Tariffs are the last thing. Tariffs are part of the negotiation. The real trick is going to be increase American exports. Get rid of some of the tariff and non-tariff barriers to American exports.
Reading ‘IT’ again as an adult, you understand it from a different perspective. It is basically a love letter to childhood and talks about all of the treasures of that time, like imagination and belief, that are inevitably lost in adulthood.
Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Bollywod films run on the shoulders of its lead actors. The audience goes to watch the actors and talks about the story later. On the contrary, Punjabi films are now running on the shoulders of their stories and content, which is an achievement.
When anyone talks about lucha libre and that style of wrestling, the first person they think of is Mil Mascaras. The other man the true wrestling fan will think of is El Santo. These were the names that came to me when I was growing up.
I’ve learned the hard way at the national level that any erroneous statement will very quickly be magnified. So, as someone who talks for a living, I’ve learned to check, double-check and triple-check my sources.
Let’s face it: Russell Crowe is fat and no one ever talks about it.
I’m not going to be the artist that talks about a million dollar whip and ‘I just bought some red bottoms.’ That’s cool, but that’s not all there is to it. I’d rather talk about something everyone can relate to and feel.
When I hear Donald Trump say the American military is a disaster, I want to go through the screen and shake the guy. We ought to have a commander in chief who talks about our troops with respect and gratitude.
I remember my first scene with Alan Rickman, and I was anxious because he is a slightmethod‘ actor; as soon as he is in his cloak, he walks and talks like Snape – it is quite terrifying. But I really wanted to talk to him because ‘Robin Hood‘ was one of my favourite films.
I usually think to do pep talks on Twitter if I’m on the road, at home and my girlfriend is out of town, or if I’m at home and up later then my girlfriend and our dog Bizzy – like, if they’re both asleep but I’m kind of wired.
Stevie Wonder, he was in a party. They introduced me to him. I didn’t know that he had like a accent… or that is just how he talks. He was real cool. Kinda chopped it up… It was cool, good experience.
Funnily enough, I think Gary Neville is very interesting… and talks a lot of sense.
A man who is available for lunch, has no wife, is interested in everything, and talks well is socially invaluable.
Usually, when I give talks, I’m 100% there, 100% present.
I look at myself more as a storyteller than a screenwriter, as pretentious as that may sound, but that’s what really attracts me to TED Talks. For me, the really effective ones are being presented by expert storytellers.
I’m obsessed with insects, particularly insect flight. I think the evolution of insect flight is perhaps one of the most important events in the history of life. Without insects, there’d be no flowering plants. Without flowering plants, there would be no clever, fruit-eating primates giving TED Talks.
I have an audience of one, and that’s the Lord. And we’ve had plenty of talks, let me tell you. And I know my heart’s in the right place. And so I just have to stand firm on that.
He just kind of talks them through, and then I get the fun part cause I get to make up the stories.
I love astute observations and really great wordplay. I love the way that Louis C.K. observes life, and I love the way Patton Oswalt talks about it.
We might enjoy essays, TED talks, and even Facebook posts bemoaning our dependency on tech, but judging by our enthusiastic adoption of these services, we’re all in.
People that want to talk can talk. Even a parrot talks. People are always going to have their thoughts on what they’re going to say.
I’m an active author: I travel to give readings and talks, although I know it’s risky.
Felice Picano
Trump makes really, really powerful arguments, for example in relation to healthcare. He talks about the cartels and the concentration of power and the health insurance companies effectively having monopolies and ripping people off.
I had very good talks with Leipzig. I felt that the club really wanted me.
People who ask us when we will hold talks with Pakistan are perhaps not aware that over the last 55 years, every initiative for a dialogue with Pakistan has invariably come from India.
People around me, they can give me talks, they can tell me what to do, but if I don’t have the right mentality, then nothing good is going to happen for me because I’m not going to be confident.
One of my favorite books was ‘The Book of Immortality‘ by Adam Leith Gollner, which talks about cheating death and life extension and frames with a story that David Copperfield finds a fountain of youth on an island he bought.
Sonnen, to me, he’s a great athlete, but he created that image so much for himself that people don’t think he’s that good. They just think he talks. So I think it’s a risk you run when you do that.
The audience loves when the comedian talks to them. You’re creating inside jokes, which creates a community.
People forget how dominant Public Enemy became in the mid ’80s. No one talks about how transformative they were. And then that led to the ’90s and the sort of East Coast v. West Coast stuff, which is kinda when I came of age.
Gospel talks about life’s struggles, but you always feel like it recognizes these struggles and that you can overcome them.
I think people are understanding that I’m immensely proud of my father. If people talk to me about him, I’ll certainly respond. And there’s a certain generation that still talks about him right off. And I take that with gratefulness and with gratitude.
The media talks a lot. The media, they don’t know. They are not in the team, they are not training with me, they are not playing with me, but they are talking a lot about me in Europe.
On a global scale, the way Trump talks about dealing with foreign policy is very scary.
My kids are not that interested in my movie career, by the way. My son, in particular, never talks about it. He just wants me as his dad.
The person who talks a lot or talks over people misses out because they weren’t listening.
Nashville is a lot like my hometown. You learn so quickly once someone hears something about you or sees something, everybody talks about it at dinner. They know your business, so people tend to be more private and not to throw themselves into everyone’s faces.
The UPA government talks more and works less. Most of its schemes look impressive on paper while they are not implemented properly at the grassroots level even in Congress-ruled states.
Watch out for the fellow who talks about putting things in order! Putting things in order always means getting other people under your control.
Coming back to Tottenham, you feel confident with these players and the manager – the way he talks to you and wants you to play.
A way a woman walks and talks and moves and behaves is completely connected to how she looks.
DC will always talk. I just found out he just talks. I kind of figured it out. He talks just to hear himself talk. I know he wants to be that guy that’s a big time promoter and all this other stuff, but I think he’s his own biggest cheerleader and his worst promoter for sure.
And when Roger talks about the frightened ones running away from the bombs, I immediately thought of my days when I was young and I had to wear these gas masks.
Gerald Scarfe
Oxfam believes that any global talks to reform tax rules must include all countries, including the poorest.
No one ever talks about the moment you found that you were white. Or the moment you found out you were black. That’s a profound revelation. The minute you find that out, something happens. You have to renegotiate everything.
My dad talks about the times when we’d play backyard cricket: If I got bowled out, I’d just refuse to let go of the bat and swing it at anyone who tried to take it away from me. I like to think that’s been tempered a bit over the years.
On teams that have won championships and got to the big game, there’s a certain vibe and feel in that locker room. Everyone talks about how there’s a brotherhood in that locker room, there’s not a lot of dissent, there’s not guys that go off on their own. It’s a team atmosphere.
I am a person who never talks about my problems with anyone. I don’t discuss them with my dad because he gets hyper. So I choose not to.
Marvel‘s storytelling is much wilder than ‘The OA’s,’ but no one talks about that.
Zidane’s success comes from transmitting calm and never changing that no matter what is happening. That serenity and tranquility conveys confidence and security. He talks little but when he does, it matters.
Myth is a powerful medium because it talks to the emotions and not the head. It moves us into an area of mystery.
‘Talks on the Gita’ is the story of my life, and it is also my message.
The Taliban has not, in my judgment, in any significant way changed their fundamental goal and objective, which is to take over Afghanistan and return to running that country. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have negotiation talks with them. I think we should. But we’ve got to be clear-eyed about it.
Miss Rice talks very tough. We have gotten used to this nonsense. Miss Rice is a bit emotional about this, and we predicted that she would have a more emotional approach to this.
My work in books, films and talks lies almost wholly with children, and I have very little time to give to grown-ups.
Enid Blyton
For me, my favorite Mariah Carey songs were never the singles, ever. My favorite Mariah song of all time is ‘Sent From Up Above‘ from her first album, or ‘Vanishing,’ songs no one talks about.
If you’re in a meeting and a man talks loudly over you, rather than copying that behaviour and normalising it, what you could do is say ‘Can everybody stop doing this and instead put up a hand when we talk?’
I mean the idea of this is that it’s a good thing for the public to hear interviews like this and that there will be an inevitable amount of fewer interviews if people that the press talks to wind up thinking, well, it’s not really a CBS correspondent.
There are times when I consciously give the character something physical – a walk, the way he sits, how he talks, or his lack of physicality, which is like a physicality.
I treat my cat like she’s my therapist or something, because I talk to her all the time, and as she’s gotten older, she talks back. It’s pretty funny.
Nobody talks about it. But everyone knows that if you signed at Michigan or UNLV, you were viewed one way. If you signed at Duke or Indiana, you were viewed another way.
Kasich does two fundamentals in presidential politics wrong; he talks, and he keeps talking.
What’s funny in ‘The Mayor of MacDougal Street’ is how Dave Van Ronk talks a lot about the time and how exciting it was and how electric it was.
There is no better way to make peace than to talk in each other’s home. Avoiding such talks is a denial of the purpose of the negotiations.
Everyone talks about discovery, but I really believe that great content finds its audience.
Mitch Lasky
I don’t like Jay Hieron very much. He just bothers me, the way he talks, and he thinks very highly of himself.
‘Raining Diamonds‘ talks about knowing there’s something better out there. You don’t have to just settle.
We must work to make the South-North Korea dialogue lead to talks between the United States and North Korea. Only then can we peacefully resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.
Everyone should be talking to each other to find out why they have the views that they do instead of just getting on Facebook and yelling at each other. Nobody really, really talks. They don’t listen.
David Thibodeau
True wisdom listens more, talks less and can get along with all types of people.
Kiana Tom
I’m a Brit, so I come from a country where in the run-up to a general election, no one talks about abortion.
The biggest development in reproductive biology is the birth-control pill. Nobody ever talks about it, but look at the consequences: demographics; aging populations; the sinking population of Europe, Japan; immigration. It’s incredible.
Gregory Stock
At home, I’m the silliest cornball who talks way too much and wants to be quiet and left alone at the same time.
There are interactions with characters within the game which I think are pretty neatly done considering the limitations that you have to work with. I mean, a computer can’t really generate a character that talks back and forth with you successfully.
You know who’s messianic? Netanyahu, because he talks that way. And that’s a very risky position.
The way Jughead talks to Archie and vice versa is very much the way I would talk to my twin.
I look at my grandmother, and she has this grace and class about her. When she walks into a room and sits down and talks to someone. Everything she does in life. I feel that women of her generation were really taught that.
Everyone talks about how the anonymity of the Internet allows people to behave badly, but I think it’s the other way around, that the anonymity removes the ‘self’ from the people we’re talking to online. Other people lose their humanity in our eyes. The system is set up to dehumanize.
Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous; you get really self-conscious.
Money talks, and when it starts to say goodbye, humans listen and act accordingly.
I listen to a lot of TED talks and motivational speakers.
Spending time with Mexican-born writer and director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, you’d never guess that he’s the filmmaker behind a series of movies known as the ‘Death Trilogy.’ The way he dotes on his children and talks about his wife makes it clear that he has a crackling passion for life.
Everyone talks about immigrants taking jobs, but there are a lot of jobs that America needs.
I mean, Joel talks to the actors more than I do and I probably do production stuff a little more than he does.
Everybody talks about talent. But talent is not only athleticism. It’s not only tennis shots. It’s everything. It’s the attitude you have about life.
One guy that I wish was here right now, Ted Williams, helped me so much, our long talks, not about hitting but about fishing, one of Ted’s passions, and I wish he was here today to share this with me because I owe so much to Ted Williams.
Scientology is completely irrelevant to any of the talks that have been given to me.
It seems like whenever a big newspaper or TV show talks about teen literature, they focus on dark books or vampire books. It’s kind of this cliche. It seems like the only time adults pay attention is with that angle.
We call upon all sides to stop hostilities and restart peace talks.
Nursultan Nazarbayev
If someone has given a hit in the industry, and everyone talks about the song and artist, that’s a hit.
I read tons of books, listen to music non-stop, watch as many movies as possible, catch a play when I can, art shows, concerts, bar talks – I just try to engage in art, which to me is everywhere, as often as I can because narrative lives in it all.
Hollywood, what a place it is! It is so far away from the rest of the world, so narrow. No one thinks of anything but motion pictures or talks of anything else.
Dolores del Rio
Every time Maradona speaks it makes life difficult for everyone and there are those of us who don’t agree with that, not when he talks about football, but rather about people.
Being in an industry where money talks, everybody involved in the ‘Dare To Dream‘ project came to a conclusion to sign it to Interscope.
No one ever really talks about the punk-rock involvement in hip-hop, which influenced Afrika Bambaata.
Science will explain how but not why. It talks about what is, not what ought to be. Science is descriptive, not prescriptive; it can tell us about causes but it cannot tell us about purposes. Indeed, science disavows purposes.
History has proved that the most ardent enemies have settled their differences through talks and not war.
I’m a huge fan of Giuliani, as a person. Down-to-earth, talks to you like a human.
Donald Trump talks about everyone behind their backs.
I’ve given a lot of talks over the years on the subject of entrepreneurship. The first thing I find I have to do is to dispel the persistent myth that entrepreneurial success is all about innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas.
I look upon meself as… You take a band that’s made up of arms, legs, bodies… I happen to be the piece that talks. And does all that area of it, you know? I’m also very easy to recognize; the darkie in the middle jumping around with the guitar, you know. Dat boy‘s got rhydm!!!
Phil Lynott
When Kobe talks, I shut up and stay out of his way.
Everyone talks about the elusive thing with chemistry. If you have a romance on screen or anything, the first thing you have to do is become friends with the person. It’s not necessarily about falling in love.
Seamus Dever
Everybody who talks about ‘Strictly‘ talks psychobabble. They say they’re going on a journey, or trying to build their confidence, or getting over a divorce or something. People say there must be a deep reason to do these things. But there isn’t! I’m just having fun.
Obama is the rare Democrat who talks easily about faith and values and who does so without upsetting those offended by the mixture of religion and politics.
There’s a ‘Seinfeldepisode, where he talks about why he can’t get angry, because his voice rises to a comedic pitch and no one takes him seriously – and that’s true of me, too.
If there’s no relationship with a father who’s absent, nobody talks about it.
Governor Rauner talks about what he might get done or what he tried to get done. It’s past time for all his talk. It’s time for action. It’s what I’ve been doing my whole life.
Fashion needs incredible women, alive, stimulating, with style like Diana Vreeland. She is the most. The way she talks expresses all her values.
Gianni Versace
The moment a man talks to his fellows he begins to lie.
Hilaire Belloc
My all-time favorite TED talks are Brene Brown‘s ‘The Power of Vulnerability‘ and Sir Ken Robinson‘s ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity.’
Everybody’s gone through some kind of struggle in their life, and I’d like to be the type of voice who talks about it.
It doesn’t matter my size. It’s more a mindset. That’s what people don’t understand. It’s the size the media talks about, but they don’t know my heart.
I’ve already engaged in talks with the textile sector, where we hope to create tens of thousands more jobs.
Arrival‘ talks very little about language and how to precisely dissect a foreign language. It’s more a film on intuition and communication by intuition, the language of intuition.
Nobody talks about housewives anymore! This is what we were supposed to do in the ’50s. Not everybody, but in my milieu. My crowd. You went to college, and you got a degree in case, God forbid, you ever had to work. And you better find somebody to marry while you’re there, because otherwise, what’s going to become of you?
Literally, there is a lot of talk about sparks in the Kabbalah. It talks about when God created the world initially, there was an explosion that happened like a Big Bang but based on vessels and light.
Everybody always talks about how they can’t wait until they turn 18, so they can go out on their own and get their own apartment, and I’m like, ‘I want to be with Mom!’ I have it good.
Carly Schroeder
Often, I allow teammates to take my penalties so they can have goals, but no one talks of that.
Andrew Scheer talks about an energy corridor. So do I, but his corridor is for pipelines and mine is an electricity grid that’s running 100 per cent on renewable energy.
Motivational talks are something I have been asked to do and i fancy taking a crack at it.
When I wrote about media and technology, I had a lot of lonely, even intimate book talks. Since writing about dogs, I have a lot of company at book signings.
True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.
Michael Bisping just speaks to speak; he just talks to talk. He just tries to open his mouth so that something can be heard, but nothing’s going to come out.
The thing that nobody talks about with nurseries is that it’s also about creating a beautiful place for you. You spend so much time there, it needs to be a soft place to land.
I write traditional drama, and the small enclosed communities work well with this form. I enjoy exploring secrets. On small islands, privacy is important, and there are secrets that everyone can guess but nobody talks about.
Ann Cleeves
Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true.
When Napoleon abdicated in April 1814, Britain expected that America would soon lose heart and surrender, too. From then on, London‘s chief aims were to bring a swift conclusion to the war and capture as much territory as possible in order to gain the best advantage in the inevitable peace talks.
When a writer talks about his work, he’s talking about a love affair.
Alfred Kazin
‘Lost Vikings’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing‘ were pretty critical games to us. We got some acclaim as a result, some video gaming awards. Those are the games that impressed Davidson and Associates and led to the merger talks.
Nobody talks about the poor. Everybody talks about the middle class and just kinda want to ignore that the poor exist. And you cannot ignore that they exist if you want to help them.
A gentleman never talks about his tailor.
When someone talks about Western films, you probably think of those old black and white cowboy films your granddad likes. But the Western is a wonderful genre because it is usually a story of a lone hero fighting against corruption in a dangerous world.
Caroline Lawrence
Condi Rice talks tough but she cannot be tough herself.
In L.A., unless you’ve just won an Oscar or you’re Mr. Studio Head, no one talks to you. Even at parties.
I want to prove myself and get in talks for a title shot. It’s hard because people don’t want to risk themselves against me.
Everyone just talks about the problems our teenage girls are facing and what they’re dealing with. But there was, to me, a void in how they were being served or helped. I thought, ‘Wow, I’d love to create something.’
Playing in Barca is impressive: they’re in the Champions League; everyone talks about this team. You will not find another club like it in the world.
I love Ric Flair. He’s a great person with me, he talks, texts me, sometimes we have dinner.
I wrote that song ‘Black,’ and it was just this idea that I had been married for 10 years. Everyone talks about ‘happily ever after,’ but there’s so much more to it than that.
I’m not one of those players who talks about things off the field. It’s about what trophies and titles and cups you’ve won.
If you go overseas and meet people, you can detect a Singaporean from across the street – the way he dresses, slightly; the way he talks; the way he acts. There is a persona which is recognizable and which we are proud of.
I don’t disagree with Senator McCain when he talks about the earmark process.
Cardinal Raymond Burke is a 66-year-old guy who lives in Rome, dresses like Queen Elizabeth, and talks like someone who majored in misogyny at some bogus, backwoods, Bible-banging tent school.
I just want to be really clear about this: Anyone who has read Colin Powell’s biography – there’s an entire section where he talks about experiencing segregation. Colin Powell did not appear when he became head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That’s not how it happened.
Globalisation means many things. At one level, it talks of trade, which since the 16th century has exchanged goods and now, increasingly, ideas and information across the globe. But globalisation is also a view of the world – it is an opinion about man and why men are on the world.
Some folks actually talk a whole lot more than me, so I’m grateful for the people like Cliff Bleszinski. He talks about our games, and Mark Rein talks about our business strategy. I’m the shy programmer myself.
I’ve often thought books give you – put you in a world that you never thought you could go. And I often would say, I don’t need to go to California. Give me a book that talks about California. And I can put it in my head and imagine what it looked like.
Blessed is he who talks in circles, for he shall become a big wheel.
Frank Dane
Returning to England is definitely not in my plans. I had talks with Liverpool, a club I admire a lot, but like I said it’s not in my plans, although life takes many turns.
Initially, I was worried about playing Hansa, because Hansa is someone who talks a lot but does nothing. But after I started playing the character, it was such a relief.
FBX was my baby that I staked everything on. We shipped it fast, scaled it up, and now the baby talks and can walk to school, but I don’t feel I need to babysit it.
In his new autobiography, ‘Capital Gaines,’ Chip talks about the farm work – and he says he does, in fact, do it himself.
Mrs. Obama has a hug – a sincere and friendly embrace – that has become familiar to countless supporters from coast to coast. And when she talks to you, she focuses all her calm attention on your face.
There’s a whole form of literature in India which talks about the quest for the perfect man by a woman, where every woman looks for a perfect man but only ends up with half that.
Everybody talks. Anthony Pettis talked before the fight. Donald Cerrone talked before the fight. See what happened?
The Pentagon talks about our power to ‘overkill’ Russia ten times, twenty times, perhaps forty-eight times. For my tax money, it is sufficient to overkill them once.
I’ve never seen anybody win the game in the media. But at the same time, I understand what it could do for you, if you wanted to be someone who talks a lot.
Well see, I’m a good enough writer that not everybody in my books talks exactly like I do.
Robert Kirkman
Congress party talks about Dalits but does not involve them in important decision making process.
Catty is not cool. I can’t think of anything less becoming than a man who talks about people behind their backs.
‘The Ways of a Woman in Love’ is one of my very favorite early Johnny Cash songs. I like the way the lyric talks about the character walking by the girl’s house and wishing he was the one in her arms.
My first year in Japan was very tough, just like my first year in the minors. But at least there I had a lot of Dominican people and Latin people I can talk to. If you don’t have anybody to talk to, you can get depressed. But if you find someone who talks your language, it’s easier.
Alfonso Soriano
‘In Another Time‘ talks about our addiction to technology.
You travel across the country, you visit departments, you give talks, you talk about the work at your laboratory – what’s going on, what the opportunities are there – you talk about your own research.
Frank Press
I have healed myself through sharing my birth story as well as others’ stories in my film ‘No Woman, No Cry,’ and in various writings and talks about maternal health.
All too often, I will see people on the left slam Trump for the way he treats or talks about other people. Then those same individuals – sometimes even in the same breath – will go on to say even worse things about the people who voted for him.
On television, everyone talks and they don’t care about the mechanics.
Paul Winchell
When Zidane talks to you, you know you are being spoken to by one of the greatest players in the history of the game. He has been there and done it. You never stop learning from him.
I don’t think you’ll find one person that says I shoot from the hip. What they say is, ‘This guy talks eyeball to eyeball. This guy talks shoulder to shoulder. If you ask this guy a question, you’ll get an answer.’
Robert Blaha
One of the most comical comments that my ‘Wendy’ watchers said is, ‘She talks too much!’ Duh, I’m a talk show host!
Bobby Bones is a young country DJ who does a widely syndicated morning show. He’s at his best with his BobbyCast, in which he talks to Nashville up-and-comers such as Kelsea Ballerini and Lauren Alaina. Guests are encouraged to relax on Bones’s couch and talk about anything they like.
I wanted to be the girl that talks about getting a guy. I felt like that was a different approach to writing.
I don’t really give into all that philosophical talks that ‘money is not everything.’
Kangana Ran
The Democrats are obsessing about raising tax rates, while the GOP talks about closing loopholes.
In the crime fiction section, you may just find a novel that talks about the place where you’re from and speaks to you about your life – or the life yours could have become if a little misfortune had come your way.
When you have been stuck in that heel, bad-guy role as the foreigner who never talks, you want to get out of there, have fun, and just be you.
I met my husband through an app that talks to social-networking sites, and that’s how we were sort of suggested to each other, and it turned out to be a great match.
Everybody talks about that one when they first meet me. ‘Man, I still remember the play you shook Jordan.’ Everybody gonna always remember it because it was Jordan.
I believe in a kind of literature which makes clear that, at a deeper level, below the surface, we are tied together through invisible but existing threads. A kind of literature which talks about a lively, ever-changing world of unity, of which we are a small, but not insignificant part.
Once God puts something in your heart – you know, God talks to everyone different.
Nobody ever talks about the mean things that girls do to each other.
Money talks. When you have the financing behind you, you can make deals.
If a guy’s a very good wrestler or a really good boxer or has a really good high kick, you prepare for that. It’s the same when you’re going to fight someone who talks a lot of crap.
Direct talks is the only possible way to build trust and to resolve the conditions for a peace perspective between Palestinians and Israelis.
The difference that you have with Donald Trump and everyone else in the field is, you’ve got one proven leader, an individual who has unbelievable success in the private sector. Everybody else in the field talks about it.
I happen to like Precisionism. It talks to me because I collect Cubism.
Leonard Lauder
After that he turned to the question of invading England. Hitler said that during the previous year he could not afford to risk a possible failure; apart from that, he had not wished to provoke the British, as he hoped to arrange peace talks.
Kurt Student
You don’t talk to Richard Petty unless he talks to you.
If the British government is prepared to say that the Unionists will not have a veto over British government policy and that guns, vetoes and injustices will all be left outside the door, then there is no good reason why talks cannot take place in an appropriate atmosphere.
You sit there waiting for the RED LIGHT to go on. You could be sitting there for five minutes, waiting, while the producer talks to the engineer. Then the light goes on you know that you mustn’t make a mistake for at least 4 minutes.
Jim Sullivan
I start laughing every time because the media talks to me like I’m finishing my career and I only have one year left and time is running out.
Sarah will talk to me about someone and I don’t know who she’s talking about, but if she talks to my mother, the two of them will know exactly – and across several generations, too.
Prince Andrew
‘I Was There Too’ talks to people who played non-starring roles in big movies. That means the likes of comedian Jimmy Pardo, who didn’t make it to the finished ‘Dreamgirls.’ Still, he recalls that when an actor is put on hold for a movie, he gets paid for two weeks just for sitting at home waiting to be called.
Have very frequent talks with employees because they are your best allies.
The person who talks most of his own virtue is often the least virtuous.
‘Let the Great World Spin’ at the end talks a lot about connections and light and possibility and the fact that the world doesn’t end. Even in the darkest times, we have to go on.
Sometimes the best reading comes just by accident. Someone talks about a book, or you’re just wandering the stacks in the library, and you find a book that you love.
I speak with a Northern Irish accent with a tinge of New York. My wife has a bit of a Boston accent; my oldest daughter talks with a Denver accent, and my youngest has a true blue Aussie accent. It’s complicated.
Reggae music is not an easy music to like when it comes to the power in society. ‘Cause it talks about changing society. You won’t find it readily accepted.
When I give talks, I often quote from a button I received at a Google event: Always Be Creative. I use it to illustrate how important creativity is in technology and business.
The basketball stuff has been the easiest part. The stuff that comes out of it, you lose a game and everyone talks about it on TV the next day. They may say some things that you may not agree with.
I prefer if friends come over to my office and we talk our heart out over a cup of coffee. I feel that no one talks freely at industry bashes. Everyone has to behave in a certain way, and I think no one is real there. We can’t have heart-to-heart conversations, and I start feeling uncomfortable at such dos.
Either Trump only talks to those who play up to his delusion, or he simply doesn’t listen to those who might burst his bubble. Either way, that is a cause for worry.
I’m not someone who enjoys long talks, long rehearsals. I’m very technical: I tell my actors, you come in, you sit down, you pick up a coffee, you look here, you say the line. We try it with the cameras rolling, and if it doesn’t work, we adjust it until it does. It’s very simple.
It’s funny that everyone talks about Women’s Revolution and I’m the first one to be behind all of them and be with them, but you can’t forget that behind every Women’s Revolution, there was a pack of women before them and before every single generation fought for something.
The whole Obama phenomenon brings up memories from my distant past: the good-looking guy who talks real good, whose line you don’t buy immediately but whose charm is so dazzling that he gradually convinces you that this time it will be different.
Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist that there is no God.
I am quite surprised, that with all my work, and some of it is very, very good, that nobody talks about The Miracle Worker. We’re talking about Mrs. Robinson. I understand the world… I’m just a little dismayed that people aren’t beyond it yet.
Anne Bancroft
President Trump rightly points out that law enforcement is mostly made up of good people putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us. He lauds the men and women in blue and often talks about the need to make it easier for the cops to do their jobs.
Everybody talks about Bolt. Now they can talk about the ladies who are running some really wonderful times.
Everyone talks about the good old days, when guys were tough and quarterbacks got crushed all the time, but back in the day, there weren’t defensive ends that were Mario Williams – 6-7, 300 pounds, 10 percent body fat, running a 4.7 40.
Border security is a comprehensive issue and doesn’t boil down to a ‘wall‘ or even barriers. Trump knows and recognizes this, which is why he repeatedly talks about all of the aspects and challenges federal immigration officers face.
I do know Joe Lansdale has the most extraordinary voice you’ve ever heard in your life in terms of an accent that, when I started doing it, they had to go, ‘Whoa, we need less.’ But that’s how he talks.
Speaks cheerful English and in the past has written this language with a paintbrush that talks.
I’m not a guy who always complains or talks about getting carries.
Didier talks to all of us. Not just with me, but with all the attacking players. He has scored so many goals for Chelsea. But now he pushes the younger players. He is fantastic. A fantastic player, and a fantastic person.
I talked with Quentin about where the character came from, and he told me Kansas City. I don’t know how somebody talks from Kansas City, so I made him from New York.
Modi talks about the Gandhi family, but people should remember he failed to take care of his wife.
Every time anybody in Washington talks about legal status, amnesty, anything of that nature, it becomes a magnet that lures people in quickly into the United States.
You spend so much time developing a character when you do a film; so much of your work is done before you get set to shoot because you’ve been working on the character: the way he walks, the way he talks, what might upset him, what might make him happy.
The lonely wanderer, who watches by the seashore the waves that roll between him and his home, talks of cruel facts, material barriers that, just because they are material, and not ideal, shall be the irresistible foes of his longing heart.
Kanye is the best. I’m obsessed with him to the nine. There’s nobody smarter, cooler. I sit for hours talking to him sometimes. There’s nobody more amazing, brilliant, innovative. He talks to me and I leave him and I’m like How am I going to talk to regular people now?
You know it’s funny that none of the regular late-night shows now use guest hosts the way Johnny did. No one talks about it much, but it’s curious that they don’t do it. They would each have to be asked the reason why they don’t.
If the Government can talk to China, which has been infiltrating into our territories and grabbing our land for months now, why should they suspend talks with their own farmers, our own people?
Our talks in Paris tackled economic, democratic, security and political issues; we talked on means for combating terrorism, in addition to latest regional and international developments of mutual interest, especially those in region.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
I’m the kind of person who jumps around when he talks because everything is connected.
Money talks at the end of the day.
They’ve got this crazy actor who’s 82 years old up there in a suit. I was a mayor, and they’re probably thinking I know how to give a speech, but even when I was mayor I never gave speeches. I gave talks.
Everyone talks about the big three-oh with dread – but it’s exciting. It feels like life is much more put together. Everyone’s like, ‘Wouldn’t you like to be 20 again?’ But no way.
A man is in general better pleased when he has a good dinner upon his table, than when his wife talks Greek.
My book ‘Trust Your Heart’, which is the story of my life, will be followed by ‘Singing Lessons‘, a memoir of love, loss, hope, and healing, which talks about the death of my son and the hope that has been the aftermath of the healing from that tragedy.
I think I was about 30 before I realized that not every family talks about the presentment clause on a regular basis.
Cliff Stearns talks about what he did to Planned Parenthood, making Solyndra a household name – why didn’t he do this sooner? Why didn’t he see it coming? It’s the oversight committee, not the hindsight committee.
I’m tired of high policy talks. I want to focus on nuts and bolts.
Dave Freudenthal
One of the reasons I think the ultra right-wing has such power in this country is that no one talks out.