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Successor Quotes

We’ve collected the best Successor Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Denise Dresser, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Douglas Rushkoff, Jose Calderon, Pope John Paul II. Use them as an inspiration.

Two considerations led President Carlos Salinas de Gortari to choose Luis Donaldo Colosio as his successor: history and loyalty.
Russia is so feudal in its system of patronage and reward that it is virtually impossible for a leader to hand over power without controlling his successor or at least receiving an exemption from prosecutionsomething Mr. Putin granted his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, in 1999.
Microsoft‘s new OS, Windows 7, may finally be a worthy successor to XP, eliminating the clutter of Vista and letting users get to what they want to use without the fuss. All this, while remaining compatible with their IT departmentsdemands for scalability and custom implementations.
I think nobody should rash things and try to find the successor of Kobe Bryant.
The unworthy successor of Peter who desires to benefit from the immeasurable wealth of Christ feels the great need of your assistance, your prayers, your sacrifice, and he most humbly asks this of you.
I sow; my successor reaps. This is the majesty of democracy.
For some Republicans, 2016 is 1992: Hating Hillary Clinton is chic again. Only more so, since the former secretary of state is also the partner of and potential successor to the last two Democratic presidentsBill Clinton and Barack Obama.
I used to say I never talk about my successor, neither about my predecessor.
The New Labour political elite has long conspired to secure a so-calledsmooth transition‘ for Blair‘s successor. This would amount to little more than the imposition of a leader on the party and our supporters without any real democratic participation.
Facebook‘s successor will no doubt provide an easymigration utilitythrough which you can bring all your so-called friends with you, if you even want to.
A woman said to me, ‘You’re better than your successor.’ She then said she‘s lived under 10 prime ministers, and each was worse than the last. That put me in my place.
Mr. Obama said that he personally told Mr. Putin to knock it off and vows to retaliate. But the Obama presidency is coming to an end, and his successor still won‘t accept that Russia is guilty of tampering with U.S. elections.
President Ford was taken for a ride by his predecessor, whom he unpardonably pardoned; Jimmy Carter was also taken for a ride, but by his successor, Ronald Reagan, over the return of the Iran hostages.
The Lord specifically told me that He has appointed and anointed Daniel Kolenda as my successor.
True leaders don’t invest in buildings. Jesus never built a building. They invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. So your legacy should not be in buildings, programs, or projects; your legacy must be in people.
The idol of today pushes the hero of yesterday out of our recollection; and will, in turn, be supplanted by his successor of tomorrow.
In classical times, it was a capital offense to speculate upon the hour of a king‘s death or upon the identity of his successor.
I have zero desire, just so you know, to be in the limelight. I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. You’re not going to see me giving my opinions in the public arena, until I start selling my book. I’m going to emerge then submerge.
Let me tell you the story about Massachusetts under Governor Romney. It did fall to 47th out of 50 in jobs creation. Wages went down when they were going up in the rest of the country. He left his successor with debt and a deficit, and manufacturing jobs left that state at twice the rate as the rest of the country.
Stephanie Cutter
I just didn’t want to get out there anymore; I didn’t want to get back into what I call ‘the swamp.’ And the other reason why is I don’t think it’s good for the presidency for a former president to be opining about his successor. President Obama‘s got plenty of critics – and I’m just not gonna be one.
‘Khalifa’ is Arabic, it means successor, leader, shining light. My granddad is Muslim and he gave me that name.
Romanists tell us that the Pope is the vicar of Christ; that he is his successor as the universal head and ruler of the Church on earth. If this is so, he must be a Christ.
Chicago‘s privatization mania began during Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration, which ran from 1989 to 2011. Under his successor, Rahm Emanuel, the trend has continued apace. For Rahm’s investment banker buddies, the trend has been a boon. For citizens? Not so much.
India has lot of talent. What I am happy with is that the talent keeps on coming. Certainly it could be nice, though I am not terribly keen on seeing my successor yet.
A woman finds the natural lay of the land almost unconsciously; and not feeling it incumbent on her to be guide and philosopher to any successor, she takes little pains to mark the route by which she is making her ascent.
Alice Stone Blackwell
After four years as Administrator of the SBA, I have let President Obama know that I will not be staying for a second term. I will stay on until my successor is confirmed to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.
I don’t want to leave my successor and my children to pay for France‘s debt.
Social justice for parties like the DMK, DK and the PMK is nothing but practising dynasty politics. Their concept of social justice is successor and family rule.
During the election of Washington‘s successor, it became apparent that the country was sharply divided and that the dissatisfaction with Federalist policies was deep and fervent.
Kim Il Sung prepared Kim Jong Il for decades to be his successor and made it very clear from the beginning, ‘This is my son and he’s going to lead the country’ and that took more than 10 years – almost 20 years.
Grooming a successor, is it an inheritance? In a democratic party, you don’t want leaders appointed that way. They have to be appointed properly by the people.
I am the successor, not of Louis XVI, but of Charlemagne.
The year 1989 was crucial for me because I had just moved from the country into Sydney to play first-class cricket. That was the time I heard of a teenager called Sachin Tendulkar, who had burst on to the scene and was being annointed as successor to the great Sunil Gavaskar.
We are engaged in immediate conversations with the White House on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of Attorney General Holder.
In the case of the Nintendo 3DS, it’s supposed to be the successor to Nintendo DS. As soon as the development of the original Nintendo DS was over, we started working on the successor to it.
I gave myself an objective, to be the second president from Correze and finally to be the successor to Francois Mitterrand.
The original ‘Star Trekseries is the classic one. Its successor, ‘The Next Generation,’ is less lovable, but at its best, it’s smarter.
I don’t need a successor, only willing hands to accept the torch for a new generation.

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