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Stutter Quotes

We’ve collected the best Stutter Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Kenyon Martin, Mel Tillis, Channing Tatum, Lee Hazlewood, Joe Biden. Use them as an inspiration.

If you‘re a kid, it’s all you think about if you stutter. Kids can be so mean. My grades suffered. Class participation weighs heavy in grading, and I wouldn’t open my mouth to read or talk in front of anyone.
Kenyon Martin
Well, no, you can prepare it all you want, but I’d still stutter.
Mel Tillis
I had a bad stutter when I was really young. I couldn’t get a sentence out. Like, ‘D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-ad.’ And that turned into a mumble.
I used to not stutter any. Oh, I did when I was a kid, I stuttered, I had a bad stutter until I was probably between the second and third grade and a guy got rid of it for me.
Lee Hazlewood
I used to stutter really badly. Everybody thinks it’s funny. And it’s not funny. It’s not.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of to have a stutter.
But now I’ve been in the arena for 47 years and I stutter less today than I did in those days.
Mel Tillis
I don’t think I ever felt an outsider when I had a stutter.
If you botch a handoff or stutter step in a relay, then your team has to make up that lost time. It’s always you versus the clock.
I had a stutter when I was a young. I went to speech therapy.
Liars do look you in the eye. They do not always stutter, stammer, blush or fidget.
My speech impediment wasn’t a stutter but it was dropping several letters that I just could not say for several years, most specifically the ‘r’ sound.
When I’m nervous, I stutter, and I had to keep stopping and starting.
I have an occasionally recurring stutter, but not when in character on stage in a play. Odd. James Earl Jones has the same pattern; he stutters in everyday life but not when acting. Preparation requires an actor‘s concentration to make the words belong to another person, which is its own sort of trance.
John Casey
I didn’t stutter when I was reading lines in a script. When I got away from myself, I didn’t have that problem.
Peggy Lipton
People only stutter at the beginning of the word. They’re not afraid when they get to the end of the word. There’s just regret.
Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they ‘chat someone up’? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerer’s biggest challenge.
Sometimes you have to stutter step; sometimes you have to spin inside. You have to run some games.
A large part of me becoming a performer was a make-or-break way of getting over that stutter. I sometimes wonder if, subliminally, that was part of the reason I got into the business, and the more I became a performer and grew in confidence, the less pronounced the stutter became.
Part of what was in the ether all around me growing up, until I was between 19 and 20, was a terrible, debilitating stutter. It was part of what made me very reclusive as a kid.
Sometimes, when I’m trying to get my thoughts out, and I’m thinking too fast, I stutter.
Domo Genesis
When you hear a banjo through stutter edit, it’s the coolest thing you ever heard.
The happiest stutterers, I learned, are those who are willing to stutter in front of others.
I will always have a stutter.
Nicholas Brendon
It has always seemed a cruel joke to me that the very word ‘stutter’ is difficult for many stutterers to pronounce. It is onomatopoeic, an imitation of the halting, repetitive sound made by people with this speech dysfunction.