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Spouse Quotes

We’ve collected the best Spouse Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: John C. Maxwell, Emily V. Gordon, Johnny Isakson, Gail Sheehy, Robert Hilburn. Use them as an inspiration.

A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life. A word of encouragement from a spouse can save a marriage. A word of encouragement from a leader can inspire a person to reach her potential.
If you don’t simply communicate with your spouse what household tasks you would like them to do, you are setting yourself up to be angry.
Every state in America has an end of life directive or durable power of attorney provision. For the peace of mind of your children and your spouse as well as the comfort of knowing the government won’t make these decisions, it’s a very popular thing. Just not everybody‘s aware of it.
Adapting to our Second Adulthood is not all about the money. It requires thinking about how to find a new locus of identity or how to adjust to a spouse who stops working and who may loll, enjoying coffee and reading the paper online while you’re still commuting.
To many, Courtney Love smells like rock hype. Reviewers may be excited about her, but the rock audience may be skeptical of the credentials of someone who is more famous for her interviews and her spouse than for her music.
No American should be forced to choose between their spouse and their country.
In a relationship where finances are shared, it’s important that both people know what’s going on. If one spouse likes being the family accountant, it’s fine for that person to take the lead, but the other spouse shouldn’t be in the dark.
Somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow my footsteps, and preside over the White House as the president‘s spouse. I wish him well!
There are still civil rights issues. There are still people who can’t be visited by their spouse in the hospital because they’re gay. These are humanitarian issues. At the end of the day, all you want is for people to be happy in the pursuit of life, love and liberty.
Paes is very a convincing person and had informed me that Gandharva wedding was enough. My name was added in his passport as spouse.
When we do merger rulings, we have strict deadlines: 25 days. It is extremely intensive, and you must decide how you can do it before your spouse says, ‘You know I still love you, but please spend some more time at home.’
The Royal Family are not like you and me. They live in houses so big that you can walk round all day and never need to meet your spouse. The Queen and Prince Philip have never shared a bedroom in their lives. They don’t even have breakfast together.
You can be as devoted and loving a spouse or a caregiver or child, but you also have to remember that you have to program time for yourself in there, because it will renew you.
Jeanne Phillips
There’s love for your parents, your family, your spouse, your partner, your friends, but the nature of the connection you have with your child, there’s nothing like it. It has its own character and it’s so serious and so powerful, and so it’s a prism through which I see everything.
Academia is very flexible, but I had a spouse who was very committed to being a completely full partner in our marriage. I think if you counted up how many hours each one of us logged in, he certainly gets more than 50%.
Have a working spouse, because you won’t earn a living from writing – not at first, if ever. My wife worked for years to support us.
Whether we have a new baby, a sick parent or an injured spouse, taking time off to care for our family member or ourselves is a need almost every one of us experiences during some point in our lives. This is true no matter where people live, what their income level is, or what kind of job they do.
A lot of widows feel that they have betrayed their spouse by continuing to live. It’s deranged thinking. I know that, but that doesn’t stop you feeling it.
Choosing a spouse with religion in mind is not always a mistake, especially if your heritage and your faith are important parts of who you are. The trick is, as always, to recognize a good thing when you see it – and never mistake the bad for something more.
How do you know someone is a grandparent? They’ve got milk stains on every shirt from burping babies. Their pants are worn out at the knees from crawling around giving pony rides. They have 2,842 pictures of the grandkids on their smart phone and not one photo of their spouse.
Some people may long for an era when divorce was still hard to come by. The spread of no-fault divorce has reduced the bargaining power of whichever spouse is more interested in continuing the relationship. And the breakup of such marriages has caused pain for many families.
When you get married, your loyalty, first and foremost, is to your spouse, and to the family that you create together.
In India, it’s a matter of fact that a girl child is seen as a liability. Probably the only expectation is that you grow up to a presentable young woman who can get a decent spouse.
Kangana Ran
It’s awkward to tell others that your spouse has died. Everyone becomes so sad and sorry, and you just hate like heck to have to break the news to someone who hasn’t heard the news.
If you send emails to your spouse or your lawyer or family members, you want to have these messages be confidential.
If you’re 35, 45, or even 55 – you have a very long time horizon – 40 years or vastly more. That is you, and/or your spouse, are likely to live about that long, and you’ll be investing the whole way.
You don’t need too much to have an agenda of how to father. You just have to be a good person. The interactions at home between you and your spouse and the way you deal with your kids in certain situations, that’s what they take.
You don’t have to have a physical relationship with someone other than your spouse or significant other to betray him or her.
Beauty, the eternal Spouse of the Wisdom of God and Angel of his Presence thru’ all creation.
Robert Bridges
You can fire your secretary, divorce your spouse, abandon your children. But they remain your co-authors forever.
Ellen Goodman
If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payment, and you’ve got three kids between the ages of 12 and 18, and you and your spouse works, and someone says, ‘Oh, by the way, the world‘s ending,’ it’s like, ‘Please. You don’t need to tell me that.’
I think, as human beings, we try to hide our flaws and try to present this perfect person, this person we wish we were, to our spouse when that causes so many troubles.
Well I think a lot of times we’re putting things off and I’m going to do it later. I’m going to break this bad habit or I’m going to pursue this dream or I’m going to treat my spouse better.
Half an hour of exercise in the morning makes for better interactions all day. Then a sound night of sleep gives me energy to tackle the next day. I am a more active parent, a better spouse, and more engaged in my work when I eat, move, and sleep well.
The mark of a good marriage is partnership and continuing to feel inspired by your spouse. I had that with Tao. But the end is not necessarily the tragedy. Staying in a relationship that is no longer working is the tragedy. Living unhappily – that’s the tragedy.
You don’t divorce simply because your spouse has a number of qualities you dislike and on occasions makes your life uncomfortable. If you are reasonable, you view divorce as a measure of last resort. There are many steps you can take in the meantime. You might even call in a trained mediator.
I have an amazing spouse; we’re a team. He works, and I work, and we sort of do this dance with each other so that we can be present to our kids. But I think the whole ‘balance‘ thing is an illusion; we just embrace the imbalance.
Sarah Rafferty
Marriage will not change your spouse. It will not make him or her more mature, more loyal to you, or better at housework.
It all happened so fast: I went from regular girl, an actress trying to make it in Hollywood, to a Cabinet spouse in one of the most polarizing administrations ever. It was overwhelming.
For Gore 2000, I was a formal campaign adviser: contrary to RNC mythology, my brief was not ‘wardrobe,’ but rather policy on women’s issues, and messaging. I was also married to a Clinton speechwriter, and observed the message decision-making process from the perspective of a spouse.
No one should be denied the opportunity to choose his or her spouse. It is a basic human right and deeply personal decision.
I think that you first have to understand that our sexuality is a gift that God has given us. Then you grow in that respect and love with your spouse or girlfriend to-be-wife. You respect her! Then you realize you’re loving their heart, their soul and you grow together.
The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about these circumstances.
What could be more important to the pursuit of happiness than the right to choose your spouse without asking a Washington politician for permission?
At 19, I went to live in the Philippines for three years as a U.S. Air Forcedependent spouse.’ I lived off-base in Angeles City and had to haul water for drinking and cooking.
Therese Fowler
I’ve always assumed that my parents and my in-laws would live with me when I get older and have children. I just assume it will happen and that it’s the right way to do things. It’s a deeply Indian custom – that you kind of inherit your parents and your spouse’s parents and you take care of them eventually.
I would never interrogate a child or a spouse the way I would a litigant. People wouldn’t want to be around you. You’d wind up all alone on an island.
The idea that your spouse or your parents don’t know where you are at all times may be part of the past. Is that good or bad? Will that make for better marriages or worse marriages? I don’t know.
Your spouse, a sibling, a friend need to read your drafts. They have to be people unafraid to tell you what sucks. For early feedback, that’s more important than professional editorial skill. Most people know what sucks.
When men or women make their work their top priority and become hostile to the normal, natural needs of their children and spouse – obviously, something is wrong.
I don’t make fun of people. I call people by what they want to be called. What does your best friend call you? What does your spouse call you? It helps you emotionally connect to people.
To see your spouse in a parental role is one of the most incredible things.
We cannot expect our men and women in uniform to be at their best if they are worried about their spouse and children back home.
I don’t think I’ll be a good mayor if I don’t live my authentic life, and that’s got to be involved with having fun with my spouse and my daughter.
I feel what a spouse can do for you, no child or parent can. Just that if you get the right connect with your spouse, you get it going right.
Before I go on selling the joy of working with your spouse, I should make something clear: Although we have a great marriage, it is as trying as anyone’s.
Christa Miller
It’s a cowardly form of politics to use my spouse to beat me.
As a reporter, I spent a great deal of time in court. During brief breaks in testimony, I would often look at the spouse, usually the wife, of the accused. I began to wonder how listening to the details of a crime purportedly committed by your spouse would affect that person’s view of her husband.
Brands mature over time, like a marriage. The bond you feel with your spouse is different than when you first met each other. Excitement and discovery are replaced by comfort and depth.
Abundant choice doesn’t force us to look for the absolute best of everything. It allows us to find the extremes in those things we really care about, whether that means great coffee, jeans cut wide across the hips, or a spouse who shares your zeal for mountaineering, Zen meditation, and science fiction.
The fastest way to have a loving, supportive, understanding spouse is to become a loving, supportive, understanding spouse.
If you want to write, write it. That’s the first rule. And send it in, and send it in to someone who can publish it or get it published. Don’t send it to me. Don’t show it to your spouse, or your significant other, or your parents, or somebody. They’re not going to publish it.
Tens of millions of Americans are modern-day slaves – unable to retire early, or working in jobs they don’t really want, just for the health insurance they need to take care of themselves, a spouse, or a child with a ‘preexisting condition.’
I don’t want to sell myself short. You hurt your spouse, not so much by the infidelity, but by the negative feelings about yourself that you bring home.
Michael Zaslow
Learn to accept your spouse’s point of view, and allow them their emotions because you’d expect the same thing in return.
Sometimes it’s easier to attack the spouse than it is to attack the politician.
As a political spouse, I’ve found that my stoicism often serves me well.
Typically, we get annoyed when our spouses complain. We get defensive. But, really, when your spouse complains, he or she is giving you wonderful information about what would make him or her feel loved.
Your allegiance is with your spouse; you cannot break that by showing allegiance to your ex-spouse.
If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.
When you lose a spouse, you’re a widow or widower; when you lose your parents, you’re an orphan. When you lose a child, there’s no word in the English language for that position, that place that you’re left.
If you’re an average married couple, you’re going to lie to your spouse in one out of every 10 interactions. Now, you may think that’s bad. If you’re unmarried, that number drops to three.
Actors are always weird about acting with their spouse or their boyfriend or girlfriend, but more because they think audiences will find it boring.
Marrying Jared was the best decision I’ve ever made. You realize in life, not that many things matter that much, but your choice of a spouse is everything. We’re truly partners – he supports my work and my ambitions. I know that he’s always got my back, and I’ve got his.
It’s never as easy to keep your own spouse happy as it is to make someone else‘s spouse happy.
Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you’ll have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either of them might run out.
Having a child is not like taking a spouse; there is no mutual agreement entered into. It is up the parent to make the commitment.
I would say that the surest measure of a man‘s or a woman’s maturity is the harmony, style, joy, and dignity he creates in his marriage, and the pleasure and inspiration he provides for his spouse.
It’s a different experience to be with your kids when your spouse isn’t around.
Jerry O’Connell
It’s important to take time for your spouse and nurture the relationship.
Your parents leave you too soon and your kids and spouse come along late, but your siblings know you when you are in your most inchoate form.
The life of a congressional spouse is harder than the life of the member. They do all the work and get none of the recognition.
We share responsibility. It’s important to have a good spouse; that’s where I sympathize with single parents.
Hunter Tylo
To me, watching your spouse, somebody that you love, have an adventure – what is better than that?
MacKenzie Scott
Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.
Having a baby on my own is a dream come true, but in my world, there’s no sheepish spouse on his way home from a work trip to offer me a stretch of alone time.
Love is what really fuels you, and that goes for relationships with a spouse or with family. Love is a beautiful thing.
If you want to improve a relationship, it’s not that you demand your spouse to change. You have to ask, ‘Where did I fail in this relationship?’
More than one-third of Mexicans in the United States own property in Mexico, nearly 80 percent send money home and 25 percent have a spouse in Mexico. Assimilation and becoming an American citizen are not the objective for many of them.
You know, my friends, with what a brave carouse I made a Second Marriage in my house; favored old barren reason from my bed, and took the daughter of the vine to spouse.
Omar Khayyam
I tell every young woman who asks me, be very careful about your choice of spouse. If you don’t have a supportive spouse, it will be difficult to take on so many things.
Having a loving relationship with our spouse or with our children is what leads to the long-term happiness we all seek.
For the spouse of someone in the service, you are your own provider, your own lover, you own best friend while that person’s gone – the mother and father if you have kids.
Jessy Schram
If you have parents with a healthy relationship, you don’t learn that you don’t have to be married. I thought being a healthy adult meant you had to have a spouse. I didn’t know any different.
I’m always asked how my husband is feeling about my success with a note of concern. He feels great. It’s not hard to feel good about your spouse making money.
One of the things I say is, ‘You cannot control your spouse, but you can influence your spouse.’ And one of the ways to influence your spouse is to make sure you are meeting their need for love.
I can’t imagine having a spouse who is not an architect. It’s hard to put myself in the shoes of other couples where each partner brings totally different things from their day to the table.
Something can happen in your life, and you might want and need something different from your spouse. Most people forget that you have to create relationships. The allure of the first years settles down, and at that moment, you better start creating it; otherwise, you’re going to lose out.
Honestly, I want to live a calm life without being in the press. I want to be like any other American citizen who gets a speeding ticket or has an argument with his spouse… and doesn’t have the whole world know.
George Zimmerman
No matter how much you love your spouse, you won’t love them in the same way you do your baby. It’s a different love, and everything changes. You have to figure out how to parent together.