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Spots Quotes

We’ve collected the best Spots Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jake Hager, James G. Stavridis, Jordi Alba, Luke Kuechly, DeAndre Jordan. Use them as an inspiration.

The nerves with WWE performance is more the live television angles because we have time limits and have storylines we want to get through in that time. You’re going to forget a lot about the spots.
As a geographic location, Greece offers the best bases in the NATO Alliance from which to operate in the trouble spots of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
I feel better with Leo on the pitch. He gives me passes that others don’t see, even me. I have a good understanding with him because he spots me in space that no once else sees. He looks for me and I look for him.
All of the linebacker spots are pretty similar, they just have different intricacies.
Being out there, I know how to play the game and know my spots. Just get rebounds, block shots, defend.
Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, and I was off on some guest spot that I didn’t even want to do… and I got talked into doing it.
Patrick Warburton
I actually started, this year, doing some voiceovers. I did some radio spots, and some games.
Julie Benz
There have been ups and downs obviously. But my bright spots have been bright enough for me to believe that I belong. And what I do day to day in practice, I have confidence from that work ethic.
Historical records show that smallpox was a human scourge for thousands of years. The virus produces high fever, severe back pain and scarring eruptions of flat red spots on the skin that turn into pustules and then into scabs – a two-week process during which the disease is highly contagious.
A lot of the traveling that I have done is for work. I’ve been to spots in Afghanistan and Iraq that are lovely, too, but I wouldn’t put those on travel itineraries.
As China‘s retailing champion, Alibaba makes Amazon look like a company that carefully picks its spots. Sure, Amazon does e-tailing. So does Alibaba.
Randy Wittman told me not to shoot 3-pointers. That got me very uncomfortable. There were certain labels tagged on me very early in my career, spots on the floor where I felt uncomfortable.
It was massive deal for me to be filmed without my makeup because I’ve tried hard for years not to show my spots.
I’ve realised you don’t gain validation from other people just because you have perfect skin or hair, it comes from the inside and I feel brighter and happier since I made peace with, and begun to accept, my spots.
It’s not about doing over the living room of someone who has bad taste in color. This is about restoring historic buildings and instilling pride in a community, which can be done through designing new public spaces and social gathering spots.
You can be good at comedy, which means you’ll be given spots, but beyond that it is luck that pushes you to the next level. There are loads of brilliant comedians who haven‘t had the breaks, and plenty of average comedians who have.
I guess I’m interested in people who are very sophisticated in intellectual ways, while being completely off the mark in emotional ones, with these huge blind spots in terms of their own behavior.
My keen love of travel was seldom hindered by Father. He permitted me, even as a mere boy, to visit many cities and pilgrimage spots.
I’m a very firm believer in karma, and put it this way: I get a lot of good parking spots.
NC-17 means that you get it in like 3 theaters. They won‘t run the spots on MTV, won’t run the advertising. It’s the kiss of death so there was really no other choice.
I can’t speak for all Hawaiians, but the reality is that we depend on tourism. Locals might not want to go to the spots like Waikiki, but we do want tourists to experience more of the islands.
We can’t deal with the flood in the orchards until we cap the floodwaters coming into them. And that means giving our Border Patrol the total resources they need to get their job done, and even utilizing military personnel in particular hot crossing spots.
That’s the purpose of creative stuff: when you really love what you do, you have to know at some point, or points, you’re not going to be good at it. That’s just the process of learning. I can edit it and try to be as perfect as I can, but I’m still going to have my vulnerable spots and my weaknesses.
Talking to people is beneficial if you can identify the right people to share ideas and discuss decisions because everyone has blind spots, and others can sometimes catch yours. I think an investment team is a bad idea, but it is a good idea to talk to trustworthy individuals who do not have biases or interests.
If a vaccine works, then the vaccinators might conceivably set up what’s known as ring vaccinations around Ebola hot spots. In this technique, medical workers simply vaccinate everybody in a ring, miles deep, around a focus of a virus.
I’m still the guy who shared the ring with The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H when they were still actually active. And I’m aware, as my wife loves to hear. It’s not different than any sport in the world where the best wrestlers are gonna get the best spots. That spot is for me, because I’ve earned it.
I make a honey, egg white, and lemon face mask. It helps to reduce the appearance of sun spots and pimples; plus, it’s so nutritious and natural, what could be better!
In Chicago it’s really a case of the play’s the thing – people are just so happy to be acting, you know? We were all actors – not like in New York or Los Angeles, where everyone says they are actors but they are actually waiting tables and hustling for spots in commercials.
This is what’s sick about living in L.A. My eight-year-old daughter will point to a woman and say, ‘Look! That woman’s had too much Botox.’ She spots them because they all look a bit like Lord Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter.’
Every fight has its rough spots, and I’m always looking for improve every facet.
I’m always the first player from either team to take the court for the opening tip, and usually when I get out there the three refs are standing in the same spots every time – one at half court, and then one near each free throw line.
Of all the creatures in the world that really frighten me – the hyena in Africa, the great white sharkleopard seals are near the top of the list. They’re killers. If my team spots one, they’ll pull me out of the water.
When I tour, it’s like, well, like a food tour as much as a comedy tour. I try to eat at all the weird places, the obscure barbecue joints, burger places. There are a few spots in L.A. that I’m obsessed with – one of them is the Taco Zone taco truck on Alvarado. There are secret off-menu items that are amazing.
The role at the DCCC as well as the role of chief deputy whip – I wouldn’t be where I am in those spots if it were not for the speaker‘s approval.
Joseph Crowley
We feel unsatisfied until we know ourselves akin even with that greatness which made the spots on which it rested hallowed; and until, by our own lives, and by converse with the thoughts they have bequeathed us, we feel that union and relationship of the spirit which we seek.
Jones Very
I do not like fancy or chain restaurants. I live for local spots.

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