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Soap Quotes

We’ve collected the best Soap Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: C. S. Lewis, William Osler, Dan Stevens, Joan Van Ark, Jencarlos Canela. Use them as an inspiration.

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.
Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.
Soap opera seems to be a dirty word, but actually they are the most popular shows we have.
So I had all the names, three names, and that’s good to have on a soap.
Joan Van Ark
I never pictured myself as a telenovela galan – never imagined I’d be in a soap opera.
Jencarlos Canela
People used to complain that selling a president was like selling a bar of soap. But when you buy soap, at least you get the soap. In this campaign you just get two guys telling you they really value cleanliness.
David Brooks
When I signed up for Y&R, my actor friends said, ‘A daytime soap? It’ll kill your career!’ Now they’d trade places with me in a heartbeat.
Jeanne Cooper
When you talk about a daily soap, it means one would be seen 28 days a month, which requires 30 days of shooting. So an actor being seen on a show airing four days a week and being telecast thrice a day comes along with a baggage of the character.
I was very lucky with ‘Soap’ and ‘Who’s the Boss,’ which was great fun, and then went on ‘Coach‘ and ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’ I’ve been truly blessed, and the work has all been fun and a joy.
Katherine Helmond
To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of American soap operas. I grew up Spanish, so I grew up watching a lot of novellas.
Julie Gonzalo
You would be amazed at the pompadour that I was rocking in the first job I had on the soap opera called ‘Loving,’ my first contract job.
Many years ago I was in another soap opera called The Newcomers which was on twice a week for three years. I really don’t think I could do another stint like that again.
Jeremy Bulloch
My morning routine varies by how much time I have. In the winter, I like to take baths, but in the summer, I prefer a good shower with some soap and then maybe some moisturizer afterward. I use D.R. Harris and Geo. F. Trumper products, which we also stock at our shops in Paris and Antwerp.
I’ve been told if you’re an actress you can’t sing, if you’re a dancer you can’t act, you can’t do theatre and be respected if you’ve done a TV soap, you can’t have a No. 1 record. All these different things they’ve told me I can’t do, but I wanted to do them, so I’ve done them.
Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run.
My mother, who grew up in Pennsylvania, literally washed my mouth out with soap once for saying, ‘Shut up!’ to my sister. She would have washed my mouth out with gasoline if she knew how foul my mouth was racially when she wasn’t around.
There are some artists who are doing some good music, especially those who are independent, but with labels, I say that I get the feeling of selling soaps.
My mom was on a soap opera for 40 years, so I know about love and romance.
My mum didn’t understand that education was an important thing. She couldn’t do my homework with me. I was helping her read stuff. She once brought shaving soap thinking it was whipped cream.
My first time on camera was ‘One Life to Live.’ I mourn for actors coming up that the daytime soap opera is becoming extinct. It’s theater onscreen.
Revenge‘ is a shameless soap in the style of Eighties shoulder-pad slap-offs like ‘Dallas,’ ‘Dynasty‘ and ‘Falcon Crest.’ Yet there’s no wink-wink camp.
My grandmother will watch any episode of a show I’m on, but she watches her soap operas every day. When I was on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ you would have thought I had won an Oscar. She told everybody at church that I was on her favorite soap.
I don’t know, a lot of people go crazy about ‘Breaking Bad,’ but I don’t like the soap opera aspect of it and only following one character. I like the context to all of it, all the pieces, like ‘The Wire.’ It’s more about the state of things; it’s not about the narrative of a person.
In terms of brands, I generally try to stick with EDITION Hotels or Soho House. That way, I know what I’m getting myself into. Plus, the lobbies and bath soaps smell the same – if you’re into that kinda thing, which I am.
Imagine a country that flies into space, launches Sputniks, creates such a defense system, and it can’t resolve the problem of women‘s pantyhose. There’s no toothpaste, no soap powder, not the basic necessities of life. It was incredible and humiliating to work in such a government.
‘Buncha Loserscomedy is one of those homegrown American art forms, up there with infomercials and Elvis-shaped soap carvings. No other civilization could have invented it. The French took a stab with Sartre’s ‘No Exit,’ but then they had to ruin it with a lesson at the end.
A show like Knots or any other show that can be called a soap opera does terribly in syndication because if you’re a viewer and you miss a week you don’t know what’s going on.
I only use my sick days for hang-overs and soap opera weddings.
Kate O’Brien
I made films for soaps and I was the Coca-Cola girl for England. I did a lot popular films, too.
I was on a soap opera before that for three years, where I was the nicest guy on earth.
I think things like ‘farm to table’ are misleading. I think sometimes that becomes a pedestal or a soap box to get people into your restaurant but is not… it’s almost empty in a way. I mean, my food comes from a farm, and I serve it on a table.
I don’t like reality shows and have never watched them, but I’m addicted to ‘Real Housewives‘ because it’s authentic old-time soap opera reborn!
Soaps are the best. They really are. If you can do a soap, well, you can do anything. You have to learn pages of dialogue very quickly.
Cinderella was dreaming of a different life. That’s what I was doing, watching soaps, wishing I could be one of those glamorous girls on TV. I auditioned, and I ended up booking the role. It changed my life.
One week before my 17th birthday, I had a blind date with June Rose, a television actress on network soap operas, a model, and a regular on the popular Dick Clark‘s Saturday night ‘American Bandstand’ show from New York. We were married five years later, one week after my graduation from Columbia.
Robert C. Merton
I had been nominated for an Academy Award for my performance as Sandy Lester, Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic, struggling actress girlfriend, in ‘Tootsie.’ Under Sydney Pollack’s direction, ‘Tootsie’ had been a runaway hit starring Dustin as an unemployed actor who pretends to be a woman in order to land a role in a soap opera.
I’m straight and always have been. When our family gets together, we joke about it or throw our hands up in desperation because there is very little we can do. If we make a big fuss about correcting these rumors, it just creates more attention and turns the whole thing into a soap opera.
Nothing is as hard as working on a British soap in this industry.
If I knew how to operate a DVR, you’d find episodes of ‘The Tavis Smiley Show,’ ‘Democracy Now!’ and lots of stuff from TV Land. What you can find now on my Hulu account are Korean soap operas, ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ and films from the Criterion collection.

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