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Silenced Quotes

We’ve collected the best Silenced Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Martin McGuinness, Karl A. Menninger, Timothy Radcliffe, Pope Benedict XVI, Nick Rahall. Use them as an inspiration.

I will not be silenced or deterred.
The voice of the intelligence is drowned out by the roar of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is contradicted by the voice of shame. It is biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all it is silenced by ignorance.
Karl A. Menninger
Indeed if we Christians so tell our story that Judaism is silenced, then we have not spoken rightly of Christ.
Timothy Radcliffe
There are those who would advocate that the voice of religion be silenced, or at least relegated to the purely private sphere.
Today, our actions must be motivated only by our intense desire to achieve a just and lasting peace. The compassion and charity of the American people should be reflected in this legislation, though sadly, they are silenced.
You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.
John Morley
The contributions of influential African Americans have frequently been ignored, underrepresented, and even silenced.
My voice is not going to be silenced by anybody.
The loudest voice in the room, sometimes, is the absent voice of the silenced.
I think to be in exile is a curse, and you need to turn it into a blessing. You’ve been thrown into exile to die, really, to silence you so that your voice cannot come home. And so my whole life has been dedicated to saying, ‘I will not be silenced.’
Ariel Dorfman
If every racist who came to football was silenced, football stadiums would still be full of racists. Racism is everywhere in our society, it is inside every one of us.
I’m exploring the long history of women, first of all, being silenced and, secondly, not being taken seriously in the political and public sphere. It’s a call to action through understanding and through looking at ourselves again and trying to reformulate the whole question of women and power.
People and organizations should not be silenced because of their political beliefs, especially by a government agency.
May the friends of America rejoice! May her enemies be humbled and her censors silenced at the news of her noble exertions in continuance of those principles which have placed her so high in the annals of history and among the nations of the earth.
I might be living in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass, homeless, but I won‘t be silenced.
Stormy Daniels
I’ve been silenced in America.
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and I intend to continue to push my country to respect the rights of all its citizens. I will not be silenced.
I’m out there arguing the Labor case. I will do it anywhere and everywhere that I can. I do it within various communities across Australia where I am able to make a positive contribution. And let me tell you, my voice won’t be silenced in the public debate because the issue at stake for Australia are so stark.
When people do marriage right, they don’t complain so much, and so their voices are silenced by the rabble of promiscuous charlatans peddling their pathetic world view as ‘progressive.’
All the big powers they’ve silenced me. So much for free speech and choice on this fundamental human right.
Bigotry and intolerance, silenced by argument, endeavors to silence by persecution, in old days by fire and sword, in modern days by the tongue.
Charles Simmons
I see that I can do good, I can help free political prisoners, I can raise questions that are silenced on the national level, I can talk about Navalny and others on national television channels, and show that we have 20-30 million supporters around the country.
People who hate me call me a Twitter troll, which is laughable given my extensive body of work, which you can find on Amazon in the form of books likeGorilla Mindset‘ and my documentary on free speech, ‘Silenced.’
Hong Kong people do not keep silent and I urge people around the world to keep their eyes on Hong Kong and the passion with which people are fighting for basic rights. We never give up and we will not be silenced.
Citizens should never allow themselves to be silenced.
The struggle of democratic secularism, religious tolerance, individual freedom and feminism against authoritarian patriarchal religion, culture and morality is going on all over the world – including the Islamic world, where dissidents are regularly jailed, killed, exiled or merely intimidated and silenced.
Ellen Willis
Each and every life that has fled communism has proven how the will to pursue democracy and freedom, even in the face of oppression, can never be suppressed or silenced.
Words hold tremendous power, and if we don’t reclaim our language and start seeing people instead of ‘militants,’ drone victims instead of ‘bug splats,’ or natural splendor instead of ‘green infrastructure,’ then the voiceless are destined to be silenced forever.
Those that have a voice have to speak for those of us who are silenced.
Well, the tyranny of masculinity and the tyranny of patriarchy I think has been much more deadly to men than it has to women. It hasn’t killed our hearts. It’s killed men’s hearts. It’s silenced them; it’s cut them off.