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Shoulder Quotes

We’ve collected the best Shoulder Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Pete Doherty, Jinder Mahal, Jim Cooper, Jon Secada, Mirko Cro Cop. Use them as an inspiration.

I’m always looking over my shoulder.
The whole ‘SmackDown’ roster has a chip on its shoulder.
Well, where is the money? Show me the money? Our allies have put up a few billion dollars, but the American taxpayer has been required to shoulder the burden of this war.
I just lived it and did my own thing without looking over my shoulder. I think I’m very lucky, considering when I started everything, and the fact that I have a masters in music, and I’ve always worked in music, and that’s what I wanted to do.
When my shoulder problems started, basic methods like massages and icing the shoulder did not help.
I always felt there was a chip on my shoulder at the junior stage, the amateur stage.
I was born in the ’80s, so I don’t really remember it very strongly, but the music is so iconic. And so those artistsMadonna, Prince, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houstonyou still hear those songs all the time. And there’s such a distinctive style – the clothes, the shoulder pads, the big hair, the perm.
Kids aren’t scared to pat my shoulder when I come down the aisle to the ring.
I have 16 metal screws in my right arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, and they are extremely painful at the beginning of a training camp and also when the temperature changes. I also had a surgery on my left arm and two on my hips. Those four surgeries were pivotal in my decision to retire.
I’ve separated my shoulder and my collarbone; I’ve messed up my knee a million times. I’ve broken my foot in several places. I’ve broken my toe a bunch, broken my nose a couple of times, and had a bunch of other annoying little injuries, like turf toe and arthritis and tendonitis. It’s part of the game.
For me, it’s better to live without looking over your shoulder, worrying about who is controlling your phone, maybe poisoning your food.
From day one in summer league, I had a chip on my shoulder.
I like the collarbone, a very clean collarbone. I think there’s something also very delicate and balletic about that part of a woman’s body, and I’m not really a cleavage person, but I do like a back or a shoulder; I think there’s something very alluring about backless dresses.
This country was created from stolen land and stolen labor. And from a moral perspective, but also from a practical one, everybody knows that when you steal, you’re always looking over your shoulder because you know that somebody may steal it back.
The troubles of our proud and angry dust are from eternity, and shall not fail. Bear them we can, and if we can we must. Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale.
A. E. Housman
A dark room with some low-level whale music and a flat bed and a woman pulling your shoulder back and forth is a happy place.
My whole career, I’ve been an underdog, I’ve been underestimated. Therefore, I’ve had a chip on my shoulder my entire career. Being drafted in the second round when you think you’re supposed to be in the first round, a lottery pick, the chip grows bigger. And you have more to prove.
When I did ‘Don’t Look Back,’ I no longer had Time-Life looking over my shoulder, so I could kind of do it as I wanted, and it was like I was really correctingJane.’
I had a shoulder injury and the pandemic helped me take some time off to recover 100 percent, and the UFC took some time off, too.
America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.
Having led many negotiations with countries outside the E.U. in the past, we would never enter the same compromises and reach the same good outcomes with states that don’t shoulder the responsibilities and costs of the common market.
Every day, every birthday candle I blow out, every penny I throw over my shoulder in a wishing well, every time my daughter says, ‘Let’s make a wish on a star,’ there’s one thing I wish for: wisdom.
Sting was one of my first and biggest influences. One night in North Carolina, when I reached out and touched his shoulder, he had the face paint on, and I didn’t know why, but I loved it. I wanted to be just like him, and I was only 11 years old.
I am who I am. Chip on my shoulder? I was just born with the mentality to go win.
I’m in constant pain and have muscle spasms in my left shoulder, shoulder blade and bicep.
I have an artificial left shoulder, wired back together after a softball accident.
The terrible, diabolic thing with this disease is that you are always looking behind your shoulder every couple months with the most recent checkup to see whether there is any sign of it, and I thank God to say at this point there is not.
Joe Eszterhas
One seldom recognizes the devil when he is putting his hand on your shoulder.
Albert Speer
A lot of golfers take the club back with almost no upper-body rotation – they’re all arms. And even when they do rotate back, it’s usually on a flat shoulder plane. If your shoulders turn back fairly level with the ground, it’s hard to swing down from inside the target line and hit an accurate shot.
I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed.
I actually thought that the marketplace was pretty imbalanced when the consumer bureau was first created and financial institutions did not have someone looking carefully over their shoulder to look after the interest of consumers.
It’s funny because I think that genre literature can be looked down on by literature literature. And I like that! I like being scorned; I like people looking down their noses at us a little bit… It gives us a little chip on our shoulder.
When I go back to Texas, I travel the state, and I see people all the time who come up to me, men and women across Texas, and they grab me by the shoulder, and they’re afraid. They say, ‘Ted, you know, I just lost my health insurance. I got a child with diabetes. I’m scared. Please stop this from happening.’
I’d say it’s harder to play with an acoustic guitar strapped over your shoulder for a few hundred people than it is to play in front of thousands with an entire bombastic band behind you.
This is a very screwed-up business. Record labels don’t sign a lot of bands these days. We just want to find a home and stay there and make records and do our thing and not have to look over our shoulder.
With the overhand right in the past, I always got caught. My chin was up, and my shoulder wasn’t where it was supposed to be, covering my chin.
In 2011, I had a big chip on my shoulder, and I felt like I had a lot to prove every time I went out there. It led to good performances, but sometimes backstage, I could be – not to the talent, but just in general – I could be angry.
I’m not as famous as Stephen Hawking, but certainly in the U.S., I have a very high profile for a scientist. It is an awesome responsibility, one that I don’t shoulder lightly.
People read stuff over your shoulder when you’re in public, and when you write the kind of stuff I do, and people read it over your shoulder, it makes you a little self-conscious.
I’ve got a Kanji symbol on my shoulder; it’s for my son and meansstrength and power.’ I have my son and daughter’s names, Dominik and Aalyah, written on the inside of the left and right biceps, too.
Most of us tend toward muscular imbalance. Typically our chest and front shoulder muscles are stronger than our upper back and rear shoulder muscles. As a result, our chins jut out, our shoulders round, and our backs sway.
As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility.
Arnold J. Toynbee
We worked very well with Mark Sanford. We stood shoulder to shoulder fighting for the principles that we believe in. But another person that stood there as well was a legislator, State Senator Larry Grooms.
The real gender inequality in marriage stems from the tendency to regard women as the default parent, the one who, in the absence of family-friendly work policies, is expected to adjust her paid work to shoulder the brunt of domestic responsibilities.
My flexibility is probably my No. 1 asset. Obviously we need to have a strong shoulder, strong scapula, strong lats, and a durable elbow to have longevity as a pitcher, but being mobile in the hips and flexible in the hamstrings takes so much pressure and stress off of my arm.
When I read the news that Wonder Woman was going to be resurrected for a blockbuster movie in 2016, ‘Batman vs. Superman‘, it made me excited – and anxious. Would the producers give her a role as fierce as her origins – and maybe some shoulder straps – or would she just be cartoon eye candy?
Practically everyone I know now is from a middle- or upper-middle-class background, and I no longer have the huge chip on my shoulder that I carried around for so many years. I’m not sure it comes out much in the work, but coming from this kind of background is absolutely central to my identity, to my sense of who I am.
There’s always going to be a chip on my shoulder.
Don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder. Make your goals known and proactively develop relationships with those that can help get you there either in the form of mentors or sponsors.
I had to have shoulder reconstruction.
I have a freaking tattoo of Bulgaria on my shoulder. I’m proud of it.
I always dreamed of working in Paris, of going to the Coupole and slapping Picasso or Giacometti on the shoulder.
Put your shoulder to the wheel.
You’ve always got to have a chip on your shoulder. No. 1, I’m a small player, so I’ve always had that chip on my shoulder my whole life.
I was that ginger kid who always wanted people to like him. It’s hard, and you’ve got a big chip on your shoulder for a long time.
Young guys kind of have this chip on their shoulder of, ‘I want to prove something,’ right? ‘I’ve got to prove how tough I am. I’ve got to prove how good I am.’ And man, now as I’m getting older, I think it’s almost sad when guys my age and older still have that chip on their shoulder.
A man walks on through life – with the external call ringing in his ears but with no response stirring in his heart, and then suddenly, without any warning, the Spirit taps him on the shoulder. What happens? He turns ’round. The word ‘repentance‘ means ‘turning ’round.’ He repents and believes and is saved.
When I was about 4, my mum had a lime-green Versace jacket with massive shoulder pads, and I remember thinking, ‘Why does her head look so small? Why is she doing that to herself?’ But she loved it!
We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world.
Obama‘s an angry guy. He’s got a chip on his shoulder.
Our society finds truth too strong a medicine to digest undiluted. In its purest form, truth is not a polite tap on the shoulder. It is a howling reproach.
Ted Koppel
There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder.
Charles Morgan
Before Under Armour, the only choices you had were to wear a short-sleeved cotton T-shirt in the summer or a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt in the winter. Why not make a better piece of equipment for underneath the shoulder pads?
In a way you can feel that the poet actually is looking over your shoulder, and you say to yourself, now, how would this go for him? Would this do or not?
I was ‘The Guy’ for NXT, the hottest brand in the entire world. I came through knee surgery and two shoulder surgeries to get to that point.
I just banged it a little bit on a helmet. And you know, if you get your throwing motion and momentum going at a helmet it makes it hurt a little more and it freaks everybody out because it’s your throwing shoulder, but honestly, it feels great.
Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale.
A. E. Housman
When I announced my retirement, that was actually when I was trying to come back and I realized, it just wasn’t viable. It passed me by. My shoulder is done. I brush my teeth with my left hand now. That’s just the way it goes. I can’t shoot a basketball, I can’t throw any kind of ball. I was right handed.
I do a lot of Olympic training to keep muscle density but it’s hard because I ride on the shoulder seasons of spring and fall and maybe take a trip somewhere to ride in winter.
I look at people in certain circumstances, and I fall into caretaker mode real quick, real easy. I like to shoulder people up and carry them along, and then I end up creating some kind of dependency. I enable. It’s really, really hard for me.
I went and got a tattoo of James Dean on my shoulder without actually seeing him in any movies.
I want my words to survive translation. I know when I write a book now I will have to go and spend three days being intensely interrogated by journalists in Denmark or wherever. That fact, I believe, informs the way I write – with those Danish journalists leaning over my shoulder.
It’s no accident that I’m not married and don’t have kids yet. Because, despite what I’ve achieved in my career, I’m always wondering when somebody’s gonna tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘OK, the gig is up.’
Even though she may not be a physical presence, for me RuPaul is an aspirational presence. Ru is out there doing her job – being RuPaul. That takes a lot of time and a lot of commitment. Besides, I don’t need RuPaul standing over my shoulder telling me ‘Good Job.’
Negroes are in no mood to shoulder guns for democracy abroad while they are denied democracy here at home.
I am pushed by my critics. I don’t want to say I want to prove them wrong, but it pushes me on the field to play with a chip on my shoulder, and I play best when I have a chip on my shoulder.
I’m here instead of having shoulder surgery. But I’m not sure which is more painful.
Some experiences can give you a chip on your shoulder, but they also teach you the value of independence and looking out for yourself.
I still wear minis and cardigans, but I think I’ll steer away from shoulder pads.
Susanna Hoffs
I think any player would tell you when you’ve got a coach that believes in you and you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder after every play you do, and you can just go out and play, that’s the coach you want to have on your team.
Guys like The Revival have this chip on their shoulder and I think that’s what you have to do.
The best thing ever is when some guy in his 50s taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘I just want to let you know I hate my job, I hate my wife, and I come home and I watch reruns of your show and it’s the only half hour of the day when I laugh and I forget how miserable life is.’
Danny Masterson
And Big Night, I think by the end the brothers find that balance, when they touch each other on the shoulder over breakfast and it’s understood that what should never have driven them apart almost drove them apart. I think that’s a true moment.
I wish I could be the black woman Soderbergh, and put the camera on my shoulder and shoot beautifully while I directed.
It has been an ache and a joy both to look over this big shoulder of mine at all my yesterdays.
Are we strong? Can we defend ourselves? Are we standing shoulder to shoulder? Do we stand up for each other?
I’ve got loads of photographs of me at home with two orbs that visit me. The two that I have are about the size of melons. One sits on my arm and the other is usually in the back of the shot, sitting just over my right shoulder.
The thing about Birmingham is, no one spends their evening looking over your shoulder thinking: ‘Is that Nick Grimshaw?’ and wondering if there’s a better night they could be on. Because there isn’t.
I’ve had an angel on my shoulder all my life.
Barbara Hale
I got my first tattoo when I was 19. The one on my shoulder is an eagle. I’d go to the beach, and I’d take off my shirt, and I’d almost feel self-conscious because nobody out there had tattoos except my buddies, the guys who rode motorcycles. American-made bikes, mainly.
I wasn’t a very highly recruited guy out of high school… It’s always a chip I’ve had on my shoulder.
Many shoulder heavy burdens of righteous responsibility which, on occasion, seem so difficult to bear. I have heard those challenges termed impossible.
It’s my whole life of being the little guy and having a little chip on my shoulder, from year to year trying to prove myself, and at the end of the day to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame is a very special honor for me.
Music has been my everything since day one. It’s been my shoulder to cry on, my rock and my best friend.
Christina Perri
It is important to challenge your major players. You need to keep them on their toes but there are ways of doing that. Sometimes you have to be a shoulder to cry on. You can’t be constantly at them.
At one point of time, I would like to shoulder a film on myself.
I have to be a leader now. I need to shoulder responsibility more than I used to. It’s changed me, but I’m OK with that.
I wake up each night eight times a night or so because of my knee or my back or my elbow or my shoulder. If I wake up one day and am not crippled-feeling then I’m shocked like, wow, it’s going to be a good day.
We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world.
I once looked over the shoulder of a friend on Facebook and it looked like hieroglyphs to me. There’s merit online, of course, but social media gets super freaky. Imagine if three generations from now, people online have forgotten what date or day of the week it is.
Expressions of affection, like putting your arm around someone’s shoulder, holding hands, or giving a kiss good night, involve the principle of honesty.
I can’t swim at the level I used to. I had to retire because of an injury to my shoulder.
People do the eye test and underestimate me, so I do play with a chip on my shoulder.
And at the time, it is funny how you can look at something and say, for example with my shoulder injury, when it first happened I said this is the worst thing that could happen to me. Why me, why now? Now I look back and say it was probably the best thing that happened to me.
Don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder. Make your goals known and proactively develop relationships with those that can help get you there either in the form of mentors or sponsors.
However, I don’t feel the world is looking over my shoulder when I am working – I never think about this at all. What I think about is trying to make my work pure, and if it is pure then it can be accessible. It is quite straight forward really.
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Sitting in the Oval Office, beneath a painting of George Washington, with a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. over his right shoulder and a bust of Abraham Lincoln over his left shoulder, Obama told ‘National Journal’ that the country’s economic woes are deep and endemic.
To my mind, it seems clear that those who have no memory have the much greater chance to lead happy lives. But it is something you cannot possibly escape: your psychological make-up is such that you are inclined to look back over your shoulder.
I’ve got a chip on my shoulder, and honestly, I’ve always had it, but I don’t think about it in those terms, like I’m trying to be better than this guy or that guy. It just helps keep me focused.
Everyone wants to be immortal. Few are. Margaret Thatcher is. Why? Because her values are timeless, eternal. Tap anyone on the shoulder anywhere in the world, and ask what Mrs Thatcher believed in, and they will tell you. They can give a clear answer to what she ‘stood for.’
A lot of people thought I was going to be a one-hit wonder, so I had that chip on my shoulder.
Bubba Sparxxx
I want the kind of feminism that allows me to have a voice and to compete on equal terms with men yet still, potentially, to have one of them hurl me over their shoulder and carry me off somewhere, because I still find proper, old-fashioned masculinity deeply attractive.
I’m an escapist. I’m not a planner; I’ve never made a decision about anything in my life. The good thing about Africa is that you can escape forever. You can do what you want without someone looking over your shoulder.
Peter Beard
That’s the difference between golf and many other sports. You go to some other sporting events, they just leave you or give you the cold shoulder and move on.
Bernhard Langer
I always talk about, like, with end-of-game situations, making and missing big shots, I know I can shoulder that. I can live with having the success of the playoffs and having a huge failure. I know I can deal with it.
Could there be a cowgirl in my future? You know, I never know what character is going to come and tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, tell my story.’ So maybe the next one will have boots.
I’ve always been a player who played with a chip on my shoulder.
If you have ambitions, dream of what you wish to accomplish, and then put your shoulder to the wheel and work.
Human nature is you work shoulder to shoulder in a real emotional kind of setting, and there are jealousies that come up. There’s resentment, and resentment turns to just outright bad things.
We must again carry the burden of our people and shoulder our commitment to leading them to the promised land.
I’m an actor, not a writer. I’d be pretty annoyed if the writers tried to come in and hang over my shoulder telling me how to act, so I don’t go in and tell them how to write.
Shoshannah Stern
Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them.
I know what it’s like to feel the fear of battle. To be constantly looking over my shoulder and thinking every sound might be a bomb or a bullet. When I served in Afghanistan in 2009 I felt that fear, but I made a choice to serve in the army and I knew I could come home to safety at the end of my tour.
Guilt is never very far from Rick Grimes’ shoulder. It comes with the package. He’s a man who takes his responsibilities very heavily, not lightly.
Far better to be the simplest pedestrian, with knapsack on back, stick in hand, and gun on shoulder, than an Indian prince travelling with all the ceremonial which his rank requires.
You’re feeling the responsibility for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people on your shoulder in a way that I couldn’t feel as lieutenant governor.
As a minority, no sooner do you learn to polish and cherish one chip on your shoulder than it’s taken off you and swapped for another. The jewellery of your struggles is forever on loan, like the Koh-i-Noor diamond in the crown jewels.
I don’t buy the tabloids, but you’re surrounded by it all and people tell you things they’ve read. I’d be sitting on a train looking over someone’s shoulder and thinking: That’s familiar… oh my God, it’s me.
The sitar is a really difficult instrument to play. Physically it’s taxing because of the cross-legged sitting position, the length of the neck on the shoulder, the thinness of the strings. There’s a lot of pain, especially at the start.
Every traveler knows too well the endless quest for the perfect travel bag: the one that’s stylish enough to carry through Paris, sturdy enough to tote around Peru, and – most important – doesn’t make your shoulder sag even before you’ve loaded it up with everything you need for a day of sightseeing.
Always being an underdog, always being the player or the person nobody really knew, that always kept a chip on my shoulder.
I have definitely had guys walk up to me, put their arm around me, and when they walk away, my shoulder smells like taco meat.
I support progressive revenue sources that ease the burden on low-income and working-class individuals and families who are least able to shoulder the burden of regressive taxes and fees.
I don’t think anyone should tap you on the shoulder and tell you that it’s time to sit down and retire.
The sweetest feeling you can have in this world is to feel the hand of the Lord upon your shoulder. In my patriarchal blessing as a boy, I was promised that I would have the gift of discernment. I have to acknowledge that such a declaration has been abundantly fulfilled in my life.
Everyone needs to have a denim shirt in your wardrobe. They work in the evening with a blazer or over your shoulder. They’re great to pair with a pair of shortsroll up the sleeves, unbutton it to show a peekaboo of your tank top.
There is force and vitality in a first sketch from life which the after-work rarely has. You want a picture to seize you as forcibly as if a man had seized you by the shoulder! It should impress you like reality!
I think the only bones I haven‘t broken are my shoulder, hip, and thigh.
Every player has a chip on their shoulder about something.
I’m usually too shy to write on planes because I assume that everyone on board is as nosy as I am and will look over my shoulder and read what I’m writing.
Running with someone like Maurice Greene – competing shoulder to shoulder with him – and then running against Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell. And now the young guys, Christian Coleman, Noah Lyles. I’m the only guy that’s crossed three generations of sprinters.
The Australian Government‘s decision to take on the dominant funding role for the entire public hospital system is designed to: end the blame game; eliminate waste; and to shoulder the funding burden of the rapidly rising health costs of the future.
It was especially tough following my shoulder injury. I was able to play again after three months out, but it wasn’t the same Boateng. I had the feeling I was in another body.
The right shoulder is vital, being the one with which the southpaw employs his fast, and very effective, jab, which remains the cornerstone of his work.
I have classic and feminine taste. I’m definitely drawn to vintage-inspired and ladylike things. I like an accentuated waist, and a strong shoulder works well with my figure.
We want Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa to know that we will stand shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, until apartheid is eradicated.
I was supposed to be on the Tonight Show but I broke my shoulder instead.
Rip Taylor
I wasn’t sure if I was going to do Pan Pacs because I wanted to focus on other things, like getting my shoulder right again and getting my strength back in the gym.
There’s so much control, so many executive producers, so many people looking over their shoulder, so many people trying to second-guess the boss. The space for writers and directors and actors to be creative is zilch.
I have never hidden my injury before, or fitness problems. Even my shoulder operation was planned after consulting the then coach Gary Kirsten and skipper MS Dhoni.
I don’t think that left to its own devices, capitalism moves along smoothly and everyone gets treated fairly in the process. Capitalism is like a child: if you want the child to grow up free and productive, somebody’s got to look over the shoulder of that child.
I’m here instead of having shoulder surgery. But I’m not sure which is more painful.
It feels very, very good to make a film freely, to work without having to wait years for script approval, without looking over your shoulder.
We use our shoulder muscles to accomplish practically every pulling, pushing, and hoisting task we do (they really do carry the weight of the world!), so they’re a great place to start building strength.
I feel great. I had a blood clot. It was a bad deal. But when I look at my friends with hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder replacements, neck surgeries, back surgeries, I’ll take the blood clot.
If you’re a competitive person, that stays with you. You don’t stop. You always look over your shoulder.
China and the United States have major influence in international affairs and shoulder important responsibilities in upholding world peace and promoting common development.
I’m not the biggest horror fan. I get scared so easily. If I’m just walking on set, and someone taps me on the shoulder, I scream and jump and freak out.
Taissa Farmiga
Standing in front of our hallway mirror, I am practising a few poses – one leg artfully bent, the opposite shoulder up – when the man of the house strides in and decides to share: a) I look like I have dislocated my shoulder and b) Has anyone ever told me I strongly resemble Tom Cruise?
Lacey had this huge chip on his shoulder. He walked into the room thinking that the people didn’t welcome him and didn’t like him. He gave the impression that he didn’t understand the Voice and New York, and he didn’t want to.
Sydney Schanberg
I am from the West Side of Chicago. I have been looking over my shoulder my whole life. I am not worried about a death threat.
I guess when I look over my shoulder at other designers, I feel like people are so definitive. It’s so clear to me what their aesthetic is, what they’re projecting. And I look at my own work and I think, Who could ever decipher what the hell is going on?
He isn’t a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities.
Loose, breathable fabrics are great… choose brands that have soft blazers such as loose linen or cotton – it doesn’t have to be a structured blazer with shoulder pads.
I think it’s good to have a chip on your shoulder because it’s motivating.
No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will cramp his style.
Steven Brust
I was raised in an observant Jewish household, so for me, Hebrew prayers – the sounds, the sunlight streaming in from the stained-glass windows of a synagoguebring my father back to me as surely as if he were sitting next to me, my head pressed against his shoulder.
I’ve had a chip on my shoulder every year that I’ve played.
I benched up to 500 pounds one day and decided that was enough because I knew the risk of a pec tear or a shoulder injury would be catastrophic to my bodybuilding career.
Governments can’t keep looking over the shoulder or at the constellation of stars. You have got to do what you have got to do.
Jairam Ramesh
What I found out is, I need complete autonomy. I can’t have nobody looking over my shoulder saying I can’t say this or that.
I do have a little chip on my shoulder. I want to make a name for this state. I want to represent this state well so that’s kinda the chip on my shoulder in that regard.
My inability to follow recipes as written – without obeying the devil on my shoulder telling me to replace ingredients or change the temperature – is well documented.
A few years ago I was at a party and this guy threw me over his shoulder, ran across the street, put me in his car, and stuck his tongue in my mouth.
Business colleagues who have not seen each other for a long time but who have a good relationship can always shake hands warmly and grab each other’s right upper arm or shoulder with their free left hand. Men and women executives should not kiss each other in public.
You couldn’t define the ’80s when the ’80s were happening. We kept changing. We had shoulder pads, then we didn’t. It was revealing, and then it was decoration. It was a lot of things at once. It was defined when it was over.
I played for Miami, with LeBron. They cut me. I got drafted by the Lakers, they traded me to Miami. Bron got there, they cut me. I remember it like it was yesterday. So yeah, it’s a chip on my shoulder.
I always had a chip on my shoulder.
When I sing, trouble can sit right on my shoulder and I don’t even notice.
Sarah Vaughan
We are all frightened now. No one says anything public without looking over their shoulder and wondering, Have I said something wrong? Am I going to get in trouble?
I have had shoulder injuries in the past, but usually it’s from training.
Why is it that right-wing bastards always stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, while liberals fall out among themselves?
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
I remember being 32 years old and feeling great, better than ever physically. Then at 33, I tore my shoulder and was out for eight months, and it was like I fell off a cliff. I was never the same.
New-season lamb shoulder, cooked pink, is the perfect platform for a mixture of fresh and cooked herbs.
Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.
I love putting a chip on my shoulder. It’s just more motivation to go out there and show my ability.
I haven’t done much art shopping in Vegas. It tends to be from galleries that are London– or L.A.- or New York-based. We’ve never had someone standing over our shoulder telling us something is a good investment.
I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder until I hang my shoes up. No matter how long I play this game, the chip on my shoulder will always be there. That won’t change.
I’ve had an angel on my shoulder all my life.
Barbara Hale
I’m not a big ‘cry on a shoulder’ person. I’m very introverted when it comes to my own stuff.
I was just tapped on the shoulder from above and told to write these songs, as opposed to wanting to be a success in the music business.
Townes Van Zandt
The pat on the back, the arm around the shoulder, the praise for what was done right and the sympathetic nod for what wasn’t are as much a part of golf as life itself.
If I am practicing on the wire, and you pushed me, I would not move, and if you take a piece of wood and beat me up on the shoulder and the head, I would not move. You would not put me out of balance. You would not be able to. I am solid as granite when I am on the tight rope, and I should be.
The bullied straight kid goes home to a shoulder to cry on and support and can talk freely about his experience at school and why he’s being bullied. I couldn’t go home and open up to my parents.
I do play with a chip on my shoulder. That’s who I am. That’s how Philadelphia basketball players are raised.
I don’t think you’ll find one person that says I shoot from the hip. What they say is, ‘This guy talks eyeball to eyeball. This guy talks shoulder to shoulder. If you ask this guy a question, you’ll get an answer.’
Robert Blaha
When I was about 15 – that would be some 60 years ago – I remember my father, a secondary school teacher, was always keen to know what homework I had been set, and would look over my shoulder.
Part of the challenge of being a black Republican anywhere is that you start off with people walking in with chips on their shoulder trying to figure out what is wrong with you.
If you’re good, you’re always looking over your shoulder.
Some experiences can give you a chip on your shoulder, but they also teach you the value of independence and looking out for yourself.
I play with a chip on my shoulder always, I feel like people don’t always give me credit for my skills and talents and that’s just the way it is. I also don’t care too much, I don’t feel like I’m crazy disrespected. I have a chip on my shoulder at all times.
When I was 13, I remember crying on my mum’s shoulder when my first girlfriend dumped me via MSN Messenger. That was cold.
Conor Maynard
I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or even people that think you can’t do it, I’m trying very hard to use it as motivation and to add to that chip on my shoulder.
Erin Andrews
Back when I lived in Brooklyn, I’d sometimes take the Q train all the way out to Coney Island and back, and work on my laptop. There’s something about pushy New Yorkers looking over your shoulder that really makes you produce sentences.
If you’re a fighter, you’re an alpha male. You have a chip on your shoulder.
I always try to find something where I feel like I’m kind of the underdog and kind of put that little chip on my shoulder.
I was like any other inner-city kid with a chip on his shoulder because his daddy and his mommy wasn’t together.
France has been an American ally for about 250 years. It is a key member of NATO. But President Obama never stood shoulder to shoulder with Hollande and asked for a declaration of war against ISIS.
I was always suspicious and looking over my shoulder because that’s how I was raised.
I was once very unpleasantly groped while I was broadcasting by a famous individual who shall remain nameless. When I told the staff afterwards what had happened, everybody thought it was amusing. There was a shrugged shoulder approach to the whole thing.
I’m a disorganized mess. My purse is gross: I once found a shoulder pad, string cheese, and a Christmas ornament in it!
I started out doing multiple characters from day one, when I got my fist job in ‘Dumbo’s Circus.’ I’m used to getting in an argument with myself, throwing myself off a cliff, patching myself up and brushing myself off with an arm around my shoulder.
Jim Cummings
For some people of color, for some people with conservative or religious backgrounds, you know, we’re constantly sort of looking over our shoulder.
I don’t know why my lines that were cut from the film didn’t make it onto the DVD. I have offered to go into the editing room with Christopher and work shoulder to shoulder with him to fit all my lines in. I think he thinks I’m kidding. I’m only trying to help.
As a woman, it is so tough to grow your business. People are ready to hear all your creative inputs, but the minute you start talking about numbers and statistics, they look over your shoulder to see whether you have a man backing you up or not.
I’ve got two artificial knees, I have an artificial shoulder, and I’m reasonably healthy given the damage I’ve done to myself. Everything hurts.
I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder. It kind of drives me. It’s something that allows me to train harder, train longer, work better.
The golf bag hurts my shoulder too much; I prefer to play football.
If someone taps me on the shoulder and tells me they don’t want me to open the batting for England, it’s going to hurt.
This chip on my shoulder, this swagger and confidence, it helps me. If I didn’t have it, I would not be in the NBA.
It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.’
Sam Levenson
Normally, if I don’t qualify as well as I think I can, I seem to carry a little chip on my shoulder for the race, and that normally helps me out.
My mom would get up every day at 4 A.M. and worked two jobs. I always felt I was the poorest kid on the block. I had a chip on my shoulder about being broke.
I live in a beautiful part of British Columbia, and I run through the rainforest. I do have to look over my shoulder to check for a cougar or a wolf though, so sometimes it’s not the most relaxing.
Ice your arm, after a start, pitchers will put the ice bag on their elbow and their shoulder. Makes no sense. It makes a lot more sense to do isometric activity, movement based recovery than to just put your arm in ice.
My show ‘The Big House‘ was picked up; they flew me to New York. I’m about to step on stage to announce Kevin Hart‘s ‘The Big House.’ And a hand grabs my shoulder, ‘Kevin no, they just decided to cancel it.’ It’s a serious smack-in-the-face business, and either you can take it, or you can’t.
My wife at home. She didn’t have a pregnant belly anymore, nobody to cling to, no shoulder to cry on, no one to talk to, while I’m at work getting the love and everybody just patting me on the back. I was mad. I felt that I should be at home helping my best friend get past the grief.
Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up.
Brigham Young
I’m just trying to win something… I play with a chip on my shoulder, a real passion.
Coming from the south side of Atlanta, Georgia, everyone has a chip on their shoulder. That’s how competitive it is. It makes athletes great who come from there.
What it is basically, if you go to a gun show, and there’s somebody out there in the parking lot, and they’re getting out of their car, and they’ve got an A-15 on their shoulder, or… John Q. Public wants to sell a handgun or whatever, then there’s no background check.
I’ve just always played with a big chip on my shoulder, and that keeps fueling me.
I write about all the horrible things that can happen to kids as a way of keeping those things from happening to mine. Write the books, spit three times over your shoulder and you’re safe.
I have a huge chip on my shoulder.
Writing feels safe, you know, it’s a hard job, but at least you’re in your office or wherever you are and there’s no one standing over your shoulder staring at what you’re writing. And when you’re directing, everybody’s looking over your shoulder.
I want to play Lady Macbeth. I have a big chip on my shoulder about Lady Macbeth. People usually play her as this cold, Greek witch, but there’s no evidence of that in the text! I think her intentions are pure.
I think the vast majority of us in this country hunger for more unity and hospitality, and we all share and shoulder the burden of hard work to build that.
Negroes are in no mood to shoulder guns for democracy abroad while they are denied democracy here at home.
I support progressive revenue sources that ease the burden on low-income and working-class individuals and families who are least able to shoulder the burden of regressive taxes and fees.
I have this ridiculous chip on my shoulder, having been a dancer, that I feel like I really ought to be able to do everything myself – but there are some things I very clearly cannot.
You know, when I got started on television in the ’80s, you would go to the costume department, and if you were a female they put you into a skirt. And you had a pocketbook, usually a shoulder bag.
I do heavy weight deadlift squats, shoulder presses, push-ups, and I can pull up my own body weight. And I do an ab workout just about every night. It’s 200 reps of five different exercises four times right before bed: a plank with hip twists, side bridge dips, a walking mountain climber, bicycles and leg lift.
Shalita Grant