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Semester Quotes

We’ve collected the best Semester Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Tara Westover, Alex Azar, Melissa Leong, Kevin Rahm, Jessica Szohr. Use them as an inspiration.

During my first semester of college, I raised my hand in a class and asked the professor to define a word I didn’t know. The word was holocaust, and I had to ask because, until that moment, I had never heard of it.
Health coverage in the form of short-term, limited-duration plans has long been widely available to individuals in circumstances where they are unable to access traditional coverage, such as those between jobs or students taking a semester off from school.
Growing up in a Singaporean Chinese family, for me food is almost the primary means of communication between family members, both immediate and extendedhey, it beats discussing which cousin did better at end of semester exams, or who‘s getting married next, right?
I started out in pre-law. I was going to go to law school. And I saw a production of ‘Tally’s Folly‘ that spring term. I took a theater class that term and auditioned for ‘Harvey‘ at the end of the summer, and I was in a play every semester after that.
Kevin Rahm
I was doing nuclear med I didn’t like it. My first semester I switched to film major. YouTube helped make that decision for me.
I’m 19 now, and I go to The New School in New York, where I study Criminal Psychology. My first week of second semester was during Fashion Week when my first editorials in ‘CR Fashion Book‘ and ‘Sports Illustrated‘ came out. It was crazy!
My first semester, I got a D in creative writing.
I told college I was gonna take a semester off, but I knew I was never going back. I felt like the walls were closing in on me.
I didn’t know much about Texas when I moved there for graduate school. In my first or second semester, I took a class in life and literature of the Southwest, and that’s where I first heard about these events along the border in 1915-1918, what Anglos called the Bandit Wars.
When I was in college at the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied international relations and French, I studied abroad in Paris for a semester. I think when you‘re there, you can’t help but be immersed in fashion because it’s such a part of the city.
Stacey Bendet
I know every year what my players get and what courses they get them in. I get a report every semester. What course. What grades.
It was a really long process, dropping out of college. I was there for a semester, then I would take a semester off and go on tour, then I would go back for a semester.
At the beginning of every semester, I ask my graduate students whether there is something I should read that will help me understand their work.
I remember when the results of the All India Engineering exams came out. I ranked 7th. I even got a scholarship. But it was during the sixth semester of my engineering course that I decided to call it quits and pursue acting seriously.
I spent my college years studying what I enjoyed semester to semester-a little Spanish literature here, a little psychology there, a little marketing in between.
The idea of going back to college scares me, and I didn’t even go. I went to college for one year, two semesters. If you add up the total time, I probably didn’t even go one semester.
I was pre-med for a semester, and then I got a C- in organic chemistry and was washed out of that program. Then I imagined I’d be a lawyer. I was gonna go to law school.
I spent one semester in Air Force ROTC, as I wanted to be a pilot.
Katie Jacobs Stanton
From my first year on the faculty, there was always so much more I wanted to impart to the students. I decided that, rather than waste the last day of class summarizing the semester, I’d spend my time talking about what I’d learned in life that was useful.
School was a big source of anxiety for me. I hated school. I have social anxiety, and it developed when I was a kid. I had trouble going to birthday parties. It was always there. I begged my mom to let me be home-schooled at one point for a semester because I was so miserable at school.
My fellow students there were very smart, but the really novel thing was that they actually seemed to put a lot of effort into their school work. By the end of my first semester there, I began to get into that habit as well.
Eric Allin Cornell
Growing up in Nashville, especially in a music business family, means growing up with knowledge that seems like common sense until later in life when you realize people spend thousands of dollars a semester trying to learn or pretending to learn while looking for some intern job on music row.
Caitlin Rose
My first semester of college, I’m going to sociology and English and psychology, and all I cared about was getting home and preparing for whatever audition I had.
Moving gave me confidence. I was really reclusive when I first moved. I stayed home a lot or went to shows alone. But by the second semester of my freshman year, I started making friends.
I took a semester off to film ‘Scream Queens,’ which was a great decision because it was an incredibly wild experience that did a lot for me as far as my career.
I dropped out of school for a semester, transferred to another college, switched to an art major, graduated, got married, and for a while worked as a graphic designer.
James Green Somerville
I got in trouble in film school at USC because one of my Super-8 movies there, in the first semester, involved a snowmobile chase scene. I made an action scene, and they were like, ‘That wasn’t what you were supposed to be doing.’
When my first semester grades came out, my mom and dad told me I wouldn’t be playing football.
Grade school, middle school and high school were relatively easy for me, and with little studying, I was an honor student every semester, graduating 5th in my high school class.
Ferid Murad
Most everything I do revolves around tae kwon do. That said, I like to be a typical girl and go shopping. I have three nieces and nephews that I like to hang out with. I’m also finishing my last semester at the University of Houston, where I’m majoring in childhood education.
I would sign on for projects that were meant to shoot in July, and then they would postponed and they would bleed into the following semester, and then I’d take a semester off, and then the movie would collapse.
I would love for a regular student to have a student-athlete’s schedule during the season for just one quarter or one semester and show me how you balance that. Show me how you would schedule your classes when you can’t schedule classes from 2-to-6 o’clock on any given day.
I got married at 19 and graduated from a commuter college in Texas that cost $50 a semester. The way I see it, I’m a janitor‘s daughter who became a public school teacher, a professor, and a United States Senator. America is truly a country of opportunity!
I went to college for one semester, and I took every subject I could, and I ended up failing. So I thought to myself, Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved expression – and that’s when I started thinking about acting.
Because I gave myself – I left school after the second semester of my junior year to pursue a career in music. and I gave myself five years to make it and I made it in three.
I was in college that first semester, and I was like, ‘Wow, this isn’t who I am. This isn’t what I want to do.’ I was like, ‘Oh God, I’m going to have to go out and make something of myself, and I have no clue what that is.’
I liked Shakespeare in high school, but in university I spent a semester studying in London, and it was sort of in the middle of me falling deeply in love with literature, and I took a Shakespeare course with a professor who couldn’t imagine anything more important than Shakespeare.
I was a lesbian for a semester at Wesleyan – it was a graduation requirement.
I am a student of a business school in Delhi and went back for my final semester exams.
I wanted to do screenwriting. That’s what I went to school for, but my major was overfilled, and when I got ‘The Daily Show‘, I was a semester away from officially starting my major, so I never started that in particular.
I only went to college for one semester, community college outside of Dallas. I got to the end of that and said, ‘I’m not doing this anymore,’ and moved to L.A. and landed a job.
I spent a college semester in a small town in Italy – and that is where I truly tasted food for the first time.
First semester I took classes like econ and that kind of stuff, and I was miserable.
I’m taking a philosophy class and regretting it with everything in me. I’m taking one college class per semester. Philosophy is studying what you already know and dismantling it. I thought it would be right up my alley. I can’t tell you how much it’s not me.
I was going to finish my university degree after finishing ‘The Tailors,’ but ‘Pinocchio‘ made me to take another semester off.
I went to public high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I certainly wore a lot of makeup in high school. I experimented with a cat eye for a semester, and then, you know, a strong red lip because Courtney Love in Hole was all the rage.
I started college Pre-Med. That lasted about half a semester.
I was at the University of Miami, and I still had, like, a semester or so left. And through the film school, I found out that Al Gore was launching a new TV network; they were looking for passionate young storytellers to transform television, which was, like, ambiguous but magnificent-sounding.
When I was a senior in high school, I went to Ireland to study Irish Gaelic. And after one semester at Trinity College, I went way out to the west coast of Ireland and rented a little house by myself.