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Selling Quotes

We’ve collected the best Selling Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Hugo Weaving, Jim Root, Tyler Farr, Jill Lepore, Kiran Desai. Use them as an inspiration.

Across the board, Australian films need to have a lot more money spent on selling them.
To have a No. 1 with 130,000 copies sold is, you know, I remember when we first started selling records, in order to have a No. 1, you’d have to sell at least a half a million if not more, for the rock side of things.
I think, as an artist, part of your job is being aware of what’s going on around you and not selling out and not following the trend, which I’m totally against.
Tyler Farr
Some people will always think they know how to make other people’s marriages better, and, after a while, they’ll get to cudgeling you or selling you something; the really entrepreneurial types will sell you the cudgel.
If you write a lovely story about India, you’re criticized for selling an exotic version of India. And if you write critically about India, you’re seen as portraying it in a negative light – it also seems to be a popular way to present India, sort of mangoes and beggars.
Kiran Desai
Our theory is, if you need the user to tell you what you’re selling, then you don’t know what you’re selling, and it’s probably not going to be a good experience.
Not offering this kind of guarantee means that they do not believe in their product enough, and they do not care about if a salesman is over promising or over selling their product.
Modeling is basically ‘Buy more stuff! Don’t you want some more stuff? It will make you look ten years younger and men will like you!’ If I’d wanted to be a salesperson, I would have got a job selling.
Salesmanship is limitless. Our very living is selling. We are all salespeople.
With Comedy Central, they produced it and did everything – I just had to walk up there and tell the jokeswhereas with Netflix, I was heavily, creatively involved, from the logo to the lighting of the room to selecting the venue to selling the tickets and promoting it.
I understand reform to mean the perfection of what previous generations have already done. I’m not an advocate of destroying, ‘kroshat,’ and then selling like they do in Russia. That’s how we can prevent the wild corruption in our state like they have in the other post-Soviet states.
I’ve got an overly developed sense of what selling out is, and I of course worry about it too much.
Parents are working more than ever before and unable to monitor what kids are eating at home, and schools are selling astronomical amounts of junk food in order to supplement shrinking budgets. It’s a ticking time bomb, and America’s children are exploding.
A producer is bound to market his product with innovative gimmicks and quirky selling techniques, but distributors and exhibitors should not fall prey to it. Don’t buy a film for exorbitant price and crib about losses post the film’s release.
The left is really good at selling bad ideas and the right is really bad at selling good ideas.
I was a salesman just out of college, traveling all over American roads in the cause of selling handbags to stores that would in turn sell them to American women, not unlike my father had done.
None of my heroes were big rock stars, and I thought, ‘This isn’t how it’s meant to be.’ It wasn’t about making music so much as selling it.
The explosion in access to mobile phones and digital services means that people everywhere are contributing vast amounts of information to the global knowledge warehouse. Moreover, they are doing so for free, just by communicating, buying and selling goods and going about their daily lives.
What I remember the most really was just running wild there. Barefooted, swimming in dirty lakes, selling fruit, picking mango trees, hoping not to get caught because they don’t take kindly to thieves in Africa.
A dollar vigilante is a free market individual who protests the government monopoly and financial policies, such as fractional reserve banking and unbacked fiat currencies, by selling those same fiat currencies in favor of other assets, including gold and precious metals.
Jeff Berwick
When I’m in the studio, I’m strictly thinking about the beats, the rhymes and the song. The decision I make once the songs are created, and there’s a barcode put on the package, and I’m out there in the street selling it, those decisions as a businessman are different than the creative decisions you make.
Creating my own world in a comic or selling my first penny newspaper aged nine was a way of gaining recognition and acceptance by my peers.
When the farmer can sell directly to the consumer, it is a more active process. There’s more contact. The consumer can know, who am I buying this from? What’s their name? Do they have a face? Is the food they are selling coming out of Mexico with pesticides?
Jerry Brown
I have too much product, and I’m trying to rein it in and sell more of my main collection. I wish you didn’t have to design so often; it would be good if you could keep on selling the same things for a few years and not have to do new things all the time.
I paid my dues. I have crawled to gigs. I have served people coffee. I worked hard selling all these records out the back of my car. Girl, I’m ready to sell one the real way now.
I don’t think you’re selling out by allowing the masses to love your art. The only curse is that, when you get so big, sometimes people forget to look at the music.
When you run the Walt Disney Co., you gain a fair amount of experience in customer-facing businesses, particularly in site-based entertainment. I have a lot of experience in marketing, a lot of experience in selling, particularly tickets to site-based entertainment or movies or whatever.
There is more to representing art than selling art. The life of the gallery is dependent on the renewal and refreshment of its artists and dealers. When that stops happening, it’s the end.
I make a good living selling hardback books through paper publishers, and I have many friends in the industry who will suffer as it changes, so on a personal level, the transition to digital isn’t something I welcome wholeheartedly.
Brand loyalty starts in the cradle and ends in the grave, as I wrote in my first book, ‘Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers.’
I didn’t start drag because I thought it would be a ticket to anything. I did it for my own narcissistic fulfilment. When I started selling records, going on tour, doing TV… I never expected any of it.
The Pork Marketing Board worked with advertising and marketing firms to position the pig as a sort of four-legged chicken – a healthy part of any low-fat lifestyle. The Other White Meat campaign launched in 1987 and was so successful at selling lean pork cuts, it actually hurt the rest of the pig.
It takes a minute for me to let my guard down, but once I do and I get to know someone, I’m very open, very trusting. Some might say too trusting, because considering the amount of money that can be made from selling gossip, I could be very easily taken advantage of.
To sell yourself is somewhat debasing, and everyone is selling something.
We’re in the business of selling pleasure. We don’t sell handbags or haute couture. We sell dreams.
Alain Wertheimer
Walmart markets its gun department as ‘sports and outdoors,’ but let us get one thing straight: They are not just selling hunting rifles.
People used to complain that selling a president was like selling a bar of soap. But when you buy soap, at least you get the soap. In this campaign you just get two guys telling you they really value cleanliness.
David Brooks
I don’t like selling myself. It’s a sort of shy arrogance.
But then I got a job selling coffee at the York Theatre, and when I met theatre people, something clicked. I felt comfortable with them; I felt like myself. I decided to go to drama school based just on that feeling. I had never done any acting.
I know people don’t want to compare UFC to professional wrestling, but there are people who are featherweights that are selling pay-per-views. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a branded division like that.
Individual investors have become far more powerful than anyone gives them credit for. Today, 85 million Americans invest in stocks. Collectively, that kind of buying and selling power can move markets.
The name Minted speaks to the freshness of our design – the fact that we are receiving thousands of new designs each week and selling freshly minted winners from our design competitions.
Mariam Naficy
Selling is our No. 1 job. Never get away from selling a lot of merchandise personally. The more you sell the more you learn.
Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.
Sinclair Lewis
I think the thing about business is that it’s not completely separate to life. You’re selling to people so it’s all about life skills – and common sense.
There are more and more products with fewer people able to consume them. We have to help those who don’t have the economic stability to grow, or one day there will be very few who are able to buy what we’re selling.
I made my money by selling too soon.
We’re going to be selling our product to the American consumer. We want to have Americans who understand American consumers.
It is better for a youth to earn living selling pakodas instead of being unemployed. Making pakodas is not shameful; what is shameful is comparing such a person with a beggar.
I like medicine. Even if I was selling a million books a year, I would still be a doctor.
What people really haven‘t thought about with real estate is, if you get tax reform, you’re going to see real estate now… the velocity of selling and buying real estate will just kick.
When no one’s buying your records, it’s easy to justify selling a song. But once you start selling records, you can’t really justify having two songs in Cadillac commercials. It looks greedy. And it is greedy. This whole music thing should be about music.
I have always been clear about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to dress. However, you need that business sense to help direct your talent. Because at the end of the day, you are selling clothes, and that is the reality which we live in.
Keeping a ‘CEO blog‘ or ‘founder‘s blog’ can be a great platform for engaging your users in a nontraditional way, reaching people outside of your product pitch and building rapport without selling them anything except a belief in your ideas.
My investigations have indicated that Taib and his family have a property empire in Canada, the US and the UK. Funds have been generated by Taib selling off rainforests with some of the money going through the British Virgin Islands.
I wanted to find something I was passionate about, something with the possibility of upward movement, and I wanted freedom. I need to be outside living life, not stuck in an office. I figured I could either be out selling condos in Miami, or I could move to L.A. and chase after that elusive actor‘s job.
Dawn Olivieri
Many investors make the mistake of buying high and selling low while the exact opposite is the right strategy.
People learn. If you market somebody, let’s say GSP, a lot of people were saying he was doing boring fights because he was taking the guys down and controlling them, but he was winning, and he was the guy who selling the most.
Once you start trying to sell creativity, you’re always going to run into the problem that the people selling it aren’t as creative as the people making it, and the people making it don’t know how to talk business with the people trying to sell it.
Dave Pirner
I’ve always hated modeling. It’s superficial and fake, and I hate to have to care about what I look like. I get a pimple and freak. The whole business is all about selling beautiful girls’ faces and bodies, so how can there be anything intelligent or nice about that except for the girl who makes money?
The future lies in designing and selling computers that people don’t realize are computers at all.
Adam Osborne
And once the music is out there, when you’re selling a record and selling music and people are going to do whatever they want with it, it’s kind of hard to resist certain opportunities, especially in the record market now.
Before I began concentrating on writing, in my free time I was an artist, making and selling etchings illustrating stories based on my readings in classical literature.
I worked at Big 5 Sporting Goods, selling shoes and stuff like that, for a couple of summers.
I’m always happy when I hear about people selling records or selling books or selling movies. It makes me proud of them.
Playing in a band, selling records through mail order, and selling clothes – these are all things I love doing. If that can please others, then I couldn’t be happier.
Yusaku Maezawa
From the age of eighteen to twenty-one, I worked any job I could get my hands on. One of these jobs was selling fake paintings door-to-door.
M. J. Hyland
Playing music was something I wanted to do since I was 11 years old, so when we went on tour and started selling records, it was an incredible, strange dream.
I have a Mercedes. I wear a Rolex watch. I have no problem with the selling of things.
During the last years of university I started an online business with a couple of friends selling domain names – we started by cybersquatting and then we became a real business. Someone bought us after three years and we made a good deal.
Nobody wants to sell their child, but what they wind up doing is selling their child to be able to support their family.
Cindy McCain
I obviously appreciate all the fans I gained from my band, but there weren’t enough of them to make me a very successful artist. To me, being successful is selling a lot of records and selling out big venues on tour, and it’s not up to anyone else to decide what success is for me.
I started life washing cars in Canada before moving on to selling life insurance and vacuum cleaners. Later, I went through a programme by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, which literally changed my life. It was the turning point.
Shiv Khera
As a brand marketer, I’m a big believer in ‘branding the customer experience,’ not just selling the service.
I have never made money selling records. I have never really made money touring, either, or with merchandise, surprisingly. But I do make money by just having my songs in the background of television shows or in commercials or movie trailers. That’s been really good.
I feel that when I listen to music – not that it’s bad – it’s not emotional. It has a gimmick to it. It’s selling something: the artist, the producer, something. The emotional capacity is very small, for the listener as well.
Half of Google‘s revenue comes from selling text-based ads that are placed near search results and are related to the topic of the search. Another half of its revenues come from licensing its search technology to companies like Yahoo.
The West Coast blew me up years ago. Ten years ago, I was already selling out five or six shows in a row in the West. Then all of a sudden, the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois, just embraced me so well.
To give religion two minutes a day, in its own space, isn’t exactly selling general morality or atheism short.
Even though we were selling more records than a lot of pop acts, we were being treated like the redheaded stepchildren.
For years, broadcasters didn’t get a nickel out of retransmission consent. But broadcast content is what the cable industry was selling to customers.
I don’t know how to explain how, probably to my detriment, unselfpromoting I am. I used to have a cabaret act and I didn’t even like to tell me people about that. I really hate selling myself.
The government seems to be set on bankrupting Proton and selling it off, because I think it is regarded as my baby.
Once I started selling scripts for a great deal of money – action scripts, no less, which people tend to pooh-pooh anyway – then I started to get some backlash. Which I didn’t mind.
Selling wine is all about sizing people up, and it takes a certain amount of chutzpah. The tableside bottle sell is a very funny thing – you take a look at the guy’s blazer, what kind of shoes he’s wearing, what kind of broad he’s with. Is he trying to be a hero?
It defies common sense that stores are fined for selling toy guns to children, but someone who isn’t even allowed to board an airplane in this country can purchase as many real guns he wants with no questions asked.
Carolyn McCarthy
Sundance is such an acquisition-frenzied, industry-centric experience, and at SXSW, many of the movies have distribution. And the focus is more on positioning the movie as opposed to selling them. People are more relaxed.
These parks are our life’s work, not the clothing chains we created, selling people clothes they don’t need.
I’ve never considered selling anything other than profession, but it’s more than that. It’s one of the highest callings that you can aspire to. Not everyone can do it.
I don’t sell millions of records. As a matter of fact, I’m not even interested in selling millions of records. I enjoy MCing. I make a decent amount of money. I can feed my kids. I keep a roof over my head. I don’t have to sell a million records to maintain my lifestyle.
I think everybody is always selling me short, and then I always prove them wrong.
The object of advertising is to get people to feel better about the product you’re selling.
Selling out is doing something you don’t really want to do for money. That’s what selling out is.
‘s one of the perversities of the age: I’m embarrassed by its success, but I’m happy it’s selling.
Like many entrepreneurs, I started out in sales. I began at 14, when I got a job selling shoes and tennis rackets at a pro shop, and I’ve been selling one thing or another ever since.
I had no idea when I moved to Nashville people just were songwriters. I had no idea. So I guess I was selling myself as a singer when I first moved here. But then right after I first moved, I started writing a lot.
Basically, you’re selling a world as an actor, right? I mean it’s like any sales person: if you believe in your product, you know your product, you sell it a lot better.
I used to work selling ice lollies and sweets on the road. I worked at a car wash as well.
Whenever you try to pick market tops and bottoms, you are making a prediction. Guessing what stock is going to outperform the market is forecasting, as is selling a stock for no apparent reason. Indeed, nearly all capital decisions made by most people are unconscious predictions.
I want to share with the American people that President Bush and the Republican majority in just 4 years have borrowed $1.05 trillion from foreign nations. That is selling our country to other nations because of the spending that is going on.
Selling Atari when I did – I think that’s my biggest regret. And I probably should have gotten back heavily into the games business in the late Eighties. But I was operating under this theory at the time that the way to have an interesting life was to reinvent yourself every five or six years.
I’ve had my run-ins with department stores, like Harrods, which stopped selling fur coats, but I found some there with fur trim, which is just as disgusting. Foie gras production is appalling – there’s no excuse for selling it.
To succeed at selling a losing product, you must develop seriously superior sales techniques. In addition, you have to be massively competitive and incredibly hungry to survive in that environment.
As soon as a handful of scientists come up with an intervention shown to influence aging in other species, they begin selling it as an intervention for humans, even though there may not be evidence it works.
I am not against remakes. They help in selling a film or creating a buzz around it. But it’s my personal choice to stick to original music.
Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats.
In 2009, novelty toymaker Maxfield & Oberton released Buckyballs, sets of curiously powerful magnetic marbles that became the most popular cubicle toy since the Rubik’s Cube, selling more than 2 million units in 15 countries.
It’s very hard when you start working as a wrestler to try and stop doing things that are second nature. For me, when I take a move and start selling, that is second nature for me.
I was an opponent of Saddam Hussein when the British and American governments and businessmen were selling him guns and gas.
As an actor, you can’t just be in the film. You’re also in charge of selling it, and so you have to sell yourself, and you have to be very political and make sure to not say the wrong things. It’s exhausting.
It’s one thing to say you’re feminist, but then what does that mean? Not selling arms to a regime that is the most repressive and probably one of the worst human rights violators, particularly towards women, like Saudi Arabia?
Like most people, I was not able to start selling my stories right away. So I had many other jobs along the way to becoming a writer, including toy maker, gravedigger, cookware salesman, and assembly line worker. Eventually, I became an elementary teacher and worked with second and fourth graders.
Bruce Coville
All of the sudden the audiences started getting younger and the spread of the attendance was really wide. I think it’s as a result of the records selling more that they started following our careers.
John Cale
When you spend a lot of time in your job, you realize you’re just selling your time in exchange for money.
When you realize my best selling books are ‘Owl Moon,’ the ‘How Do Dinosaur’ books, and ‘Devil‘s Arithmetic,’ how can the public make sense of that! I have fans who think I only write picture books or only write SF and fantasy. I have fanatics of my poetry and are stunned to find out I write prose, too!
I worked as a teacher in the public school system in New York City for several years, and I was a victim of the layoffs, you know, in the mid-’70s. And then I worked as a sales engineer for a company in New Jersey that was selling industrial filtration equipment.
There was a fantastic old shack I used to go to. It didn’t look much from the outside but this man was selling the best stuff ever. He’d just take the catch and cook it up with butter, lemon and salt and then bung some chips with it and it was delicious.
Sound quality was supposed to be one of the big selling points for CDs but, as we know, it wasn’t very good at all. It was just another con, a get-rich-quick scheme, a monumental hoax perpetrated on the music consuming public.
I think about never losing my voice, never giving in, never selling out, always keeping black, always sticking to the street. Staying neighborhood and not Hollywood.
I’m one of the people that, when I hear Republicans talk about repealing Obamacare, I just want to roll my eyes. Republicans talk about reform to the healthcare, and they talk about selling insurance across state lines, and that’s their solution?
There’s such a huge link with fashion, with front covers of magazines and selling products, but that’s not what you go into the job for, and yet you’re persuaded that’s what you have to do to create the opportunities for yourself.
Marketing is fundamental to what makes us human. Marketing is not solely about selling chewing gum, cars, cellphones, and tourist packages. Everything in life involves the process of marketing something to someone.
I regard it as a waste of time to think only of selling: one forgets one’s art and exaggerates one’s value.
Camille Pissarro
I want to go out there and try as hard as I can to be the best in that ring. And for me, that doesn’t mean cutting flips and cartwheels and not selling punches.
I was born in Queens, New York. I’ve done every job you could think of in New York. Selling peanuts to Larry Fresh Fruit ices to dog walker to unloading trucks at the Jacob Javits Center.
You can’t run a business just by selling one thing.
Electronic Accounting Systems processed my little payrolls like one big payroll. I did the selling, and the people I hired did most of the operations.
Human beings will line up for miles to buy a bucket of catastrophes, but don’t try selling sunshine and light – you’ll go broke.
I don’t run a non-profit. There are lots of non-profits in America – in Detroit, parts of Wall Street, etc. I run a not for profit. We’re a business. The only difference is that instead of selling soap or sneakers, we sell hope and leadership.
Nancy Lublin
Capitalism is not about free competitive choices among people who are reasonably equal in their buying and selling of economic power, it is about concentrating capital, concentrating economic power in very few hands using that power to trash everyone who gets in their way.
KIND has gone through many iterations as it deepens its social impact. When you’re selling a million dollars a year, the impact you can have is very different than when you are selling over a billion dollars a year. Scale has allowed us to do things we never thought possible.
We had a huge audience, we sold truckloads of albums. If we do something that’s cool, people will listen to it. If we don’t, we would be selling people short.
There’s obviously nothing wrong with selling your art – only an idiot with a trust fund would tell you otherwise. But it’s confusing to know how far you should take it.
If not doing VICE, I probably would be selling Cokes on the beach in Vietnam. I like the sea.
Selling MP3s or physical copies, it’s still cool, but I think it’s slowly becoming outdated to where people just want to build a culture.
My last real job was selling air time for CBS affiliates. I quit that when I was 28, and that was the last real job I had. I beat the system. I’ve been able to do this full-time for almost 15 years.
When I started selling air conditioners early on, customers were willing to pay an extra 200 yuan to buy from Suning. Why? Service was good.
Zhang Jindong
Football is so popular, people know they can sell their story in a newspaper form or a rating on TV, so they use football because what they are more about is the business of, you know, selling newspapers or seeing commercial time on TV.
Selling and telling are two different things. In politics, we sell ideas.
We live, in North America in general, if I’m given the indulgence of selling us down the river, in a culture of fear of this connective sense of spirit.
Yeah, we’ve made beautiful strides, but what percentage of black people has made that stride when I go back to my neighborhood and see the same thing? I’m the only one who came out of my neighborhood. All of them dead, on drugs, selling drugs. Am I supposed to be honored and happy just by my success?
The fact is, Joe Isuzu is very successful at selling cars.
Hire me for the next picture. I don’t have to just play down-and-out trailer trash and mean, old, wicked, old nuns. I could play a princess or a queen. That’s all I wanted to do. Because campaigning does go on. It’s a part of selling the film.
A vendor selling coconuts on the road is a philosopher. He will have ideas on politics, economics, history, sports. This has saved India. The fact that the common Indian is a thinker is vital.
The reality of life is, if you have a bagel shop and everybody is pouring into the doughnut shop across the street, if you want to stay in business, you start selling doughnuts.
The minute you start the process of deciding to make a film and you’re communicating that vision to anyone, you’re in the process of selling. If you don’t understand that, you’re not in show business. You’re just not.
I started selling out comedy clubs before I got to town with no advertising. I was selling out theaters just on the rumor that I was going to be there.
I’ve played a Nintendo Wii. I don’t see it as a competitor. It’s more of an expensive niche game device. We’re selling a lot of PlayStation 3s now and it’s still the best way to buy a Blu-ray player.
I started selling insurance in 1979 and continued doing that until 1985 when I opened my own insurance firm.
Kay Granger
There are too many retailers. There are too many brands. There are too many designers. There are too many discount stores, and the predator online companies are selling discount like crazy.
I can say with full sincerity that I am happy. I’m happy because I’m doing what I love and I’m not selling out.
My run cannot be touched. If you want to talk about longevity, you can speak the name Hogan. If you want to talk about white-hot, selling tickets, and taking the business to a height it’s never been – and, with a hell of a supporting cast, I might add – you’re talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Our job is we work for the artist and we service the artists fans. And the better service and the better company we can provide for the artist, the better job we can do for the fans, from flexibility in selling to lower service fees.
Of late, Mollywood has been having many films that are being made not because the makers think it will be accepted by the audience; but because they know that they can get back their investment made in the film by selling its satellite rights. This, I believe, is a very bad trend.
There’s no real excuse for being successful enough as an actor to do what you want and then selling out. You do it pure. You don’t try to adapt it, make it commercial.
I pretend that I was never in the movies. The only job I had before was selling prawns door to door. That’s what I tell myself. My kids have never seen my films. I’m too embarrassed to show them.
My first job was at the Inala Plaza selling jewelry; I’ve seen all sorts of life; I’ve studied overseas; I’ve worked hard in my community; I can sit down with anyone from any sort of background and have a chat; I’m involved in community organizations. How do you measure those things?
If you’re a painter, you don’t go, ‘Abstract‘s really selling, so that’s what I’m going to do.’ If you’re really truly an artist, you have to think what you’re meant to paint.
I think I was 9, and my mom ordered them for me from a catalogue. They bred like crazy, and I was selling gerbils all around Michigan. They wrote a story about me in the local newspaper.
Chicago was where I realized that improv is its own thing, its own art form. And through that, you kind of develop a work ethic of not selling it short.
I’m no Joan of Arc, but it’s pretty revolutionary having a gender illusionist selling the illusion of beauty to females.
When I read about young designers selling 51 percent of their company to someone else, I cringe. I want to say, ‘Don’t do it – call me first.’
You can’t make money without selling something real. You can’t make something real without first imagination manifesting itself in your head. You can’t have imagination without surrendering yourself to an idea that you want to create something of value to other human beings.
I need to make money, but I don’t want to be another guy selling his McDonald‘s to the pop market.
In fact, when I began selling ‘Phenomenal Woman’ T-shirts on International Women’s Day last year, the campaign was supposed to run just through March, for Women’s History Month. At the time, I hoped to sell around 500, maybe 1,000 T-shirts in total. We ended up selling 2,500 T-shirts on the first day alone.
There’s something extraordinary about selling millions and millions of albums.
We are doing very well for our country internationally, but when we are in Jamaica, our athletes are not being looked after. We are selling our country and marketing our country to the world and not being paid for it.
For those few of you who never heard of ‘The Secret,’ it’s a worldwide best selling book touting the benefits of positive and affirmative thinking, and sending good energy out into the world.
I understood the power of Heinz since I was a kid, and I started to work for my father selling food to restaurants.
Nelson Peltz
Everyone is someone else’s catalyst for selling something these days.
For an actor, you’re rejected eight or ten times a day. All you’ve got to sell is yourself. You’re not selling products, they’re not turning down a car, they’re turning you down. Most people can’t handle that. Most people are essentially not set up that way.
Barry Corbin
Was I involved in selling drivers licenses to people illegally? Hell no I wasn’t. Would I have tolerated it? Hell no.
George Ryan
My parents owned a plants nursery. We all grew up growing things and planting things and selling things, and I also managed landscape crews.
When I think of the artists I admire and seek out musically. It’s because I’m curious about where they’re going to go the next time they have a chance to put a record out. It’s not about where I find them on the radio dial, or how many records they’re selling.
I would consider selling the whole company; I wouldn’t like to sell just part of it, but on the other hand, I have a grandson intent on following my footsteps and another grandson in another couple of years.
The German car industry has a clear vision of the necessity of stability in the continent that goes beyond selling cars. For Germany, the economy is an instrument in a much wider issue of stability in continental Europe and overcoming the mistakes of the past.
Bands like – even Kiss to a degreebands like Kiss and Motley, Ratt, Poison, Bon Jovi – I just think the days of those bands going out and selling ten or twelve, fifteen million records like they used to do back in the day, it’s not happening.
I’ve got nothing against selling out, but just let me do it for something that matters. Not so I can be Number One With a Bullet, as it were, but so I can leave this world feeling like I made a difference.
Harry Chapin
‘Cause I can make more money going in and doing my recordings and selling them through my entities that I have, rather than going to a record co. and them release a record and pay me 5 percent of what they make off it.
You’re looking for that prototypical second-line center man. They’re not out there. They’re just not out there. No one’s selling them. No one’s giving them away. So we have to produce our own. That’s the best way to do it.
I’ve never been good at selling myself.
Business executives need to start by spelling out and communicating their values. Then they need to lead by example. This means getting rid of the bad apples and declining opportunities that bring instant wealth at the cost of selling one’s soul.
Managers can make themselves look strong by selling or dropping players, but if the move doesn’t work, the choice looks flawed.
I observed a man sourcing candle wax from South America and selling it to Japan. I thought: ‘That’s unbelievable. Talking on the phone in his office, that man made money moving candle wax from one country to another.’ It really interested me.
Now almost every artist outside of New York is connected with some school or some museum school, and even in New York the majority are. That’s an interesting fact when you take the idea of making money, making a living selling paintings. Only a dozen or two painters do that.
Ad Reinhardt
I’ve got a cool sketchbook that I am selling on Amazon.
It’s very difficult to balance different audiences and talk to each one without selling the others short. There is no universal literature – or, if there is, I don’t know how to write it.
People should look at building long-term businesses, not just selling a business.
Being a recording artist, selling music, selling concerts out, having a reality show, starting film; it’s great, it’s beautiful.
When I used to do the Edinburgh Festival, there was a bunch of guys selling fresh oysters and I’d eat ten daily – marvellous.
Anyone with the right mix of parental paranoia and entrepreneurial moxie can make a fortune by selling parents the equipment we think will keep us one step ahead of our kids.
Somewhat sadly, the survival of many bookstores now depends on selling merchandise other than books.
TV is all about learning to write in someone else’s voice, so if you do it long enough without selling your own project, they assume you don’t have your own voice; you’re just a good mimic.
If your heart‘s not into what you’re selling, you’re not going to make it.
From the moment I went to Hollywood for the first time, I was accused by various people of selling out. So I feel I’ve done my sell-out films already. I’ve sold everything! I’ve sold every piece of soul I ever had!
I love directing. I love creating things that I don’t necessarily even have to be in. I like creating worlds. So I’m getting into writing movies and selling movies and television shows and creating worlds that then get to live beyond me.
Greg Cipes
When economists talk about income, they talk about the money a household or a person earns in a given year. That’s the salary you earned, the rent from a tenant above your garage and the bit of money you made by selling some stocks.
If any female – or male – does something in order to get ‘likes‘ on their video or to get fans, they’re being exploited, and they’re actually selling out to a certain extent.
Though I still have no semblance of a life outside of Nine Inch Nails at the moment, I realize my goals have gone from getting a record deal or selling another record to being a better person, more well-rounded, having friends, having a relationship with somebody.
I enjoy selling my music. I don’t enjoy selling myself.
What brought the British to the Gambia in the first place – which was bigger than it is now – was trade in ivory because the Gambia had a lot of elephants. They wiped out all the elephants and ended up selling Africans.
Yahya Jammeh
When eyeliner was introduced in the Twenties by Max Factor, a pioneer of Hollywood film cosmetics who began selling to the public, even the wordmakeup‘ was a revelation.
I was selling bric-a-brac in Portobello and Camden Market. I love objects. But I was embarrassed by the idea of collecting, so I began using these things in my art.
I had an attitude about some work, like television sitcoms. It was selling your soul.
To some extent, the act of creation and the act of selling are hard to disentangle. If you create something, whether it’s a painting or a company, I think if you care about it, you have some obligation to go out and tell people about it.
A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain’t got nothin‘.
I’m not selling a dream; I’m not selling fame like it is some sort of fantastic thing.
Before I got my big hit, I was selling beats for $500.
MTV made a huge impact. Heavy rotation took you from selling 1m albums to 20m albums, and that meant a lot of dough.
Ozzy Osbourne
The Southern Ground warehouse is rocking and rolling in Atlanta, with a T-shirt shop and a leather shop; everything we’re selling at our shows we’re making or publishing ourselves.
I have three very simple principles. I don’t like conflicts of interest; they should be eliminated or disclosed. I believe in transparency, that people have to really not just know but understand what they’re buying and selling. And that you have to have enough capital to back up your promises.
If the networks can get audiences to tolerate pop-up promos by the dozens, maybe they’ll start selling pop-up commercials, too.
My dreams as a kid were so far below the Grammys, like, maybe selling out a show, or, like, seeing your album on a shelf in an Urban Outfitters… and the Grammys are so far above that. It’s very ridiculous.
We have been investing in building a mobile-first selling capability by establishing the Consumer Channels Group to strengthen and align the device-selling motion and to expand our impact with OEM, retail channel partners and our operator channel, and by extending it with our opening of Microsoft Stores.
B. Kevin Turner
I think we all, as drivers, come to the table with a package. It’s either your speed and raw talent, your sponsorship money, your nationality. For me, one of my unique selling points is my gender, without a doubt.
One thing a comedian does, when you step on the stage, you’re selling yourself, and certainly I don’t think the whole world can love you. But if you can get the majority on your side, you’re really in business.
The administration‘s attempt to keep us from selling agricultural products to Cuba is an outrage. Cuba is not a threat. That is why we must do more to open Cuba – not less.
The whole banking sector in Mexico was literally bankrupt. For whatever reason, instead of intervening in the sector or supporting the banks, the government expropriated them. We went through the very laborious period of selling the failing banks to the wealthy people of Mexico.
Selling cookies helped me to realize that you needed to have a certain way to communicate with people. You also needed business skills. You knew you needed to sell a certain amount of boxes, so that gave me some business sense.
Records are one thing, and obviously, without hit songs, you don’t have the opportunity to do your shows. But my live show has always been my selling tool.
American business has just forgotten the importance of selling.
Barry Goldwater
I wrote and produced millions and millions of selling records, so my publishing company alone was worth millions of dollars. I didn’t have to work anymore in life because when the rappers started sampling… I’m the most sampled artist in history.
Rick James
It is a weird thing, because most people tend to get more conservative as they get older, but I find myself going the opposite way. I am sure that by the end I will be selling Marxist pamphlets on the Holloway Road.
If you look at the very best presidents, the most effective presidents, they were always decent salespeople. Ronald Reagan was an extremely effective salesman, very tuned to the people he was selling to, very clear in what he was selling, very resilient and buoyant.
I would sell 2 million records, a million went to teenagers and a million went to the adults. So, when The Beatles became so popular, I lost a million to the teenagers, but I was still selling a million to the adults.
Successful technologies often begin as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles.
I could sell more franchises than I’m selling right now, but we’re pretty deliberate about where we’re going.
I’ve done everything from cater, wait tables, pre-school teacher, painting, to being Cinderella, Elmo, a clown, nanny, selling hair… I would do kid’s parties and entertain and do magic and paint faces and balloon animals. The highlight of my life.
Diora Baird
Owned technologies are easy to grasp because they’re so prevalent. They’re technologies that are developed and shaped by a defined group, usually someone selling it.
I have to admit I’ve always had quite a complex relationship with modeling and with the idea of advertising: not always knowing what I’m advertising and selling.
All they need to do is to set up some website somewhere selling some bogus product at twenty percent of the normal market prices and people are going to be tricked into providing their credit card numbers.
It’s important to me that I don’t get trapped in the whole teen scene, because I feel that you can get lost in those kind of movies, and they aren’t really about the actors; they’re about the selling of the concept, and how much money it makes.
I’m all for selling books, but when guys are burning my house down, that’s where I draw the line.
Robert Kirkman
I’ve noticed that when I am selling a lot of records, certain things become easier. I’m not talking about getting a table in a restaurant.
When I started Go Daddy, I tried many things – like building networks and selling education – and none of it panned out. I lost millions of dollars the first couple of years. I made a lot of wrong turns, but that’s the process of being successful in business.
Bob Parsons
My father died when I was young, and my mother, Ruth, went to work in an office selling theater and movie parties. She put me through private school, Horace Mann, in Riverdale. She sent me to camp so that I would learn to compete. She was a lioness, and I was her cub.
The touring business is obviously critical to selling records, building fan bases, selling T-shirts, fulfilling sponsorship commitments.
Conspiracy theories feed on opacity, and that’s a longtime problem with short selling. Large long positions must be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission in public filings, but not large short positions.
I guess if one set of my books was selling like Stephen King’s, and the other wasn’t selling at all, editors would want me to do the ones that sold like Stephen King’s. But they seem to be willing to let me pick what I want to do next.
I really hate it when I see other bands selling their music to commercials.
Robby Krieger
For years, TransCanada has been selling the Keystone XL pipeline to Americans with all of the enthusiasm of a used car salesman – and using all of the same tricks. However, one myth is more egregious than all the rest: this pipeline will enhance America’s energy independence.
I’m willing to stand behind this concept, that as conservatives, we can win the Hispanic vote without selling out the values. I don’t think we need to compromise.
Americans have been selling this view around the world: that progress comes from perfect protection of intellectual property.
Some bailiffs were tacking on extra charges left, right and centre – a fee for every letter they sent, extra fees for visiting your house, for clamping your car, seizing it, towing it and selling it. It all stacked up and people in debt had no choice but to pay. We have put an end to this.
It’s business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don’t want to muck about with it too much.
Eddie Campbell
I want people to feel what it was like in the ’40s. That’s when popular music in the United States was so beautiful. Frank Sinatra, the Pied Pipers, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Tommy Dorsey, Billie Holiday. That’s when popular music had deeper values, to me. This was music that was selling millions of records.
Selling books is hard to engineer.
I’m very proud of the fact that I’m one of Britain‘s biggest selling poets. That gives me a huge amount of pleasure.
Electro is today’s disco – making electronic music not for the sake of selling it but for sharing it and touring around the world D.J.-ing.
My first job ever was selling balloons with my brother at parades when I was about six years old. My father wanted us to learn about money, how to make it, save it, spend it, etc.
My general premise is not about selling clothes. If that’s your end goal, then all of a sudden everything looks the same, you know – you start designing by numbers.
I try to think of things in levels, pain levels and such, injury levels, like, ‘How bad is this injury supposed to be? How much should I be selling?’ And I think it also helps with the emotional attachment of fans when you’re trying to tell a story as well.
In the past, the U.K. got away with selling things that weren’t unusual. Now it’s no use trying to export without having something that’s unusual and better.
I didn’t know my dad for a long time. My dad was on drugs and my dad was at the VA Hospital, my dad was off in his own world selling drugs or using them or there would be crack heads in the house or whatever it would be.
Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I’m not selling insurance.
Given the growing popularity of pop culture conventions, many of them are selling out, leaving a lot of fans out in the dark and having to trawl the Internet for bits and pieces of news that relate to these events.
Emmett Shear
The variety of training is a major selling point of triathlon. Different sports, different venues means it’s always interesting, and you can always switch things round if the weather messes your plans up.
Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.
There are two things that create opportunities. One is being involved with something that makes money, and the other is winning awards. And the reason that winning the awards creates the opportunities is because it gives the people who are selling the picture the opportunity to make more money.
I started my life on the ground selling sim card, telecom products and so on and learned a heck of a lot doing that.
Style is a big part of my life. I used to work in retail before I was an artist; a lot of people didn’t know that. I was so good at selling clothes and shoes, and just the lifestyle, that I could tell what size someone was wearing just by looking at them.
No matter what, once the doors are open for business, the entrepreneur has no choice but to be directing multiple attacks at once – raising money, writing software, prototyping, selling, collecting, training, and marketing.
I hear a lot of rumours about me selling the club or leaving, absolutely no way.
I could never say that I wouldn’t consider selling the Knicks.
While my six-song EP is unlikely to set any sales records, it’s one of my biggest personal achievements – on par with starting my own company. On par with selling my own company.
If you’ve ever had somebody try to sell you something – people who can sell, they really are not manipulating you. They are selling themselves.
Matthew Weiner
Selling a film option and getting a studio on board can be a slow process, and until things are official, you never want to spill the beans.
I recall us selling out L.A.’s 5,000-capacity Gibson Amphitheatre and flying straight to Germany to play a 300-capacity room where we’d only sold 120 tickets. This was when ‘City Of Evil’ was really taking off in the U.S., but it seemed like Europe was less interested.
I don’t know how many records I’m selling.
I wanted to get my recording and become a musician again, work; with other people, do that kind of thing because I kind of got away from that for a while once we started happening, you know, selling records, sold out concerts.
Slow, Deep And Hard was a great album, even though it was probably our least selling record.
Josh Silver
I was always taught to do something to have an identity of your own. Forget your mom, dad, brother, sister, regardless of how big they are, you should do things by yourself, even if it means selling clothes or pens on the road.
No one starts playing my kind of music to make a fortune. But I do want to keep doing what I do and I do want to continue selling records. And I would, eventually, quite like some money.
When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.
A few months ago, a friend emailed to simply ask, ‘Do you get a piece of this?’ The message included a link to a site selling T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Directed by Robert B. Weide.’ My wife soon ordered two.
Music is my living. I enjoy selling my music.
I DJ’d for years. I DJ’d in high school, and I think my parents thought it was a passing thing. And then when I was in my second year of college, I was like, ‘Yeah, you guys don’t need to send me money anymore. My DJ gigs are good enough. I’m selling music; I think I’m gonna have a record deal. I can pay my tuition.’
Cyber criminals often operate through online forums, selling illicit goods and services, including tools that lower the barrier to entry for aspiring criminals and that can be used to facilitate malicious cyber activity.
I think a lot of my dreams have come true, and my next dream is to have a No. 1 selling album. A Grammy-award-winning album.
Tessanne Chin
Cold calling is about developing social skills and getting used to rejection. We are constantly selling something to somebody.
If you’re in Alabama, you’re selling tax incentives – with all due respect to Alabama – because what else are you going to sell? In New Jersey, you’ve got location, public education, highly educated workforce, density, diversity, infrastructure.
Phil Murphy
I remember a period where my publisher said to me, ‘Look, your historical work is selling much better than your contemporary work, so please give us more historicals.’
People are always selling the idea that people with mental illness are suffering. I think madness can be an escape. If things are not so good, you maybe want to imagine something better.
You’ve got guys out there that are good spokespeople for their sponsors or whatever. They do a good job of selling merchandise and all that. And then you’ve got guys that are just good wheel men.
For many writers, selling a book is the ultimate dream.
They consistently hobble artists’ in the name of selling more units then are surprised when the fans don’t buy the lukewarm music this produces. So they then drop the artist.
Malcolm Wilson
I find it hard to think of myself as selling books. I don’t even have a Web site. I want to sit and write, not sell.
Stephen Carter
We need to be celebrating those who serve us rather than mocking them for the purpose of getting on TV and selling some books.
Now we know that, the way contracts are set up, it’s not really made for artists to get rich from selling records – that’s the company’s one shot to make money.
Lisa Lopes
Use the same measure for selling that you use for purchasing.
Until my businesses really took off, my family, I think, just assumed I was selling printed T-shirts out of the back of my car. They just couldn’t wrap their head around how fashion could be profitable.
Scarcity is a good sales tactic if you are selling something people want.
I don’t believe in either selling or marketing myself.
The Sookie Stackhouse novels were selling well before the TV show, but the TV show led to a lot more exposure and readers. And a lot went on to read my other work. It was a wonderful thing for my bank account.
Charlaine Harris
I don’t really know what ‘selling out’ is exactly. I would sell out if I could, but nobody‘s buying it. I would love to go mainstream, but my comedy is too edgy. It’s always too dirty. It’s always too filthy. I’m dying to sell out. But I love doing comedy, I love touring, and I think I would do everything for free.
In the early 19th century, they tried selling soap as healthy. No one bought it. They tried selling it as sexy, and everyone bought it.
Even the best data security systems can’t protect private taxpayer information from entrepreneurial foreign businesses than can make huge profits selling U.S. taxpayer information.
It’s far too much to say that effective hoping is the only – or even the biggest – part of what it takes to succeed. If 14% of business productivity can be attributed to hope, that means 86% is dependent on raw talent, fickle business cycles, the quality of the product you’re selling, and often pure, dumb luck.
I’m a real guy. I’m not money-laundering. I make money off music, and music is my source of income. It feels good. I’m not selling T-shirts, I’m not doing none of that other crap. Straight music.
It’s an entire industry focusing on young male viewers that want action and violence. They sell us something that isn’t valid. They’re selling films like a product.
American democracy is spoiled by people buying everything in sight and then selling and buying everything in sight, including our politicians.
I’ve never been a talker. I’ve never been a good salesman when it comes to selling fights.
I’m not just selling out Yankee Stadium; I’m selling out stadiums in Mexico, in Argentina – with my bachata. I try to stay true to what I do.
My second business would have succeeded but for competitorsjealousy. I was selling motorbike gear cheap, but the people I was undercutting complained to the manufacturer and cut off my supply. It showed me how corrupt business can be. When I sold phones, the same thing happened, but this time I was ready.
Banks and investors don’t usually view a high-ranking executive in the company selling off massive amounts of stock as a good thing.
I’m looking forward to seeing more ICO projects provide increased clarity about the performance metrics expectations they plan to exhibit during their future adult lives in addition to the assumptive utility of that token they are selling.
If you take a print magazine with a million person circulation, and a blog with a devout readership of 1 million, for the purpose of selling anything that can be sold online, the blog is infinitely more powerful, because it’s only a click away.
Now, we are selling over 5 million songs a day now. Isn’t that unbelievable? That’s 58 songs every second of every minute of every hour of every day.
Many kids turn to selling drugs. It’s not a good career choice, but they see it as a way to get money.
Richard Harris
I went from selling everything to saying, ‘I ain’t gonna sell that. Can’t do it.’ It wasn’t working for me, so I was just like, ‘Yo, I’m going to sell my talent.’
Making music has gotten easier; selling it has gotten harder. Making music has been democratized, but the market is in the hands of fascists.
Stewart Copeland
If you have sold the film rights to somebody, take your money and leave. If the producers need you, they will call you. But you have to be careful about who you are selling your book to, and ensure that it is not tampered with.
Hey, we’ve all been to high school We’ve seen the in-crowds. Most of us have been in the outer crowds, the people who weren’t in. Although I was never in, I was selling records and was very happy.
When people were selling the politics of fear and division and destruction, we were talking about hope. We were talking about the politics of joy.
I’m the cash cow, I believe, so at 135 or 130, I’m selling out arenas, putting butts in the seats.
If you’re creating something that has some sort of cultural currency – if the idea is getting out there – then that will probably yield money in some form, whether it’s through selling art or selling books or being asked to give a lecture.
Well, this would be nice if it worked out, but I’m not selling the farm.
Jill Clayburgh
Occasionally, I hear grumbles about everything being a series or a trilogy, but apart from the question of them maybe selling more books, I think that there’s a real problem in trying to introduce a new world or a new concept while also getting your reader to pay close attention to your characters and themes.
The ability to take another perspective has become one of the keys to both sales and non-sales selling. And the social science research on perspective-taking yields some important lessons for all of us.
I never understood why women wanted equality in the workplace when in fact, that would be selling them short.
Selling your country’s secrets is always wrong.
I went and worked at a TV station in Stillwater. I was actually account manager for commercial accounts, selling ad space and everything.
Too many entrepreneurs think their valuation is the real economic price of their company. It’s not. It’s not a real economic price unless you are selling 100%.
If we’re going to win this battle over fiscal responsibility, we need more of the people who vote right and fewer of those whose seniority is their only selling point.
Posing on the red carpet feels like you’re selling something that has nothing to do with you. If you do it with someone else, it’s like we’re saying, ‘Oh! We come as a pair! Would you like to buy both of us? We’re available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs!’
People selling content internationally need to be highly focused on selling the right product to the right buyer. If things don’t succeed on a particular network, they’re not going to stay on very long.
I grew up watching my mom and dad selling rooms in our motels. We had CEOs coming to our house so that my dad could persuade them to have their executives stay in Hyatt hotels.
Our workforce is very co-operative, very flexible, easy to work with and one of the big selling points. The idea that Britain is still back in the labour market of the ’70s is utterly bizarre.
Marketing is selling an ad to a firm. So, in some sense, a lot of marketing is about convincing a CEO, ‘This is a good ad campaign.’ So, there is a little bit of slippage there. That’s just a caveat. That’s different from actually having an effective ad campaign.
I’ve been selling things all my life. I sold wrestling for a long time. I sold the talent and sold the matches.
All of the business of selling apps and selling subscriptions is extremely cruelly misunderstood, including by me.
If someone busted into your house and robbed you, would you then forgive them if you found out they were a veteran? Of course not. So why are we forgiving McCain for selling out his country by supporting the Bush agenda?
Some days, I would find what seemed like entire family trees, torn from once-treasured albums and dumped in disorganized bins, selling 10 for a dollar. I wondered how people could give up pictures of their great-grandparents for complete strangers to paw through – or why complete strangers would want them.
Credit default swap is basically just an agreement that I have with you, where I sell you insurance on some bond you own. If the bond goes belly up, I promise to pay you. And as long as the bond doesn’t go belly up, you pay me for selling you insurance.
I was working at Talesai, which is a Thai restaurant on Sunset. I actually worked there through selling my first script.
When our jewellery business went into receivership we avoided bankruptcy by selling our houses and possessions.
If I fought like I was looking for a place in history, it would ruin me as a person. I don’t think history is worth selling my soul.
Conspiracy theories themselves are big business, of course, selling books, videos, conferences, and all kinds of merch. Then there is the economy that promotes conspiracy theories to sell goods such as supplements, survival gear, and yes, bunkers.
It used to be that you would go in to see a CEO, and you would ask them, ‘Is your company for sale?’ and if they said ‘No, we have no interest in selling,’ that was sort of the end of the conversation.
It seems like everyone’s got an agenda, and the agenda seems to be selling magazines or air time with sensational stories.
Pressure selling is firmly rooted in American economic life, and I’m sorry it is, for it should not be necessary. Some people think part of the panic following 1929 was due to too much pressure in selling.
Vash Young
Selling online is one channel, but it’s not the only channel.
I don’t think anyone would object to Facebook selling ads or having ads directed at me, as long as people didn’t think those ads were manipulated by personal data.
I would have been happy to play in Holland for a big club, but I can see the point of selling me to an English club. It’s very simple: Dutch clubs are not going to spend £16m on a player like me.
When I’m talking about a product, before it was a product, it was in my brain. So if I have an inspiration, I will literally get up in the middle of the night, and I’ll dream about my customer… I don’t feel like it’s selling. I feel like it’s talking about my children.
A best-seller was a book which somehow sold well because it was selling well.
Daniel J. Boorstin
Because Comic Con in San Diego is crazy, and it’s very commercialized, and it’s corporate, and it’s all about money and selling, selling, selling… I think people want to go to smaller, specialized cons.
How about no one’s ever going to outsell Michael Jackson at selling records because the record industry is over. Game over. There’s no more record stores. With no more record stores there’s no more pressing plants. With no more pressing plants, there’s no more charts.
If I’m selling, I want them all selling in the audience. If I’m coming back, I want them all coming back. If I’m bleeding, I want them bleeding. If I win, they win. If I lose, they lose.
Every time a pundit or elected official is on any TV news program, it should be a polite formality to mention that GE has made such and such billions off the war in Iraq by selling arms or that Murdoch is a right-wing activist with a clear stake in who wins and who taxes his profits the least.
I don’t believe in selling art by transparencies. Art is a firsthand experience.
I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d have merchandise selling on a web site. It’s just amazing to me.
I believe our platform at WTT is different than tournament tennis. What we are selling is access. You have the ability to give access to kids and people who come to watch because it is about participation, not observation.
Ilana Kloss
In a world of shared data services, where you have third-party networks selling ads on your behalf and displaying them in real time to your users, it’s very difficult for you to control everything.
Once you get one actor to say yes, that leads to a second, and the third yes leads to a fourth – there’s a kind of comfort zone that occurs where each actor realizes, ‘You’re not selling this movie on me, so if it totally doesn’t work, then its not all on my head.’
Nancy Juvonen
Amanda Hocking and Hugh Howey have been successful in their self-publishing ventures. But notice that Hocking would prefer to write and hand over the editing, promotion, and selling to a traditional publisher.
Ellen Datlow
Selling music doesn’t make that much money.
I was studying acting, going to UCLA, selling real estate on the weekends.
Burt Ward
The most influential factor in selling a home is always price. Don’t build ‘wiggle room’ into the asking price. There’s a price war out there and you have to win it from the get-go.
Consumer banking – selling debt to middle class families – has been a gold mine.
You’ve got to be success minded. You’ve got to feel that things are coming your way when you’re out selling; otherwise, you won’t be able to sell anything.
Benjamin Jowett
Chicago is fun. We’ve spent a lot of time there, about 15 years. My wife’s parents and family live in Chicago, so that’s a big selling point.
Luke Donald
I am in a constant cycle of selling my clothes at Wasteland and buying from Goodwill. Once or twice a year, I go through my closet and donate everything to Goodwill. It feels like I am recycling my fashion.
When I came out of high school, my objective in life was to get a job selling used cars, but after trying for two weeks, nobody would hire me.
Jim Pattison
All too often, the pitchmen are selling the notion that if you gain ‘control’ over your financial destiny – pick your own stocks and execute your own trades – it will be the first step on a short road to riches.
I just try not to think too much about how I’m perceived. I think as long as I’m still selling tickets and can pay my mortgage, then people are probably thinking good enough things or whatever about me to keep the train moving.
Even if you sell the same number of plasma televisions – if you are selling them for 20 or 30 or 40 per cent of the original price, your revenue goes down, and the profit goes with it.
J.Lo cannot sing, but she’s still selling out Vegas.
Street art belongs on the street. But I’m a working street artist and I earn my money selling art in the style of street art via galleries.
While Wall Street firms typically underwrite offerings in teams, the lead underwriter, or manager, of the offering has primary responsibility for selling the offering and reaps much of the fees and profit.
Selling eight million copies of your first album will mess you up.
Don Henley
Google’s thing is not advertising because it’s not a romanticizing operation. It doesn’t involve expression. It’s a link. What they’re doing is selling access.
I try to focus on what I love doing and if those things, those awards, those accolades, those tickets keep selling and coming like they are doing, I’m going to relish in it and live my life the best way I know how and be grateful.
I think DVD has been a real gold mine for a lot of reasons. You were selling a packaged good in a big mass market, so you could make it huge. You were selling or renting a thing that people didn’t consume. You go to Blockbuster, rent five movies, and only watch two. That’s a good business to be in.
Michael Lynton
People would expect me to be this ditzy, bubblegum-pop girl. I was selling myself short.
Music isn’t selling like it used to, but the one thing you can’t steal or download is a live show experience or a T-shirt.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that Eric Bischoff doesn’t know that much about wrestling. This guy was selling meat out the back of a truck and became a ring announcer for Verne Gagne and I’ve always wondered how he ever got a job.
My dad was one of the reasons I got into rock and roll, because I was learning the ropes of his business, which was selling powertools, and I was looking for a way out from under his heel. I was like, ‘Where’s the fun? Where’s the glamour?’
Billy Idol
But now I feel off the grid. I feel that I am not part of the culture. And because I don’t have a car I don’t really go anywhere to buy things. In fact, I have been in a slow process of selling and giving away everything I own.
Vincent Kartheiser
It’s not merely that conservatives are better at selling their product, or that they happen to have an easier-and undoubtedly simpler-ideological product to sell. It’s that they know what they are selling. Liberals in general and Obama in particular cannot say the same.
I don’t care what we’re quote-unquote selling; we’re about inspiring people through storytelling.
As a kid, creation was something that I always loved. Creating worlds for video games, creating businesses that didn’t make any money, selling lemonade, etcetera. In my fourth grade classroom, I even instituted a government structure because I was really interested in people having positions and there being law.
I think that every boxer should understand he’s on the pedestal for a short span. It’s best that you use boxing and don’t let boxing use you. Use boxing to sell, because people are selling you through your boxing career, so you have to learn to sell yourself, and you’ll never starve.
Actually, we got signed in November of 2000 with Dreamworks which is the most amazing label. We have friends on other labels and though we are not selling millions of records, yet, they treat us with tons of respect and give us some very good guidance.
Adam Rich
Panda – We’re not really selling Chinese food, you know. Our real purpose is about developing people.
Andrew Cherng
Selling millions of records is great, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t bring peace.
‘How I Built This With Guy Raz’ asks entrepreneurs to tell the story of how they made their name and, in some cases, their fortune. Whether they’re in the business of selling burritos or dating apps, there’s inevitably something you can learn from their stories.
Government buffer-stock schemes are rife with politics, and instead of generating profits from buying low and selling high, they tend to generate losses.
Selling cookies is usually a girl’s first exposure to the world of business. She learns how to meet the public, talk about a product, sell the product, and is responsible for collecting money, giving change, and delivering the product. That’s quite a business venture for a 7-year-old.
At its best, Purple Ronnie puts little thoughts out there, on very high-volume selling items, that people use to make very personal connections with one another. And I’m actually very proud of that.
Giles Andreae
We don’t have to go that far to sell our beer because our immediate accounts sell so much. Places that sold 10 cases before, now they’re selling 30.
Paul Graham
I’ve done everything. Selling door-to-door fire extinguishers… In bars, I used to repair those machines that have 10 different buttons on them to spray club soda and seltzer.
I’m also interested in creating a lasting legacy for collectors because bronze will last for thousands of years so I’m not really selling the art to this particular collector but it is being passed on.
It was tough times in Ohio when we lived there. My dad was between unemployed and just selling random knickknacks at a flea market. My mom was a cashier at a Chinese food restaurant. They both had awesome careers back in Taiwan, and they came here for my sister and I.
As a baseball player, you know the commodity you’re selling, but with acting, you wonder, ‘What the hell am I doing that is so hot?’
I used to go and cop stacks of blanks CDs and sit there and burn copies of my mixtapes and print up my own mixtape covers and post up in downtown Oakland and Telegraph in Berkeley and literally was selling my mixtapes for five bucks, hand-to-hand.
I have no problem selling books to media franchises and we do it all the time. The author must understand that he/she is a writer for hire and has no control over copyright or over editorial changes made to the text.
Richard Curtis
Our moms accuse us of selling out all the time, so we’re still trying to cope with that. They claim to be true fans, like they’ve been there from the beginning, and they think that we’ve kind of, like, changed as humans.
Not everyone can be successful selling fashion at $25,000 for a wedding outfit. Certain designers are able to do that. And there is only a certain amount of consumers who can do that. The real opportunity is in that $25 garment.
The truth is the Republican leadership has created a credit card Congress that is recklessly selling out the future of America, our children and our grandchildren, and President Bush is the most fiscally irresponsible President in the history of America.
Dennis Cardoza
I know this sounds arrogant or cocky or like I’m selling myself, but even on the court now, I don’t think anybody can stop me. I just have that much confidence.
During the early 1960s, I decided to supplement research support for quantitative economic studies at Pennsylvania by selling econometric forecasts to private and public sector buyers.
Lawrence R. Klein
My goal is not selling laptops. OLPC is not in the laptop business. It’s in the education business.
The advertisers who believe in the selling power of jingles have never had to sell anything.
From an early age, my initiative took many formsteaching myself magic so I could do magic shows, buying wholesale goods and then selling them to other kids, learning many languages.
I know a bit about selling books, and you need a good title – a catchy concoction with a little Cajun spice, something that will make folks stop in the aisles, turn away from the Grisham novels and the latest crazy diet fad, and pick up your masterpiece.
I’m just really bad at selling anything I don’t actually use or like.
As long as I’m not selling out the people that ride or die with me, I’m glad I’m not an MC. I’m a motivational speaker. I’m not that rapper dude.
And now, of course this is another thing I didn’t count on, that now as the governor of the state of California, I am selling California worldwide. You see that? Selling.
If the founders of a start-up are considering selling it, I’d advise them to consider the synergies. Could the buyer give you access to something you don’t have now, like a certain technology? Would it make your life easier? Are you looking for a change? Things will change, so you have to be ready for that.
Garrett Camp
I think I’m more marketing- and sales-oriented than others, and the notion of selling books continues to interest me.
Despite the volume of ‘junk’ mail that students receive each year, companies that have an interest in selling their product to students say direct mailing is a key to their success.
Evangelism is selling a dream.
Too many companies think they want to do a video blog to sell merchandise, but if you turn your site into QVC, you lose. I have an audience that trusts me. It’s about building a global brand – not selling four more bottles of Pinot Grigio.
‘The melancholy of all things done’ is the way Buzz once described his complete mental breakdown after returning from the moon. Booze. A couple of divorces. A psych ward. Broke. At one point he was selling cars.
This is my definition of selling out: When you change what you do or do what you do as a reaction to someone else’s expectations or lack of expectations.
Is it really selling out if it feeds your family?
Selling is a natural skill. It’s developed as a child. You may know it as persuasion.
I should not romanticize the simplicity of a village. For instance, the place from where I used to buy a packet of glucose biscuits in my village is now selling cellphones.
Nobody has really grasped yet the great wealth that can be made selling data over the Web. There are 100 million potential customers out there.
It was the Sephardi Jews who brought fish and chips to Britain, actually, believe it or not, from the Mediterranean world. Apart from actually eating and selling fish and chips, they were kind of debt enforcers.
In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.
Jef I. Richards
Selling a band predicated on nothing is always an interesting proposition, and of course, the fact of the matter is that I really started out in music before I ever acted, and I’ve done a ton of singing.
The first thing I think, I was building computers, I started to build a computer when I was 17 or 18 at home, an IBM compatible computer, and then I started to sell computers, and when I sold a computer to a company called Ligo I think, and they were selling systems which became blockbuster.
I had a great time being a salesman because of the pitches that I gave when I was selling shoes. However, I don’t think I’m as well versed in shoes as I am in comedy. Being a salesman was all about being a people person, and I enjoy being around people. I also love talking to people – which is why I think I did so well.
Tomorrow it’ll all be over, then I’ll have to go back to selling pens again.
In this day and age, I really just don’t want to sell people on something. I don’t want to have to sell you sound. I don’t like selling emotions. Or ideas. I just want to give you these ideas and inspire people.
American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it’s profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It’s just about sucking everything up.
Selling beauty is something I can understand. Even selling false beauty seems perfectly natural; it’s a sign of progress.
Emile Zola
Happiness, as a word, has become sort of equated with these smiling images on television, selling some nice cream or food product or something. It’s seen a bit as being a stupid consumer.
Helena Norberg-Hodge
I could grow my own patch, make some apple pies and start selling them at the local country fair.
My parents had no money, but they had strong values that I’ve carried throughout my life – things like not going into debt, never borrowing money, never leveraging, paying your bills on time, keeping your agreements, selling customers the right things, treating employees right, and growing things.
It just so happens that I’m trans. It shouldn’t have to be like ‘Oh, that’s the trans model selling the trans clothes.’
You know, I used to live in Russia where you had officers in the military opening up the warehouses at night and taking weapons out and putting them into a truck and selling them to foreign powers. That type of stuff doesn’t happen in the United States. We still have a very functioning and relatively civil society.
I think that writing texts, publishing texts, selling texts in a physical book store is one of the important tools for breeding this new generation.
Alexander Mamut
During an election, it’s like they’re doing my job: they’re going around banging the drum for their party and selling their movie. You know, it’s the same thing.
Everyone lives by selling something.
I was born in the poor countryside. I was raised in the countryside, planting corn and selling sweets made by my grandmother.
The activists play the balance sheet by selling a division to buy back stock and leveraging the balance sheet and buying back more stock.
Nelson Peltz
They give me the money, I give them the book. Having input into the adaptation would be kind of like selling a house and coming back three years later and saying, ‘Paint it this color!’
Advertisers don’t want to be ignored, and they are drunk on our data, which is what Google and other large networks are really selling. The ads are almost a by-product; what companies really want to know is what antiperspirant a woman of 25-34 is most likely to purchase after watching ‘House of Cards.’
It’s like half the campaign of selling a record is trying to convince people that you’re an artist. Well, I am an artist. This is what I do.
Now as far as the organization selling drugs, no. Individuals selling drugs is something else.
Chuck Zito
Secular thinkers have a separation between thinking and doing. They don’t have a grasp of the balance sheet. The doers are selling us potted plants and pizzas while the thinkers are a little bit unworldly. Religions both think and do.
I’ve always avoided making being a woman my main asset and unique selling point. If it is then you’ll start seeing other women as competition, and that’s the last thing you need when entering a very male-dominated field.
Commercials were too phony for me. I just didn’t like selling products I didn’t believe in.
No one can establish what selling out is.
It has become a certainty now that if you will only advertise sufficiently you may make a fortune by selling anything.
An IPO-mad technology boom made ‘selling out’ itself into an honorific.
As I saw more and more people buying the images that were happy buyers, and people selling the images that were happy with how the market was pricing them, I started to get the sense this could be the go-to place for businesses to get the images they need.
I will always choose the dollar bill carrying a wildly fluctuating discount rather than the dollar bill selling for a quite stable premium.
To sell out London‘s Hammersmith Apollo is amazing. Selling it out for two nights? Even better.
My dad was in the life insurance business, so I learned about selling when I was about 14 because I started working as a secretary.
When you step off a plane into a place like Haiti, you’re just surrounded by overwhelming stimulus: the people selling you things, asking you to engage.
I remember my dad took my ice skates. One day I asked my mum: ‘Where are my ice skates?’ because I loved to skate in the winter. And she said through tears: ‘Dad is selling them now… we don’t have money for this week.’
I love to meet my fans, and after every show I usually hang out for a few hours, talking to my fans, signing autographs, and selling T-shirts.
Punishment for putting patients at risk ought to reflect the gravity of manufacturing, distributing or selling counterfeit medications.
I do not use short selling. The fund has not shorted a stock since the 2002 to 2003 time frame. At that time I did short three stocks, on which I broke even on two and made money on one of them. The experience taught me that I was not going to be using short selling going forward for a slew of reasons.
Guy Spier
In the early 2000s, I started selling some short stories to horror markets. I joined the Horror Writers Association.
From the very beginning, I envisioned success as selling enough books so I could keep getting published and continue to write what I wanted to without compromising.
This is how people are going to listen to music now – streaming. So diversify as a band. It doesn’t mean selling your songs to adverts.
Vince and WWE, they’re not fresh. Yes, Vince does big business. They have the best talent in the world, but they have no fresh ideas. They should be selling out every arena.
And now, I’m a best selling author, a different sort of fairy tale that I still sometimes wonder when I’ll wake up from.
The problem with Alien Voices ‘was we had four really terrific years. And then it began to be about selling: Simon & Schuster wanted whatever, 40,000 units sold a year.’
I was extremely lucky as I was in one of the last generations of British students who went to university and had my fees paid, and I had a grant as well. I also earned money from my waitressing and designing and selling my own range of dinosaur cards.
My grandmother was divorced, and she had 10 children herself. She never finished high school. She started selling lace on the side of the road and then grew that into a multimillion-dollar business – a retail store selling mostly furniture and appliances.
Ann-Marie Campbell
If selling had been part of his job description, Rusbridger, who never met a pound he had to earn that didn’t disgust him in some visceral way, would have been disqualified long ago. Indeed, his early enthusiasm for the Internet – and a continuing principle of faith for him – was that it was free.
Tyler Perry‘s movies can double what they do domestically with the right plan for selling them around the world.
James Lassiter
It’s a world where anyone you’re selling to probably has just as much information as you, has lots of choices, and all kinds of ways to talk back. And so, the low road is less and less of an option. You actually have to take the high road: Be more honest, more direct, more transparent.
I almost got kicked out of eighth grade for selling ‘Playboy.’
I am interested in communicating with the world by selling to many people.
There were probably, what, 300 science-fiction members in the SFWA, of whom probably a hundred were active members in the sense that they were selling something every year, or every couple years.
Richard Branson once said: ‘Tony’s very good at selling bands and he’s very good at making television programmes. But he’ll never be great at either, until he decides which one he wants to do.’ I entirely accept that. That doesn’t matter to me very much. I like the irony of the two lives.
Tony Wilson
When I’m done with something, I’m done. I don’t go back and listen to and pine for my old albums, or the Lollapalooza days, or ‘Psalm 69’ selling millions of records. Maybe I’m really just getting old and mellow.
The thought process of India was more around its potential as a cost arbitrage. We always recognised the potential of India, but we were more coming from how can we fit into cost structure rather than selling things here.
I have met guys who work the overnight shift at 7-11, selling Slurpees and Camels to insomniacs who have more introspection than a lot of people in the mainstream media.
Bernard Goldberg
Think of ‘Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland.’ It is equally intoxicating for children and adults. All this ‘crossover‘ talk is something publishers are using as a selling device – a kind of post hoc rationalisation of what was happening already.
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Nowadays, the term ‘selling out’ doesn’t exist anymore because everyone is trying to make a living.
I went door-to-door selling cable television subscriptions when I was in college. Not to date myself, but cable was just coming on. I had terrible territories, and they would give me $25, if I got somebody to let them come and just put the little cord in their house.
I love Michael Bay movies. I don’t think I’d be selling out if I did one. I happen to like his movies. I think selling out is doing something you don’t believe in, and you’re doing it for a selfish purpose.
Whether you’re selling soft drinks, snack foods or a sport, all good marketers know it is important for every single person to want to buy their product.
The traditional model for selling an album isn’t the only way of doing things.
You see I don’t like to be really too commercial about things but in this business you’ve just got to be commercial otherwise the films don’t make money and you don’t make films and as a long as a commodity is selling it’s silly to kill it dead.
Peter Cushing
Getting trade policy right is huge for our economy and huge for Maryland. This is about creating Maryland jobs by selling Maryland products to Asia, moving right from Western Maryland farms out through the Port of Baltimore.
I see a lot of tech companies developing technology here and selling it abroad, but I don’t see new factories being built, and that worries me, because it means we are not creating the jobs that will guarantee a good life for Israelis.
I don’t like ads. I don’t like selling things. That’s not me.
I want to open a restaurant, and I want to start selling properties. I want to own some stock.
Writers are always selling somebody out.
I remember being an usherette at my local theater very, very early on, selling ice cream and programs – because they’re not free in the U.K. – during pantomime season, which was super interesting. It meant a lot of kids, a lot of sweets, a lot of sugar-induced kids.
Selling art is a lot different than making it.
We reward people for making money off money, and moving money around and dividing up mortgages a thousand times over, selling it to China… and it becomes this shell game.
Advertising gets such a bashing from the world. At parties you are always asked, ‘Aren’t you just selling people things they don’t want?’
I really don’t believe in the word ‘selling out.’
I started my blog back in 2009 because every Internet business and marketing seminar I watched at the time told me I had to. I had been trying to get a business started selling dating and life advice and was struggling.
When I was cutting hair, I felt like that was my trap. I started selling haircuts. I started selling beats; that’s me trapping. So trap music is like hustling music to me.
Capitalists work hard to produce what consumers want. Artists who work too hard to produce what consumers want are often accused of selling out. Thus, even the languages of capitalism and art conflict: a firm that has ‘sold out’ has succeeded, but an artist that has ‘sold out’ has failed.
The first thing I do whenever I go to Thailand is seek out the closest restaurant or stall selling mango-and-sticky rice: it’s a little hillock of glutinous rice drenched in lashings of coconut milk and served with fresh mango.
I’ve been very successful at selling my things, but I’ve also been getting up at 4 in the morning for 40 years.
I’m reaching a huge audience. I’m doing what artists like Beyonce are doing in terms of selling out stadiums. The difference is my audience speaks Spanish.
I worked in a boutique after work, my second job, selling women’s clothes. And that was a way of not just making money but meeting women. That was very exciting job. I loved that job.
Elie Tahari
The song ‘Bite the Thong’ in particular, with Damon Albarn, really encapsulates the whole dilemma of, ‘Hmm, should I stay on the underground when everybody else is selling out?’ Nowadays, you can just do it – have your name-brand clothes, do songs with rock n’ rollers – and it’s not considered selling out.
This is what he has been selling on the ‘The Apprentice‘, through his self-help books, how to – you know, ‘Trump 101′ or the ‘Art of the Deal’ or, really, back to ‘Art of the Deal’. So almost the more he gets away with, the more he is reinforcing his brand.
A book tour is not a good opportunity to let your mind wander. You have to pay attention, remember salespeople’s and interviewers’ names, succinctly summarize your book in a ‘selling’ way, and so on.
I never give anyone advice: it can backfire horribly. In the 1950s, Eric Morecambe told Ken Dodd to get his teeth fixed. But those teeth turned out to be one of Dodd’s big selling points.
My fans have supported me in concerts around the world regardless of how well my current album was selling.
Nothing was planned in my career. I just went with the flow and took everything that came to me. Selling potato chips was obvious, as it was a family business. When friends suggested I should try theatre, I gave it a shot. Then I did a lot of advertisements, and then movies happened.
Fans tend to think that if you fall in love with an artist… and then he gets bigger, and he grows, and he starts to make a different sound, ‘He’s changing on us.’ But with me, I created all types of sounds from the get go, so you can never say I’m changing; you can never say I’m going mainstream or I’m selling out.
If you start comparing my practice of law to what I could have been – selling bananas – you’ll know why I gave money to the University of Texas.
I don’t like to change things too much. I think pretty hard about things before I jump in, and once I do, I feel, ‘All right, I don’t want to waste the energy of buying, selling this, going on Consumer Reports, test driving, buying, selling a house.’ I feel life is to be lived.
Greg Fitzsimmons
Oh yeah – for sure – hardly a week doesn’t go by when I don’t hear something wonderful that someone has made in some low-budget situation, primarily with a view to selling a few hundred copies at their concerts.
David Knopfler
We are not selling the black cab in large enough volumes. We want to expand globally.
Li Shufu
If my mother knew I did this for a living, she’d kill me. She thinks I’m selling dope.
I’ve heard some people say that I’m selling out, but I’m not. If I hadn’t done ‘Black Radio’, and just kept on doing just piano trio stuff, I wouldn’t be honest with myself; I’d be doing it to please other people. That would be selling out.
I’m trying to build something that lasts forever. If it’s tied to my legacy as an athlete, then when I’m gone, it will have no momentum or can’t keep selling.
Advertising as the printed form of selling would seem… ultimately to be justified in so far as it serves as a means of increasing legitimate human wants, as an agency of fair and economic competition in the distribution of goods, and as a stimulant to social progress.
Daniel Starch
When I post a photo from a ‘good angle,’ I receive criticism for looking smaller and selling out. When I post photos showing my cellulite, stretch marks, and rolls, I’m accused of promoting obesity.
I don’t think anybody ever makes any money buying and selling stock. They have to make money by keeping the stock.
Donald Sultan
Selling advertising on jerseys is preferable to keep jacking up prices on the fans.
I think people become consumed with selling a book when they need to be consumed with writing it.
I think it’s OK if somebody likes my music and likes Sam Hunt’s music, too. And I think if we’re both selling records, it’s good for everybody. I think it allows other records to get made.
The marketing department is really an important part of getting an animated film to work. If the people running it are used to selling live action films and the hard rock music and the sex and all those things… Anything outside that, they just don’t know what to do with it.
He was about building up the Trump name and then selling it and leasing it in as many different ways as possible.
Selling out is a myth. Bill Gates isn’t selling out, is he? Richard Branson isn’t selling out. Why can’t black people make money?
Selling to small businesses and selling to enterprises take two very different approaches with two very different kinds of people.
I’ve always been interested in photography. I remember when I was about 14, I spent an entire summer selling lottery tickets in some little booth so I could make enough money to buy an Olympus camera.
With my first single, ‘AM to PM,’ I was just this cute 18-year-old. But ‘cute’ didn’t get me older roles, and ‘cute’ wasn’t selling records. I wanted people to see that I’d grown up, so I did ‘Dip It Low.’
But in terms of the code by which we go to market – it’s not telling kids to supersize, we’re not selling them, generally, products, in the advertising we do to them.
Starship was a whole different thing. It was pop rock. It made more money and had more hit songs than Airplane. There was no cultural or social ethic behind it. For me, it was like selling out. I was the only one selling out. The rest enjoyed doing what they were doing.
Aleta St. James is an internationally renowned energy healer, life coach, best selling author, and more. Aleta does private sessions to release old resistance and shift out of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, addictions, infertility, and insecurity at a cellular level.
American Idol‘ is a machine. It’s a machine that’s making a lot of money, that’s selling a lot of product. It’s ‘American Marketing.’
I enjoy touring. I enjoy recording the music, I enjoy dreaming it and I enjoy performing it. I also definitely enjoy selling it, because I like to eat.
I began writing early – very, very early… I was already writing short stories for the radio and selling poems to poetry and art festivals; I was involved in school plays; I wrote essays, so there was no definite moment when I said, ‘Now I’m a writer.’ I’ve always been a writer.
If your selling access to somebody who is a future president or current secretary of state, or if there’s an implication that you are, that matters.
Whenever money is in the game, it can suffocate anything and anyone else, and I think people have been misled by money, or the dream of money, or selling the dream that if you’ve made it money-wise, you’ve made a life. Which is a lie. You don’t get happiness by money.
It turns out that Donald Trump has been very good at buying low and selling high, and it helps account for his amazing business success.
I don’t care what people think of me, unless they think I’m mean or something, but I don’t care if they think I’m like someone else because I know I’m not – I’m a total weirdo. I’m not selling a dream; I’m not selling fame like it is some sort of fantastic thing. I’m just trying to sell music and get on with my real life.
You really need a unique selling proposition, and people need to care about that unique selling proposition.
There’s nothing more human than selling food to strangers, you know?
Before I go on selling the joy of working with your spouse, I should make something clear: Although we have a great marriage, it is as trying as anyone’s.
Christa Miller
Fashion is one of the most intellectually vacuous industries. We had to manufacture desires to get people to buy our products. We were selling people countless things that they didn’t need.
Selling a million records used to be a big deal. I guess it’s not anymore.
I have no problem selling ebooks for authors directly as an agent, but partnering with them is another matter.
The chief executive officer is also the chief sales officer. He or she is responsible for the success of the company and making a profit. The closer the CEO is to the everyday selling process, bringing in business, the more successful the company will become.
It would be impossible for me to say when the idea of becoming an owner first came to me. Probably it was a gradual process. The first time the matter was brought to my attention in a concrete form, however, was when Charles Murphy was selling out his controlling interest in the Chicago Cubs.
Jacob Ruppert
Facebook says, ‘Privacy is theft,’ because they’re selling your lack of privacy to the advertisers who might show up one day.
Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’s the image, not what you sing.
Companies selling a product play down its vulnerability and emphasize its robustness. But only after technology leaves the dock is it really tested. For human operators in control of a supposedly infallible system, complacency and overconfidence can take over, and caution may be thrown to the wind.
Some argue we should get coal, oil and gas out of the ground as quickly as possible, build more pipelines and make as much money as we can selling it here and abroad. Their priorities are the economy and meeting short-term energy needs so we can live the lives to which we’ve become accustomed.
I’ve got a long list of things I consider to be selling out. But amongst that list, one of them is when you make art without putting your guard down.
I buy when other people are selling.
I don’t think radio is selling records like they used to. They’d hawk the song and hawk the artist and you’d get so excited, you’d stop your car and go into the nearest record store.
It’s about listening first, then selling.
Erik Qualman
Many think of management as cutting deals and laying people off and hiring people and buying and selling companies. That’s not management, that’s deal making. Management is the opportunity to help people become better people. Practiced that way, it’s a magnificent profession.
I saw Damien Rice in Dublin when I was 13, and that inspired me to want to pursue being a songwriter… I practised relentlessly and started recording my own EPs. At 16, I moved to London and played any gigs I could, selling CDs from my rucksack to fund recording the next, and it snowballed from there.
I did commercials since I was 16, and that’s kind of acting, depending on what you’re selling.
Joan Severance
After all we did for Britain, selling that corduroy and making it swing, all we got was a bit of tin on a piece of leather.
When you have a TV show, and you’re selling out 10,000 seats or whatever the hell it is, it’s not that it becomes easy. It’s just that’s what your life is like.
I had to audition as an actor, and I got so tired of doing the same monologues over and over, so I started writing my own, and then I started selling them to other actors.
I am not a total, complete nitwit when it comes to selling books. I promise you there will be unexpected things. Some of them I don’t know yet. She’s writing it all herself.
Mary Matalin
The Tube is a vehicle for selling things, not for exploring ideas.
California is responsible for selling, trading and distributing large amounts of shark fins that come from all over the world.
The simplest definition of advertising, and one that will probably meet the test of critical examination, is that advertising is selling in print.
Daniel Starch
It’s not selling out, necessarily, to do something to gain some kind of notoriety that gives you the cache to do be able to go and do something else that you want. There’s some dues that you just have to pay in life.
During the boom years of the 1990s, globalization emerged as the most significant development in our national life. With NAFTA and the Internet and big-box stores selling cheap goods from China, the line between national and international began to blur.
Statistics on the dangers guns pose to the health of their owners and those who live with them suggest that I’d be safer selling my guns than reserving them for ‘Tombstone II.’
I did telemarketing for years, starting at the age of 16, just selling steak knives to old people. Old people go through a weird amount of steak knives. I also sold straight meat over the telephone.
I can only speak as an American, but most journalism here isn’t doing its job any more. It’s about selling stuff.
Lance Reddick
So if the wall’s cracked or you’ve got leaky faucets, or you’ve got mold issues, or some sort of damage to your home, selling a home that’s got that kind of distress to it is the biggest mistake you will make, because immediately people who are fearful will walk away.
I feel like fans who like old Southern rock and country, and more lyric-driven songs in general, have come to country radio. I think that’s why you see country radio growing and albums selling: People are craving a little more of the singer-songwriter stuff going on in country.
I’m investing. I’m taking a lot of bitcoin, selling it as the price goes up, and putting it into real estate. Because then if bitcoin goes to zero – which, it’s an experiment, it could – I won’t be on the street.
Charlie Shrem
Russia and China, when they were communist-like adversaries, they didn’t participate. They’re participating now in the world with us. They’re trading monetary instruments. We’re buying and selling goods back and forth, trading oil and so forth.
Well, when I was younger, in high school, I started out smoking pot. Which escalated into taking acid on a regular basis, which escalated into selling acid. And then I started, when I went to college, I started doing opiates.
John Wozniak
I thought at the time that I wanted to go into institutional sales, selling stocks and bonds to institutions. In those days, which was the 1960s, the institutional salesman was making about $100,000 a year. I thought that was just an enormous amount of money.
What I like is the acting itself. But I’m a lousy celebrity. I’m not interested in selling my private life. I take my private feelings to the work, but I want there to be a difference between me and whoever it is I’m playing.
At this time, the only thing that would get me back in the ring is something that would positively impact those in need. If selling out another major event would allow me to bring a ship full of supplies to hand out to those in need, I’d say that would be very significant.