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Selecting Quotes

We’ve collected the best Selecting Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: John Paulson, Azim Premji, Mike Braun, Yadier Molina, Dawn O’Porter. Use them as an inspiration.

We think the most important criteria for selecting an investment firm are the manager, team, and track record.
To have strongly integrated managers who have a deep understanding of technology is a rare and difficult combination to build. You have to invest a lot in selecting and training these people.
Shortly after assuming his duties at the White House, Trump hit a home-run by selecting conservative Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.
I have played in so many games and have had so many incredible moments that selecting one or remembering all of them is impossible.
Selecting what gets sold in smaller shops and online is a long and artful process, it takes precision and care. The people who stock the successful vintage shops are great buyers, and you pay for their skill as well as the quality level at which they sell their clothes.
To inspire a singularity of focus, a challenge must be important to you and it must be something you feel you should do now in this moment. If it’s trivial or not time-bound, you won‘t engage. So in selecting your next challenge in life, choose one that is meaningful and will demand your complete concentration.
The art of leadership is not to spend your time measuring, evaluating. It’s all about selecting the person. And if you believe you selected the right person, then you give that person the freedom, the authority, the delegation to innovate and to lead with some very simple measure.
The first and foremost criterion for me when selecting a film is the character I am playing, and then the director.
We begin to see, therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.
Most high courts in other nations do not have discretion, such as we enjoy, in selecting the cases that the high court reviews. Our court is virtually alone in the amount of discretion it has.
One day I changed my cell phone number, but the guy at the UFC in charge of the music didn’t know. So he was texting that fan who had my old number, thinking it was me. The fan was selecting my music.
Growing up I loved this brand, and if someone would have told seven year old me that I would be selecting color combos with the originator of Gecko I would have cried.
Think well before selecting your leader, and when you have selected him, follow him. But in case you find his policy detrimental to your interests, kick him out.
I started going training with Southampton, and they were selecting the team for the under-9s. I did a six-week trial and got in. I was quite lucky to play at a good standard from a very young age.
Youngsters are selecting dance as a profession and are aiming for an aspiring career in the field of dance. I am happy to see that we brought about that change and encouraged young people to opt for dance as their path.
We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.
We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor or African-American or gay or disabled or old – and that’s the criterion by which I’ll be selecting my judges.
I have been extremely cautious in selecting my films.
I want to do good films, with good content. I am not selecting projects based on language.
My only criteria while selecting roles is that it should be a lead part in an interesting story where the character has depth and layers.
Whenever you name a team and whenever you pick a squad, that is when you have to make the most difficult calls. To tell a player, ‘I’m not selecting you, and these are the reasons why…’ it’s tough.
We should stop selecting leaders from a subset of Oxbridge egomaniacs with a humanities degree and a spell as spin doctor.
The process of facing and selecting our possessions can be quite painful. It forces us to confront our imperfections and inadequacies and the foolish choices we made in the past.
If architecture had nothing to do with art, it would be astonishingly easy to build houses, but the architect’s task – his most difficult task – is always that of selecting.
The disciplined approach to pursuing and selecting the most attractive investment opportunities continues to distinguish ExxonMobil. We are long-term driven, and we’re patient. And we’re not opportunity-constrained.
The audience is an absolutely critical part of ‘Question Time’ and selecting that audience is a big and very important job every week. What we need to do every week without fail is make the audience politically representative of the picture across the nation.
The lack of judicial accountability exemplified by the lack of a system of selecting judges and of dealing with complaints against them, has indeed led to the system gradually losing its integrity.
When selecting businesses, I first have to be enticed by the product or the industry they are in. Then I look for passion. If a company has these two qualifiers, I go for it.
The excitement of wading into ‘reality‘ and just finding out what happens – and then the challenge of selecting those things that happened and shaping them in the editing into a narrative that will have appeal and be engaging – is a great, great thrill.
If the party of Lincoln wishes to become the party of intolerance, selecting Trump to be its presidential candidate is a good way forward.
Conflict photographers grapple with two worlds that are themselves often in conflict – the one where bombs fall and bullets fly, where adrenaline runs high, and the other, back home, which is comparatively secure, and where the big event of the day may involve selecting swatches of fabric for a new sofa.
Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.
Phil Crosby
The man of science, like the man of letters, is too apt to view mankind only in the abstract, selecting in his consideration only a single side of our complex and many-sided being.
James G. Frazer
My approach to selecting a film is very simple – it should touch my heart.
Selecting Budapest would not only be a new city and country for the Olympic Games, but put the region on the map. We want to organise the first Central Eastern Europe Olympics.
Selecting a strong team without giving the new captain appropriate time isn’t possible.
Economically Targeted Investing, or ETI, refers to the practice of selecting investments, in part, for their collateral benefits in addition to the investment return for the retirement plan.
Voter suppression laws, overzealous filibuster use, you name it – the Republicans use every tactic they can to stop our democracy from actually selecting the person with the most support.
Be smart about selecting your micro niches for communicating in the blogosphere.

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