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Sandwiches Quotes

We’ve collected the best Sandwiches Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Lady Gaga, Triple H, Tennys Sandgren, Lexi Thompson, Ada Yonath. Use them as an inspiration.

I’m not a sandwich store that only sells turkey sandwiches. I sell a lot of different things.
Being on the road is no excuse for having a poor diet. I don’t like fast food, but if I have to, I’ll order three plain grilled chicken sandwiches and throw out the buns.
When I order sandwiches or coffee, I don’t give my name: I’ll sayDavid‘ or something. It’s just not worth it. They never mess ‘David’ up. I just want my sandwich; I just want my coffee.
I’m a big breakfast person: Eggs, bacon and yogurt is my go-to meal before a round. On the course, peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches are great for energy, but a protein bar works, too.
Lexi Thompson
From the age of 11, I was cleaning floors, washing dishes, making sandwiches and being a cashier. Survival was the name of the game. Life was so hard that I had to struggle to keep up my standards. Under these conditions, I didn’t think about science too much.
Hummus has been my saviour. I’ve used it in every form: on sandwiches, rotis, with veggies and meat.
My favorite splurges are cheese pizza with hot peppers, Haagen-Dazs maple-walnut ice cream, Giant brand ice cream sandwiches, and fire sticksthose hot candies the size of a three-inch ruler.
When traveling, I carry sandwiches and fruits to avoid eating restaurant food.
Soham Chakraborty
I lived at home and I cycled every morning to the railway station to travel by train to Johannesburg followed by a walk to the University, carrying sandwiches for my lunch and returning in the evening the same way.
I try to cover three food groups at breakfast. I see that as a licence to eat rubbish for the rest of the day. Touring equals a lot of sandwiches.
We like to take picnics and sandwiches, driving through the green lanes. My wife loves the house, the dogs, and the animals we have around us, the deer and the fox that comes and pokes his head through the hedge.
My first taste memory is of our nanny in South Africa making white bread sandwiches with salad cream, which was potato mashed with a cheap mayonnaise thing with bits in it of – I suppose – pickled cucumber. I absolutely loved them.
I am a sandwich man. Somewhere early in life, my epigenetic switches got flicked to ‘likes sandwiches,’ and that’s where they still are. I suspect it’s at least in part because they’re easy to eat while reading.
Tad Williams
I was raised on T.V. dinners because in those days, they were considered a well-balanced meal. And when I was sick, my mother fed me beef-barley soup and peanut butter sandwiches. That’s about it for childhood food memories.
We were both into motocross. My dad would wake me up at 6:30 on weekends, brew some coffee and make some sandwiches for us. Then we’d spend the day racing together. I know he had this reputation as being wild and irresponsible, but I never saw any of that.
My best nutrition tip is to eat things you like that are low in calories and fat. Some of my favorites are chicken, rice, assorted veggies, egg white omelets, turkey sandwiches and protein shakes.
Nate Holland
When I have parties, I have little sandwiches. I always make sure I have two or three fresh habaneros, and I only put them on one or two. There’s always someone who comes running around the corner, ‘Oh my God! I don’t know what was in those, but my mouth is on fire! What do I do?’
Fika is a bit like afternoon tea but with coffee and pastries instead of sandwiches.
The argument that all Jews have a heartfelt investment in the state of Israel is untrue. Some have a heartfelt investment in corned beef sandwiches.
The sea was our main entertainment. When company came, we set them before it on rugs, with thermoses and sandwiches and colored umbrellas, as if the waterblue, green, gray, navy or silver as it might be – were enough to watch.
As a kid I had a very unhealthy diet. I try not to place any blame. Mum was uneducated in cooking. She left school and home at 15, had my older brother when she was 17 and me at 19. It was usually frozen meals and lots of cola, peanut butter, jam sandwiches, sweets and loads of chocolates.
When I travel I normally eat club sandwiches or I bring my own food. When you go into a new town, it’s very had to find a good place to eat.
I started a deli when I was 19 years old. Kevin O’s. The sandwiches at Kevin O’s were a little like Subway before Subway – fresh baked bread. My best seller was turkey with cream cheese and artichoke hearts. I just made it up.
I survived on sandwiches, and I was on stage every night for six years of my life. I was working 16 hours a day between class, rehearsal, being on stage.
Thierry Mugler
He’s a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.
I quite like bacon sandwiches because they’re colourful. Mashed potato on toast is fine. But colourful and easy to eat is best.
One of the pleasures of staying with friends is that you get to browse their shelves. I always arrive with a book, but I almost never read it. It would be like sitting at their dinner table and opening a packet of sandwiches.
To a large extent, we’re working hard to fulfill the consumer demand for Subway sandwiches.
If I ever have downtime, I’m usually sitting in my place playing video games. Or eating sandwiches somewhere, or watching sports some place.
I’m not afraid of a challenge, so I couldn’t say no when KFC asked me if I wanted to attempt to pull a massive amount of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches instead of a semi-truck like I normally do.
I’m from Manchester, Mass., so it was lobster, lobster and more lobster! Also, lots of fish that we caught in the summers, clam chowder and roast beef sandwiches. But my mom was pretty healthy; we had a lot of chicken and broccoli and rice as well.
Sprague Grayden
All I can think is that the owners of Chick-Fil-A have decided they have had enough, that they’re just going to focus on selling chicken sandwiches to as many people as they can, and they figure that keeping their views about marriage to themselves is better than having a bunch of angry activists on your doorstep.
I don’t eat meat – chicken, fish, none of that. I eat a lot of vegetable sandwiches, like lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, whatever I can put on bread with mayo and eat, y’know.
I like L.A. It’s like a mini break. For a writer, it’s hilarious. Like the food. Where I come from, we eat chip sandwiches: white bread, butter, tomato catsup and big fat french fries. It’s delicious. Here, you order a creme caramel and the waiter says, ‘You know, that contains dairy.’
Helen Fielding
I can’t go out there and just eat turkey sandwiches and hamburgers all day because that’s not going to make my body perform at the level that it can.
It’s not in the tradition: not even the schoolkids have hot lunches in Norway. They bring a couple of sandwiches from home.
I think I’m in the service business. I mean, our sandwiches are pretty good; I don’t know if they’re extraordinary. But our service is.
There’s a couple of foods that if you see me eat them in a contest, you can tell I like them. Grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken wings, ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza. I mean, those, they go down like I was made to eat them.

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