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I went down to my keyboard and was playing random chords, and the one line I kept repeating was, ‘I’m a lost boy from Neverland.’ I decided to post it to Vine, and it got the biggest reaction I’d ever gotten. People wanted to hear more, and I had to explain it wasn’t a song.
Ruth B
I came up with, ‘I am a lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan‘ and recorded that simple line on my phone. I watched it back and thought it was kinda cheesy, and I was actually going to delete it. But I thought ‘Whatever, it’s catchy.’
Ruth B
Before ‘Lost Boy,’ I was singing, doing six-second covers on Vine, working part-time and in school, but music was always my true love.
Ruth B
I think ‘Lost Boy’ is more of a metaphor for oneself. When I listen to that song, I don’t picture someone else. I kind of wrote it from a very honest place.
Ruth B
I think ‘Lost Boy’ is just really relatable. You can be any age from any place in life, and you‘re bound to feel lonely at some point.
Ruth B
I was never chasing to make a career out of it, but every day after school, I’d go to my keyboard and play for four hours and make up songs. It was a constant part of my life.
Ruth B
When I got my first email from a record label, I decided I didn’t want to go in with just one song, so I sat down and kept on writing.
Ruth B
My brother and I do trivia quizzes all the time.
Ruth B
I love J. K. Rowling. If I could meet any person, I would meet her.
Ruth B
I felt like that was my calling. I just didn’t know how I was going to get my voice out of Edmonton, but I definitely knew that music was what I was going to do with my life.
Ruth B
At first it was kind of hard, because I had become used to just my phone screen in front of me. But sharing your songs with an audience is incredible.
Ruth B
I thought it was a prank. There is no way six different major labels trying to reach out to me. But it was actually happening.
Ruth B