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Russia Quotes

We’ve collected the best Russia Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Maria Sharapova, Courtney Act, Katie Pavlich, Bill Plympton, Vladimir Putin. Use them as an inspiration.

Whenever I have friends over, we end up eating and talking and losing track of time, and, once in a while, singing karaoke. It reminds me of the family meals we had in Russia, which always lasted a very long time. That’s a tradition I miss.
Russia is a very different place than what we in the West are familiar with. We cannot apply our own values and judgments to the country. We need to have greater compassion and understanding and recognize that our similarities are greater than our differences.
Were Trump campaign officials the only ones engaging in questionable behavior regarding Russia? Hardly. The Clintons are in the same category.
I’m much better known in France and Germany and Spain than I am in the U.S. When I go to Russia, I get mobbed; I have groups of fans waiting for me out in the hotel lobby, waiting for me to come down off the elevator. In China, I almost got beat up because people were trying to get me to do a drawing for them.
Russia does not and cannot have any political choice but democracy. I want to say, and even stress, that we share those universal democratic principles taken around the whole world.
Vladimir Putin
Resolution 1441 does not give anyone the right to an automatic use of force. Russia believes that the Iraqi problem should be regulated by the Security Council, which carries the main responsibility for ensuring international security.
Igor Ivanov
Ironically, from our perspective, Russia finds Iran a stabilizing force. This is because Iran provides a counterweight to all of the Sunni Muslim powers in the region, being predominantly Shia. And Putin actually sees, and the rest of the Russian leadership, sees Iran very much as a rational actor.
I’m tired of Italian gangsters. Not that I don’t watch ‘The Godfather‘ every morning when I get up and ‘Goodfellas’ when I go to sleep at night. But I’ve just always been fascinated by Russia as a country, by the Russian personality. And now Russia is literally a gangster nation.
Ours is a country built more on people than on territory. The Jews will come from everywhere: from France, from Russia, from America, from Yemen… Their faith is their passport.
David Ben-Gurion
I believe the world economy will crash when Russia or China moves to a gold-backed currency. They know that when this thing blows, the old law returns: he with most gold makes the rules.
Russia doesn’t want to have a return to the situation where it was the United States and say Israel, making determinations about whether there might be a strike against Iran if the negotiations over the nuclear weapons program weren’t going in a direction that they wanted to.
I had to deal with casual sexism while working as a pundit for ITV during the World Cup in Russia.
The sanctions which the West introduced against Russia seriously affect us.
We have a broad range of investments. Anyone who invests in emerging markets around the world has investments in Russia. This is a tiny portion of our portfolio.
When you have armed militants, aided and abetted by a major country like Russia, able to use surface-to-air missiles to bring down a commercial airline, that is a form of terrorism.
The success of the Allies in the west was in a measure offset by Teutonic victories in the east. When the invasion of Belgium began, Russia made immediate efforts to counteract by invasion of East Prussia.
Kelly Miller
The Anglo-Americans want the balance of power in Eurasia. The only balance of power they can achieve now is the whole of Europe against Russia. The only choice for us is either to join this Western European bloc or join in with Russia.
I do believe that both countries, China and Russia, that both of them are responsible countries.
It’s an international space station. We have crew members from both the U.S. and Russia and now the United Kingdom with Tim Peake from the U.K… It’s great to see that, on this space station, that we can work across cultures in a very cooperative way.
With Fancy Bear, we have medium-level confidence it’s GRU, which is Russia’s military intelligence agency, and with Cozy Bear, we have low-level confidence it’s FSB, the Russian federal security service.
As I was growing up, you know, I’m a white Jewish American born to Holocaust parents. My father fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and my mother’s family had fled the czars of Russia before that.
If China’s expansion into Africa and Russia’s into Latin America and the former Soviet Union are any indication, Silicon Valley‘s ability to expand globally will be severely limited, if only because Beijing and Moscow have no qualms about blending politics and business.
My family reached the United States before the Holocaust. Both of my parents emigrated from Russia as young children. My grandparents were fleeing religious persecution and came to America seeking a better life for their family.
The fact that Russia has shown a willingness to disrupt elections and undermine institutions should come as no surprise. Just ask our allies across Europe, particularly in places like Georgia and Ukraine.
Putin has put Russia on a path to be a world power with global influence.
We, Russia, are prepared to work with others. I am convinced that stability and security in Europe cannot be considered without taking Russia into account.
Moreover, the accomplishment of Russia’s aims has been greatly simplified by the fact that we have heretofore offered the world no practical antidote for the Russian poison.
James Forrestal
Russia has gone through eight years of continuing economic pain.
Long term I do believe internationally there is a huge misunderstanding of Russia.
Oleg Deripaska
Germany has traditionally played a very constructive role regarding E.U. ties with Russia and the West as a whole with Russia.
In the face of a rising China, along with authoritarian regimes from Brazil to the Philippines to Turkey to Russia, and the constant presence of belligerent non-state actors, we need to reform our military to deal with asymmetrical threats.
Russia is an important power upon which the U.S.A. imposed a Cold War.
The root cause of xenophobia in Russia is not religious differences between Muslims and Christians. Nor is it crime. The root cause is the terrible education that children acquire on the street, at school, and at home.
I didn’t choose Russia but Russia chose me. I had been fascinated from an early age by the culture, the language, the literature and the history to the place.
Many Russia experts note the deep and sad capacity of the Russian people for suffering.
Well first of all, tell me, is there some society you know of that doesn’t run on greed? You think Russia doesn’t run on greed? You think China doesn’t run on greed? What is greed?
It is unclear how much money Trump has, but it is not enough to matter in Russia. If he keeps up his pose as the tough billionaire, he will be flattered by the Russian media, scorned by those who matter in Russia, and then easily crushed by men far richer and smarter than he.
Two decades after communism and the alleged end of the Cold War, Russia is still a cash economy. The preferred currency is dollars, though euros are also acceptable.
Political activities in Russia should be as transparent as possible. Financing political activities from abroad is something the state should keep an eye on.
Vladimir Putin
The United States and Russia probably do not have common aims and dreams, but they have common worries: Both Washington and Moscow are concerned about the rise of China and are threatened by the rise of radical Islam.
If there’s any country in the world that doesn’t deserve sanctions relief, it’s Russia.
Russia may very well be front and center again in 2020 as they were in 2016 regarding interference in America’s presidential election. But the Trump administration is seeking to use its power of diplomacy to bring other countries into the act as well.
Politicians differ in their views whether Russia or Islamic State is a bigger menace, and I personally think that Islamic State is the bigger threat.
Milos Zeman
Donald Trump’s interest in Russia dates back to Soviet times. In fact, there’s extraordinary footage of him shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev. It comes from 1988, the peak of perestroika and Gorbachev’s efforts to charm the American public.
I trust Russia and China and Iran and North Korea like I trust a Jussie Smollett police report.
Russia, at the start of the 21st century, at least in its larger cities, very much resembled the United States of the early 1990s: being gay was no longer criminal or shameful, but it was still not a topic for polite conversation or public discussion.
I believe it is important for both Russia and Europe that Belarus is a sovereign, independent state where Europeans can feel at home.
Russia is not a homogenous country; it’s a very fragmented country.
Alexei Mordashov
With men it’s always like this in Russia – they always want to be the head of everything.
I love ‘The Master And Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov, which is about repression in Soviet Russia in the 1930s.
There was no child oncology in Uzbekistan and in Russia you don’t have a chance because there are already so many on the waiting lists.
Oxana Chusovitina
Start small; get to know the landscape. We take risks but not major risks. We always started with small capital – €4m in Holland, $10m in Russia – and as we get to know the landscape of a country, we think about other businesses.
Husnu Ozyegin
We continue to advocate and demand that the territorial integrity of both Ukraine and Georgia be preserved… It is absolutely unacceptable that in the 21st century, Russia is shifting borders in Europe by force.
Russia has every reason to dispose of its nuclear arsenal… to suit its interests and international legal obligations.
To the degree that we can demonstrate support for the Ukrainian government, we can change Putin’s calculus and increase the risk to him and to Russia for moving combat forces closer to Kiev.
Russia knows of the vulnerability of her frontiers in this part of the world.
Aly Khan
Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That’s the Russian interest in this process.
Because there are little to no consequences for conducting cyberattacks, criminals and nation-states are becoming bolder in their threats and behavior. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are increasingly hacking into U.S. companies and government networks for espionage purposes or financial gain.
Russia’s assertiveness in global affairs is something I look upon with great concern, which we need to address with eyes wide open and a healthy degree of skepticism.
Dan Coats
Many observers believe that the greatest damage Russia has done to U.S. interests in recent years stems from the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. Although there is no question that Moscow’s meddling in American elections is deeply worrying, it is just one aspect of the threat Russia poses.
My wife is from Russia. I like the country, the mentality of the people.
Much as Cold War nuclear strategists could argue about winning a nuclear war by having more survivors, advocates of a Global Warming War might see the United States, Western Europe, or Russia as better able to ride out climate disruption and manipulation than, say, China or the countries of the Middle East.
Big government, global environmentalism cannot work unless everyone pitches in. With China, Russia, India and a number of other countries constantly cheating the rules of international climate agreements, it makes staying in them an expensive – yet fruitless – cause.
The E.U.’s Eastern Partnership programme is designed to bind the so-called focus states tightly to itself, shutting down the possibility of co-operation with Russia.
‘Make America great again,’ is not that different from Putin’s nostalgia for the Soviet Union or tsarist Russia.
Russia isn’t likely to have any more military success in Syria and Iraq than has the United States.
Russia is doing all it can to promote early stabilisation in Ukraine.
Trump has long been a fan of Vladimir Putin but seems to be unaware that Russia’s goal in Syria is simply the maintenance of its longtime ally President Bashar al-Assad in power. Indeed, Moscow has hitherto shown little appetite to focus on ISIS.
The Iron Curtain may be a thing of the past, but Mother Russia is as mysterious as ever.
If we speak calmly, in a businesslike fashion, let me draw your attention to the fact that Russia supplies arms to the legitimate government of Syria in full compliance with the norms of international law. We are not breaching any rules and norms.
Vladimir Putin
The Democrats have no evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 president election.
Germany, because of the fact and the perception of a special relationship with Russia, is the only one who can influence Russian debate. Russians also believe that Germans understand them best because they’ve been through a big war and know what humiliation means.
Donald Trump recognizes that a good leader is going to protect America’s interests by making sure that we have a relationship with Russia: that our interests are protected, not theirs.
In my view, the key aim of economic policy in many countries, and particularly in Russia, should be the sort of policy that stimulates productivity growth because only on the basis of growth of labour productivity can we enjoy healthy growth.
Elvira Nabiullina
A lot of leading countries in the world, including the United States and Russia, have to take their responsibilities much more seriously to ensure we are back on the road to peace and stability.
Peter Hain
The starting point for understanding the deterioration in the relationship between the U.S. and Russia lies in Washington rather than Moscow. After 1989, Russia was a defeated power. Despite the fine words and some limited gestures, the Americans have treated it like one. Their policy has been one of encirclement.
I love Russian culture. I don’t know the young Russia, I’m not at all familiar with young Russia, but the old school Russia is good enough for me for the moment.
You have to invest the money in a certain thing, because, you know, at 40, I want to enjoy my life. So I do a lot of investments. Apartments back in Russia and New York. It’s a good thing to do.
I grew up in Russia. I grew up in Latvia, to be exact.
Russia is opposed to the proliferation of mass destruction weapons, including nuclear weapons, and in this context we call upon our Iranian friends to abandon the uranium enrichment programme.
Vladimir Putin
I was with a Russian family, and I couldn’t believe that the grandparents in Russia, first of all I was shocked and delighted to find that the Russian family that I’d been told was so different from the American family, was exactly the same.
You must go deeper into Russia – 150 kilometres from Moscow or more, and look there. The kids are fed with cattle feed – people don’t get paid for half a year.
Aleksandr Lebed
The Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia signed in October 2000 became a truly historic step. The developments in the first decade of the 21 century confirmed that it was a particularly significant and timely step.
Vladimir Putin
Russia made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism. That’s clear to every honest observer. So, therefore, in a certain manner, it is indeed part of the country’s national psyche.
If you can’t make 40% on your money in Russia, you’re a fool.
Simon Reuben
There was something about the idea of Russia that I found very intriguing, and I think I had romanticized it a lot.
There are no figures in the Trump campaign who colluded with Russia – but there were at least five in the Obama administration who helped push the bogus narratives of collusion and obstruction, and they have plenty of questions to answer.
Russia has conducted a coordinated cyberattack on state election systems and hacked critical infrastructure. They have used social media to sow chaos and discord in our society. They have beaten and harassed U.S. diplomats and violated anti-proliferation treaties.
When we were a quiet, little-noticed channel telling stories from Russia, our audience was negligible. When we started being really provocative… our audience started to grow.
It’s easier for me to go to Russia and train with top coaches and choreographers there than go to Colorado Springs and train with 14 of my competitors.
The House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee are investigating everything having to do with Russia, and I expect we will find there is nothing there when it comes to the Trump campaign.
As colonial puppeteer and successful restorer of Russia as imperial superpower, Mr. Putin is Stalin‘s consummate heir.
We welcome, we welcome this good cooperation between Russia and NATO.
If it hadn’t been for the Cold War, neither Russia nor America would have been sending people into space.
People in Russia learned English off the Beatles. People in Japan learned English off the Stone Roses. Noel Gallagher says music can’t change the world, but the Roses made him want to start a group, so it changed his world.
I don’t have a lot of hope for Russia when Putin goes, because I think that the kind of damage that has been done to that country hasn’t been understood. We’ve never seen a country that has been this battered.
I don’t know about others, but I want to work in India, America, Iran, Europe, and Russia – everywhere. I am a sucker for good script; I’ll go wherever it’ll take me.
A Russia that gradually begins to gravitate toward the West will also be a Russia that ceases to disrupt the international system.
Russia does not have in its possession any trustworthy data that supports the existence of nuclear weapons or any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and we have not received any such information from our partners as yet.
Vladimir Putin
I am a very strong supporter of our government’s view that it is important to engage with all countries around the world – very much including Russia.
Like almost everything else from the West, the Romantic Revolution arrived late in Russia.
I would be delighted if the United States could have a positive relationship with Russia, and I would be thrilled if the Russian people, who are so capable, had a normal country that they could chart a different future.
Russia has had very aggressive military exercises. They’ve practiced mock nuclear attacks on Warsaw. Russian bombers practiced attacking strategic military targets in Sweden. The military aggression gets everybody nervous.
You had two men who knew the exact same thing, which is Russia did meddle in the elections. I think President Trump wanted to make sure that President Putin was aware that he was acknowledging it, that he knew it. I think President Putin did what we all expected him to do, which was deny it.
Forty percent of my portfolio is in the U.S. In the rest of the world, most of the places I invest in or invested in are Brazil, Russia, Germany with a little bit of Turkey, China, India, France and Israel sprinkled in there.
Fabrice Grinda
I’ve worked behind counters serving food, and I’ve lived on the circus train, and I’ve led bicycle tours in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and Russia. I’ve been a key liner for a newspaper, I’ve done typesetting. Oh, all sorts of things.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Russia is so feudal in its system of patronage and reward that it is virtually impossible for a leader to hand over power without controlling his successor or at least receiving an exemption from prosecution – something Mr. Putin granted his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, in 1999.
Voting is crucial, and I don’t give a damn how you look at it: there are efforts to stop people from voting. That’s not right. This is not Russia. This is the United States of America.
When I bought a collection of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, I returned home with a bright enthusiasm to begin the long march into the Russian soul. Though I’ve failed to read either man to completion, they both helped me to imagine that my fictional South Carolina was as vast a literary acreage as their Russia.
I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood.
There are hundreds of thousands of Scots who acknowledge English, Irish or Welsh parts of their very being. Lives and destinies are similarly intertwined in Catalonia and Spain, in Ukraine and Russia.
I absolutely disagree that it was an illegal annexation: a referendum was held, and residents of Crimea chose to rejoin Russia.
I told him that my own opinion was that the time now and the method now to deal with Russia was to keep our mouths shut and let our actions speak for words.
Were it my choice, I would not vote for Russia to hold the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics. But it’s not my choice.
Russia has to have a technology company of global meaning sooner or later. We should take the depth of technical culture we have here and make it available worldwide.
Arkady Volozh
Much that we read of Russia is imagination and desire only.
Russia needs a strong state power and must have it. But I am not calling for totalitarianism.
Vladimir Putin
Well, The Day the Earth Caught Fire was a story… I don’t if anybody knows what it is but it was about… in the early days of testing nuclear bombs, that Russia and America happened to test a nuclear bomb at the same moment at different ends of the earth.
Val Guest
There is an obvious truth here that must be spoken. The truth is that Assad, Russia, and Iran have no interest in peace.
When the world normalizes, everything is going to be fine with RT. When the U.S. and Russia get along again – and I don’t see any deep reasons why we shouldn’t get along… we are going to work normally like a normal news organization.
In effect, I was asking that if Russia mobilized against Austria, the German Government, who had been supporting the Austrian demand on Serbia, should ask Austria to consider some modification of her demands, under the threat of Russian mobilization.
Edward Grey
Attempts to put pressure on Russia and to compel it to abandon its values, truth and justice have no prospects whatsoever.
Our military might is the guarantor of Russia’s security and independence.
Vladimir Putin
Russia and China are very natural partners. We are neighbors with an immense common border.
Vladimir Putin
The fact that Turkey, the U.S., and Russia and other countries are really interested in Cyprus because of its strategic location… the fact that Russians launder their money there to avoid sanctions, and the fact that key U.S. and Russia players were there – all make it really important for the Russia investigation.
Chechnya was part of that whole wave of entities of the Soviet Union that had a very separate sense of identity, of political and social history, that set them apart from the rest of Russia.
What drew me to Kazakhstan was a curiosity to learn about life in this ‘middle earth’ of steppe between the endless forests of Russia in the north and the world’s greatest mountain chains to the south.
It’s always been the same, growing up in Manhattan… the idea of living within a giant archer’s target… for use by the bad Russia bowman with the atomic arrows.
Jim Carroll
Russia does not want confrontation of any kind. And we will not take part in any kind of ‘holy alliance.’
Vladimir Putin
I wanted to show something that Americans don’t usually think about when they think about Russia, which is the extreme stratification of Soviet society.
St. Petersburg is a gem of world culture and Russia’s most European city.
Valentina Matviyenko
In the mid-1990s, when Russia was undergoing a construction boom, I entered the real estate development market.
Yelena Baturina
The revolution in Russia was victorious with the help of the poor peasants. This should always be borne in mind here in Western Europe and all the world over. But the workers in Western Europe stand alone: this should never be forgotten in Russia.
Herman Gorter
I went to Vassar College for undergraduate and studied literature and queer theory, and all of the above. And then I took a Fulbright scholarship in Russia.
The government in Russia does not tell me what to do with my assets.
Mikhail Prokhorov
Let’s start fresh with Russia on some real help and some real reform.
Russia will occupy most of the good food lands of central Europe while we have the industrial portions. We must find some way of persuading Russia to play ball.
Russian membership in the World Trade Organization has the potential to strengthen the rule of law, combat corruption, and give Russia a stake in better relations with the outside world.
I have never stated Russia is an energy superpower, but we have more reserves than almost anybody else. We have always behaved, and we will continue to behave, in a responsible way. We intend to participate in the elaboration of common rules in the energy sector and to abide by rules which are developed together.
Vladimir Putin
Mother Nature give me a hell of a body. My parents or whatever. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Mother of nature… From Russia with love.
Nobody should have any illusion about the possibility of gaining military superiority over Russia. We will never allow this to happen.
Vladimir Putin
Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, has managed to retain high approval ratings despite his slumping economy by seizing Crimea from Ukraine and participating in the Syrian war that is destabilizing the Mideast and, increasingly, Europe and the West.
Unfortunately, terror is now linked to immigration, and anyone with dark skin or a beard or a Muslim name is suspect. Russia, France, then the United Kingdom, and now even Germany have no qualms about going far beyond their borders to strike at the enemies of their countries.
Anybody who says it is in America’s interest to not have better relations with Russia doesn’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to geopolitics.
Sebastian Gorka
Money is important, but the most important thing for me is to play football, and then I’m happy. OK, you want to earn a good amount of money to be secure, but if I chose money, I would go to Russia and already have a lot more. I like to play football, and that is it.
Margaret Thatcher had more impact on the world than any woman ruler since Catherine the Great of Russia. Not only did she turn around – decisively – the British economy in the 1980s, she also saw her methods copied in more than 50 countries.
We see considerable strain in Russia, and that’s obviously a matter of concern to us. It’s in the very strong self-interest of Russia to continue on the reform path.
We host some trips all over the world. We go to Alaska. We go to Mexico. We’re going to Venezuela in December. We’ve been to Russia, all in conjunction with the radio show.
Martin Milner
Many agree that the worst thing that could ever happen is if Russia and China get closer.
Donald Trump
This is a very important relationship we have with Russia, the relationship over the nuclear arsenal that they have obviously is important. They’re a very powerful country.
My parents had a normal life in Russia and they could have easily kept living a normal life, working and raising a child in Russia.
In Russia, we eat a lot of heavy food like potatoes and lots of meat. I can’t eat one apple or a salad a day. You wouldn’t want to come talk to me if I don’t eat. I have to eat, or I am in a really bad mood.
To some, incredibly, Russia has become a human rights leader. Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower, has succeeded in his asylum application in Russia, and White House spokesman Jay Carney appears flummoxed and wrong-footed as the mantle of free speech and liberty appears to pass from West to East.
It is high time Western establishments stopped blaming Russia for all their problems.
You know among people who kind of travel a lot and have exposure to the United States and some other countries, they do have accounts, but you know, Russia is not exactly the place with multiple language skills so local networks kind of have an edge.
Russia continues to side with… rogue states and terrorist organizations, following Vladimir Putin’s pattern of gratuitous and unpunished affronts to U.S. interests.
Russia’s first major intervention began in 1768, when Catherine the Great went to war with the Ottomans, and Count Alexei Orlov, the brother of her lover Grigory, sailed the Baltic fleet through the Strait of Gibraltar to rally rebellions in the Mediterranean.
I think it’s fine when the mayor of the biggest city in Russia consults the president.
Vladimir Putin
There is a good supply of Russia experts out there – people who have lived there with lots of good experience – but the demand has just not been there from government.
Russia has done more than any other country to support the independent Ukrainian state, including for many years subsidising its economy through low energy prices.
The more Mr. Putin extends the fighting in eastern Ukraine, the more the financial markets will ratchet up their own pressure on Russia.
There remains, however, the hope, at least in Russia, that, as sometimes happens in history, the memory of lost alternatives will one day inspire efforts to regain them.
Stephen Cohen
Between Russia and the United States sentiments of good will continue to be mutually cherished.
Russian strategy seems to center on maintaining Putin’s popularity at home; building a strong military capacity in special forces, nuclear weapons, and advanced submarines; pressuring nearby nations to join various defense and customs pacts dominated by Russia; and pushing back on the U.S. wherever convenient.
Well, I think both Russia and China have a very strong aversion to interference in internal affairs.
Every person has to keep in mind that they can grow up and reach the top, no matter where they are born, whether it’s in Russia, in Ukraine, in Europe; they’ve still got the opportunity to show their talent and the culture of their people.
I’m a Slovak. And when I was growing up, I believed that I was Czechoslovakian because of what Russia did. They came in and took two separate countries – Slovakia and the Czech Republic – put them together as one.
The poor peasant here hives under conditions quite different from those of Russia. Though often terrible, they are not as appalling as they were there.
Herman Gorter
In 1914, there were two countries in the world that required you to have a passport if you wanted to enter – Czarist Russia and the Ottomans. Anywhere else, you could come and go as you pleased.
Maybe some Ukrainians would like to have Sweden or Canada for a neighbor, but we have Russia.
I have a background in theater. At the time I read ‘The Loved Ones‘ script, I was playing Catherine the Great of Russia onstage. Straight after that, I played Stella in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and Isabella in ‘Measure for Measure.’
Robin McLeavy
Diplomacy is really far less important than the stock movements within Russia.
I am one of the most famous people in Russia, which is maybe not modest, but it’s true.
‘Rocket to Russia’ is, I think, my favorite Ramones record. We reached our peak at that point.
Russia and Iran back Assad, but are they fighting Daesh? The answer is ‘no.’
Believe me, most of the people in Russia are seeing the West as a threat.
We, being the Western world, wouldn’t let Russia off the hook on debt. So there were demands on debt servicing in the early days until they ran out of reserves. There was no real aid program, just a fictional aid program.
In Russia, you really learn about a person.
Allied supplies of arms to Russia, and the manpower reserves of Russia have been sufficient to bring continuous counter-attacks against our Eastern Front.
If Trump, for whatever reason, continues to coddle Russia, then Congress, the media, foundations, and academics should publicly detail the corruption that characterizes Putin’s rule.
Men who are scandalized at the lack of freedom in Russia do not ask themselves how real is liberty among the poor, the weak, and the ignorant in capitalist society.
My dad is from India, my mom is from Russia. Fortunately, we moved a lot. I went to a lot of different schools and completely different cultures, so that’s my background.
Annet Mahendru
I’ve had a lot of luck. If I didn’t I’d be washing bottles in Russia.
If U.S. mistakes in the Middle East helped Putin raise Russia’s global profile, China’s missteps and hubris in East and Southeast Asia, once called Indo-China, have opened up new spaces for India’s profile to be raised.
Russia isn’t going to start a war. They can’t afford it. I think Mr. Putin can be dealt with if we stop screaming at him. You can work with the guy. You just have to know who he is.
We in no way are naive to think that just because Russia and the United States agree to reduce their arsenals, that everyone else will fall in line.
Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has embarked on a systematic challenge to the West. The goal is to weaken the bonds between Europe and the United States and among E.U. members, undermine NATO’s solidarity, and strengthen Russia’s strategic position in its immediate neighborhood and beyond.
Russia! Russia… Everything in you is open, desolate and level; your squat towns barely protrude in the midst of the plains like dots, like counters; there is nothing to tempt or enchant the onlooker’s gaze. But what is this inscrutable, mysterious force that draws me to you?
Japan has good reasons for wanting to transform its relationship with Russia. Tokyo has openly expressed serious fears of a military confrontation with Beijing over China’s claims to the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.
I think there is a good deal of promise in those discussions as well. I think there is a range of matters that might be discussed between NATO and Russia that can provide a mechanism for talking through these issues, a way to give reassurance on these issues.
Revolutions in Russia are even worse than bad czars.
There’ve been a lot of TV programs on me in Russia.
Bryan Fogel
A lot of people criticised me when I opted to leave Italy for Russia. However, I’m convinced that I made the right decision to leave Inter.
The United States supports a strong, united Ukraine with productive and peaceful relationships with both the East and the West, with both Russia and Europe.
I’m not a bad boy now I’m living in Russia. London was great but there were too many distractions.
The problem with Russia is not that it has laws restricting promotion of the gay lifestyle. The problem with Russia is that it has no laws that effectively constrain the strong or protect the weak.
Well, I mean, Russia was responsible for shooting down MH17. Russia was responsible for invading Ukraine. Russia is responsible for taking away the chemical weapons in Syria that they didn’t take away. Russia was responsible for having honest athletes in the Olympics when they did the whole doping program.
You read ‘Stalingrad’ by Antony Beevor because you’re interested in the Second World War or Russia or whatever.
Moreover, in Russia there was an enormous amount of landed property to be divided, large estates, crown lands, government land, and the estates held by the monasteries.
Herman Gorter
Knowing what I knew about Russia, as much as I loved the music and was fascinated by the songs and the whole idea of it, I knew it would be a very lengthy and frustrating process.
Marc Almond
Economic activity is moving from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean… Russia has a certain natural advantage because it also borders the Pacific Ocean.
Vladimir Putin
Ironically, I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. I grew up watching ‘Disco Dancer;’ I watched it some 20 times as a kid.
If people in Russia do not take the path of traditional, pure Sufi Islam, Russia will lose out. All the other denominations, like Wahhabism, are new inventions for our country – we have never had it, and we will never accept it.
The Japanese campaign involves therefore two great uncertainties; first, whether Russia will come in though we think that will be all right; and second, when and how S-1 will resolve itself.
I work everywhere. If there is a nice adventure in South Korea, for example, why not? Russia, Brazil, whatever. I’m ready for almost anything.
During two decades, on and off, reporting in Russia and the post-Soviet states – in the turbulent ’90s, the wealthy but depressing aughts and, finally, during the eruption of violence in Ukraine – I occasionally heard people talk about how ‘the Americans’ wanted this or that political outcome.
Nobody and nothing will stop Russia on the road to strengthening democracy and ensuring human rights and freedoms.
Vladimir Putin
Why is it that Michael Flynn, who evidently has a great relationship with Putin, who has received payments for so-called speeches and who’s spent a lot of time in Russia and was accused of talking about sanctions, he lied about it, and he got caught?
We could try and establish a world in which the great and the powerful adhere to that international law which they require ordinary mortals to adhere to. In other words, there is one international law, and even America and even Russia and China and Japan must adhere to it, and Australia must adhere to it.
If Russia wants to use energy as a weapon against our friends and allies, let’s use our resources to set them free.
There is a view of Russian exceptionalism, that they are a unique civilisation, a view right since Ivan the Terrible that Russia is a special civilisation with a special culture. Putin is pushing that now.
The wild open-market theory that died in 1929 had a run of just over thirty years. Communism, a complete melding of religious, economic, and global theories, stretched to seventy years in Russia and forty-five years in central Europe, thanks precisely to the intensive use of military and police force.
Russia and China, when they were communist-like adversaries, they didn’t participate. They’re participating now in the world with us. They’re trading monetary instruments. We’re buying and selling goods back and forth, trading oil and so forth.
In my view, Russia has not been a particularly collaborative player on the world stage.
If Russia did interfere in our election – and, by most accounts, they did – then it is imperative for the health of our democracy to have a thorough and unbiased investigation into the matter.
We live in an era where the global capital markets are the super power in the world, and when they move against you as they’ve moved against Russia, as we’ve all seen in the ruble, there’s nothing that can stop that.
In a strange way, I expected Russia to become more like America since the Soviet Union collapsed, but the reverse is true. America has become more like Russia: a kleptocratic society.
At the beginning of June 1944, the war was reaching a climax. German troops had been brutalised by the savagery of the ongoing fighting in Russia, where the Red Army was secretly preparing its vast encirclement of the Germans’ Army Group Centre.
I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all.
Edward Grey
We put a lot of money into Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall, trying to support it economically, trying to support democratic institutions.
I’ve decided to make my main priority for the next two years not playing the violin, but training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
Vanessa Mae
I call on Russia and the United States of America, the cosponsors of the peace conference, to help the peace process take bigger steps by contributing to the process and helping to overcome all obstacles.
I love Russia. Some people love Africa, some people love Mexico, some people love purple, the color purple. I love Russia, and I’m not scared to say it.
For us in Russia communism is a dead dog. For many people in the West, it is still a living lion.
The United States must look beyond Mr. Putin. His regime may appear imposing, but it is rotting inside. His Russia is not a great power on par with America. It is a gas station run by a corrupt, autocratic regime.
My mother is Russian and father Nepalese, so we always had a chess board at home. Chess is part of the culture in both Russia and Nepal.
Anish Giri
There is a Western world. There is America. There is Great Britain and Germany and France and Russia and China and other nations. I doubt that there is one country amongst those I mentioned which has a desire to see Iran, with its fundamentalist, Islamic, extremist government, possessing nuclear weapons.
Outside of the Moscow elite and a very small urban elite, Russia is one great big blue-collar country.
After my arrival in Russia, I saw that there is a large community of boxers. I also felt appreciated in Russia. Maybe even a lot more than I was valued and appreciated in my own country.
It’s never easy at the Olympic level. Russia, Romania and China always are contenders.
Jaycie Phelps
I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children.
Vladimir Putin
If you go to Norway, Finland, Russia or Australia, you’ll see Xerox or Fuji-Xerox people, not just the name on the door. We have human beings who live and work and serve customers everywhere around the globe.
The threat to Russia isn’t liberal Europe or America. It is nonliberal Islam and nonliberal China. Russia has to change. It can’t be otherwise. It will take time. You have to be patient.
I don’t think Russia will follow the United States’s way. I don’t think Russia will follow the French way. I’m sure Russia will find its own way.
No one can deny that Russia fired some big rockets and placed satellites into orbit. But there’s been a deluge of poppycock about ‘miraculousscientific advances that enabled them to do it. Much of this analysis reflects ignorance about rocketry.
Willy Ley
Russia’s actions in Syria are not the only reasons to distrust Mr. Putin. Moscow has opposed attempts by the U.N. in November 2011 to increase sanctions against Iran for its illicit nuclear program.
When I was young, I always wanted to go to Russia.
Russia was the last to leave the 19th century and the most rapid to enter the mandates of the 20th century. It was not an evolution. It was not a slow process.
I was sent to Russia in 1994 by the Clinton administration to meddle in Russian elections and stayed seven years doing it.
My mother would take groups of students to different countries and always brought us along, so by the time I was 10, I had been to Russia, China, Nicaragua and several other countries.
Individual nations have offered their own contributions to income inequality – financial deregulation and upper-bracket tax cuts in the United States; insider privatization in Russia; rent-seeking in regulated industries in India and Mexico.
The problem with Russia is not corruption per se, or even Putin per se. Russian government is not corrupt because Vladimir Putin has absolute power. Russian government has been corrupt and will always be as long as anyone has absolute power.
Russia should support globalization. The Internet can develop in Russia in a very speedy way.
The economic sanctions against Russia are madness, directed against a neighboring and friendly market.
In one thousand years of Russia’s existence, its first popular national election ever to be held occurred in June 1991. Six days later, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed in Moscow!
The U.S. along with China, Japan, South Korea and Russia has an important role to play in containing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and exerting all the influence we can possibly exert.
A figure who receives money from abroad for his political work, and thus serves some foreign interest, cannot be a politician in Russia.
Vladimir Putin
U.S. adversaries exploit power gaps. It’s easier for Russia to invade Ukraine with irregular forces out of uniform, the so-called ‘little green men,’ than to send a conventional army that would challenge NATO.
Russia – having sat across the table from Vladimir Putin, it’s pretty clear when you meet him that he has an almost limitless ambition for power. And he’s been very good at acquiring it – political power, economic power, military power, territorial power.
People in Russia have a right to their choice if they want to live in an empire, but they need to accept that people in Ukraine have their right to be free.
Everything in America is so uniform. In Russia, everywhere you go is completely insane.
Scholars of totalitarianism talk about the importance of this constant movement, this forever war, this need to do battle on behalf of something that needs protection. In Russia, this something has been postulated as faith and traditional values.
The first half of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, even in redacted form, leaves no room for debate: This president and his campaign eagerly exploited help from Russian agents, despite being aware that Russia was sabotaging our election.
I think very poorly of United Russia. United Russia is the party of corruption, the party of crooks and thieves.
Alexei Navalny
Donald Trump himself has financial ties to oligarchs in Russia who are close to Putin.
Russia would prefer to rebuild trust rather than allow it to further corrode. That’s why, in July 2007, President Putin, in the spirit of strategic openness, proposed a truly collective effort at missile defense for Europe.
The Marxist analysis has got nothing to do with what happened in Stalin’s Russia: it’s like blaming Jesus Christ for the Inquisition in Spain.
There are two classes of women in Soviet Russia. There is the professional class, which has taken the place of the nobility and includes government officials, artists, doctors, composers and writers as well as former members of the old nobility whose sympathy is with the Soviets, and also the peasant class.
An international presence in Serbia’s Kosovo province is not a problem. But only a civilian and unarmed mission under U.N. auspices, with Russia’s participation, would be acceptable.
Ivica Dacic
Wow, bad news. Mr. Obama now hates Israel because the Israelis want to build 1,600 apartments in their own capital city, Jerusalem. Russia hates Israel, too. So do the Europeans. So does Ban Ki-moon, a Korean who is secretary-general of the UN.
I don’t much enjoy travelling, but I have always longed to take a slow train to Russia. I’d like to go alone – like writers do – with only a pencil and piece of paper as company. I’d take my sketchbook and note down all the wonderful details of other travellers.
Because I really believe that Russia needs a fresh face, a new generation, to be seen on the political stage.
If Russia shuts off central Asia and the Caspian Sea from Europe, the European allies of the United States will be totally dependent on Russian gas and energy.
Mikheil Saakashvili
We live in a dangerous world, and Russia has not complied with existing treaties.
When the Obama administration announced its ‘reset’ of relations with Russia in 2009, Americans never expected that it would include making Vladimir Putin the de facto U.S. ambassador to Syria in 2013.
We’re going to have to forgive a great deal of the Soviet era debt. There’s no question about that. Let’s face up to that. We’re going to have to put in money if Russia is really going to consolidate a democracy.
The G7 – and earlier, the G8 – were a group of countries that shared the same values with regard to freedom and democracy, and through the annexation of Crimea, Russia made it clear at a certain point that these values of keeping the peace, integrity of the borders of a country were not being respected.
Although we had been led to believe our mission was suicidal, Russia’s intrigue was irresistible. Almost twice the size of Australia, it spans 11 time zones from the Baltic to the Pacific.
My dad was born in Chicago in 1908… his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago, where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children – in the backroom all together – and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business.
When the digital world is really here, movies can be disseminated from satellite direct to homes and direct to small theaters in Mongolia and northern Russia and obscure places that the market for movies is going to grow and grow and grow.
Unfortunately, I think we could see that fairly early in 2015: The cloud of economic weakness in Russia is spreading over Europe. It has the potential of spreading into contagion into other emerging markets, particularly those with large energy companies, such as Petrobras in Brazil.
The mission is to demonstrate that Russia is not Putin, that we’re ready for cooperation, and that there are a lot of people in Russia who want the U.S.-Russia relations to be improved and that we don’t view the United States as our enemy.
At the time of the Revolution, dogs howled day and night all over Russia.
Andrei Platonov
I have so many incredible fans in Russia, I really badly want to go there.
Space is not an enterprise that belongs to the U.S. or to Russia or to China – it is a human endeavor and experience. And that’s as it should be.
Scott Carpenter
I had furthermore spoken on the assumption that Russia would mobilize, whereas the assumption of the German Government had hitherto been, officially, that Serbia would receive no support; and what I had said must influence the German Government to take the matter seriously.
Edward Grey
Now I want to use money in a good way. I make foundations back home in Russia, I have sponsored vaccinations for more than one million children in my homeland and I have founded scholarships in the names of my great Russian compatriots – Oistrakh, Richter, Gilels, Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Schnittke.
There’s more evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election than there ever was of Russia collusion, so America is owed a legal examination of the election irregularities alleged by the Trump campaign.
Immigrants are not the real problem. The real problem is much more serious: intolerance and hatred of indigenous ethnic groups. You can prohibit immigration, but what can you do about non-Russian ethnic groups living in their native territories in Russia?
Russia is an amazing country to be an entrepreneur.
ISIS despises the Russian government for its support of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and so it’s no surprise that ISIS began targeting Russia in 2015, around the same time that Russia first intervened in the Syrian civil war.
Russia has never been very good at explaining itself to foreigners.
Building a stable, peaceful, and coherent Europe must include Russia.
The neoconservative doctrine declares that it is the principal goal of U.S. foreign policy to prevent the rise of any country that would have sufficient power to serve as a check on American unilateralism. This neoconservative doctrine puts Russia and China in Washington’s crosshairs.
It will be undertaken, of course, in the June or July summit, and then to bring NATO closer to Russia or vice versa is a way to move toward integration – toward the integration of Europe.
It’s a bit of a history lesson, being an actor. I was in ‘Burnt By The Sun’ at the National, which was set in Stalinist Russia, so I discovered all about that. You learn so much as you go along.
The greatest problem all around the world today, whether in America, Japan, China Russia, India or anywhere else in the world, is that people are not in peace. People want peace.
Prem Rawat
Well, first of all, I think that Russia has to have free democratic elections, that means everyone who wants to take part in it should be admitted.
We removed ‘Russia Today’ from the logo after many colleagues, also from foreign media, told us that it was diminishing our potential audience.
The people are really afraid of what’s going on in Russia; they are suffering with fear, sitting at home, doors locked, because they are afraid of their government.
On climate change, Russia’s interests are aligned with the West rather than the South.
Russia was dependent on China growing and driving the demand for its commodities: oil, gas and minerals. China was an alternative to Europe.
I have no doubt that Russia will and should remain a major source of energy supplies for Europe and the world.
The Kerala market may be small, but the reach is very wide. I am told Malayalis in Russia and Paris, too, watch my films, and that’s something!
It was always a challenge for me to prove that a Russian financial investor can be as successful in the West as back at home in Russia.
Alisher Usmanov
In Russia, you have political parties engaged in all kinds of nefarious activity. And they may just assume that in America it works the exact same way.
There were no strategic mistakes that could affect Russia’s history and it further development. No, there were no such mistakes. Tactical errors were made in some less significant options, problems and so on. But, on the whole, Russia embarked on a correct path and it changed.
From the consumer perspective, what happened in the U.S. 10 years ago and Europe five years ago is now happening in Russia. People are beginning to understand that e-commerce is easy and safe.
The conversation we should be having is, what does Russia have from Hillary Clinton’s server?
Canada has the world’s largest Ukrainian population outside of Ukraine and Russia. As a senator from Minnesota, a state with a large Ukrainian-American community, I understand how important it is that Canada works with us to stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Putin wants nothing less than to return Russia to the center of global politics by challenging the primacy that the United States has enjoyed since the end of the Cold War.
Russia has taken advantage of its exalted status among right-wing extremists to expand its influence throughout Europe.
In almost any country, probably in Russia in particular, it’s fashionable to criticise people in power. If you come out in support of someone like me, you’re going to be accused of trying to ingratiate yourself.
Vladimir Putin
Much of the aid we first gave to Russia we took away from what we promised Britain. So in a sense, Britain participated in a very real way in the recovery of Russia.
The New Year is probably the biggest celebration in Russia.
It’s Russia. It’s a patriarchal society. That’s a fact you have to get used to. We have sexism. And it’s widespread.
Russia will not soon become, if it ever becomes, a second copy of the United States or England – where liberal value have deep historic roots.
Vladimir Putin
China is starting an English-speaking television network around the world, Russia is, Al Jazeera. And the BBC is cutting back on its many language services around the world.
You have no right to criticise Russia over Chechnya.
With some other top players I’m part of a company trying to put on events in Europe, especially Germany, but also Poland, Austria, Russia. There’s so much talent coming out of the Far East now, and we want the same thing in Europe.
John Higgins
Russia is now very far from being a communist country, but when I walked around Moscow, I kept glimpsing these haunting images. There were statues of Lenin and some neon signs of the hammer and sickle. I remembered myself then as a little girl, living under that oppression.
In 2008, when Russia attacked Georgia, Western countries took it as an isolated incident, but probably this was the start of the push against our underlying international security architecture. And this push then started a landslide which in 2014 resulted in Crimean occupation.
I don’t believe Russia would attack a NATO country or NATO as such, no matter which country we are talking about.
Ukraine had quite serious impact on the many Russians. They could see that ordinary people in Ukraine which is a bordering state, very close to Russia, the people of this state are, they didn’t want to tolerate anymore the power abuse by Ukrainian officials.
The Hall Of Fame thing, it’s an American thing. We don’t have that in England or Germany or Australia or Russia or anywhere in the world apart from America. And it’s an institution. What’s that got to do with rock and roll?
For years, I had a top secret clearance and never left Russia. Just once did I go to Bulgaria with my wife for a holiday at the Golden Sands resort, but I could not mention my real name. I was allowed to travel abroad only in the early 1990s.
Mikhail Kalashnikov
People took part in the referendum because they were tired of the war. They are afraid of talking about it out loud, but they have shown exactly where they stand: Yes, we want peace, and we want to be a part of Russia.
Akhmad Kadyrov
The U.S. actions in Kosovo – carving out an independent state based on ethnicity from within a sovereign nation – provided the precedent for Russia to carve Crimea out of Ukraine.
Putin’s Russia is our adversary and moral opposite. It is committed to the destruction of the post-war, rule-based world order built on American leadership and the primacy of our political and economic values.
We will ensure the interests of both the East and the West in Belarus. Don’t try to rip us apart; don’t try to make us collide with Russia or with the West.
Jazz is about freedom within discipline. Usually a dictatorship like in Russia and Germany will prevent jazz from being played because it just seemed to represent freedom, democracy and the United States.
Americans wanted to settle all our difficulties with Russia and then go to the movies and drink Coke.
It is not all right for Russia to decide Ukraine’s future.
Russia is Germany’s most important neighbor in the East, and it will remain so.
International terrorism is throwing down a challenge, and not just to Russia.
In Russia, Vladimir Putin is viewed as a progressive Democrat.
A person that’s going to be super, super tough on Russia is President Donald J. Trump.
I’ve never been to Prague, and I’ve never been to Russia.
Michael Cohen
I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.
Russia and China completely disagree with the international order that was established after World War II, and they’re trying to take it apart right before our eyes.
In the event of a victory over Germany by Soviet Russia and England, Bolshevism in Europe would inevitably follow. Under these circumstances I would prefer to see Germany win the war.
Pierre Laval
I’ve been to Australia, Russia and many of places I wanted to see as a child. But I’ve never visited India. I’ve had many invitations to play there but it hasn’t worked out. People say it’s beautiful, but I think I’d react badly to the poverty.
Stalinism is linked with a cult of personality and massive violations of the law, with repression and camps. There is nothing like that in Russia and, I hope, will never again be.
Vladimir Putin
Reactionaries often describe both Marx and Lenin as theorists, without taking into consideration that their utopias inspired Russia and China – the two countries called upon to lead a new world which will allow for human survival if imperialism does not first unleash a criminal, exterminating war.
We are convinced that locking Russia out of Europe is not rational.
I could have moved to Russia, earned more money, and felt more relaxed. But I chose another option and joined Lazio.
Of course, I know everything that happens in Russia. But even at the most dangerous moment or the most negative moment now, it’s still 10 times better than what it was in the communist state.
Being LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) in Russia is anything but fun.
The fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid intelligence officials in Russia for salacious and false information on President Trump is suspicious enough.
Tough sanctions would mean saying to BP, Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Boeing and Siemens that they can’t do business in Russia.
The attitude of the West and of Russia towards a crisis like Ukraine is diametrically different. The West is trying to establish the legality of any established border. For Russia, Ukraine is part of the Russian patrimony.
Russia is a bankrupt country. It just lives on oil revenues.
In Russia, writers with serious grievances are arrested, while in America they are merely featured on television talk shows, where all that is arrested is their development.
Neil Postman
Today when we say the West we are already referring to the West and to Russia. We could use the word ‘modernity‘ if we exclude Africa, and the Islamic world, and partially China.
VW’s future is increasingly being decided in China, Russia, India, the Americas and Southeast Asia. This is where we will generate most of our growth in future.
In this part of the world, due to our historical experiences with the Soviet Union and later with Russia, we are used to a situation where Moscow tends to put the blame on the people whenever a tragedy occurs, rather than on the authorities.
I do a very good impersonation of an American – I went to high school here – but I’ve spent most of my life in Russia.
I find it really difficult when you make a movie where it is set in Russia and everyone speaks in English. It drives me crazy.
Much of the hostility toward Putin stems from the fact that he not only defies the West when standing up for Russia’s interests, he often succeeds in his defiance and goes unpunished and unrepentant.
The collapse of the Soviet Union could not have been a source of national pride for many in Russia. The one person who has capitalized on this the most has been Vladimir Putin.
All our compatriots know that the loss of Mongolia would mean the demise of our country. We would rather resist Russia and die heroically than succumb to Russia and perish shamefully.
Russia has demonstrated it is not committed to genuine partnership with the United States.
Can we live without Russian gas in Europe? The answer is no. Are there any reasons to live without it? I think – and I’m not defending the interests of Total in Russia – it is a no.
Christophe de Margerie
In Moscow I feel most comfortable. I’m used to four different seasons; it’s difficult for people in London to understand. People brought up in Russia like my kids want to play in the snow.
Roman Abramovich
If Russia rises, it means that the USA falls down.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
On Russia, President Trump reverses the weakness of Obama, who turned a blind eye as Putin marched into Crimea and Ukraine by hitting Putin where it hurts – on energy.
It is an ambitious agenda, but the approach to Russia should be, ‘Confront where we must, but cooperate where we can.’
You know, in Russia we say there are three things you can’t choose: your parents, your gender and your president.
I remain committed to a balanced policy, which will protect our national interests both on our eastern border – I mean with Russia – and of course with the European Union.
Viktor Yanukovych
Russia is a state within a state. To understand the population of Russia, you need to know the areas of the country; you need an understanding of the people and their interests.
My father was convinced, I think rightly, that if he stayed in Russia, he would have trouble with Lenin.
Leonid Hurwicz
I have lots of concerns at working with Russia going against ISIS until we have agreements in terms of what Russia’s behavior is going to be.
I grew up in communist Russia where we didn’t have anything, so I’m not worried that I can’t buy an extra pair of shoes.
Margarita Levieva
Indeed, for Russia, inconsistency is an integral part of its foreign policy strategy, particularly under Putin.
If I correctly understand the goal of American policy, one wishes Russia to be a partner.
Gerhard Schroder
In the three years since Obama invited Russia to help him renege on his ‘red line’ on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented 136 occasions in which the Assad regime has deployed poison gas in its war on the Syrian people.
We have a chance to wind down and expedite the removal of 96 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons. What an achievement it would be, if at the end of the next administration, we could say that the nuclear arsenals of both Russia and the United States had been reduced to the barest minimums.
I think it’s important for people to believe their elections are on the up and up and they aren’t being tampered with by anyone, and in this particular instance there’s a large body of evidence that at a minimum Russia tried to tamper with our election.
The sudden collapse of the monarchy that had ruled Russia for three hundred years led to chaos. Russia immediately became, as one participant put it, ‘the freest country in the world.’
This fact lays on us – so long as the maintenance of good relations with Russia seems to us worth an effort – the duty of satisfying Russia that she has no need to fear any invasion of her sphere of interests on Germany’s part.
Bernhard von Bulow
I’ve always held the view that great states need strategic space. I mean, George Washington took his space from George III. Britain took it from just about everybody. Russia took all of Eastern Europe. Germany’s taken it from everywhere they can, and China will want its space too.
I took part in two ‘Leverageconventions. Fans fly in from as far as Russia and Australia. It’s expensive to attend.
I believe the U.S. already understands and will understand more and more that only a strong Russia will respond to the genuine interests of the United States.
Vladimir Putin
When Russia is at war, we are, of course, on Russia’s side.
If we lose Saudi Arabia because of sanctions or by avoiding them, they’re going to China; they’re going to Russia.
Russia can be quite a dangerous place sometimes, but I never think about it.
Marc Almond
I advised the Kremlin on election law and created Rock the Vote Russia, later called ‘Choose or Lose,’ to push democracy-minded youth to vote.
Trump has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent of colluding with Russia and had no idea about his campaign staff‘s Russia contacts. So he should be glad to know that the FBI appears to have been trying to thwart a hostile country’s efforts to infiltrate his campaign.
Russia holds a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. This is a privilege, and it is a responsibility. Yet in Syria and in Aleppo, Russia is abusing this historic privilege.
Poland, of course, was the key country. I remember Stalin telling me that the plains of Poland were the invasion route of Europe to Russia and always had been, and therefore he had to control Poland.
I left Russia in 1993 optimistic that democracy had taken hold despite the obstacles.
Robert Kagan
How can a bureaucrat or a politician be trusted if he says loud words for the sake of Russia’s good while trying to take his funds, his money abroad?
Vladimir Putin
In mid-2014, 51 percent of American Republicans viewed Putin very unfavorably. Two years later, 14 percent did. By January, 75 percent of Republicans said Trump had the ‘right approach’ toward Russia.
The growing economic potential of India and Russia is mutually complementary in many respects.
Vladimir Putin
If you want to find the source of much of the music of modern day Russia, you will find it in the incredible compositions of that crazed lunatic Berlioz.
The idea that if you are very clever you shouldn’t be an actor would be laughable in Russia.
Samuel West
I’ve never lived in Eastern Europe, although both my wife and I have ancestors in Poland and Russia – but I can see the scenes I create.
There was this mountain village in Russia where my music was getting in on some German radio station. I remember this because music used to get up to Saskatchewan from Texas. Late at night after the local station closed down.
Putin really assumed that once Trump – who had such clear admiration for him – was elected, it would be convenient for Trump to change the relationship with Russia profoundly and instantly.
As Jews, their families left Russia to escape the poverty and the antisemitism.
Martin Lewis Perl
In terms of freedom, America doesn’t invite any comparison to Russia. It would be silly to make one. Every line that I care to write, I can have printed. There is no point to even talk about degrees.
My mother emigrated from Russia as a young child. She couldn’t speak English and had no education. Her father died at age 32, leaving the family destitute. An uncle, who worked as a carpenter, supported the family.
‘Muslim’ is not a political party. ‘Muslim’ is not a single culture. Muslims go to war with each other. There are more Muslims in India, Russia and China than in most Muslim-majority nations. ‘Muslim’ is not a homogenous entity.
Russia is not a threat to France – why should I be hostile to Russia.
There’s a huge generational gap between the Soviet-school journalists and the new journalists. We were not brought up working on propaganda; we were brought up in the new Russia, working on the news.
It is important to remember that some of the most serious thinkers once thought that democracy was not compatible with the cultures of Germany, Italy, Japan, Latin America and Russia.
I have great satisfaction in stating that our relations with France, Russia, and other powers continue on the most friendly basis.
Russia is a Tier 1 cyber power.
The true reason of Ms. Rice’s attack against Russia is very simple. Condoleezza Rice is a very cruel, offended woman who lacks men’s attention.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Few issues better illustrate the limits of the Obama administration’s ‘reset’ with Russia than the crisis in Syria.
All in all, I think Kazan is Russia’s sportiest city after Moscow, leaving all the others far behind.
Russia has been entirely proportionate in its military response to Georgia’s attack on Russian citizens and peacekeepers.
Homosexuality in Russia is a crime and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with the other men. There is a three year waiting list.
Georgia does not need Russia as an enemy.
Mikheil Saakashvili
I am also one of those persons who were transformed, who grew out of the Soviet system and transformed myself into the new Russia.
Vagit Alekperov
If there’s a cyberattack from China or Russia or Romania or Mexico, it may well run through a server in another country. And it may take months before you know where it really came from.
Neither India nor Russia perceives a threat from the strength of the other. Each sees a benefit for itself in the increased political and economic strength of the other.
Ever since studying in Russia as a college student, I had been in a long-distance, one-sided love affair with Chechnya’s remarkable history, culture and rugged natural beauty.
I don’t want to sound like I’m a special type of Russia hater. There are very few heads of state in Europe that would not like to have very good relations with Russia.
Russia is a part of the West and at the same time is a part of the Asia-Pacific.
I’ve been reading this little book. It’s called the Russian constitution. And it says that the only source of power in Russia is the people. So I don’t want to hear those who say we’re appealing to the authorities. Who’s the power here?
Alexei Navalny
I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the Ukrainian government is a U.S. adversary, and that Ukraine – not Russia – attacked us in 2016.
I grew up in Russia. We had a telephone line, but a load of our neighbours didn’t. It became a shared resource for the whole apartment complex. People would come and knock on the door and ask to call their family in another city.
I was among one of the first entrepreneurs to start building their own private enterprise when Perestroika began in Russia and the state initiated its first market-oriented reforms.
Yelena Baturina
Given the gruesome fate of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family, and the fact that five of the previous 12 Romanov rulers were also murdered, it is easy to regard Russia’s imperial dynasty as cursed.
Russia is a European country, and so we’d better, if we want a powerful Europe, negotiate with Russia.
Capitalism in Russia has spawned far more Al Capones than Henry Fords.
In Russia, tweeting or sharing real news that’s embarrassing to the regime can land you in prison. Imagine, then, the response of the regime to ‘fake news‘ that’s damaging to the Kremlin.
Since the start of the Abe administration, we resumed peace treaty negotiations with Russia, which had lapsed during the three years of the Democratic Party of Japan administration.
The refugee problem is definitely a disaster for the entire region. Putin – the refugee problem in Chechnya was largely contained inside of Russia itself although there were tens of thousands of Chechens who sought refuge across Europe. Putin wasn’t swayed by that issue when it came to Chechnya.
My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.
I love to design. I am a commercial fashion designer. I always design jackets with two sleeves. I don’t design jackets with three sleeves, or the layers and layers come off like little dolls from Russia. Fashion for me is a creative endeavor, but it is not art for me.
I spoke at, I think, four of the Trump rallies that were in Florida, and these were not highly coordinated events. I would often learn of the program of one of these events just a day or so before the event itself. That seems to evidence the point that these were not people off colluding with Russia.
I mean, I’m a political figure in Russia for more than 10 years… This is how people in Russia know me.
The IOC have decided Russia will pay them £50 million, and that is their punishment for 40 years of duping the world and going against every single clean athlete on earth. The IOC has fought a spectacular fraud with more fraud.
Bryan Fogel
I never chose to be in Russia, and I would prefer to be in my own country, but if I can’t make it home, I will continue to work very much in the same way that I have… What happens to me is not as important; I simply serve as the mechanism of disclosure.
We have to still develop the Ikea group. We need many billions of Swiss francs to take on China or Russia.
Ingvar Kamprad
As for myself, I was never against Russia.
Many of the novelists I admire never left their hometown. Look at Flannery O’Connor. So many of the great Russians never left Russia. Shakespeare never left England. The list goes on.
Polonium is, frankly, pretty useless, and no country in the world except Russia bothered to refine it by the late 2000s.
Of course the United States and Russia have different interests. Nevertheless, both are strategic partners.
Valentina Matviyenko
I’d love to go to Russia and silence that crowd and give the Russian fans something to cry about.
Teams from Ukraine and Russia are getting better all the time.
Many countries, even socialist Sweden and former communist Russia, have done away with their death taxes. They found the confiscation of wealth at death to be counterproductive.
It’s good when you get to travel and see different places. I went with Alexander Povetkin, who fought Anthony Joshua, to Russia and stayed in Moscow for a bit.
We’ve had some fairly intensive discussions leading up to these meetings between NATO and Russia, preparing for them, and it’s going to be a very important six months for NATO.
It is in the interest of France that the United States and Russia speak to each other and act in good faith against the scourge of terrorism in Syria, and contribute with our country to stabilizing a region where uncontrolled migrant flows begin today.
I wouldn’t even go into the history of the last days of the Soviet Union, the withdrawal from Europe, and what promises were given at that time, because those were oral promises, and our leaders of that time strongly believe that, like in ancient Russia, a word given is better than any treaty.
It was always presumptuous to expect Russia, an ancient nation-state and proud empire of distinct culture with a tradition of autocracy, to become an Anglo-American democracy overnight – just as it is naive to expect it in other parts of the world.
My father was an immigrant from Russia and my mother was first generation.
Arthur Rock
Chechens need to be able to develop their own viable political society and regional economy whether they remain part of Russia or not.
The noises Russia makes on the world stage are deeply misogynist, homophobic and racist.
The West is pathetically naive about Russian reformers. We long to believe they are real liberals, but no liberal will ever rule Russia.
Well, the band name is just a stupid thing. We used to live in Russia and our friend there, a Russian lady just kind of described my sister as a clean bandit.
If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it. We need to see them put an end to these horrific acts. How many more children have to die before Russia cares?
Only one country and one system is unable to recognize our accomplishments: Russia. They make the lying claim that our road construction program is only on paper.
Fritz Todt
Assertions that Russia has undermined efforts to strengthen partnerships on the European continent do not correspond to the facts.
Following the end of the Cold War, there was much discussion concerning the point of NATO. In the event, it was reinvented as a means of reducing Russia’s reach on its western frontiers and seeking to isolate it. Its former East European client states were admitted to NATO, as were the Baltic states.
Look at what is happening in China and in Russia. They have units that are specifically targeted cyber warfare. They are carrying it out. Our critical infrastructure is attacked thousands of times a day.
Stalin is the most popular figure in all of Russia.
Vladimir Putin
In the same proportion Russia is the misfortune of Europe and the Israelites.
Isaac Mayer Wise
Hours before the Georgian invasion, Russia had been working to secure a United Nations Security Council statement calling for a renunciation of force by both Georgia and South Ossetians. The statement that could have averted bloodshed was blocked by western countries.
I think very poorly of United Russia. United Russia is the party of corruption, the party of crooks and thieves. And it is the duty of every patriot and citizen of our country to make sure that this party is destroyed.
Alexei Navalny
In emerging democracies like Russia, in authoritarian states like Iran or even Yugoslavia, journalists play a vital role in civil society. In fact, they form the very basis of those new democracies and civil societies.
America is carrying out policies against Russia and its leadership. They know I’m among those ready to give my life for Russia and that I have a good army capable of attacking and defending. We’ll see who comes out on top.
Before I was elected to represent southwestern Texas in the U.S. Congress, I spent almost a decade as an undercover officer in the CIA. I served in places where Russia has geopolitical interests, and learned that Russia has one simple goal: to erode trust in democratic institutions.
A reforming liberal leader in Russia is the Holy Grail of Kremlinology, but the search for one is as misguided and hopeless as that for the relic of the Last Supper.
Who did I fight? I fought terrorists. Who did I protect? I protected the whole of Russia so that people in Moscow or St. Petersburg… could live in peace.
Construction of the first gas pipeline system was started during the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, and for all those years, from the 1960s until this day, Russia has been fulfilling its contract obligations in a very consistent and reliable way, regardless of the political situation.
Vladimir Putin
I have three homes: my Belarusian land, the homeland of my father, where I have lived my whole life; Ukraine, the homeland of my mother, where I was born; and Russia’s great culture, without which I cannot imagine myself. All are very dear to me.
President Trump has criticized the Mueller investigation, fired Jim Comey, savagely attacked the FBI, and repeatedly suggested the Russia campaign influence in 2016 was a hoax. In the wake of all of this, the American people need to be assured that Mueller can carry out his investigation without interference.
I have invested in four social networks. More than any other. But that’s in Russia and Poland.
I am not in the camp of ‘Russia has to be our enemy, and they have to be that way forever,’ and I think sometimes we fight about from the past.
Russia’s number-one goal is to pull apart the E.U., to pull apart NATO.
We are addressing duplication and complexity. At the same time, we are investing more in research and development, speeding up the time to market of new innovations, and expanding our sales force in markets where growth is to be found, like Turkey, Russia, the Mideast, China, and southeast Asia.
I can’t believe I’ve even been to Russia.
Chris Pontius
China, Russia and India are shooting for the Moon. United Arab Emirates says Mars. Other private citizens and companies are heading either to Mars, asteroids, or the Moon.
Russia would not support anything which would be actually imposed on Syrians.
Russia is not a friendly character on the world stage.