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Rugby Quotes

We’ve collected the best Rugby Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Owen Farrell, Tanc Sade, Jonny Bairstow, Brian O’Driscoll, Sonny Bill Williams. Use them as an inspiration.

Rugby’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.
Coming from Australia and playing rugby, you just think that soccer is a bit soft, but I’ll tell you what – it’s not. It’s rough as guts. It’s great.
Tanc Sade
When you’re going through difficult times, like I was after the 2013-14 Ashes, you start thinking about different bits. Rugby is a huge passion of mine, a lot of my friends play.
As a rugby player, you strive to be an All Black, win a World Cup, and win a Super Rugby title.
Rugby is a game that’s constant. If you are not growing with it, you get left behind.
I was eight years old and I was playing rugby for my local club.
I used to play rugby, polo, tennis, and cricket in school. It was only in the 1990s, when I used to live just opposite Harrods in London, that I started putting on weight. I used to have my breakfast there every day.
I was absolutely a non-starter at games. My report for rugby said, ‘Nigel’s chief contribution is his presence on the field.’ I used to pray for rain and sometimes it did rain – and we played anyway.
Nigel Rees
I came from a rugby school and rugby nation, but I fancied giving football a go, and luckily, it paid off.
I retired from rugby because I was old and getting really slow.
As soon as you have an average game, everyone is quick to criticise and say, ‘You suck; you shouldn’t be playing rugby.’
Francois Hougaard
With all the traveling and promotion I’ve been doing for ‘Murderball,’ its been difficult keeping up with my rugby training.
I had to write 1500 words on advertising and marketing at the weekend for my business management course, and you can’t think about rugby while you are doing that!
After my second film, ‘Simhadri,’ which was a very big hit, I made ‘Sye,’ a small college movie with a rugby union backdrop.
I like rugby – I watch it from time to time. It’s basically football without pads but probably a little bit more dangerous than football. You’ve got to be a lot tougher in that sport – but I definitely like watching rugby and watching those guys knock each other around. It looks like a fun sport.
Reggie Bush
We are a rugby family really. My dad and both granddads played rugby. Dad was good, on his way to Bath until he broke his leg. My brother Harry got an invitation to go and play for Bristol. I go and watch Sale Sharks and have been to Twickenham a few times.
Soccer is a continuous game, rugby is a continuous game, but for the physical elements that are involved in playing a football game and the number of plays that you play, I don’t know that it was ever intended to be a continuous game.
I’ve always said that playing rugby in Spain is like being a bullfighter in Japan.
I wrestled before rugby league so I always had a pretty good wrestling background, a good base, and that helped with my football. It just meant my balance was always so good; a strong core, good hips and just things like that just really played a factor in how I ran the ball and tackled.
The higher up the rugby ladder you go, the differences between winning and losing games get smaller and smaller.
I grew up playing rugby and I kind of never lost the muscle size.
I’m not privy to the English set-up, but at the academies in Ireland, there is a huge focus on the weights room as opposed to whether they can throw a 10-metre pass on the run. They should be rugby players becoming athletes, not athletes becoming rugby players.
Playing rugby has been my whole life and for me, keeping fit was part of my job. But when I gave up my career, I was determined to keep motivated, and that isn’t always easy when you have lost the competitive edge to it.
I played rugby until I was 15, 16 and I eventually had to say, ‘No, I have to choose one’ and it was obviously going to be football, I miss playing rugby a lot.
A lot of people make the error of thinking rugby is going to last forever and they need to quickly discover that that isn’t the case.
I love the 6 Nations rugby. I feel very Scottish then. I feel very Scottish now, sitting in the middle of Chelsea. But that’s part of our heritage – being part of Britain, part of Europe. I love being European.
It really gets my back up when people start using business phrases – ‘sustainability,’ ‘the brand,’ etc. – about rugby.
I thought I’d be a professional rugby player or go to university and get some degree in construction.
Luke Bracey
My sport was my comfort. The routine, the camaraderie, the team… everyone’s around you. After rugby you’re on your own.
I got a pommel in my eye. A pommel is the end of a sword – not the sharp end, the other end. It wasn’t actually a sword fight. I was rugby tackling somebody but we hadn’t rehearsed with all the kit on so suddenly there’s a whole other part of the equation and that did really hurt.
I was a football fan before I became a rugby fan.
I did several corporate gigs as a presenter, worked on a few branded campaigns and also made money from my rugby events company and my business, Leaf Hospitality.
International rugby is a step up, and this is somewhere you come to get better and improve as a player.
I still dream about that one opportunity where the Welsh Rugby Union call me up and say, ‘We need you.’ There is an incredibly talented Welsh hooker called Matthew Rees, so maybe some incredible quirk of misfortune for him would mean I get called up instead.
In rugby I think it is good to have a bit of a persona, a bit of a character because we are one of the last things that isn’t necessarily controlled.
I went to a school two hours away from where I lived because it was the best rugby school in the country.
When I started my professional rugby career, in 2002, there was one guy filming training if you were lucky.
The rugby team is a massive part of the city and generates a real passion but there is also far more to Toulouse. I learned not only to respect the history of the club but also the area and I soon came to appreciatebuildings and structures.
The biggest thing I noticed growing up when I was doing BMX racing or playing rugby through to secondary school level, was seeing the parents who were so desperate to see their kids do well that they were almost living their lives through their kids and putting huge pressure on them to the point they weren’t enjoying it.
I’m a huge Rugby Union fan, which is a bit like American football – but tougher.
Alexander Hanson
My uncle played rugby, and my dad played football, and they used to argue which game was the roughest – and everybody agreed rugby was. It’s a great team sport, and to be successful, every person has to play in the same level.
I’ve been a professional rugby player all my life; I don’t really know anything different.
I played rugby from the age of 10 until my late twenties; an unlikely player – small, quiet, long-haired and ‘wiry.’
I don’t think you need to go global rugby to save the Lions, but I think you need to go global rugby to save rugby and not lose things like the Lions.
If you get a career-threatening injury your career is done and you need something to fall back on. But if it wasn’t for football I would have played rugby, if it wasn’t rugby it would have been basketball and I would have just gone through all the sports.
Mum used to take us to Breach Candy on the number 63 bus. After school, we’d swim, ride horses, play rugby.
Karan Kapoor
To make this announcement fills me with great sadness, but I know I have been blessed in so many ways to have experienced what I have with the England rugby team.
Jonny Wilkinson
I’ve got it all: I’m good-looking, I’m educated, I can sing, and I can play rugby. Ridiculous, isn’t it?
I was captain of the rugby side at Shrivenham – as were my two brothers after me.
So I was in football, athletics doing shot put and sprinting, and rugby all at the same time. Ultimately, I didn’t know how serious you had to take one of them and I was just a kid wanting to do everything at once.
I never ever believed that I would be able to give up on this dream which has driven me to live, breathe, love and embrace the game of rugby from the earliest days that I can remember.
Jonny Wilkinson
Gay men are accepted in films, music and politics because people came out and broke the mould and stereotype in those industries. What I am trying to do is break the trend in rugby and sport in general and show any aspiring sportsman, regardless of his age, that the mould has been broken.
I have just fallen back in love with rugby league again.
It’s a really exciting time to be involved in Welsh rugby.
Jonah Lomu
I’d always thought Australia was a rugby country, but football is really developing here, and Juve are extremely popular.
Players want to play a lot of rugby. We’re walking contradictions at times in that we want to play a lot of rugby, but we don’t want to play too much rugby, and we want to be available for all the big games, yet there are times when you have to sacrifice that because of game limits.
I admire rugged hard men who play rugby because it’s something I would never contemplate.
I loved playing rugby so much. I would have played rugby every day if I could have. I loved being a player so much, I don’t know if I could sit on the side, with the passion I have and try and influence without being on there.
Just like in rugby, the pinnacle was playing for the All Blacks. That was always a massive thing. But you never speak it outwardly because it can sound stupid. But if you don’t have massive dreams, you might as well stay in bed.
Ultimately, rugby players are like surfers. You look for the perfect wave, but you don’t always find it. And if you did, you’d probably pack up and try something else.
I know my dad would have loved me to have played rugby. He was a No. 8. I started off playing centre and ended up playing at the back of the scrum, No. 8 as well, just picking it up and running with it.
I had just been promoted to the first rugby team. It was a perfect, wonderful coming of age. My brother was already in the team, and my father had come to watch us. We went home, and my father died in front of me. Horribly, in about half an hour. He had a heart attack.
I think rugby is 80 per cent mental.
Francois Hougaard
I never had a concussion playing rugby.
I played rugby for years, and I had a rugby jacket that I lost when I was 14. Somehow, my brother found it in storage 15 years later, and he gave it back to me for my 30th birthday. That was amazing and probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.
I love Australia, and I especially love those rugby players.
My dad played rugby, so I used to watch a lot of rugby union and rugby league.
I played rugby in the winter, cricket in the summer, and for a brief period was on the books at Cardiff City. Athletics was only sports day for me. In fact, I never really liked it. I was never too keen on a sport that didn’t have a ball at your feet.
I just loved going fast. I still enjoy go-karting. I was also good at rugby, and my dad wanted me to be a sportsman, but I never thought I could do sports professionally.
Rugby is a different game. There is an interruption every two minutes also in American football. Our soccer is a moving game: play, play, play, move, move – you don’t interrupt.
Whatever sport I played – rugby, rowing – there were always naturally talented people who were better than me.
When I first went to rugby, I wanted it all; I just wanted it all, and you know, I thought it was just going to happen just like that, but I’ve come to learn that good things take time.
I came to darts from rugby and I was chucked into the deep end. Back then I never thought I could talk to anyone in an interview. But if you put me up to speak in front of 10 or 20 people now I still couldnt do that.
As far as exercise, I play a lot of lacrosse and rugby, and I’m an avid distance swimmer. Nope, none of that is true. I do walk a lot, though.
I was in the football, rugby, cricket and hockey teams at school; bit of squash. Tennis obviously.
I’ve kind of banned myself from motorcycles. I’ve had broken ribs, broken shoulder, wrists, leg, broken collarbone – and it was all from motocross or rugby. All of my injuries have come from outside of sailing.
James Spithill
I’m always embarrassed by those rugby player autobiographies which get written by journalists.
It’s only when you leave the rugby bubble that you understand that negative criticism is not personal, it’s reality because we don’t always get everything right.
As a teenager, I was always this strange mixture of kind of vice-captain of the rugby team and sensitive artist type the rest of the time. I was sent away to this public school in the middle of nowhere, and I think we managed to completely miss out on normal youth culture.
My brother and sister were very sporty. They all did rugby. I was very into performing arts. I went to the National Youth Music Theatre. I was one of those singing, clapping children.
It was a really tough transition going from rugby league to AFL.
I played Rugby League at school but once I got to the age of 14, I had to make a choice and decided to stick with boxing.
We all say we enjoy playing rugby, but most guys don’t really show it – and some guys I don’t think actually enjoy it. So every time I arrive in the morning, I’ve always got a smile on my face. Once I lose that enjoyment, I will stop playing.
I was always hugely into sport before I started boxing. I played rugby, football, cricket, athletics, swimming.
I know what it feels like to be one of those conservative rugby lads because I went to a similar school growing up.
You’re not going to please everyone, but then, it’s not about pleasing people: it’s about winning rugby games.
I thought maybe I’d stick it out for a year or two and then end up going back to Rugby but I was playing against better players week in week out.
I tried sports, but I ended up being a paramedic. There was to be no rugby for me. Believe me, I did try, but I fell short. Rugby is tough, man.
I never counted on playing rugby: I was just another fat kid chasing an egg. It has gone pretty well.
I’m a part of major league rugby. We had a league meeting to decide what to do with anthem protests, and even though I personally agree with what they say they are protesting as inequality and judicial system and incarceration rates among minorities, we decided all should stand and respect every national anthem.
I didn’t have to play rugby that well, and I didn’t have to play cricket that well, because I had this voice.
The last time I played rugby, I busted my nose bad, and that’s incentive not to get down and dirty in the park anymore.
I passed the 11-plus, but it was decided that I should take the Common Entrance exam to Monmouth School, the nearest independent. I was never entirely comfortable there, as they didn’t have girls, and they played rugby instead of football.
The more expensive and/or exclusive a sport, the whiter it tends to be: the fact almost has the force of a law. That is the main reason why the Rugby World Cup, the Pacific islands excepted, was so desperately white, the Springboks included.
I played number 6 in rugby league so I had the ball quite a lot. I tried to make the plays, so you are in the action.
Britain has bred many great explorers, but they seem to get so little coverage compared to soccer and rugby players.
I played rugby most of my life and then I switched to snowboarding, which provided me a lot of inspiration.
Charlie Bewley
I thought that if I could play rugby on TV, I’d be able to get my mum a house. That was the driving factor.
I was never ever attracted to any of my rugby mates; I was really good at switching off my emotions and I wouldn’t have even considered crossing that line.
He was a professional rugby player in the area that I played as a youngster. So a lot of people who I went to school with knew who he was and knew that he was black. So I would get racist taunts in school.
The sports are almost different cultures so saying I prefer one to the other is wrong. Rugby union is guided by a lot of rules, league by the players.
A vote for Japan is a vote for the future of rugby. We will do our best to make rugby a global sport.
Yoshiro Mori
Wherever I am in my life, it’s because rugby has enabled me to do that.
I get too excited about football and rugby.
I definitely want to play rugby at the top level, international rugby.
You do not have time in international rugby to stop and think, ‘This is tough.’ It’s more a case of, ‘Let’s crack on.’ Where’s your next job? Fill a hole for someone who has just made a tackle?
When I was 11 my school held a sports day near Crystal Palace. We were told we were going to play a rugby match. The ball was eventually passed to me and I was obviously expected to run with it. I took one look at all these players charging towards me, placed the ball on the ground and walked off the pitch.
Before there was any chance to go to England, I changed schools, and it was rugby from there on in.
It is very easy to make athletes, and it is very difficult to make rugby players with that rugby instinct. I would like to think I have got a bit of rugby instinct and have become more of a rugby athlete along the way.
I used to wrestle when I was younger. It was soccer, wrestling, rugby league and now MMA.
I take a laid-back approach to a lot of things in life and, at the end of the day, rugby’s just a game.
If you can’t give 100% to rugby then you can’t do it justice.
I’ve always played sport. I played rugby, I was involved in athletics, I played cricket… I’m an outdoors kind of guy.
Looking back, my whole life seems so surreal. I didn’t just turn up on the doorstep playing rugby; I had to go through a whole lot of things to get there.
Jonah Lomu
I had a lot of anger because I didn’t like who I was when I was off the field. I used to relish the chance to try and hurt somebody in a legal way, and in the game of rugby you were able to do that.
Obviously, international rugby is a different level, but there are some really good players around.
I lost a dear friend of mine from a rugby injury at 26. We don’t usually deal with mortality at that early age and it’s given me an appreciation of time, of trying to fit everything in.
I lost my front tooth in rugby league when a fat guy from Bellevue Hill kicked me in the face as I got up from a tackle to mark him. I made this decision not to cap the tooth because I thought it was false. But I didn’t make any movies as a teenager, and I had a very hard time with girls and stuff.
Once I realised what boxing was, I understood – this is the ultimate form of competition. Once you box you go back to the football field or rugby and it just doesn’t have the same spice.
There will be nothing better than playing international rugby. It’s a dream come true.
I’ve always had a rugby ball in my hand, so it was inevitable I was going to play.
I’m thankful for the collaboration between the WRU and Ospreys, which will look after my best interests and enables me to play the best rugby possible.
For me now, I will continue to focus ever harder on my goal of being the very best I can be with Toulon Rugby Club and continue to embrace and enjoy wherever that path takes me.
Jonny Wilkinson
I didn’t fulfil my rugby potential.
But Id missed the boat in rugby, I was stuck in a rut and I needed a change. I was lucky to have darts as an option.
I will support Ireland at rugby, but when England and Ireland are playing, I sit on the fence.
I think New Zealand Rugby do an exceptional job, the way it’s set up from the All Blacks, right down to grassroots. There’s a clear path young players can take if they want to be an All Black, if they’re talented, or if they get opportunities.
Wales are obviously a team that like to play rugby in your half and put as many people as possible in the front line and get off the line and put pressure on you.
Football is at least as ‘gay‘ as rugby, Greco-Roman wrestling and the film ‘300.’
My parents are huge influences on me. My mother was an English teacher. My father played professional rugby and coached rugby for the Irish rugby team.
I’m not going on a crusade but I’m proud of who I am. I feel I have achieved everything I could ever possibly have hoped to achieve out of rugby and I did it being gay. I want to send a positive message to other gay people that they can do it, too.
I really want to remain involved in rugby. I want to continue and have an influence on the game.
After giving up rugby, I wanted to keep busy.
I started off playing rugby league as well as union. I switched between fly-half and wing, but I preferred to play fly-half. I liked to be at the heart of everything. I liked to be involved.
Boarding school forces you to grow. You have to wake up at a certain time, you have to study, wash your own clothes. We used to play rugby in whites. Can you imagine washing that? And it has to be white. If it was not white, you got punished.
As a rugby player I got into the habit of tackling without thinking. But in MMA you’ve got to land the right way. You can’t flop. You’ve got to bounce back to your feet. You’ve got to use your sprawl.
I was a good reader of a rugby match. I could kick, too.
The Tory party is like a rugby union match in which all 30 players are wearing the same strip. They’re not sure who they are grabbing round the knees, but they’re having a lot of fun doing it.
The popularity of rugby definitely grew in South Africa over the World Cup, and sport has great power, so hopefully it will make some difference. Even if it’s just 1%, it’s a bit of a change.