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Relating Quotes

We’ve collected the best Relating Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Arto Lindsay, Simon Callow, Jed Mercurio, L. Lionel Kendrick, Anita Bryant. Use them as an inspiration.

The Lounge Lizards were relating with a tradition and it was like I was playing within a musical context. The guitar playing stood out as being different in some way. That was a real education for me.
Arto Lindsay
I love storytelling and I love just relating directly to an audience. That’s why we do theatre, it’s because we love contact with the audience. We love the fact that the audience will change us. The way the audience responds makes us change our performance.
I think that the audience is smart enough to know that just because a drama is relating to real-world parallels, it doesn’t mean that its story is exactly that story.
One of the marvelous blessings of the Book of Mormon is that it contains, in clarity, revelations reserved to come forth in this dispensation of time. Much of the knowledge that we have relating to the principle of moral agency is found in these modern revelations.
I have made a lot of money during my career in show business and now I have the financial security to expand my deep interest in relating the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever I can.
Homer was able to give us no information relating to the truth, for he wrote of human rather than divine things.
With respect to the legal justifications or the policies relating to the treatment of detainees, I was not aware of any issues on that or the legal memos that subsequently came out until the summer, sometime in 2004, when there started to be news reports on that.
Words are much better at relating emotions and thoughts.
The first album was a coming-of-age album – I don’t like the phrase, but when you listen to it, you can tell I was having a hard time, that I wasn’t socially relating to people.
TV has gone back to basics, relating to middle class family with real characters, less make-up and simple shots. I feel as an actor it is a delight to work in such shows.
Mona Singh
Legitimate revolution must be led by, made by those who have been most oppressed: black, brown, yellow, red, and white women-with men relating to that the best they can.
Robin Morgan
When I set out to write, I see it very visually. I almost feel like a reporter. I’m relating what I’m seeing and hearing, so it’s kind of watching a play for me.
For many people who are so lost in their minds, so much involved in their thought processes, the only moments they have when they are not trapped in that is when they are relating to their animal, their pet.
That’s the cool thing about relationships. You’re relating to someone else. It’s another thing to balance who you are off of.
There is an art to acting, and there are techniques that are acquired. You can be as emotional as you’d like, as a person, but figuring out ways that you can bring specific emotions at specific times and have them be true, and relating to someone as someone that they’re not, is a lot.
But when you see personal artifacts relating to – by genealogy at least – a living human being, it was just more impressive to me than just about anything I’ve ever read about slavery before.
I hope my journals relating to World War II will help clarify issues of the past and thereby contribute to understanding the issues and conditions of the present and future.
Being on ‘House of Cardsreally has given me so much more than just a job; the interactions I have had with real White House correspondents, other journalists and bloggers relating to my character Janine – and their thanking me for representing them – has been extraordinary.
The ways in which readers encounter and relate to information is dramatically influenced by their education as well as their awareness of the pitfalls relating to the information source.
Nayef Al-Rodhan
Popular music was this abstraction – an abstraction that I was relating to immensely but was ultimately far away.
When we deal with questions relating to principles of law and their applications, we do not suddenly rise into a stratosphere of icy certainty.
Charles Evans Hughes
I can achieve that by personally relating the words that I am saying to something I have known in my life.
My lord, I have some matter of law relating to the indictment, and I desire counsel to speak to it.
William Kidd
On issues relating to taxes, you don’t always speak with one voice.
Tom Daschle
In pursuing my fervent goal of relating external stimuli to reports about internal-neural change, we were, paradoxically enough, following the most orthodox tradition in psychology.
We think of enterprise architecture as the process we use for fully describing and mapping business functionality and business requirements and relating them to information systems requirements.
It was Dr. King’s tireless activism that fostered our modern way of relating to one another.
The crowning feature of the federal system is the supremacy of the judiciary over all other branches of government in matters relating to the rights of persons and property.
I see some some of these other guys, and they’re wearing the hats and the jackets and saying the words and they’re relating and they’re picking. But there’s something missing.
Jessi Colter
What’s increasingly clear is that when you are open to a discussion of leadership, and you’re relating it to your company, it is much easier to get people to become open.
I’ll be spending most of my time really relating to the fans and developing the relationships. The rebirth, really, of the franchise in Jacksonville where we will win on and off the field.
My music life is great. It’s in the real world, that’s where I have the problem, sometimes relating to people. I can be angry, you know, still really dark in my mind.
I’m definitely very interested in doing female narrators that aren’t typically feminine or emotional or soft – especially teenage girls – because I have such a hard time relating to so many of them that I read. They feel psychologically cuter to me than I ever was.
We were poor. My mother got our clothes out of the free box at the church, you know? So much of when you’re a kid is about relating about what you watch on TV. And who’s got these cooler shoes, and ‘Let’s trade lunches.’ And I was just like, ‘I don’t have a television. I have a rock and a piece of tofu.’
I’m emotionally in tune with my feelings and what people mean to me, and I have no trouble saying it and relating to it.
Our ways of relating to each other become like habits.
It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think, by pumping that we draw water into the well.
From my first published paper in 1946, my obsession has been to objectify inner experiences, to demystify the software of human existence. How? By relating changes in external behavior, systematically and lawfully, to changes in the brain.

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