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Reality Television Quotes

We’ve collected the best Reality Television Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Shemar Moore, Richard Phillips, William Gibson, Sharon Needles, Todd Phillips. Use them as an inspiration.

Television is in a different time because of reality television, so it’s not as exciting.
Art is a thing where, the least likely thing that you think is going to be art, is precisely the thing that is going to be art. And I would even hold that true to a reality television showmaybe the entire overarching process of the show actually exists as an artistic structure.
I’m quite proud of what I anticipated about reality television from my books in the early ’90s, which I based on the early seasons of ‘Cops‘ and on the amazing stuff I had read about happening on Japanese shows and the BritishBig Brother‘.
I come from what we call the pre-‘Drag Racedrag world where I didn’t start doing this with aspirations of being a reality television star, or this going any further than the small smoky bars of Pittsburgh.
Reality television hasn’t killed documentaries, because there are so many great documentaries still being made, but it certainly has changed the landscape. There is this breed of gimmicky documentary that is basically a reality show.
I enjoy reality television.
I would consider doing something along the lines of ‘Tough Enough‘ because that was my first endeavor into reality television, and that is a world I know and love, and that’s why I was on that show.
I don’t really know exactly what the plan is… I’m not a person that’s just pursuing acting or just pursuing singing or just pursuing dancing. You know, I would love to do reality television, I would like to go back to Broadway.
I’ve sold everything from fashion, make-up, couture magazines, radio, reality television, movies. There isn’t a thing I haven‘t sold, including Tampax. You name it.
It started back in 2002, when there was hardly any reality television. ‘Survivor‘ had just started. My hope and dream was that ‘The Bachelor‘ would last one or two nights on network TV, so I might meet somebody in the network and then I could get a real job.
I don’t know what reality television does, but it breaks up relationships.
But reality television is here to stay.
I despair of reality television, but I’ve never met anyone who watches it. Or people say, ‘I watch it, but I hate it.’ I’ve never met anyone who loves it. It’s like, it’s there, and we have to accept it.
The reality television shows are a big hit with the masses with their Bollywood songs. Even if these TV shows are scripted, people are watching them.
Reality television – it’s your life, and you can’t walk away from it. You’re being exposed, and the audience is weighing in on your lives and your relationships with your friends and family.
What’s sad is that we can have a reality-television performer for president without incorporating the other aspects of reality television – like voting and voter engagement.
Whenever the subject of doing reality television comes up, I immediately disregard it, because most people don’t come off well, and it’s embarrassing.
Perhaps there’s a lot of quality television that’s not right for the individual who needs questions answered in each episode, and perhaps reality television may be a better option. With the integrity of HBO and their drive to tell stories, it takes time to arrive at any sort of answers.
Amanda Warren
The Biggest Loser,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘American Idol‘… they’re giving people opportunities to do what they’ve always dreamed of doing… to me, that’s great reality television.
Because of reality television and all these celebrities thinking they can be designers, everyone imagines that they can just become a designer, photographer, or model, but that’s not the way things work. People have to go to school, learn their craft, and build a brand – that’s the right, healthy way to do things.
I think the love-hate is fundamental. Everyone hates reality television, and everyone’s watching it. Everyone hates Facebook, and everyone is on it.
There are life lessons that can be derived from reality television.
YouTube is, like, the new reality television.
I find reality television to be so delectable.
I am pretty much a sucker any really bad reality television.
I’ve never liked much of reality television, mostly because it involves humiliation.
Reality television has borrowed so much from the world of politics, whether it’s alliances or voting or the kind of strategizing that’s done. Anything like that came from politics well before it came from reality television.
‘The Amazing Race’ has always been the gold standard of reality television to me. It’s smart, it’s funny, and it’s entertaining as hell.
I think reality television has made the fashion industry and the beauty industry, any industry – frankly, just life – it has made life seem much different than it really is.
See, I don’t watch reality television anymore. I watched a little bit of it for awhile, but I found it turned my soul into a black sludge, and I just did not find it healthy or good for me at all, because I would watch it and be disgusted, disgusted.
Because I tend to kind of hide under the sheets when it comes to reality television. I’ve seen probably one episode of maybe five different shows, and that’s about it.
When reality television really hit, I just had a backlash towards reality. It seemed like a cheap way to make a product. And then when music reality and ‘Idol hit,’ I just didn’t watch it, it seemed novelty. And of course the story of ‘Idol,’ this is one of the greatest stories in television history.
This whole thing about reality television to me is really indicative of America saying we’re not satisfied just watching television, we want to star in our own TV shows. We want you to discover us and put us in your own TV show, and we want television to be about us, finally.
I really don’t like reality television and the nonsense that comes with it.
I’m probably the biggest reality television star living.
The mark of a really great satire is its ability to seem prophetic, and I think that the television culture that film predicted really came true in the age of reality television and is a testament to how great it really is.
Like sugar and, oh – let’s say the most tabloidy and gossipy reality television programscredit is, for millions, genuinely addictive.
I came into reality television with MTV’s show ‘The Real World,’ specifically the 1994 season set in San Francisco. I was glued to the Puck and Pedro drama.
Molly O’Keefe
I think reality television is such a special talent.
The likeability and popularity of ‘Duck Dynasty‘s’ Phil Robertson stem from his quick wit and honest assessment of situations that arise in reality television.