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Puff Quotes

We’ve collected the best Puff Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Sean Combs, Mase, Rihanna, French Montana, Ashleigh Banfield. Use them as an inspiration.

This whole Puff Daddy thing has taken a toll on me.
I don’t want to be a rap star. I want you to see me and just say, ‘That’s Mase,’ not ‘That’s Puff Daddy and Mase,’ you know.
I don’t like cream puff, corny guys. Usually, they are the nice guys, the ones that won‘t hurt you. They’ll pull out the chair for you and the whole nine yards. Everything is perfect and boring.
I don’t want to sound like Ross; I don’t want to sound like Puff. I want to make my own music: French Montana.
We didn’t see what happened after mortars landed, only the puff of smoke. There were horrors that were completely left out of this war. So was this journalism? Or was this coverage?
Ashleigh Banfield
If I could have anybody I haven‘t had, I’d want to interview somebody like Jay-Z or Puff Daddy, pick their minds a little bit.
I learned how music works dealing with Jermaine Dupri, and I learned how image works dealing with Puff Daddy.
The problem with cosmetic surgery is that people who have it can only see how they look in the mirror. They don’t realise how weird they look from other angles. I particularly hate the injections that puff out the face, which are hideous.
I was a rapper. The reason I stopped rapping was because I realized that people wanted guys like Puff Daddy. That’s not what I do. I quit. That was it. I had to sacrifice for my choice. I said, ‘Forget it. I’ll be a producer.’ Nobody was going to make me do anything.
The honors of this world, what are they but puff, and emptiness, and peril of falling?
Puff always does great collaborations, it’s just you need that flair to make it work.
I felt like for what I needed, Bad Boy got me… they got me covered. Especially Puff, man. He’s going to be the first billionaire rap entertainer. At the end of the day, they need me. Other artists-labels don’t need me, but Bad Boy and Puff needs me. And I need them. It goes both ways.
One minute you’re invited to Puff Daddy’s party, the next you’re at a bash with Donald Trump, Kevin Costner and all these movie stars. Sometimes you had to pinch yourself and ask, what’s a girl from the Peak District doing here?’
Is being negative more journalistic for some reason? I don’t know. But I don’t set out to make puff pieces and I don’t set out to be blindly positive. I just can’t do a movie about something I don’t care about.
Each of us should think of the future. Every puff on a cigarette is another tick closer to a time bomb of terrible consequences. Christopher Hitchens didn’t care about the consequences of smoking cigarettes. Tragically, he died of throat cancer in December 2011.
I always wanted my work to speak for itself, and have opportunities to do interesting work and not just puff pieces.
Amanda Fuller
Who I was was not acceptable to black L.A. youth: the way I spoke and my sense of humor. Everybody else had relaxers and pressed hair. I wore my hair in an Afro puff. Nappy. The way I dressed. It was all about name brands at the time in L.A. I had no idea. All those things, I failed miserably at.
Everyone who knows Puff knows Puff rolls with himself. His hustle is money. That’s what he does.
There’s people who I admire like… Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy, Master P, people who built their stuff and are still going.
I get asked to read new works a lot, in the hope that I will give a quotation and I will only give a ‘puff’ for a book I truly love.
Peter James
Growing up I was listening to Puff and Biggie.
I miss being able to play my instruments – I’m too much of a physical wreck these days. Playing the vibraphone gives me backache, leg ache, and everything-else ache, and the asthma means I no longer have enough puff to play harmonica.
Kenny Baker
I have a pet lizard named Puff, five goldfish – named Pinky, Brain, Jowels, Pearl and Sandy, an oscar fish named Chef, two pacus, an albino African frog named Whitey, a bonsai tree, four Venus flytraps, a fruit fly farm and sea monkeys.
Their spirits and their visions are embodied in their craft. And so is mine. It’s not Jane Saw Puff. But the clarity of Jane Saw Puff is precious to me.
Sharon Olds
Why on earth is the ‘New Yorkerpublishing puff pieces about pretty girls who go to parties? Does the ‘New Yorker’ ever run photos of cute boys just because they’re cute and they come from money and they go to lots of parties?
I’m the only artist who got paid by Puff, like really, really, paid.
Whether it be cereal technology or candy technology or snack technology, puff snacks, I’m always curious to know how those things are made and how we can take that technology, those ingredients, and apply it to a stand-alone restaurant.
If you’re not the guy who is going to puff your chest out like a rooster and go fight somebody, our society discards you.
Kids feel like they have to puff up or shrink. These reclusive qualities begin to develop because you feel that who you are is going to either be accepted or rejected by your family and friends.
It’s a big chip on my shoulder that I have not been to any of his parties – P. Diddy, Diddy Puff. But he was super nice to me. And he does look sharp, that guy. Doesn’t ever go wrong with a suit.
Puff is more of a mentor rather than someone who’s directly involved in my movement or helping me put my album together. It’s not like me and him party together. He’s definitely more of, like, a mentor.
I have been a fan of Versace for so long, watching people like Biggie, Puff, Jay-Z.
I didn’t study no rappers when I was coming up. I was studying moguls. I was studying Jay Z. I was studying Puff. I was studying Master P.
I can’t even say Puff and me are like brothers, ’cause we closer than that.
I’ve always called Puff like the greatest promotion person in this world – for himself and for his artists – better than anybody I’ve ever seen in my life.