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Publicity Quotes

We’ve collected the best Publicity Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jimmy Breslin, Campbell Scott, Sammy Davis, Jr., Kate Thompson, Joe Paterno. Use them as an inspiration.

As far as getting publicity whenever he wants it, Trump is the white Al Sharpton.
I know it’s good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children.
If you want to get known as a singer you hire five sexy chicks and let them fight over you onstage and for the cameras. That’s publicity, man.
Writers want publicity all the time, and they are always nagging their agents and publishers to give them more publicity, but, when you get it, it’s kind of soul-destroying.
Kate Thompson
Publicity is like poison; it doesn’t hurt unless you swallow it.
Biographies of me have usually been compiled from old newspaper clips, untruthful publicity stories, and reminiscences of people who claim to have known me well.
Hollywood sold its stars on good looks and personality buildups. We weren’t really actresses in a true sense, we were just big names – the products of a good publicity department.
Ann Sothern
I will say I remember the best thing in terms of publicity was being on the cover of Newsweek.
At Knopf, we look at each book on a case-by-case basis… in some cases, we think a writer might get a boost from an endorsement by a fellow writer, but in other cases, a new book will be better served by other means, such as publicity and reviews.
Publishers were ever eager for authors to do their own publicity because nobody else was willing to do it for nothing. But then it became clear that if you want somebody to champion the story, there’s nobody better than the person who made it all up.
One of the strange things about doing publicity is that a mistake in a newspaper profile long ago is repeated and amplified over time.
New York is the place where they bind books and write blurbs and arrange the publicity and print the galleys… But Chicago is the place where the book is lived out before it is bound and the song is sung before it is recorded.
Every democracy is constructed day-to-day. And the electoral process reduces and minimalizes every single aspect of human complexity. We’re putting it into pamphlets. We’re doing a publicity show. We’re becoming symbols.
I know actors who court personal publicity because they believe no publicity is bad publicity.
I know a lot of actors use media just to garner publicity. I keep away from all this.
I was protected from a lot of publicity and politics of life.
The ALS ice bucket challenge was really the most brilliant publicity stunt of 2014, and it has brought worldwide awareness for a barely-known disease.
I do not know of any credible evidence that suggests Dr. Zavos can clone a human being. This seems to be yet another one of his claims to get publicity.
It helps when 1 can send the children off to their fathers so I can support my new book with a national publicity tour. I started writing the book when my daughter was 5. It took me almost four years.
Meg Tilly
My dad doesn’t give me any advice about how to handle publicity.
The combination of Ponzi’s huge personality and the enormous if brief success of his scheme, combined with the tremendous publicity which surrounded it, is ultimately what attached his name to it.
If celebs try to do something good, people think it is a publicity stunt and if they do without showing it, they don’t get credit.
Actually, 19 is in charge of our career at that point. FOX publicity is in charge of the publicity that we get. I’m fine with it, it is really organized.
Long before social media and even television, enterprising wrestling promoters wisely scouted and signed new stars that would not only help them sell tickets, but also garner publicity from mainstream sports media.
I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt.
I’ve had enough publicity for 15 lives.
You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity.
Thomas Wolfe
Fact is, awards shows were never really about recognizing achievement. They were a publicity ploy cooked up in the late 1920s by MGM topper Louie Mayer and his newly formed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which was itself, back in the day, nothing but a front organization to discourage unionizing.
It’s certainly not just a spot opinion; it’s something that obviously has been building up for years. It is also very good for publicity, and it is the kind of recognition that maybe will help financially, also.
Dexter Gordon
Audience response to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back in the ’60s – well, I was frankly surprised by the show’s success and the attendant publicity for David and myself.
Now, if there was one woman in the world who didn’t need publicity, who always had too much publicity, it was me.
I do a lot of sexy publicity, but I have yet to have any bad experiences regarding jealousy.
The art of publicity is a black art; but it has come to stay, and every year adds to its potency.
Learned Hand
I never had any real expectations about what sort of success I would have or all the publicity.
You don’t do charity work for publicity. Well, I know I don’t. Everybody’s different.
To be honest, I am not happy about all the publicity.
Jean Alesi
In my days, players were only thinking about publicity during holiday and on rest days.
Sometimes the media twists your words, and they say things to get a headline, and it’s not necessarily what came out of your mouth, and they take things out of context 90 percent of the time. But I guess – any publicity is good publicity, I guess.
I don’t believe in publicity before a film is completed. It costs you money and wastes your energy, and you’re inflating your balloon before you have a balloon.
There are two types of films – one made by the big-time producers, the other is low budget stuff made by some producers who make films for the heck of it, they complete their films for small amounts, sell it at low costs with almost no publicity.
Ajay Devgan
People got to know us from hearing us live because there wasn’t much publicity or radio airplay for a long time.
There are very few good ways to get publicity for a dictionary.
For publicity purposes, everything gets simplified, and the fact that I wear glasses and am somewhat bookish makes me a geek. That’s fine; there needs to be a shorthand, but there are important geek traits that I don’t really share.
‘The Food Network‘ was just starting in New York, and I was getting lots of attention from Mesa Grill. They had no money, so if you couldn’t get there by subway, you couldn’t be on. It wasn’t like TV was something I really wanted to do – but I knew it would be great publicity for my restaurants.

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