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Public Service Quotes

We’ve collected the best Public Service Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Catherine Cortez-Masto, Kim Reynolds, John C. Calhoun, Amul Thapar, Joe Kennedy III. Use them as an inspiration.

Passion helps you in protecting the community, and public service will follow it. That has been my career. It is the passion that drives me to do what I do every day.
So often public service comes with sacrifice. A sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make each day.
There was no measure that required greater caution or more severe scrutiny than one to impose taxes or raise a loan, be the form what it may. I hold that government has no right to do either, except when the public service makes it imperiously necessary, and then only to the extent that it requires.
Everyone should think seriously about public service at some point.
Amul Thapar
Elective office and public service are obviously something that have long ties with my family, and something I’m definitely interested in.
I’m, you know, having begun my public service in state government. I very much respect the authority of states to make the decisions to provide for its citizen – the safety and welfare of its citizens.
I have always been very open about my respect for public service.
The truth is, through all these years of public service, the ‘service’ part has always come easier to me than the ‘public’ part.
I didn’t leave bodybuilding until I felt that I had gone as far as I could go. It will be the same with my film career. When I feel the time is right, I will then consider public service. I feel that the highest honor comes from serving people and your country.
During all my undergrad years and in high school, I was involved in tutoring and public service. At Harvard, I spent over 35 hours a week doing service. I was a Big Sister, I worked for the homeless, the elderly; it was the epicenter of my focus.
I had planned to spend my 40s continuing my public service and starting a family. I thought that by fighting for the people I cared about and loving those close to me, I could leave the world a better place.
For over 25 years, Lacy Clay has been a powerful voice for working families and a tireless advocate for the people of St. Louis. And throughout his long career in public service, I’ve considered Lacy a close personal friend.
Jay Nixon
Whether it’s the grind of the day to day, or a crisis, we all need to work together because that’s what great public service is all about.
When Trump started belittling him, Jeb reverted to Bush form. He couldn’t understand how anyone could question his noble pursuit of public service. In the face of Trump’s attacks, he looked hurt and stunned.
Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey.
Charles Edison
Public service has allowed me to put values my parents taught me into action.
Public service used to be the highest of callings, until people like Madame Voldemort vilified it.
Public service and community organizing and movement building is such a part of my DNA that it’s really hard to separate it.
I believe if a private citizen is able to affect public opinion in a constructive way he doesn’t have to be an elected public servant to perform a public service.
I’m going to explore the possibility that my future work could be in public service rather than corporate work.
Mike McGavick
In addition to fines, violators of decency standards could be required to air public service announcements serving educational and informational needs of children.
Charles W. Pickering
I will complete my second term, but I have made no decision as to my plans after Congress except that I will continue in public service, including as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve.
When I left SEIU, we had started this quality public service agenda to say to our members what I think the United Auto Workers learned: that quality is our only job security in the long run.
I am drawn to public service.
Sen. Sessions’ commitment to public service is nearly unparalleled in Alabama history, and his departure from the Senate leaves tremendous shoes to fill.
The BBC’s television, radio and online services remain an important part of British culture and the fact the BBC continues to thrive amongst audiences at home and abroad is testament to a professional and dedicated management team who are committed to providing a quality public service.
I don’t want to do anything that capitalizes personally on the fact that I’ve been in public service.
I wrote a song that basically turned into a public service announcement for the fellas out there, like, ‘Should you run into this type of woman, run for your life!’ So the name of the song is ‘Run,’ featuring the rapper ScHoolboy Q. It’s one of the standouts on the album, in my personal opinion.
I was always more interested in public service. What I discovered is you could practice law and be a public servant.
Stopping bad things is a significant public service.
My professional life has been about public service. My personal life I define very intently through my family.
I was raised in a family dedicated to public service.
Diane S. Sykes
The PML-N is committed to public service mission, and it will continue to outcome every hurdle in our way.
When you think in terms of public service, I heard so much about what Mother Theresa had done in her life. And I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet her and talk to her a lot about what motivates her and what drives her. And that, to me, is a person that really is an extraordinary role model.
Our railways maintain a healthy economy and society. They keep businesses running and families close. They’re a vital public service and must be treated as such.
If, in the schools, the classical language would no longer be taught, whom could we entrust with the writing of memorials, documents, letters and notes in the public service? How could we possibly assign important offices and heavy responsibilities to someone who cannot even write fluently?
I did grow up in a household where the narrative was about public service and how are you going to effect change and help people. I’m so glad I grew up around that narrative, but I never had the calling to go out and shake hands and try to get elected.
My agenda for national public service would provide a pathway to the middle class for all Americans and would ensure that those who dedicate themselves to their communities are rewarded for their efforts.
I’m very goal-oriented. I do see myself doing something in public service.
I think journalism is a great way to do public service, to have an impact on your community.
My approach to public service is straightforward: I fight every day for New Jersey families, small businesses, veterans, and seniors and work to change the way business is done in Washington.
Throughout my life, I’ve always believed that the sole purpose of public service is to improve the lives of the people around us. From the Freeport Town Council to serving as Speaker of the State House, I’ve kept that sense of purpose close to my heartconsistently and passionately asking myself how we make progress.
Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.
Because the majority of my readers are women, I feel that one public service I can provide to them is to spread the message of regular mammograms and early detection within the strip.
I’m actually in the process of running from office. I’ve got so much access and ability to do so much great social outreach and public service as a private person.
The candidates we have in this campaign are… the most accomplished, in terms of public service, that we’ve had since 1960. One of them will be successful.
Retired public service workers make up the backbone of the middle class in so many of our communities.
I want the BBC to be a mass market public service broadcaster still funded by the licence fee… and the licence fee is more durable than many people in the commercial sector believe.
Gavyn Davies
What drives people to public service is a sense of possibility. If you haven‘t sensed that possibility you don’t get started in the same way, you don’t feel you can have an impact.
Henry Hampton
An intuitive part of the American ethos is a kind of protectiveness of the public’s fear. We have to remember how unique that is. As scandal-ridden as we may be, we start with a basic expectation that it’s not your job in public service to use it to help your friend.
I’m extremely proud of my family’s record of public service to Massachusetts and the nation.
In 1984, Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to serve as a legislative intern in his office in Washington, D.C. Coming from humble beginnings, the experience changed my life and charted me on a path of public service.
I will not seek reelection the United States Senate but will retire from public service in January 2013. There is no reason other than the fact than I think it’s time.
Jon Kyl
I’ve always tried to set some kind of goal. I want to be better than anybody in the banking business, and when I ran the Highway Department in Georgia, I wanted it to be the best in the country. And of course, I have a high sense of public service.
Bert Lance
Two truths are all too often overshadowed in today’s political discourse: Public service is a most honorable pursuit, and so is bipartisanship.
My proposal that Fed governors should signal their commitment to public service by wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts has so far gone unheeded.
I am enormously honored to be one of the spokesmen of the New Age Womens Health Campaign, so you’ll be seeing me in public service announcements and public appearances supporting the campaign.
We need the best and the brightest to go into public service.
I’m truly worried about the country’s direction. I can tell you this categorically, we’ve got the weakest president and the weakest governor in the history of my 50 years of public service.
Fritz Hollings
Antiques Roadshow’ is a public service. It reflects the nation back to itself, as does ‘Question Time.’
Going back to high school and college, I believed I would be involved in public service. I literally could not conceptualize anything else.
I fought as an infantry Marine on one of the Vietnam War‘s harshest battlefields. After leaving the Marine Corps, I studied law and found a fulfilling career as an author and journalist. But again and again, I came back to the personal fulfillment that can only come from public service.
I’m not in public service, nor do I ever plan to be, but I give back in my own way.
Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.
My whole life has been dedicated to public service.
My great hope for my speck of time on this planet would be that I live and die, and that what I leave behind has made some kind of impression and has been for the better in terms of my family and friends and, in my case, public service.
In a city that is barely getting by with its small budget, something like illegal immigration can be the difference from being able to provide the level of public service that people expect.
Lou Barletta
While most of my public service work centers on improving our schools and fixing our broken immigration system, I also strongly stand for personal freedom.
Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation.
Margaret Chase Smith
What’s happened to broadcasting is that broadcasting really used to be… it used to have a very clear public service quotient. And it’s more or less now. And it’s been lost.
I didn’t get into acting to be a public service announcer or an advocate and yet, by virtue of this show and how we handle the subject matter that we’ve been given, that’s kind of how it’s evolved in certain ways.
Every man who says frankly and fully what he thinks is doing a public service.
Leslie Stephen
I don’t know if I would ever truly want somebody‘s life in my hands. I think what these people, what doctors and nurses and public service employees do on a day-to-day basis, is unreal, and it takes a special type of person to do that – and I don’t think I’m that type of person. I’m happy to play one on TV.
Which is supposed to mean they’re doing something in their broadcasting they would not do is they were simply out to maximize profit; if they were really public service institutions, not purely profit maximizing institutions.
In 1999 and 2000, when I was a young editorial writer at the ‘Post’, the ‘Post’ won the public service medal two years running.
My firm belief is that people who aspire to public service should have the best advice up front, as they decide whether to run and the people decide whether to support them.
What motivated me to dedicate myself to public service for nearly two-thirds of my life was the chance to produce results for those people who entrusted me to be their voice and their champion.
I want a president with a record of public service: someone whose life’s work shows our children that we don’t chase form and fortune for ourselves; we fight to give everyone a chance to succeed.
By the same token, I think news has more and more of a pro bono aspect to all the networks. When we do our election coverages throughout this coming year, it’s not a money-maker for us. It is more of a public service situation.
The difference between burlesque and the newspapers is that the former never pretended to be performing a public service by exposure.
I. F. Stone
For me, getting young people engaged in politics and public service is really one of the most fun things that I get to do.
I’ll put my conservative record up against anybody’s record. I have a 10-year career in public service, and I’m proud of the things I’ve been able to accomplish.
When I first ran for public office, it was with the passion and idealism of a young man who believed that government could help make our lives better, that public service was a calling and that citizenship demanded responsibilities. There was a greater good.
I like to think of film-making not just as an act of personal self-aggrandisement but rather as an act of public service.
My plans were to practice law and then possibly go into public service.
Public service is a core value for people of my generation.
I do believe we have to understand why reality turned out to be different than expectations and estimates. But you have more public service – certainly many of you – than I have ever had, and you recognize that this is not unusual.
Comey is an extraordinarily gifted man who has contributed much during his many years of public service.
All I know is, I think I would like to continue to do public service.
I am a woman with a calling for social struggle and public service.
In the end, Ted Kennedy was a politician, plain and simple. Yet he embodied how politics and public service can be successfully intertwined. You can’t be a good public servant without being a good politician. Kennedy was both.
I’ve dedicated my life in public service to defeating climate change.
Sometimes you’re going to run because you want to elevate an issue. Sometimes you’re going to run because you want to do public service, and it’s a way to not only tell the community what you care about what you want to achieve, but you’re making a commitment.
I’ve been so blessed to be part of a family that has dedicated its life to public service.
As a matter of fact, even when I finished law school, I had no notion of public service then.
Confrontational or not, my approach to public service has always been fighting for my families.
Whatever you may think of Mrs. Clinton as a character, I think she believes quite strongly in public service.
The ideal post-Trump politician will, at the very least, be a deeply serious figure with a strong record of public service behind her.
Growing up, I was encouraged to get a good education, get a real job doing something I enjoyed, and, should the opportunity present itself, consider public service as just that: a chance to serve, not an end in itself.
When I decided to run for Congress, I saw it as an opportunity to serve the South Jersey community that had become my home after signing to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. I didn’t choose public service out of political ambition or a desire for power, and never once thought of making a career of it.
Jon Runyan
I fought as an infantry Marine on one of the Vietnam War‘s harshest battlefields. After leaving the Marine Corps, I studied law and found a fulfilling career as an author and journalist. But again and again, I came back to the personal fulfillment that can only come from public service.
I’ve found my sweet spot here in public service.
Tim Walberg
Frankly, no issue is worth shutting down the government and denying pay to those committed to public service.
Throughout my career in public service, the residents I have had the privilege of fighting for have embraced who I am, especially my Palestinian roots. This is what I want to bring to the United States Congress: an unapologetic display of the fabric of the people in this country.
There’s a tradition of public service in my family. I’m one of three boys that joined the military. My father was in the Peace Corps.
I don’t want to run for governor, but I don’t think anyone should put public service out of the question because that’s not what a good citizen does.
I see myself in public service in Zimbabwe. I would prefer an advisory role – cabinet secretary, minister of trade or the arts, or something like that. I don’t want to be just a writer.
I passionately support Hillary Clinton for president because she has devoted her life to public service and has been willing to learn and change along the way by listening to the people she serves.
I like to think that I am providing a public service to educate parents.
In Romania, we have pledged to create a modern public service: well-educated, appropriately rewarded and above all, de-politicized.
I learned that public service is a privilege that must be based on moral foundations.
I feel that public service is so important and giving back, being a role model and helping people in need is something that I would love to do.
At the end of the day, you are judged by your character. And look, I’m proud of my record of working to help people throughout my years of public service.
The Granite State has a long and proud tradition of public service, and we have to ensure that it stays that way for generations to come.
Public service is a part of who I am, having grown up in a family of politicians.
As a husband and as a father of girls, I cannot imagine any woman in my family making the sacrifice of sanity required to run for office. The limited reward for public service cannot blunt the cost.
And you realise you’re doing a public service in making people happy – as a musician you can give people something a doctor, a lawyer, a politician cannot give them that. It’s not scientific. It’s spiritual – a good feeling. And although you don’t know them personally, the audience are like your friends.
Billy Ocean
The notion that public service requires men and women of good character now seems quaint.
After Joe passed away in the war, it seemed only natural that Jack and Bobby and then Teddy might pursue office as well. Public service was part of our DNA from our earliest years.
I have had a career in public service.
Scott McClellan
One of the best lessons I learned early is that not everything in life is about you. It is about service. If you want trips and excessive gifts, then don’t get into public service.
Vice President Mondale was an individual deeply devoted to public service.
Our officers work tirelessly on the front lines every day and truly embody the spirit of selflessness and public service found only in the bravest amongst us. We are forever grateful for their continued courage and sacrifice.
I can assure you, public service is a stimulating, proud and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully.
Washington was a swamp. It was not somewhere that they believed people would want to go, so the idea was that people got involved as a public service, not to make a career out of it.
After seven extraordinary and fulfilling years, during which we have transformed TalkTalk’s customer experience and laid the foundations for long-term growth, I’ve decided it’s time for me to start handing over the reins at TalkTalk and focus more on my activities in public service.
My grandfather Prescott passed down the idea that you would only run for office after you had built a financial base – then it was time to give back and go into public service.
Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey.
Charles Edison
I started out in public service in 1998 after the Asian financial crisis of ’97.
I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing Jeff for over 25 years. He’s been a dear friend and a mentor, and there is no finer person in public service than Jeff Sessions. He’s conducted himself with the greatest integrity of any public official I’ve ever met.
Without question, my grandfather’s example of public service throughout his life inspired Dad later to run for office himself. Wherever he went, whatever he did, Prescott Bush had plenty of admirers.
My grandmother had great influence on me. She was secretary of state in the 1970’s, and that’s when I was born. She showed me the importance of public service, and she was admired by people regardless of their political party.
Stephanie Herseth
While service in the Department of Justice is itself one of the highest forms of public service, the Department further strides to increase access to justice for all and to strengthen our communities.
Graphic public service announcements about texting and driving or drinking and driving serve a purpose: to see the imagery in your mind so your behavior will change.
I grew up in a family that was committed to service, to reaching out and helping others. That’s what inspired me to work in public service.
I think I’ve been very, very lucky in my life, and I do believe in public service.
I urge the enactment of a civil service law so explicit and so strong that no partisan official will dare evade it, basing all rewards, promotions and salaries solely on merit, on loyalty and industry in the public service.
Arthur Capper
In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay.
Mario Diaz-Balart
We recognised Urdu as the second official language and made it a medium of examination in all Bihar Public Service Commission tests.
Lalu Prasad Yadav
I grew up in a family that was committed to service, to reaching out and helping others. That’s what inspired me to work in public service.
Zero Dark Thirty‘ is a great piece of filmmaking and does a valuable public service by raising difficult questions most Hollywood movies shy away from, but as of this writing, it seems that one of its central themes – that torture was instrumental to tracking down bin Laden – is not supported by the facts.