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Predicted Quotes

We’ve collected the best Predicted Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Will Ferrell, Jimmy Page, Julia Ormond, Marshall Curry, Seth. Use them as an inspiration.

‘Elf’ has become this big holiday movie, and I remember running around the streets of New York in tights saying, ‘This could be the last movie I ever make,’ and I could never have predicted that it’d become such a popular film.
Nobody could have predicted the effect of John Bonham’s drum introduction on ‘Good Times, Bad Times,’ because no matter what he’d played in before, he’d never had the chance to flex his muscles and play like John Bonham.
It was a fantastic learning experience and OK, I got slammed because I wasn’t Audrey Hepburn but you could have predicted that, really, if you’d opened your eyes wide enough.
Julia Ormond
To me, the best projects are the ones where you have a pretty good idea of what the spine of it’s gonna be, but then all sorts of things happen that you could’ve never predicted, and those are the magic moments of the films.
Comics are given serious attention now and I’m quite surprised. You see them reviewed in major newspapers and exhibited in serious museums. I wouldn’t have predicted it.
From daycare to graduation, our education system stacks the odds against the poor. Predicted grades is just one of many hurdles that are set a little higher for those whose parents do not have the money to smooth their path in life or the inside knowledge of how the system works.
If you look at the Bible almost everything that was predicted, maybe everything, has come to pass.
It is not that Covid is going to impede the progress of humanity. It is not as much a changing event as it was being predicted, according to me.
The financial benefits of prefabrication have never been as large as its advocates predicted, for although some labor costs can be reduced by machine manufacturing, on-site assembly of any building still depends to some extent on the handwork of skilled craftsmen.
The reality is that our Founders always predicted that one day there would be a president like Trump, and that’s why they designed the system of government the way they designed it.
Tests conducted before I graduated predicted a future for me in journalism, forestry, or the teaching of music; persons who know me well could recognize some truth in those seemingly errant prognoses.
J. Michael Bishop
When Durant was in college, I predicted on ‘First Take’ he would lead the NBA in scoring and began calling him my favorite player.
I think a lot of people have predicted the demise of cash, and they’ve frequently been wrong. But there’s no question that the smartphone is leading to the digitization of money. You really now have all the power of a bank branch in the palm of your hand.
Instapaper is much bigger today than I could have predicted in 2008, and it has simply grown far beyond what one person can do. To really shine, it needs a full-time staff of at least a few people.
Marco Arment
The whole freedom-of-speech thing is great. But I don’t think that our Founding Fathers predicted social media when they created all of these amendments and stuff.
An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today.
In 1969, John Iliopoulos and Luciano Maiani came to Harvard as research fellows. Together, we found the arguments that predicted the existence of charmed hadrons.
No one could have predicted on day one of rehearsals, that a year and a half later we would have shot a film and all be living in New York. It was surreal.
Of course, I always hoped Squid Game would do well. But no one could have predicted it would be this big. In just one month, everything changed.
You can plan, but what happens on a football field cannot be predicted.
I never predicted that I’d be a comedian, but it was something that came so naturally to me. I just felt good doing it.
Omar Sy
I’ve gone from the edgy girl to the girl you call for H&M and L’Oreal, which is something neither I nor the myriad agencies that rejected me when I tried to get signed could have predicted.
So many men have so many times predicted the time of the end of the Rebellion, and been mistaken, that I will not do so now; but I can say it will be very soon, if the old regiments are filled up.
Ambrose Burnside
My early years were hardly a model of focus, discipline, and direction. No one who met me as a teenager could have imagined my going into research and making important discoveries. No one could have predicted the arc of my career.
It was a crazy series, 1960. The Yankees were predicted to beat us four straight. And on paper, we couldn’t match them because they had better players. But we also had twenty-five guys that wanted to win, and we did everything we could to win.
A self-fulfilling prophecy is an assumption or prediction that, purely as a result of having been made, cause the expected or predicted event to occur and thus confirms its ownaccuracy.’
Paul Watzlawick
When wireless cellphones first came out, analysts predicted that at peak, it would only replace 5% of landlines. They said the quality wasn’t good enough. Clearly that was improved. I think you’ll find a similar thing in solar.
Once many in the media finally began paying attention to the Wuhan coronavirus in a non-dismissive way, they swung wildly into another direction of hyping models that predicted millions of dead Americans, and millions of dead in other countries.
I take chances. I don’t limit myself. I don’t think anybody who listens to Boston would have predicted hearing a female rapper on the beginning of the songSail Away.’ But that’s what fit.
The success that Pantera had, I could have never, ever forecasted or predicted, and I always felt a responsibility to try to pay even a bit of it forward.
I don’t plan my life or analyse things. Nothing can be predicted about the future, no one can put a finger on what’s going to be the next big thing. Why bother?
If that enabled us to predict the succeeding situation with the same approximation, that is all we require, and we should say that the phenomenon had been predicted, that it is governed by the laws.
Interestingly, a number of the people I know – probably you do, too – who predicted that Trump would win were precisely Russians and Ukrainians who found the political style familiar and just asked, ‘Well, why couldn’t it work there?’ They were the ones who turned out to be right.
The electron can no longer be conceived as a single, small granule of electricity; it must be associated with a wave, and this wave is no myth; its wavelength can be measured and its interferences predicted.
Louis de Broglie
Once I was embraced by gay culture, I finally started to feel I was fitting in. I was understood by those people in a way I had never predicted or courted.
It wasn’t nice having to work full-time. It’s a rise that I wouldn’t have predicted, but it’s a good example for younger players of what can be achieved.
What was done is measure directly, with exquisitely sensitive instruments, gravitational waves predicted about 100 years ago by Albert Einstein. These waves are a new way to study the universe and are expected to have significant impact on astronomy and astrophysics in the years ahead.
To think that guys who grew up in the ’60s would make a miniseries supporting the idea that Oswald acted alone is something I certainly wouldn’t have predicted. But time and evidence can change the way we view things.
Gary Goetzman
‘Sherlock’ is one of the biggest things I will do, ever – we could never have predicted that level of insanity around the series.
As I predicted, young people who overwhelmingly didn’t want Brexit have turned out in their droves and exacted revenge on a generation of Leavers who they believe stole their future while enjoying generous pensions as they denied them the first rung on the property ladder.
Miss Rice talks very tough. We have gotten used to this nonsense. Miss Rice is a bit emotional about this, and we predicted that she would have a more emotional approach to this.
We found that process praise predicted the child‘s mindset and desire for challenge five years later.
I don’t think American poetry has gotten any better in the past 35 years. Oddly enough, creative writing programs seem to have been good for fiction, and I would not have predicted that.
Look at what has occurred in history. When the Berlin Wall fell, it was not surprising, but it was unexpected. Who predicted the Arab Spring? Nobody expected it, but all the ingredients were there. I think all the ingredients are also there for Quebec to become a country. But when? That’s another question.
Gilles Duceppe
With ‘Arrested Development,’ we tried showing the deep disdain that connects a family. We wanted to hold up a mirror to American society. And, just as predicted, America looked away.
Email did precisely what I predicted, back in 1978, it took over the postal mail process and system of writing letters.
I always figured I would live long enough to see a black president. The movies predicted it. Usually, Morgan Freeman.
People like me and Aretha Franklin and Joe Tex, we had predicted that inside of five years disco would be all over, that it was just a fad. But we didn’t anticipate being knocked out of the pocket altogether.
There is no way I could have predicted the amazing reception and support that ‘Quantico’ has received this season or even the way that I have been welcomed into the fold here in America.
I have covered Israeli hostage and M.I.A. cases for more than 15 years, including the covert ways in which Israel’s powerful espionage agencies operate to bring soldiers home alive or dead. Over that time, the issue has come to dominate public discourse to a degree that no one could have predicted.
I took a huge risk leaving baseball, because I was predicted to play in the big leagues. I’m kind of a prototypical second baseman.
To me, the most exciting thing about the discovery of the Higgs particle is that its existence was predicted fifty years before its discovery through experiment.
Ashoke Sen
I think bubbles are things people see with 20/20 hindsight. If you look at any particular period where prices go up and then they go down, you will always find people who predicted that they would go down. Those are the people you pay attention to.
The Planck satellite may detect the imprint of the gravitational waves predicted by inflation. This would be quantum gravity written across the sky.
Our lives sometimes depend on computers performing as predicted.
Philip Emeagwali
The invention of gas and electric heaters has not meant the end of fireplaces. Printing did not end penmanship, television did not kill radio, movies did not kill theatre, and home videos did not kill movie theaters, although all these things were falsely predicted.
An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen.
Earl Wilson
I used to work a lot on food issues and every time somebody predicted that production would be inadequate they got egg on their face a year or two later.
People predicted in the 1910s that live theater was going to be all gone and that we’d just be watching movies. No, live theater is still around, because it does things that are specific to it.
I never could have predicted that I would have done something that could be called portraiture.
I noticed this process of waking, and predicted with terrifying logic that one of these years not far away I would be awake continuously and never slip back, and never be free of myself again.
Your future health can be predicted by the nutrient density of your diet.
2011 was a year in which events rarely turned out as predicted, and when much of the world seemed shrouded in turmoil and uncertainty. It was difficult for government analysts back in Washington to know just where they were on the map, let alone where they were heading.
I have lived long enough to witness the vanishing of wild mammals, butterflies, mayflies, songbirds and fish that I once feared my grandchildren would not experience: it has all happened faster than even the pessimists predicted.
We didn’t lose as many lives as had been predicted although we’re still in the process of finding those we lost.
Kathleen Blanco
Science is defined in various ways, but today it is generally restricted to something which is experimental, which is repeatable, which can be predicted, and which is falsifiable.
The most important advances, the qualitative leaps, are the least predictable. Not even the best scientists predicted the impact of nuclear physics, and everyday consumer items such as the iPhone would have seemed magic back in the 1950s.
The mark of a really great satire is its ability to seem prophetic, and I think that the television culture that film predicted really came true in the age of reality television and is a testament to how great it really is.
I read a newspaper article in May 1984 which predicted that syringes would one day be a major cause of the transmission of HIV. It was what I had been waiting for – a project that had a lot of the things that I liked: problem-solving, product design, campaigning, and being a bit of a big mouth pain-in-the-bum.
Marc Koska
Years ago, I predicted that Iran would take over Iraq. Iran and Iraq used to fight back and forth.
Donald Trump
Few, if any, political analysts predicted the Arab Spring. The raw energy of millions of protestors in the streets of Tunis and Cairo came as a surprise to many who believed that Arabs were essentially reconciled to their governments and non-democratic rule.
Let’s face it. Nobody predicted Trump. He’s a fairytale nightmare that none of us could possibly have imagined. Shame on those 63 million who – especially those Obama voters who crossed over and voted, shame on them for putting this idiot in the White House.
I couldn’t have predicted the business would be worth so much. I could see that we would have this sort of market share, but I didn’t realise the numbers would be so large.
When I was younger, I talked to the adults around me that I respected most about how they got where they were, and none of them plotted a course they could have predicted, so it seemed a waste of time to plan too long-term. Since then, I’ve always gone on my instincts.
The increasing frequency of extreme weather events, droughts and floods is in line with what climate scientists have been predicting for decades – and evidence is mounting that what’s happening is more severe than predicted, and will get far worse still if we fail to act.
There’s no way anybody could have predicted how fast this industry would take off.
Life changed at 40 for me, as predicted by my acting teacher when I was leaving college. I became more hirable and more interesting… I’m not sure why.
Roger Bart
Predicting has a spotty record in science fiction. I’ve had some failures. On the other hand, I also predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of fundamentalist Islam… and I’m not happy to be right in all of those cases.
I’ve never landed in a series that I could have dreamt in my life. That’s why, when people say, ‘Well what are roles you’re dying to play?’ I say, I don’t even have such a list, because everything that’s ever been great that I had a shot at came completely out of the blue. I could not have predicted it.