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Predecessor Quotes

We’ve collected the best Predecessor Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Rachel Cusk, Shane Douglas, Tariq Ali, Michael Hayden, Cody Rhodes. Use them as an inspiration.

I have no sense of a model or predecessor when I write a memoir: For me, the form exists as a method of processing material that retains too many connections to life to be approached strictly and aesthetically. A memoir is a risk, a one-off, a bastard child.
I got my break in the business with the now-defunct Bill Watts’ TWF, the old Mid-South. Which was really, in many ways, the predecessor to ECW in its time, in that age. It was a really cool, high-impact, snug type of product.
In 1962, President Kennedy expanded an earlier trade embargo put in place by a predecessor, President Eisenhower, to a total economic blockade, which pushed the Cubans further in Moscow‘s direction.
A significant U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan has been continuous since October 2001, and President Obama‘s short-livedsurge‘ in 2009 was a continuation of his predecessor’s buildup there.
ThinThread was not the program of record of my predecessor, Ken Minihan, OK. I did not make ThinThread the program of record while I was director. After I left in 2005, Keith Alexander also chose not to make ThinThread the program of record.
I think I was always so resistant to coloring my hair because, you know, when my dad was still alive, it’s so easy for a second- or third-generation wrestler to just copy their predecessor. The hardest thing you can do is try and carve out your own legacy.
The United States has already experienced the danger of flawed refugee vetting as well as the potential for refugees to be radicalized once they are here. In 2011, two Iraqi refugees were arrested in Kentucky for conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals abroad in support of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor to ISIL.
I used to say I never talk about my successor, neither about my predecessor.
The Sun‘s magnetic field reverses every 11 years. There have been a quarter of a million reversals since our predecessor, Homo Habilis, emerged, and they haven‘t killed us yet.
Donald Trump‘s United States is not isolationist. He has authorized the use of limited military force against the Syrian government in a manner his predecessor rejected.
On receiving from the people the sacred trust twice confided on my illustrious predecessor, and which he has discharged so faithfully and so well, I know that I can not expect to perform the arduous task with equal ability and success.
To equal a predecessor, one must have twice they worth.
We have a disturbing cultural appetite for novelty, and it seems to me wrong each new laureate should dislodge the ideas of his or her predecessor, especially when they’re still unfolding.
Louise Gluck
For Obama to save himself, he should be thinking about the example of an unlikely Republican predecessor: Richard Nixon.
Whatever part I’m playing, I always carry with me something that’s been used by an illustrious predecessor. I’m a great believer in a touching of hands. I have daggers belonging to Henry Irving and Sarah Siddons.
Donald Sinden
Being a native of Spain, the country to which I owe much of my education and cultural background, I was deeply influenced by my great predecessor Santiago Ramon y Cajal.
Severo Ochoa
Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, heavy-handedly provoked South American governments on any number of issues, including a rush to endorse the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela, which only worked to steel resistance and build solidarity.
Each new generation is reared by its predecessor; the latter must therefore improve in order to improve its successor. The movement is circular.
There’s a preponderance of scientists and engineers among China‘s rulers. New President Xi Jinping was trained as a chemical engineer. His predecessor, Hu Jintao, earned a degree in hydraulic engineering. His predecessor, Jiang Zemin, held a degree in electrical engineering.
The lesson of the last year is this: foreign policy can’t be managed through the politics of personality, and our President would do well to take note of an observation John F. Kennedy made once he was in office – that all of the world‘s problems aren’t his predecessor’s fault.
One of the biggest challenges for any new administration is contending with its predecessor’s priorities and beginning to advance its own.
Been trading up recently? You have, haven’t you? You’ll be squawking that you’re too rational, too busy and too socially concerned for any of that. But go through the fridgecome to think of it, what about the fridge itself? I bet it’s bigger than its predecessor.
In 1953, after the armistice ending the Korean War, South Korea lay in ruins. President Eisenhower was eager to put an end to hostilities that had left his predecessor deeply unpopular, and the war ended in an uneasy stalemate.
Pope Francis has stressed humility and austerity – a far cry, according to many, from the predecessor’s bling and Ferragamo shoesthose were pretty entertaining. And he’s translating all of that into a policy agenda.
Although the most amount of attention went to what happened in the United States and in Brexit, Cambridge Analytica and its predecessor, SCL Group, worked in countries around the world, particularly in the developing world, to manipulate elections for their clients. So it was global.
My predecessor, P. W. Botha, had an inner circle, and I did not like it. I preferred decisions to evolve out of cabinet discussions. That way, we achieved real co-ownership of our policies.
F. W. de Klerk
While ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2′ does quite a bit to fix the mistakes of its predecessor, it does very little to stand out on its own merits.
It is clear that my predecessor as First Minister is frightening the life out of the Tories and the Labour Party. Long may it continue.
Each novel is harder than its predecessor because I must work harder at not repeating myself. However, I enjoy the challenge. This is the greatest job in the world.
Jonathan Kellerman