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POW Quotes

We’ve collected the best POW Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: E-40, Bo Gritz, John Yoo, Richard Cohen, Rohan Marley. Use them as an inspiration.

In the early ’90s, Too Short was like one of the first dudes who kinda discovered Lil Jon. So I always used to see him at concerts and we’d pow wow – a good dude, you know?
I went overseas hoping to prove that all our POWs were home. I came back convinced that they were still alive.
Bo Gritz
Under the Geneva Convention, for example, a POW is required only to provide name, rank, and serial number and cannot receive any benefits for cooperating.
You have to admit that Trump is endlessly creative. He has insulted the disabled, the dead, the parents of the dead, women, Mexicans, Muslims, Asians, African Americans, former POWs, the media and, to get just a bit more specific, ‘The Post.’
I like hitting people. The best feeling is when you hit so hard, pow! You get a jarring headache.
American POWs from the last Iraq war, who were held prisoner and tortured by Iraq, are now being prevented by our government from suing the Iraqis who tortured them.
Very few people know anybody like John McCain, someone who suffered and had his body, yet not his spirit, broken for six years as a POW and who has served his nation.
The POW camps of North Vietnam were packed with Air Force and Naval Academy graduates. The six midshipmen in my Naval Academy class of 1968 who served as liaisons between the Marine Corps and the Brigade of Midshipmen later suffered nine Purple Hearts in Vietnam, and one man killed in action.
It takes time to understand the difference between civilian POWs and military POWs. There’s an educational process.
We didn’t expectBoom Boom Pow’ to come out the box and be so successful.
Sometimes, to stimulate your imagination you have to be careful you don’t have too much information. You can Google something, and it’s in your face, pow! You don’t have time to dream any more about it.
It was necessary to bluff the Japanese camp commanders, with whatever authority I could muster, that I had come officially to ensure that the surrender terms were being complied with and that living conditions for the POWs were being immediately improved.
Wilfred Burchett
I’ve buried six Guardian Angels who have been shot and killed in the line of duty. I was stalked myself, had a gunman go pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, five hollow point bullets, God save me. What do you think this is? This isn’t Zimmerman. But unfortunately, he’s become the face of Block Watch, Crime Watch.
Curtis Sliwa
I think I’ve started to have a lot more fun around snowboarding, even going out of the halfpipe and going to hit some jumps or getting some ‘pow.’ That definitely made it a lot more fun to me, just adding that much positivity into snowboarding.
In the winter of 1973, the American POWs held captive in Vietnam were released according to the terms of the Paris Peace Accords.
The final effort came when our reconnaissance team reported contact with the POWs and their guards by radio near midnight at a pre-arranged crossing site.
Bo Gritz
While Taliban fighters had an initial claim to protection under the conventions, they lost POW status by failing to obey the standards of conduct for legal combatants: wearing uniforms, a responsible command structure, and obeying the laws of war.