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Play Football Quotes

We’ve collected the best Play Football Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Thiago Alcantara, Edinson Cavani, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ashley Cole, Hector Bellerin. Use them as an inspiration.

I owe everything to Spain – that’s where I learned to write, to read, and to play football.
I am an athlete for Christ. That’s why I play for Him, to give Him glory, to thank Him for giving me the ability to play football.
My senior school didn’t play football. It was a rugby and cricket school, and as I was on a sports scholarship, I was forced to play rugby.
I have made mistakes and just have to live with it, but at the end of the day, I just want to play football.
People have different passions, people have hobbies, people have lives outside their job, and nowadays it seems like the only thing we are allowed to do is train and play football.
I haven‘t forgotten how to play football. But I need to play each weekend.
I’m just happy I get paid to train every day and play football. I can’t ask more than that.
From the age of seven, I knew I wanted to play football – I didn’t think about it in a professional sense in terms of making money from it; it was more about the social aspect of being with my friends and losing myself in the sport.
I want to prove to other people that I have something in my mind and intellectual qualities, not just the ability to play football.
It’s very warm there, so we were outdoors all the time. The local people had programs for us year-round, where as kids we had the opportunity to play football, basketball, baseball, track and field – we just went from one sport to the next, year-round.
Rafer Johnson
My parents were great at making sure I got out of bed when I needed to play football on a Sunday morning and that I was ready after school to go to training on a Tuesday and Thursday. But it was never forced upon me or rammed down my throat. If it had been, I could have ended up hating sport.
It’s alright people saying they get £100,000-a-week, they get paid well or whatever, but they want to play football.
I got Osgood-Schlatter disease in my knees because my bones were growing quicker than my muscles, and it’s hard to get out on the training pitch; then, afterwards, you’re in agony every single time you play football.
The Champions League was something very distant for us. I grew up in a very small town with 50,000 inhabitants, and it was a way of being able to watch my idols or people I admired play football on television.
I think people admire us for dedicating our lives to be professional athletes. But we need more people to come and watch club games; we need to encourage girls to play football from an early age.
I used to play football, and then my wife bought me a fishing rod.
If you’re going to play football, why not be the best at it that you can be and fulfill your potential?
As a kid, you just want to play football. For me one day it will end, but until the end I love getting the opportunity to go out there and play at a high level.
It’s not just about going to play football abroad: it’s a chance to live and work in a fantastic city like Barcelona.
When I started to play football as far I was concerned I just played football. I didn’t want all the stuff around it, the press and that.
I’m really just excited to play football. It’s a win-win situation for me. I just got to go out there and do what I do best. It’s what God blessed me to do, so I’ve got to do it.
I am a sporty person who loves to go to the gym, train, play football.
If you play NFL football, you play football, these are the consequences. There’s choices and consequences in life for everything. There’s consequences if you play football.
I would say, if you come out, they can’t take away how you play football. That was the thing for me: once I did come out, it’s not going to affect my diving. I can still perform, no matter what anybody else thinks of me. I’m judged for what I do in the diving pool.
It’s kind of nice, and rewarding, to have been on the journey from having to play football and work to being a professional.
It’s one of the reasons you play football, to make people happy.
I have always said I want to work harder so I can develop, learn, grow, and improve. I love to play football, and when I come on the pitch, I want to do my best to help the team. It’s up to the coach the position I play.
I want to play football, and I want to help the team. It doesn’t matter if I play midfield, if I play in defence, if I play as a striker.
I think every American boy should play soccer till the eighth grade. Then they should play football. American football.
When you are 30 years old, you want to play football.
All I ever wanted to do was play football. I was never one for revising, and I only left school with three O Levels.
A takeover or a player doing something wrong can take the focus away from what the most important thing is, which is to play football.
At the start, you don’t earn a great deal, so you have to work other jobs if you want to play football. When I was at Doncaster, I couldn’t solely do football. I had to work; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to live.
I would have liked to behave badly, to play football. I loved sport. But all my family were working for me to succeed.
I was meant to be a composer and will be I’m sure. Don’t ask me to try to forget this unpleasant thing and go play football – please.
Samuel Barber
I love talking about football, and obviously I love playing football, but you may not be able to play football forever, but you can talk about it for a long time.
I’ve always just wanted to play football.
Now that I know the dangers? Yes, I still would do it again. Why? ‘Cause look at me. Look at my family. They’re able to eat, they’re able to have food and shelter over their head. Would I play football again? Yes.
When you train a massive club or little third division outfit, when you go out to play football in any situation, it is always about winning.
I could dunk a volleyball in high school. I didn’t play football because I knew they were going to put me at a fat-guy position, and I didn’t want to do that. I am athletic.
Prince Fielder
I need to go play football. I don’t care about anything else.
Money is important, but the most important thing for me is to play football, and then I’m happy. OK, you want to earn a good amount of money to be secure, but if I chose money, I would go to Russia and already have a lot more. I like to play football, and that is it.
Anfield is the best place in the world to play football; there’s no doubt about it. The atmosphere is incredible, and we always get so much strength from our supporters in every single game.
We try and play football in a positive way. Any team has to be defensively organised, but you have to look at the attributes of the players and play to their strengths.
I can’t play football forever.
Young boys must be taught to play football without leading with or lowering their heads. Young players must be drilled over and over and over with Heads Up Football skills until that skill set becomes muscle memory and second nature.
I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to have been able to play football at LSU.
I want to play football. I’m not just here to pick up my salary and do nothing. I’m young, I’m still 23 and still have a very long career, and I want to play games.
Luke Shaw
Anytime that the Arizona Cardinals play football, I scream at the top of my lungs at the television. And I have certain dances that I do.
You just manage. It’s all about balance. You have to play football and be professional. You come home and you have family life.
I want to play football. Whether that will be at Manchester City or somewhere else, I do not yet know.
John Guidetti
I’ve seen other people grow up and not have respect for human beings. But even though I play football, I’m still able to talk to everyone on the estate. Whenever I go, I can literally talk to anyone that I meet and everyone I have known from my past.
I’ve got a lot of affection for the people at River and I think it’s mutual. The fans quickly understood that I came here hoping to play football.
I want to try to have fun as long as I can and play football at a high level. I do not know how long that will go on.
I played college basketball. When I first decided I was going to play football, there were a lot of people telling me that I wasn’t going to make it.
All I do is play football, eat, sleep, play with my kids, play football.
I decided at 10 I wanted to be in a band; everyone else wanted to play football.
Jeff Mangum
People wonder why I smile a lot. It is because I am doing what I love best: to play football for people who love me. It makes me happy.
I needed to play football, and if that was for Barca then great, but all I wanted was to play.
I’m very close in age to my older brother, and we had a field at the end of the road where we could run around, climb trees, play football.
My dream was to play football for the Oakland Raiders. But my mother thought I would get hurt playing football, so she chose baseball for me. I guess moms do know best.
As top players, we earn a lot of money, but sometimes we pay a hefty price with our health. I would give away all the money to be healthy again, to be able to do my job. To do what I love: to play football.
I’m on the playstation, or else I go out and play football. I enjoy movies and sitcoms. I love reading motivational books too.
The most important thing in Guardiola’s theory is to play football, and this always stays the same. The basic idea is always the same, but different opponents offer different space which you can use to play in.
St JamesPark was always, in the course of my career, a great place to play football, for the wildness of the crowd and the no-holds-barred football that both my team, Manchester United, and Newcastle would play.
I love to play football – when I am playing, I am happy – but also, I am a normal person.
Rather than just sit there, I would prefer to get out and play football. Brighton have let me do that.
I don’t really think about things too much, but people are going to form impressions about you if you play football, aren’t they? And if they think you’re the funny guy or the boy that likes a laugh, well that ain’t so bad.
I was born to play football. I may have been taught to play but everybody is born for something and I was born to play football.
I do have a son. He’s out of school now. He never played football. And it had nothing to do with me. I was actually crushed that he didn’t play football. I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is awful.’ My brothers all played football. My dad played football.
Cris Carter and Randy Moss – they’re the guys who made me want to play football and be a receiver.
I started my cooking ‘career’ aged 15, almost 20 years ago. At the time it was quite a shock suddenly working 75 to 80 hours a week, without time to play football or other sports.
I play football like I dance.
Look, I’m an entrepreneur, I want to create things, I’m a builder. I don’t want handouts. If I didn’t play football I’d be doing something else. That’s me. I don’t want to be held back. I want to go forward. I want to better myself.
I always want to show them I can play football.
I can play in different positions, and if I can do what I’m good at, score goals, show how good I can play football, then it’s OK with me.
I started surfing when I was working on ‘The Hunger Games,’ out on the north shore of Oahu, so about four years ago. I used to skateboard as a kid, kind of religiously, until I broke my leg riding in a pool when I was about 14 and I couldn’t play football that fall.
It always gets you going when you get hit for the first time. It reminds you that you play football.
What kind of pupil was I? Well, I was a swot, but I was allowed to be without any ill effects by my contemporaries because I was excused from games due to my asthma. So being a swot was something to compensate for not being to play football.
I like to play football, and of course I like to play for Tottenham, but I try to enjoy every game because that’s the most important thing, to have fun on the pitch, and then you can play good.
Rafael van der Vaart
You know, I always wondered what it would have been like to just go to school, play football with the guys and go to the prom. Just like a ‘regular person.’
Going to play in India at the end of my career was particularly special. I never thought I would get the chance to even visit India, let alone play football there.
When Brian told me he grew up in New Mexico, I told him I thought it is cool that people from other countries play football. He corrected me on my geography and agreed to sit down with me anyway.
I don’t have to play football.
Of course, when you play football yourself you can think you want to become a manager but it does not make you a good manager.
I always had a philosophy which I got from my father. He used to say, ‘Listen. God gave to you the gift to play football. This is your gift from God. If you take care of your health, if you are in good shape all the time, with your gift from God no one will stop you, but you must be prepared.’
I lost my childhood. I didn’t play football or video games. Or have birthdays or the love of a family.
When you play football in the Premier League, everybody is watching.
I had a job to take care of my parents, to take care of some bills at the house, because my daddy wasn’t working. I had to figure out how to make that all work at one time. I was working at Boston Market… I told my coach, ‘I can’t play football because I have to make money to help my mom.’
I love this style: get the ball back quickly, then play possession with so many combinations. When you watch that, you get the feeling you want to go out on the pitch and play football with your friends and just enjoy yourself. City and Barcelona are great examples.
Frenkie de Jong
There are not many better clubs to play football for than Liverpool.
I was embarrassed to be seen in my football tracksuit because they knew I’d been training. I used to cross the road to avoid people. It was really hard. There were so many awkward situations. I just hope young girls now are able to play football and not have to experience what I did.
I’d rather not play football at all than have to change my style.
The golf bag hurts my shoulder too much; I prefer to play football.
If it amuses you to hit people, you do boxing – you do taekwondo – whatever you want. But you don’t play football.
I would advise that if you can get out on loan and play football, it is the best path to go down.
I want to go to a city that suits me and a club that suits me, to a team that really wants to play football.
At the end of the day, just got to go play football. That’s all there is to it.
My job is to go out there and play football. My job is to go out there and win football games.
I think Together #WePlayStrong is a big step for football. This project is about building interest and professionalism and making younger women want to play football at a high level.
Football-wise, I help with my 12-year-old and his team, and I play football on a Friday with my mates and that’s about it. I always look out for results at Rovers and Southampton mainly, and I go and watch Liverpool when I can.
My dream is to get the young people off the streets, to make it possible for them to play football in the stadium instead.
You play football to enjoy the game and the manager wants to be happy on the sidelines watching unbelievable football.
I remember that when I was learning to play football, kicking a ball for example, I used to do it 300-400 times a day at least. There were moments when I got tired but I needed to do it repeatedly because if I wanted it to become a part of me, this was the process I needed to go through.
London is really nice, and I’m really happy here, but, of course, I’ve moved here to play football and not just to be in the city.
My only concern is playing. Everything else, my family looks after. In our house, everyone has a job, and my job in our house is to play football.
I wanted to play football, and my football coach told me if I wanted to be a football player, I should wrestle. That’s why I started to wrestle.
I still mess around and joke with my family and friends like I did when I was nine or 10. For me, nothing’s changed. Sure, I play football, but I try to keep my life off the pitch as simple as possible.
I used to play football with a load of lads, and I would be like a secret agent going out with a hat on so they wouldn’t see my hair in a bun.
Clearly, those of us women who play football wish that there was more coverage.
When I was younger, I wanted very much to play football.
If I could play football, I’d play football. But not women’s football – real football. Or I’d just date a quarterback.
Portia Doubleday
Some people admire the aspirational rock star figures whose biopics make it to TV, the people they watched as kids and made them want to play football for England. For some comics, it is often the Doug Stanhopes and the Joan Rivers.
A lot of people see somebody who has one hand and not two, and they think it doesn’t make sense. It’s like, ‘He has one hand, so how can he play football?’ What if I say, ‘You have two hands. How can you play football?’
I play a lot of football, but let me tell ya, I am nowhere near as good as Jamie Tartt. I wish that I could play football like he does.
I liked mostly to play football on the ground and have a little bit of playing tactics rather than just up and down, long balls and second balls. That’s not really my game.
I couldn’t sign for Barca, as I can’t play football the way Xavi wants.
I was never big or fast, but I got to play football and box.
I just want to play football.
More than anything I want to be fit so I don’t get out of breath when I play football with the kids.
The only thing you are really here to do is play football. So when you get a chance to go to the draft, and that part is over with, and you get signed on to a team, and you’re ready to go, now it’s back to everything you’ve been doing to get to this point, and that’s play football.
As long as I’m helping the team, I just want to play football.
When you’re coming into training camp, there’s not a whole lot that is familiar. When you can grab something from it, it keeps you calm and helps you just play football.
When I was in prison, rap was all I had at that point because I was kicked out of school, all that education just gone and I couldn’t come out of prison to play football – that was all over with.
I had sacrificed my entire life to play football.
Brian Bosworth
I first learnt to play football as a striker and it was only when I joined City that I learnt how to become a midfielder thanks to the help I received from the staff at the Academy.
I went to college to play football, not to study it.
Art Donovan
I don’t want to be a star. I just want to play football.
Often there are players who have only football as a way of expressing themselves and never develop other interests. And when they no longer play football, they no longer do anything; they no longer exist, or rather they have the sensation of no longer existing.
My dream is to play football as long as I can and that’s what I want to do.
You probably choose x-country because you were too small to play football.
I play football because I love the sport so much and for the sake of playing football.
Stephan Lichtsteiner
As far as what it takes to play football, I’ve got all it requires.
So many guys come onto the scene who aren’t supposed to be there. You pull for one, and then you see there’s another and another and another, and you start to say, ‘Who cares where a player was drafted? He can play football, and he can play at this level.’
I used to play football on the streets, kicking breadfruits or oranges.
Dwight Yorke
Just go out there and play football. Don’t make it bigger than it has to be.
The books I used to love as a kid, I used to read football books – and by that I mean soccer books – stories about boys in school who started to play football and then became the captain. I’d read them cover to cover. I just got lost in them.
Ben Lloyd-Hughes
I get paid to play football and show everything I’ve got.
I’m blessed to play football for a living, but the true value of our work comes in how we uplift those in need of support.
My dad wanted me to play football so bad, he took me to Washington High School on the west side of Atlanta because they were number one. They never lost.
You have to be realistic. I’d love to be more famous, have lots of people supporting me, people knowing my name, but I need a tennis racket or a golf club or to play football. Being a female, I don’t stand a chance.
A woman in my local area decided to put on an opportunity for girls to come and play football for £2 each Sunday. That’s how I started.
I need to go out and play football and have fun. If I do that, then everything will be fine.
Canada‘s known as a hockey country and now we’ve proven that we can also play football as well.
I wanted to play football and wear the Indian jersey, but there was no women’s football team.
Top players now will get bonuses for winning competitions or reaching various stages of them, scoring goals, or keeping clean sheets, but most don’t play football for the money, because it’s not been in the game that long. They do it for the love of playing.
I played a little basketball, but basketball interfered with theater season. That’s when we did our term plays and did nutshell versions of Shakespeare for English classes. And, believe me, I got a fair amount of looks from the guys on the team. ‘You’re in theater but you can play football?’
It’s aggressive, and I like the way Arsenal play football. It’s not like other countries, but it’s very, very nice here.
This is what I feel like I was born to do is play football, and I love it.
I can care less what people say about me. If I can go to the facility, work out, play football, and go home, that’s what I would do. I’m a big-time football guy. I could care less about the outside.
We have to play football and not talk. We don’t talk about politics, the personal opinions, and debates – you take them home. We only talk about football. That’s what we are here for.
All I can do is play football, put it on film.
I love what I do, which is to play football.
I want to play football for 20 more years. And then coach for 45 years after that.
I have been playing football since I was eight so I know how to play football. But no-one can really prepare you for the mental side of things and having 40,000 fans saying you’re not a good player or you don’t belong.
The North East is a tough, working-class area. Its people boast great humour. But for two days every year, when Newcastle and Sunderland play football, it’s absolute chaos. And very nasty. It borders on tribal hatred.
Personally, I love training, and getting paid to play football is incredible. Playing the game and working hard is what I have always dreamed of doing.
I play football, that’s what I do, and people can bet on me if they want to, and if they don’t, then their loss. Then they don’t get a share of the wealth.
The women’s game has grown, but when I was playing at Arsenal, I don’t think people realised how good we actually were. I think there’s just a perception that we just play football, but we’re not very good, and it was a challenge for us to try and prove those type of people wrong.
I just try to go about my business, love the game, prepare every week and play football.
My two younger brothers play football as well and they are obviously pretty talented and my two older brothers like to sing and I obviously can’t do that.
My business is to come out here and play football.
I know what I do, I know I can play football, and I know I can talk about it.
My first love is football. When I get the chance, I play football for fitness.
It was always my dream to go to LSU and play football.
I think it’s important to feel good so that the football can take care of itself. If everything else is organised and ready to go, then you’re free to play football.
It was unusual to see a bald nine-year-old so I would play football in hats.
I do play football no-holds-barred. Any edge I can get, I’ll take. I’d grab a face mask only in a fit of anger. Uncontrolled anger is damn near insane.
I don’t want to be perceived as the money-grabbing 20-year-old; I just want to be perceived as the kid who loves to play football.
When some people play football, they think of it as just a sport. To me, it’s everything.
I had zero opportunity to play football over the years.
I want to be a great player. I don’t want to play for the money. I don’t want to play for fame. I’d just as soon no one knew who I was. I want to play football because it’s football.
Gaines Adams
I used to play all the time. I would play football when it was light and read when it was dark.
I think it’s all about confidence and having a regular run in the team. The rest takes care of itself; a footballer never forgets how to play football, and I’m convinced that game time, matches, was all I needed because, ultimately, no one forgets how to score goals.
Wolfsburg might be a smaller club when you look at reputations and I thought about it long and hard. I could have stayed at Chelsea. Mourinho told me that I would get my chance. You have to make a decision, though, and in the end I only wanted to play football again.
It’s one thing to play football in this league and make a living, but it’s a totally different thing to come to a place with a rich tradition like the Bears.
It’s difficult when you start to play football. My boots were much worse.
I never liked going to school and would sham and play football. I played in the centre forward position. If ever given a choice, I would love to represent Barcelona.
My early memories of my dad were taking me to play football when I was six – they are happy ones. They are my favourites.
For me, it’s a pleasure to play football every three or four days.
I come to Fulham on loan, they haven’t paid anything for me. I’m just here to play football and they see that I want to give everything. I get the feeling that they give me something so that I can be at my best.
You can play football in Bayern, in Barcelona, in Manchester, in London, wherever. In the end, it’s football, and you want to play with the best.
Athletics, for me, was something I was pushed towards. I really wanted to play football when I was younger. Over the years, I started to enjoy it more and learn about it.
When I play football, I try to win the game. That is part of me. That is who I am.
I play football; I do what I like.
To my father, Notre Dame represented the underdogs of the world, the Italians, and the Polish people. I told him that one day I would play football for Notre Dame and worked hard to make that dream come true.
For a young player like me, it is good to play for a club that can get to the semi-finals because one of the reasons I play football is for these big games.
I think some fans are very passionate, they just say what they want to say but they just need to slow it down a bit. We’re still only human. We’re not what people think. We might be famous but we love the sport and just want to play football.
As a young lad it’s been your dream to play football and you get injuries and you’ve got to respond well to them and work really hard, because it’s your dream to be on the pitch.
I just love to play football and enjoy it.
I looked into the rule book, and I never seen a rule of only two-handed players can play football.
We try to play football; don’t forget it, right. My teams always in my career try to play football. I cannot control the other circumstances.
I don’t think you need motivation to win a league or a trophy. It’s every footballer’s dream. It’s why you play football. You enjoy and love the game, but you play to win and be the best.
I’m not sure if it’s easier to play against teams who try to play football against you rather than sit back.
Maybe if I was born in Kosovo, I might not be where I am now, so I need to thank Switzerland, of course, because I went to school there, learnt to play football there, and started my career there.
I think my reputation speaks for itself. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I’m going to continue to play football – play physical football.
I want to help grow the game in India and encourage young kids to play football.
I’ve always liked the way Southampton play football, high intensity and really aggressive playing. The way they play with the full-backs I’m not going to be sitting back for the whole game, it is going to give me opportunities to get forward and show what I can give in attack.
Tino Livramento
There are always communicative problems when you play football. It is part of the game. It is a problem you need to solve.
I used to play football all the time. In the U.S., people don’t play football, so I had to learn basketball. Looking back, that’s what I like about my life – doing new things, having a new perspective.
Barkhad Abdi
I’ve always been hungry to play football.
As a kid, my parents told me I always seemed to play football with older people. As a boy, I always trained in the age group above, and even kicking about on the street, I’d play with the bigger ones.
I just want to be seen as a kid who loves to play football and to do the best for the team.
All I want to do is play football.
Being a woman is of special interest only to aspiring male transsexuals. To actual women, it is simply a good excuse not to play football.
We used to play football on the levee, with no shirts on in the summerAugust in New Orleans – and my skin would turn red. They’d call me Redskin, Red Apache, then it turned around to Apache Red.
People said: ‘You’re too big to play football,’ but I kept playing and it just happened that people have caught on to me and taken to me. The nicest thing I get from it is that I can be myself and people seem to like it.
I went to Madrid to play football but I couldn’t because I was never left in peace.
You would never train people to play football by telling them to watch football. You make them play football.
I sail, scuba dive, play football, basketball.
Casper Van Dien
It doesn’t really matter how much you’ve got saved up in your bank account. If someone offers you £10 million to play football for a year in a beautiful part of the world, who would turn that down?
I just have to stay focused and play football with a smile on my face.
I can only say that I’ve found a wonderful spot at Borussia Dortmund, where I can play football. I feel comfortable here.
I’m not even thinking about going back to play football at all. My mind’s made up. I’m done.
Keyshawn Johnson
I am just one of those people that kept myself to myself, I just wanted to play football and that’s all I ever wanted.
I was a baseball guy. Mom wouldn’t let me play football when I was little because she was scared I’d get hurt. So, I finally convinced her to let me play in 7th grade.
The world is not going to come to an end because I’m not going to play football anymore.
Old Trafford is not really intimidating, no. I think the Man United fans are always behind the team and it’s a fantastic place to play football.
I’m going to play football, that’s what I do.
I never wanted to be a cheerleader; I wanted to play football.
In hindsight, that time out of football gives you the hunger to want to get back to basics and play football.
Alan Smith
Since we travel a lot as a team, I spend a lot of time on a plane where I like to play ‘Football Manager.’ I have been a soccer fan since I was 5 years old, so to be able to manage soccer teams is a lot of fun.
I play football because it the best thing on earth for me.
You play football for a reason… I am passionate about it.
If I’m not playing football, I’m preparing to play football. That’s kind of how I kind of view my life.
Obviously, I’m a competitor. I think everybody knows that. Everybody knows what I’m about and how I play football.
I admire Romario a lot, he was my idol together with Ronaldo, but I do not have anything to prove to anyone. What I have to do is play football.
When you have to play football, you do it in the knowledge that there’s a lot riding on the match, be it money, your team-mates, or the feelings of the fans.
My dad always played sports. He played football. I always wanted to play football because my dad played football, but my mom never wanted me to play football because she said she couldn’t take me getting hit.
I wouldn’t mind being like X-Men and having the claws. I mean, I don’t think they’d let me play football, but it would look cool.