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Passivity Quotes

We’ve collected the best Passivity Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Florence King, Lionel Sosa, Dominique de Villepin, Philip Zimbardo, Charlie Kirk. Use them as an inspiration.

Until feminists started wailing about the female‘s passivity, submissiveness, and something called ‘victim status,’ I had no idea women were such doormats. My childhood was populated by Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Pearl Buck, Marie Curie, Clare Boothe Luce, and the Duchess of Windsor.
Remember that our Spanish conquerors, for their own benefit, deliberately created an oppressed underclass whose collective psyche became rooted in passivity and underachievement.
Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity, there is a demanding road of responsibility that we must follow.
Dominique de Villepin
Bullies may be the perpetrators of evil, but it is the evil of passivity of all those who know what is happening and never intervene that perpetuates such abuse.
Once we’re ignored or dismissed long enough, conservatives seem to just shrug our collective shoulders and accept defeat. It’s this type of passivity that has allowed progressives to dominate film and television, universities and large swaths of the mainstream news media.
I would say that ‘Schindler’s List,’ as powerful as it was, seemed to have continued with a particular iconography of victimization and passivity. That was the iconography with which I had grown up and to which I had grown accustomed.
People are so familiar with the show that I think they’re perfectly happy to let it go by without asking any questions. There’s a passivity to how we experience ‘The Sound of Music.’
Jack O’Brien
Years of passivity and drift among U.S. policymakers have allowed the U.S. – China trade deficit to grow to the point where is widely recognized as a major threat to our economy.
Robert Lighthizer
Passivity is fatal to us. Our goal is to make the enemy passive.
Technology teaches passivity. Absorbed in our devices – at any age – we are absorbed in someone else‘s perspective.
You enter a state of controlled passivity, you relax your grip and accept that even if your declared intention is to justify the ways of God to man, you might end up interesting your readers rather more in Satan.
Too often in the past, U.S. leaders have forced Israel to pay the price for American strategic interests in the Middle Eastthrough concessions in the peace process as well as passivity in the face of Iraqi attacks.
Don’t misunderstand good manners for passivity.
I’m really interested in passivity as a type of actionsort of allowing the situation to change you, choosing to give in being an act of agency rather than an act of submission.
I think what – I think what the American people is looking for is they are looking for moral and intellectual courage and clarity, and not a sense of passivity or confusion.
Peace has to be created, in order to be maintained. It will never be achieved by passivity and quietism.
Dorothy Thompson
I don’t understand my own sporadic collapses into passivity. Perhaps I never will.
When I go to the clinic next and sit with a tube in my arm and watch the poison go in, I’m in an attitude of abject passivity. It doesn’t feel like fighting at all; it just feels like submitting.
Inside the family, you can go from hate to passivity to extreme love within the same hour.