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Organizations Quotes

We’ve collected the best Organizations Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Charles Murray, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Carolyn Aronson, Eric Weddle, Moshe Katsav. Use them as an inspiration.

A guaranteed basic income has the potential for making civic organizations, families and neighborhoods much more vital, helpful and responsive than they have been in decades.
The fact that 35 percent of all American giving went to religious organizations in 2010 reflects how closely bound many of us are with our place of worship.
We work closely with a number of powerful organizations, including Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women.
Baltimore, it’s been an amazing place and experience. It’s opened my eyes a little bit just of other organizations. I’m proud to be a part of this team, proud to be part of this group of men that really challenged each other, never pointed the fingers, never turned our backs on each other.
The standards of the international community manifest firmness. Iran has no need for long-range missiles or to collaborate with terrorist organizations all over the world.
Moshe Katsav
You’ve got organizations out there that are consistently at a high level. They’re known to play the right way at the right time.
I support organizations that help people do better for themselves and the community.
Jonathan Tisch
I’m probably a little too impatient with ensuring that the networks and organizations I’m part of are doing the right thing, and pushing the right thing the right way.
Western environmentalists might value their independence, but their organizations are largely donor driven, and if he wanted to, Putin could have a lot to donate.
People talk about Wall Street greed, but one of the things many people don’t understand is that there are a lot of organizations that have been the recipient of largess from the same Wall Street.
Twitter has revealed some monstrous information in Congress: we spent money on our ad campaigns. Just as all the usual media organizations in the world do.
Expressions of disobedience naturally encourage terrorist organizations and motivate them to intensify their actions.
Media organizations are global. They may be based in the U.S., but they’re essentially global.
Robert D. Kaplan
Before becoming a college president, I helped over a dozen organizations find strategies to get through some very ugly crises.
With increasing poverty, welfare dependency and violence in the United States, religion and religious organizations have an important role to play combating societal problems.
The global e-learning online market is on fire. Organizations which feel left out of this non-linear world of opportunities are seeing the need to adopt this new way of lifelong learning.
Full Circle integrates the indigenous and modern practices, bringing individuals, community and organizations together as indispensable collaborators realizing a co-creative, sustainable and fulfilling future.
Andrew Keegan
Rich or poor, we all need organizations that can represent us; we all need modes of collective action when individual action does not yield justice.
All the great organizations in the world, all have a sense of why that organization does what it does.
I emphasize self-esteem, self-confidence, and dignity, not as an ideal, but as a real test of community organization. Without leadership development, community organizations do not have staying power.
I’ve been very fortunate to play for four great organizations, but New York really takes the cake. Wearing the pinstripes is something that’s very special to me, and it’s the greatest organization in sports history.
Mark Teixeira
I’m not an education expert, and frankly I don’t want to make education decisions for our state. But I am experienced at successfully managing organizations, and putting people on a path where they can succeed.
Linda Lingle
Monumental achievements by humanity should be done by major organizations as much together as possible.
Being part of social movements like Black Lives Matter or organizations like NAACP, or any group representing a cause, gives you more resources, knowledge, and power. They can help you use your voice.
Organizations talk about spending their lives firefighting – dealing with the next problem without having the bandwidth to deal with what is down the pipeline. I think most of the poor have that problem.
Impact Day is just one part of the hundreds of thousands of volunteer, pro bono, and professional training hours Deloitte offers to nonprofit organizations nationwide throughout the year. It’s a day to celebrate all we do to make an impact that matters in the communities where we live and work.
On April 16, 2010, 34 Chinese environmental organizations, including Friends of Nature, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Green Beagle, questioned heavy metal pollution in a letter sent to CEO Steve Jobs.
The only compensation, gained through the influence of nongovernmental organizations, consisted in slightly broadening for private individuals the possibility of access and appeal to the agencies enforcing the Covenant concerned with civil and political rights.
Rene Cassin
You don’t talk to terror organizations!
Great leaders understand that historical success tends to produce stable and inwardly focused organizations, and these outfits, in turn, reinforce a feeling of contentment with the status quo.
Social media companies must work closely with the U.S. government to ensure their platforms are not being used by terrorist organizations to do harm to our country.
Even when there’s disagreements politically or among veterans or among advocacy organizations, let’s agree to do that respectfully and show care and compassion to those who have served us.
I do engage veterans. I meet with the veterans’ service organizations monthly. It’s a direct, no-holds-barred discussion. I travel to their conventions, where I speak to the veterans membership. I do travel. I’ve been to all 50 states. When I do, I engage veterans locally. So I get direct feedback from those veterans.
Eric Shinseki
The best way to shine a light on all of this ‘dark money’ flooding into our elections would be for Congress to pass legislation requiring all organizations to disclose their political spending in a timely manner.
Increasingly, I’m inspired by entrepreneurs who run nonprofit organizations that fund themselves, or for-profit organizations that achieve social missions while turning a profit.
I’ve tried to be active in civic organizations as well as the Church.
We started Kotter International to improve leaders’ ability to deal with big, important transformations in organizations – and in their lives.
In each colony in 1750 were to be found two sets of governing organizations, – the local and the general.
I’m from the school that great performers and great leaders create more great leaders. Give people other experiences, other responsibilities. Have them join organizations within the company and outside the company.
John Stumpf

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