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Oregon Quotes

We’ve collected the best Oregon Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Sandi Toksvig, Rachel Kushner, John C. Calhoun, Benjamin Percy, John Fahey. Use them as an inspiration.

I grew up in Oregon, and then I lived in San Francisco and New York.
Of the two, I considered it more important to avoid a war with England about Oregon than a war with Mexico, important as I thought it was to avoid that.
I grew up in western Oregon, just outside Eugene, on 27 wooded acres that served as my playground.
Benjamin Percy
Regarding fame, fortune and Oregon I do wish I had more money.
John Fahey
High-quality public educationcombined with other appropriate support, as needed – is the best way to achieve the Oregon Business Plan’s goal of reducing the number of people living in poverty.
I think that ‘Psychopomp’ is very much a Eugene, Oregon record.
In December 2011, a wild gray wolf set foot in California, the first sighting in almost a century. He’d wandered in from Oregon, looking for a mate.
As Members of Congress we can now engage with our constituents via online innovations like the Huffington Post, while a small business in rural Oregon can use the Internet to find customers around the world.
The history of Oregon is partially the history of a state that legislated not wanting black people around.
When Oregon was founded as a state in 1857, its constitution explicitly banned Black people from visiting, living and owning property here.
Maybe there’s something in the Oregon character that pushed me into the kind of life that I took up.
The power to shape Oregon’s future remains where it has always been – in our collective hands.
Ted Kulongoski
I spent a lot of time growing up in Oregon after I left California. Spent a lot of time in the woods.
I’ve experienced first-hand the wonderful work organizations like J Bar J do for young people in Central Oregon and I am encouraged that the federal government is taking an active role in the Cascade Youth and Family Center.
Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, there was everything from The Notorious B.I.G. to Weezer playing in my car.
I grew up in Oregon, where as a teenager I worked with my grandfather Axel on his i shing boat at the mouth of the Columbia River.
A lot of the people in Northern California and parts of Oregon have decided that we are not on the same page as San Francisco and Portland and Los Angeles. I don’t know if six states is a solution because is Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country really going to give California 10 new senators?
Doug LaMalfa
The guy who owned that island was from Oregon and he decided that he wanted to have an Oregon feeling to it, so he planted pine trees all over the place!
Christopher Atkins
I grew up in Oregon so I grew up around reservations, so I’ve always kind of had this knowledge. Not a tremendous amount of knowledge, but an outsider‘s knowledge of what reservation life was like.
NRDC has helped bring hope spots to more of our shared ocean waters. We helped draft and pass a California law creating a network of underwater parks stretching from the Oregon border to the Mexican border.
I wish there were a healthier Republican Party in the state of Oregon.
Cities around the United States do not have land use planning like we have in Oregon, and they are all struggling with issues like affordable housing.
I never thought Oregon would elect to the U.S. Senate a Mormon, but it did.
I grew up in Oregon, so there was always a lot of that folksy, Bob Marley stuff. There was a mural of Bob Marley on a wall at my high school.
Where gays and lesbians are the best organized and most concentrated in numbers are states that President Clinton must carry in order to be reelected in 1996. Among the states are California, New York, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois.
Eugene is located in western Oregon, approximately 278 billion miles from anything.
People are frustrated all over the country, whether they’re in Oklahoma or Oregon or San Diego or San Francisco or L.A. or D.C. or New York or Omaha or wherever.
We’re going to come back to Oregon, whether it’s with another show, or a pilot, or a movie. We love working up there. I think it’s got one of the most amazing talent pools of any state in the union.
I was ten years old in 1969, and while we lived in Arizona that year, I spent most of the summer staying with family friends in Portland, Oregon while my parents visited Spain. It was an adventure all around.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
This activist loves Oregon more than he loves life.
Tom McCall
Being from Oregon, it’s part of who I am.
A healthy environment is essential to a livable Oregon and a strong economy.
Ted Kulongoski
In third grade, I had to an oral report on the state of Oregon. I brought up Big Foot sightings, and I remember there was an argument about whether or not Big Foot was valid history. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about how subjective history is.
We will do whatever it takes to keep Tom Herman at the University of Houston. We’re not going to lose Tom Herman because of money. If Tom Herman wants to go to LSU or Texas or Oregon or Baylor or wherever else, we cannot stop him from doing that. But it’s not going to be because of money.
Now that I’m officially signed with Nike to get to race with the Oregon Project, it’s definitely a dream come true.
I have a big family and had to move them all from the coast of Oregon to New York three times for the workshops and for the actual production itself, which had about a four month development rehearsal schedule.
There is no such thing as a weekend for me when I’m at home on my ranch in Oregon.
I was living down in this awful little redneck town in Oregon, and everyone else was living in Seattle, so we rented a house in Portland, between the two.
I was into acting as a kid. There was a time when I was 18 that I played the boy in a production of ‘Equus’ in Oregon, and I thought that was going to be my life.
Because of the Korean free trade agreement, South Koreans who want Oregon blueberries are gonna see their prices go down because we will be getting rid of a 45 percent tariff on this Oregon product.
I think coming from the Northwest is something that’s born in your blood. On my mom‘s side, I’m, like, a sixth-generation Oregonian. My family came over in the covered wagons, ‘Oregon Trail’-video-game style. Maybe the pioneer mentality runs in my blood because they were all pioneers.
The most effective role for the Oregon Treasury is to continue to demand responsible business practices and use our influence to push for the development of profitable investment opportunities in the clean energy sector.
The question about my Canadianness comes up a lot, and I’m never quite sure what to say about it. I’ve carved a life out for myself in Oregon, and it feels like home, not because it’s the States but because that’s where my friends are and where my son is.
And by reducing carbon pollution in our atmosphere, we are protecting our air, water, mountains, forests, deserts, valleys, coasts and rivers – the astounding natural ecosystems that support all life and make Oregon the special place we call home.
John Kitzhaber was a visionary leader for Oregon.
From Portland’s ban on large, fossil fuel terminals to Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard and the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act, our local actions send ripples through the energy landscape nationwide.
In recent years, breweries and brew pubs have flourished across the Nation. And, as the Representative from Oregon’s fourth district, I have enjoyed seeing the diversity that craft brewery has fueled across the Nation.
I was born in Indiana and raised in Oregon and there’s a strong sense of individualism, particularly in Oregon. And my mom is an artist, so there was always a lot of emphasis placed on expression.
I think people think of Oregon as such a granola, hippie kind of a place.
My local newspaper, the ‘Bend Bulletin,’ interviewed me while I was at high school after I had just signed with the University of Oregon. I remember I wore a University of Oregon hooded sweatshirt, and they took a picture of me in the long jump pit. I was freezing!
I’ve loved my days at Oregon State.
I grew up in rural Oregon in a log house with bark left on inside and out. We had no electricity, a massive stone fireplace, a grand piano, and tons of books.
Virginia Euwer Wolff
At a time when leadership on climate protection and clean energy are more vital than ever, Portland and Oregon must step up and lead.
With the increasing demand for oil around the world and the rising costs in Oregon and throughout the nation, we must focus on the development of alternate energy sources, especially those that are clean, efficient and renewable.
I can now check Oregon off the ‘marathon in every state list.’
Portland and Oregon draw a certain kind of person to it. The city has extraordinarily talented people and sometimes it takes an outsider to see that.
My family moved a lot as a kid. We started in Colorado, where I lived for five years. We moved to Chicago for two years, to San Francisco for one year, Connecticut for seven, Oregon for a couple years, and then I went to school. So I was always moving, I’m still always moving.
I think about sustainability all the time, whether it’s with fish or farmers in Eastern Oregon.
We passed a sign for Boring, Oregon. We never went there, but I was positively enchanted with the idea that there was a town called Boring. ‘Gravity Falls‘ is partially from what I imagine Boring might be like. Or maybe the opposite of Boring, Oregon, would be ‘Gravity Falls.’
We prided ourselves at Oregon, where teams said they were going to try to beat us down and try to manhandle us, and maybe in the first quarter they were running with us, but it was just, ‘Let’s see how they are come the fourth quarter when they’re tired, and they’ve had 70 to 80 plays coming at them non-stop.’
I had this scholarship, two pairs of tight jeans, and a couple of hundred extra dollars, and I showed up in Oregon and went to school there.
I love Oregon and want to see the state continue to thrive and evolve.
I’ve grown up with an active outdoor lifestyle. Before I lived in Australia, I ran a construction company in Oregon, U.S.A. I also owned horses and would spend several weeks a year exploring Oregon’s beautiful wilderness areas on horseback.
When I first started snowboarding, it was something that was only really done in the winter. Mount Hood in Oregon was the magical exception.
I landed in Los Angeles where I’ve stayed, with one year-long exception when I returned to Ashland as an actor in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
Kim Rhodes
I think everyone born in Oregon is an environmentalist by birth.
My grandfather, my dad‘s dad, he was a lawyer. He was a state legislator. He was the publisher of Oregon’s second largest newspaper. He was a pretty amazing guy.
I love Oregon. I love the community.
Most public officials work hard to serve the public good and abide by Oregon’s ethics laws.
I started drag in Portland, Oregon, but I don’t feel that I came to life as a drag queen until I started working in Seattle. That’s what really lit the rocket fuel in my career.
I am maintaining my schedule of commuting to Washington, D.C. each week from Oregon so that I can spend my weekends and days when we are not in session traveling to communities throughout my district.
This is my last year at Oregon, and it means a lot to me. The people have been great to me up there, so if I have to run three races to win the Pac-8 title, I’ll do it. Oh, sure, I’ll probably be tired, but the people shouting will carry me across the finish line.
My dad put up a great hoop in our front yard in our driveway. I was in Oregon, so I had to be out there in the rain. We didn’t always have a gym to go to.
And I love the Oregon Duck. He’s my favorite mascot.