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Offense Quotes

We’ve collected the best Offense Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Bill Cartwright, Tim Kaine, Ryan Tannehill, Ronnie Lott, Pierre Corneille. Use them as an inspiration.

The triangle is a foundation to an offense.
Bill Cartwright
The framers understood that the president, as the head of our armed forces, must defend the nation from imminent threat. But when the mission shifts from defense to offense, congressional approval is essential.
I think there’s a lot that goes into an offense, obviously.
If I was going to play offense, I’d love to play running back. In high school I played quarterback and wide receiver, but I wouldn’t mind running over some folks.
Ronnie Lott
He who pardons easily invites offense.
Offense is great, but defense wins championships.
My role is to be a defensive player, and that’s what I try to do. Whatever offense comes to me is a plus.
You should want to run if you’re a player, shouldn’t you, on offense?
I was letting the lack of touches on offense really affect my defense.
I needed a change of scenery, and it feels good to have a change of scenery. And what a great locker room the 49ers have here. I’m just trying to come in and bring even more positive energy and bring another spark to this offense.
There are a few genetic traits that make people feel sorry for you, and there are some, like narcolepsy, at which people take personal offense unless you tell them in advance.
I ran a high-tempo offense in college. You don’t really get caught up in it.
I’m working on everything, especially staying balanced when I shoot the ball. That’s the biggest thing, as well as taking good shots within the offense.
When you know that the offense isn’t just predicated on one guy and that every movement you make gives you a chance to be a part of the action, to make you a weapon, it’s empowering.
I like Louis Vuitton accessories, but I’d never wear their clothes. No offense, it’s just not my steeze.
I have to figure out different ways to get into the moves that I do because everyone has a different offense, and I need different counters to go into my moves, and that’s more down to tape watching.
Everybody’s so scared to be honest with one another. If you didn’t like the way I handled myself in practice, one of the players, come up to me. Somebody say somethinganybody. I’m not gonna take it as offense; it’s not personal.
Nudity isn’t something people should take offense to.
You’re never trying to have three-and-outs; I don’t care what offense you’re playing.
I’m not a fan of the spread offense where you’ll go up and down the field, You’ll put up a lot of points but there are a lot of things missing that are imperative to winning championships.
My mentality when guarding a point guard was always to try and disrupt him and take them out of the offense.
While it’s great for a quarterback to have athletic ability, his goal is to get the ball out of his hand, orchestrate the offense and not allow his ability to stand in the way of the offense running efficiently.
Obviously, me being a big part of the offense, I’m going to get more looks here and there, and I’m going to do what I can with that, make the biggest impact I can for the team.
Defense is natural. Defense is a reaction. Offense – you’ve gotta do the moves; you’ve gotta get it down pat.
When I first became a head coach in Toronto, I was more of a dictator, wanted to do everything, all the development, defense, offense, whatever it was.
It is time to go on the offense. Hold people accountable for the wrongdoings they do and commit against the American people, use the vestiges of the Constitution which gives us the outline of how we hold them accountable and make the Justice Department do their job.
When you play quarterback and the offense doesn’t play well, a lot of that is because of the quarterback. You’re going to receive the criticism.
I hope I can stand up and be an example that helps change the narrative: ‘He understands the game from a technical standpoint. He can teach the game. He can change an offense. He can put in a zone. He can do more than recruit.’
The job of the offense is not to score points. The job of the defense is not to stop the other team from scoring points.
Soccer helped especially with my footwork. When I played soccer, I was on offense scoring goals – I didn’t pass the ball so much so it probably didn’t help much with being a point guard.
At Golden State, it was basically a guard-oriented offense and it wasn’t either around me or in my direction.
He who forgives readily only invites offense.
Any time you can get the ball back to the offense and they put points on the board, you can win games.
As long as we are all incorporated within offense and everybody‘s eating, we’re good.
A lot of teams get a lot of offense off the rush.
When you go out there and you try to change things around and avoid a guy or pick your spots to go at a guy, I think you’re usually taking away a piece of your offense that you rely on a lot.
On September 11, 2001, we thought we were going to be attacked many, many times between then and now. We haven‘t been. I believe we had a president who made the right decision at the right time… to put us on offense against terrorists.
Witticisms please as long as we keep them within boundaries, but pushed to excess they cause offense.
I lived in Park Slope, which is probably one of the most homogenized areas of Brooklyn. No offense to Park Slope.
I believe the NFL is a land of opportunity. As soon as you figure out you can find your little niche, you can find your role on an offense, in my position at receiver, I feel like you can develop an identity and go from there.
I can’t tell you the difference between the triangle offense and the Princeton offense.
Although the Premier League is tough because players have good physiques and can switch swiftly in offense and defense, it can be overcome after adapting to the league for a few months.
For the longest time, it’s always been Aaron Rodgers and the offense. It’s nice to have a little notoriety on defense.
No offense to real jobs, but comics seemed a lot more fun.
No matter how loud the stadium is, once you’re on that field and that offense walks up to the line, it’s silent. You can only hear the guys on the field. It’s amazing how much concentration you can have when it’s required and how powerful your mind is to give it to you.
Sometimes offense wins. Sometimes pitching wins.
When I was younger, I was thinking of ways I could get respect so people wouldn’t bother me. I was down for whatever. I ended up going to juvenile hall, facing a good amount of time for a first-time offense.
No offense, but I don’t get the whole concept of arranged marriage. I’d rather know the person who I’ll settle down with.
Joe Prunty will take over, and he will run the team. But nobody gets out of their lane. Joe will still be offense, and Sweeney will still be defense.
It’s fun leading this offense. I don’t think we’ve hit our peak.
One of the main reasons I went to Stanford was to run in a pro-style offense and show I can run between the tackles 25 to 30 times consistently.
Football is a chess game to me. If you move your pawn against my bishop, I’ll counter that move to beat you. Football is the same way. I study so much film that I know exactly what teams are going to do. I love knowing what a offense is going to run and stuffing that play.
Being as versatile as I am, I take offense to the notion that no serious musician would not be doing a late night talk show gig. One has to be open enough in other areas to be able to contribute to a show like this.
Severities should be dealt out all at once, so that their suddenness may give less offense; benefits ought to be handed ought drop by drop, so that they may be relished the more.
No offense to Iceland, but Latin America is where the fugitive leaker Edward Snowden should settle.
One game, one of the kids yelled, ‘The only thing Riverses are good at is coaching.’ I didn’t take offense, I just smiled.
No offense to Bushwick, where all my neighbors greeted me on the street and there is a growing arts community and a curious beauty to its industrial zone, but Bushwick is no Williamsburg, even if the real estate agents would have you believe it is.
I feel like with me being a big part of any offense, then the numbers are going to come.
Terms such as ‘microaggression,’ describing an inadvertent act of offense, have entered the college lexicon, empowering an atmosphere of prior restraint on speech. And many colleges are also disinviting speakers in fear of offending certain elements of their student communities.
Welcome to the Salvation Army. I’ve never been associated with an offense so nice about giving the ball away.
Hayden Fry
As we’ve seen, deploying large armies abroad won‘t always be our best offense. Countries typically don’t want foreign soldiers in their cities and towns.
Jay Cutler is a first-round pick, had a great arm, etc. It’s just – he’s offense, I’m defense. We didn’t get a chance to interact as much as we should have, maybe.
Republicans spend too much time on defense. We have to be on offense. We have to point out the truth. President Obama stole seven hundred million dollars from Medicare. Republicans want to preserve Medicare. Obamacare robs from Medicare.
I don’t know of anybody not trying on offense when they’re upset.
Given the way Duke plays its offense and defense, in high school I was very interested in playing for Coach K. Then when you get there and see how good he is, you buy into it a hundred percent. He has a recipe for how to be successful on the court.
It’s like basketball – when players come onto a new team they’ve got to get used to the scheme and how they run the offense. Same with us in baseball. We’ve got to get used to each other on defense and trust each other and communicate.
Administrator McCarthy committed perjury and made several false statements at multiple congressional hearings and as a result, is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors – an impeachable offense.
If I have to score baskets then I have to try to score baskets and stop missing shots, but even if it’s not going, I need to be able to have another phase of the game and not let my offense take away from my defense or rebounds.
A lot of guys have tons of talent, but it boils down to the mental side of things. Preparing and knowing your offense and studying the defense. Being able to read and react quickly. The mental side is often overlooked.
The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offense.
In Atlanta, we ran a motion offense, so, obviously, I was on the move a lot.
The level of difficulty in most areas of MMA is very high. It’s a high learning curve. The footwork in boxing alone takes years to master. I will rely heavily on my amateur wrestling to get out of bad situations and take me from defense to offense. I’ll try to dictate the fight on my terms.
I think the NFL season starts with the first three or four games and all the predictions come out. You’re either great on offense, bad on defense, great on defense, bad on offense. You’re either going to have a Super Bowl chance or you won’t. And I think after that, people kind of think everything’s set in stone.
Sometimes I feel like my defense is so elite that sometimes my offense gets put on the backburner.
When I feel like it’s my shot within the flow of the offense and getting in any rhythm, I feel like I should make every one of them.
It’s my job to run the offense and make sure everything goes smoothly.
That’s how I see myself, as a guy who can supply offense and help the team.
My greatest defense was my offense. Very few guys did that.
A major theme in all my books is that the CIA is not only the first line of defense but they should also be the first line of offense.
Vince Flynn
The football playoffs feature one-off affairs, without bad feelings building from weekend to weekend. In addition, football uses platoons for offense and defense and kicking, so only the interior linemen have a chance to really get up close and personal with one another.
I love the triangle. It’s a great offense if you execute it well.
I’m a good rebounder, good on switching screens good defender; I’m looking to improve my offense and hopefully I can go out there show what I can do.
Most of us have hoped and prayed for something to happen a certain way, but it didn’t. And when this happened, we had a choice to make: to react with offense toward God or to trust Him anyway.
From my vantage point as a catcher, those are tough lineups to face when guys lay off the tough pitches and work counts and still have the ability to drive the ball. It’s usually a recipe of some good offense.
You never really get to the point in any offense – even when I was in New England for six years – where things don’t change.
Put on the game tape. The game tape speaks volumes because I’m in live action, I’m out there making reads, going through progressions, redirection protection, signaling hot routes, getting the offense in and out of the right play.
Not a majority of the offense is run for me to post. I’m fine with that, but I want to play better on the offensive end.
In politics as in sports, the best defense is a good offense.
You’ve probably heard from 100 different people that the Patriots are a game plan offense. Here’s what that means: We’re going to watch the defense specifically to identify their tendencies, what they do situationally and what their philosophy is.
Any quarterback that understands what the offense is really about is going to succeed.
In middle school, I played quarterback. I was at a tiny school, so you played offense and defense – I played linebacker, and in high school I stopped playing around my sophomore year because of my acting stuff.
Arizona‘s law makes what is already a federal offense – being in the country illegally – a state offense. Some critics seem not to understand Arizona’s right to assert concurrent jurisdiction.
I’m up here to help the team win every at-bat, offense, defense, baserunning.
Rondo is great with the steals, also on offense with the passing and court vision.
Sometimes, you get kind of redundant by learning the same offense over and over again.
I don’t really compare myself to a lot of other running backs – that’s no offense to any other running back, but just the fact that I can see and avoid hits.
I try to help my teammates, and they help me with the offense. It’s good. We play together, and they use my height, and I feel comfortable when I go out on the court.
Your offense might not be great every game, but defense is just about working hard and outworking your opponents.
If you give Brett Favre time to throw the ball and single coverage, you’re making the offense that much better.
Running the triangle offense, you have pretty much set rotations where you are going to be at.
When fans showed up at Candlestick, there was a great sense of anticipation that they would watch not only winning football, but also artistry. Our offense was that sublime.
When you’re desperate, it’s good on defense because your hair should be on fire, but it’s bad on offense.
The root of nearly every free-speech infringement on campuses across the country is that someonealmost always a liberal – has been offended or has sniffed out a potential offense in the making.
I believe the war on terror is the vital discussion of this decade and of our generation, probably. To win the war on terror, you need a good offense and a good defense. On defense, I regret to say, basically, this administration has not come close to doing what is necessary.
We needed to go back on the offense and offer clear leadership on Iraq.
Forgiveness is not a feeling – it’s a decision we make because we want to do what’s right before God. It’s a quality decision that won’t be easy and it may take time to get through the process, depending on the severity of the offense.
It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher.
Our offense is like the pythagorean theorem: There is no answer!
That’s what we’re here for as quarterbacks is to help our team win, lead the offense down the field and put points on the board.
Bobby Knight told me this: ‘There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.’ In other words a good offense wins.
I hope we can build our offense and go out there and win games.
Jamal Lewis
You have to give it to the Packers. They are a good team. They have a great offense and a great defense.
You have not just weekly ratings, but minutes where they say during a show, ‘This guy’s boring, get him off.’ This has produced a thing in our society where we have no shame and the worst offense is to be boring.
I would say that while most Muslims take offense at the portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad in cartoons, they would never resort to violence. It is a minority of extremist Muslims who take such actions, and they do it for political and tactical reasons far beyond just being offended.
If liberalism is to mean anything at all, it is duty bound to support without hesitation the dissenting individual over the group, the heretic over the orthodox, innovation over stagnation, and free speech over offense.
In classical times, it was a capital offense to speculate upon the hour of a king’s death or upon the identity of his successor.
Actually, the original nickname that I was told – it scared me to death – was Heavy G. I think the last thing you want to be known as is Heavy anything. No offense to Heavy D – rest his soul. Worked for him, wasn’t really my bag.
Giving a 10-year mandatory minimum for a second offense fist fight is not going to reduce the chance that someone will be stabbed 16 times when you are not funding any of the programs that are desperately needed to actually reduce juvenile crime.
In our manifesto we have said that we will focus on reducing the demand for liquor through awareness campaigns. We will also make it an offense to serve liquor to anyone below the age of 23.
It’s tough when you get beat. You have to be able to come back mentally. Sometimes the offense is going to win, but you have to be able to be level-headed and not get too upset when they do catch the ball.
Obviously, if you are playing against a guy who is known for an up-tempo offense, you’ll probably tailor your practice a little bit to say, ‘Hey, let’s get a couple of fast-paced plays back to back to back to try to simulate that.’
I like the offense to flow.
A lot of the better offenses sacrifice defense to be a good offense and I’m not interested in doing that.
I had to earn everything. So to have an opportunity to be a primary perimeter option on the offense is really something that I really enjoy.
If you have one guy taking all of the shots, you’re obviously not playing very fast, because you have to slow it down and wait for him to get to his spot in the offense. But when you just want the best shot possible, a lot of different people are going to get the ball.
All of our intelligence agencies, our Department of Defense, are all working to meet this threat. But it’s a fast moving world; it’s a place where offense is easier than defense, and keeping up with the next innovation in cyber-warfare is an enormous challenge.
It’s difficult when you step out there with somebody like me and my offense.
When you see the floor and you understand the game and you’re trying to break it down with what you have in front of you, you can do it offensively and defensively. And you try to take advantage of it both ways. You see where the offense’s head is and you can kind of read what you want to do.
I always try to play hard as possible to help my team – it doesn’t matter if it’s on defense or offense. I would say when I was young I was playing like that, too.
My entire business model is to go on offense.
Golden State was basically a guard-oriented offense so I didn’t use it that much.
In college, I was a running QB. We were a sprint out offense, so I had a big transition going into pro ball.
Everyone does things differently on offense. Everyone’s goal is to score points.
If I were a high school coach, I would put my best players on offense. The best athletes on my team, I would give them the ball and score points. I wouldn’t play them on defense. I would play them where they can get the ball and score points.
We need to play tough defense and have a sound offense. But mostly, we have to outrebound the other team.
For me, my preference for comedy is grounding it in the psychology of the character, and not just kind of making faces. Even when it’s a crazy character, grounded comedy resonates more with people because it doesn’t look like you’re watching someone do vaudeville. No offense to vaudeville.
I believe all life has value, from conception to natural death. And I believe the intentional taking of human life, except to save lives, should be a capital offense, as it is in most states in America today.
Tom Coburn
A good football team plays offense and defense. You have to be aggressive and disrupt.
Vince Flynn
If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there’d be bodies hanging from every tree!
No offense to Boston, but I was glad to get out of there. I think it’s just because I’m from Philly. Honestly, the blue collar side of each are pretty similar in ways, but something about the makeup of your brain, Philly versus Boston. It’s a lot different, in weird ways.
When I left high school, I wanted to go to Auburn, and they said they were going to let me go both ways. And my ‘both ways’ was ‘football and basketball.’ And their ‘both ways’ was ‘offense and defense.’ So it didn’t work out for me.
It’s great knowing going into the week that you have a guy like Peyton Manning that’s going to throw you the ball. You know that during the week, he’s working on different things that’s going to help our offense, stuff that makes you get better.
I know a lot of people try and set expectations for me. No offense to you guys, but I set my own expectations.
I had a vision of how basketball should be played. And the vision was the Knicks teams that won the championship in 1970 and 1973. I wanted a team that emphasized defense. I wanted a team that on offense had a system where players moved off the ball, and the ball moved.
When it comes down to it, you’re playing football regardless of what offense you’re in.
You have to have a deep passing game within your offense. It’s got to be incorporated in some form or fashion.
It is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious readily provable offense.
Before holding elective office – 12 years in the Wyoming House of Representatives and 18 years in the U.S. Senate – I served a different type of time. I was on probation for a federal offense committed as a teenager.
Thou shalt not steal. I mean defensively. On offense, indeed thou shall steal and thou must.
Branch Rickey
I think the fans want to see offense.
I just want to be a guy that’s reliable, make sure I take care of the football, make plays in situational downs, get in the end zone, help the offense move the ball, and win games.
A personal offense is like a scratch on a phonograph record. I couldn’t move my thoughts beyond my pain. It kept repeating, as if I were stuck within its grooves. There was only one way to play beyond it. I had to forgive them, so my heart could take its form again.
Laurel Lea
I want each and every West Virginian to have bragging rights. I want to stop playing defense and start playing offense. So, together, let us grab the reins of history.
I’ve been on some really good teams, but we weren’t able to get over the hump. It’s offense, defense and special teams, and then the ball has to go your way.
I don’t know that there’s any particular scientific evidence that you could say, more guys get hurt in this offense versus that one, or hurry-up, or whatever, but everything that we’ve ever done in the NCAA is about exposure. How many exposures does a player get?
I gotta defend, I gotta protect the rim, I gotta rebound, I gotta set good picks for the guys, finish on offense, and I think that is not going to change much.
The University of Memphis didn’t have the flashy profile or the national exposure. It’s a great university. I love the offense. I love the atmosphere, the big city. They have everything I want. The only knock against them is they are not a great team.
I love stock-car racing and NASCAR. I kind of take offense to anybody who has any cross words about it. It’s kind of like your brother. You can talk all the crap you want about him, but you won’t let anyone else do it.
Your most precious possessions on offense are your twenty-seven outs.
I pride myself by being a player that plays in the flow of the game, and tries to get the offense created through other teammates.
A lot of people in Islamic countries are taking it as a personal offense when people are talking about the violence against women in their culture.
It’s football. The game hasn’t changed. There’s not tons of new concepts every year that go in. Offense is offense; it’s our job to move the ball, to score points, and keep our defense off the field.
I like playmakers, man, if it’s a playmaker on defense or offense, just a guy who is going to put up some points, a guy who’s going to be able to change the game.
Other fans get antsy when their team’s offense struggles to score for a few possessions. Blazers fans give us standing ovations, like they’re trying to will their energy into us.
I’ve looked up to Michael Jordan because not only was he an assassin on offense, he was an assassin on defense.
I can play in any offense and play off any player.
I have come to the conclusion that it’s a waste of time to have too much pride in anything. Perhaps it’s good to have a sense of duty, a jealous zeal to protect or improve, but pride ultimately is only that which stands vulnerable to offense and degradation.
No other offense has ever been visited with such severe penalties as seeking to help the oppressed.
You can lose a game with the kicking game faster than you can with offense and defense.
You want to be on the offense and make the defense react. I feel like that.
The only defense is offense, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly than the enemy if you wish to save yourselves.
Stanley Baldwin
I like the way punk people perform better than rappers, because rappers suck at performing – no offense.
I think you want to play complementary football – offense, defense, special teams.
It’s clearly the intent of the Islamic State to strike us here in the United States. And that’s why we have to go on offense in the war against the Islamic State to fight them where they are before they fight us here in the United States.
It feels great, definitely feels great to have your number called and be a part of the offense.
For me, it’s about making the winning plays, making the right plays, making the basketball plays and being aggressive whether it’s on defense or offense.
If you aim for parody right off the bat and it misses, no offense to the filmmakers, but it is Meet the Spartans.
The triangle itself is just an offense based on freedom of the ball to go to different places, everybody feeling involved. It’s a good thing.
The rules of the game really have given the offense an advantage, especially with pass interference.
Balls and strikes are the basic tenet to everything in baseball. From the perspective of hitting, pitching, offense and defense, it’s all about the strike zone and how the battle is waged there between the pitcher and hitter.
The key word is ‘control.’ I have to get to the point where I can do it like Magic does. That means penetrating, scoring more, taking over on offense once in a while, increasing my range on the outside shot to open things up for the drive.
The defense can be affected by certain guys not being comfortable in the offense, and then not just playing and reacting on the other end.
I find the game mentally challenging and really enjoy the chess match that occurs every week between the offense and the opposing defense.
There is a kind of courtesy in skepticism. It would be an offense against polite conventions to press our doubts too far.
If I can defend, I find that my offense just comes to me.
God pardons like a mother, who kisses the offense into everlasting forgiveness.
Poets have to be sensitive to their audience, but it does not mean that they censor themselves. I realise my audience is diverse. Some will read with empathy and curiosity while others will take offense.
I’ve been in the frame of mind in Charlotte that, O.K., I’m going to play defense. But I’ve never been in a frame of mind that my defense is going to generate my offense.
People say you don’t need a father to be successful. I take offense to that.
Dwight Howard
Since Mark Richt took his offense from Florida State to Georgia, Florida State has been floundering. They have no identity. They have a bunch of plays, but they have no system and no philosophy.
You know, pass now to pinch post, cut, shoot the shot. Do things to facilitate the offense. That’s what I did in Alabama.