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Objective Quotes

We’ve collected the best Objective Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Tariq Ramadan, Paulinho, Andrea Jung, Ruth Benedict, Robert Rinder. Use them as an inspiration.

The month of Ramadan is the world’s most widespread fast and yet its teachings are minimised, neglected and even betrayed (through literal application of rules that overlooks their ultimate objective).
When I left Tottenham for China i knew I would be further away but my main objective was to play because I wasn’t playing and I decided to move on.
There are pros and cons of experience. A con is that you can’t look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and as objectively as if you were a new CEO. Fire yourself on a Friday night and come in on Monday morning as if a search firm put you there as a turn-around leader. Can you be objective and make the bold change?
If we justify war, it is because all peoples always justify the traits of which they find themselves possessed, not because war will bear an objective examination of its merits.
Ruth Benedict
The family court is extremely child focussed. Its overriding objective is to do what is in a child’s best interests.
What it meant to me: a happy life, of course, companionship, of course. A common objective, I think.
Denis Thatcher
When you’re producing your own record, you do your best to be objective and take a step back from it from time to time.
I was a lousy journalist. I could never be objective. Sometimes I invented the whole story.
For years I wrote newspaper columns mostly about the teams in my city. There was no cheering in the press box, and I fought to remain objective.
Republicansfocus on defunding or scaling back Obamacare – an unpopular entitlement programrather than entitlements generally, namely Social Security and Medicare, has raised questions about their true objective. But critics forget that spending is fungible.
All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest – never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership.
When you’re interviewing someone, even your mother – you have to sort of deal with you have to get some objective space from yourself and the person but you also have to find what’s the best way to get the information from that person.
When French troops entered Paris in August, 1944, Papa came in from Rambouillet and first liberated the Explorers’ club. But his major objective was the Ritz. He came in and assured security, making sure nobody else could get to the wine cellar.
When I was in journalism school, you were taught to be completely objective. But we don’t see that anymore.
Julie Chen
My objective with men at 2nd and 3rd is to get one quality pitch to drive them in. If it’s not available, I’m going to go to first base. I won’t make any apologies about that.
The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council.
Javier Solana
In my capacity as a board member of the OfS, I hope to be impartial, objective, and fair.
As an actress, I have to be objective about myself. If I don’t criticize myself, there are plenty who will do a find job of it for me!
If confirmed, my overall guiding objective for our relationship with India would be to solidify an enduring strategic partnership underpinned by strong defence cooperation with an Indian military able to collaborate effectively with the United States to address shared interests.
The government’s objective, broadly expressed, is that all persons, whatever their level of ability, whether they live in town or country, have a right as citizens to a free education of the kind for which they are best fitted and to the fullest extent of their powers.
Peter Fraser
I gave myself an objective, to be the second president from Correze and finally to be the successor to Francois Mitterrand.
My principal professional objective is to introduce intelligence as the ubiquitous utility. I’d like to be the Thomas Edison of intelligence.
It’s been an objective of mine since I started writing songs to include both intellect and energy.
The objective of the demonstrators is to win the affection of the armed agents of the government. Most of the Kiev police have now pledged their support for the people.
Bob Schaffer
A set definite objective must be established if we are to accomplish anything in a big way.
John McDonald
I don’t want 100 different cures of cancer. I want, you know, give me five. So if you had, you know, five medicines, you could do away with 90 percent of cancer. That’s sort of my objective. I think we’re going to do it.
My number one objective continues to be to defund or delay the implementation of Obamacare. But as long as any piece of this law is standing, it needs to apply to all Americans equally, and that includes members of Congress and our staff.
Before we start anything creatively, we have a firm understanding of our objective and our frame of mind for the campaign. Who’s our audience, and what’s their day-to-day behavior? How can we complement those behaviors? How is our message more than an interruption? Why would people care about what we’re saying?
I don’t really believe that documentary is objective reality and fiction is all illusion.
One of the things that has always motivated me to write is the desire to get it out and look at it in an objective way, so that it doesn’t cause me any serious pain by staying inside.
The British security industry has the capacity to be a world leader and it should be our shared objective to achieve this.
I personally think honestly disclosing rather than hiding one’s subjective values makes for more honest and trustworthy journalism. But no journalism – from the most stylistically ‘objective’ to the most brazenly opinionated – has any real value unless it is grounded in facts, evidence, and verifiable data.
Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine.
‘Stans’ can not see anything wrong with their favorite artist. They love everything they do. If the artist fart, they’re like, ‘OMG, that was the best-sounding fart I ever heard in my life. She farted on beat,’ whatever. I’m an ‘objective fan,’ so I can give my opinion about things.
For the record: Quantum mechanics does not deny the existence of objective reality. Nor does it imply that mere thoughts can change external events. Effects still require causes, so if you want to change the universe, you need to act on it.
Our key objective is to remove obstacles to trade.
My theory on an existing crisis is that you have to be very strategic about each case‘s unique elements. If a crisis involves a legal component, you need a communication strategy that complements the company‘s legal objective. A strategy for a plea deal is different than a case going to trial.
The atheist is cheating whenever he makes a moral judgment, acting as though it has an objective reference, when his philosophy in fact precludes it.

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