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Metal Quotes

We’ve collected the best Metal Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Claude Nicollier, Ellsworth Kelly, Neil Young, Moa Kikuchi, Brian Posehn. Use them as an inspiration.

You can see these boxes which are covered with metal foils for thermal reasons, and they are also, most of the time, thermally controlled inside to keep reasonable temperature inside each of these containers.
Claude Nicollier
The paintings to me are always canvas; sculpture has always been metal, though I have made sculpture in wood, also.
All that stuff about heavy metal and hard rock, I don’t subscribe to any of that. It’s all just music. I mean, the heavy metal from the ’70s sounds nothing like the stuff from the ’80s, and that sounds nothing like the stuff from the ’90s. Who’s to say what is and isn’t a certain type of music?
When I first became involved in Babymetal, I honestly hadn’t known what metal music was about so everything was new to me.
I had seen other comic friends of mine go to indie labels. Like David Cross and Pat Oswald went to Subpop, and Subpop didn’t make total sense for me, but the metal version of that did. So I made a small list with Metal Blade, Prosthetic and couple of other labels, and Relapse was one of them.
I think that metal has always been, in my opinion, the most passionate form of music, and it only makes sense to actually be passionate about what you’re saying when you’re delivering music to people, whether it’s through an album or for a live show.
If it comes out sounding like Dixieland jazz or classical or punk or rock or even slightly metal, that’s because that’s where I’m going to find inspiration.
I have 16 metal screws in my right arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, and they are extremely painful at the beginning of a training camp and also when the temperature changes. I also had a surgery on my left arm and two on my hips. Those four surgeries were pivotal in my decision to retire.
Obama is the new kid with the weird name who people just sense is a little classier than his surroundings. He moved from a private school where he was class president and is now at the giant public high school with the metal detectors and the smoking lounge.
My back is full of metal; so are my hands and legs. I’ll have to decide who will get all that in my will. It’s probably worth a fortune in scrap metal. But it doesn’t affect my movement.
We are one of the last heavy metal bands. Iron Maiden has always been unique.
Adrian Smith
In the metal world, if you’re using a wireless mic… I was so scared to do that. I’m, like, ‘They’re gonna boo me in the beginning.’
I buy some black metal records kind of blindly, and I end up really liking maybe 30% of them. There’s a lot of duds, for me at least, in black metal. I have kind of picky tastes about it.
My passions are stand-up comedy, hard rock and metal, and baseball and the Mets.
I grew up an ’80s metal guy.
One of the reasons I love devils so much is not based in my faith, but because as a kid, I grew up loving heavy metal and horror movies, and the devil is such a huge presence in both.
I joined a metal band with only guys when I was 17.
My earliest memories are going into prisons. Going through metal detectors, getting searched by guards.
From the beginning, I felt that Heavy Metal is not just about music but also something that you feel with your heart. It is music that helps you express your emotions and feelings.
Apart from its dangers, much of Iraq isn’t very interesting to look at. The landscape is flat and dun colored. The dirt just beyond the highway is littered with hunks of twisted and mangled metal, some of it the detritus of wars, some of it just unclaimed junk. The countryside looks muddy and broken.
‘Firepower’ is the eighteenth full-length studio album for Judas Priest. That’s a lot of metal songs over the decades, and the writing process is always the same, really.
There is a lot of talk now about metal detectors and gun control. Both are good things. But they are no more a solution than forks and spoons are a solution to world hunger.
Well, I didn’t really grow up playing or listening to metal, like many of the kids I went to school with. I only got into it in my late teens, so when Marilyn Manson formed, it was at a time when I was still excited about approaching music from that angle.
Daisy Berkowitz
I just felt like I’d rather listen to even the worst metal song more than most current pop music.
I love punk rock, but I also love metal.
Metal fans are just as compassionate and caring and tolerant as any other form of music fans are.
By trade I am a metal fabricator, so I have a degree in custom automotive fabrication.
Jessi Combs
I think if you’re trying to be funny, sometimes you’re bending a piece of metal in a direction it doesn’t want to go. And sometimes comedy just needs to find itself.
It’s a heavy weight, the camera. Now we have modern and lightweight, small plastic cameras, but in the ’70s they were heavy metal.
I love creating things, especially out of metal. There’s something truly satisfying about shaping a piece of metal and seeing the impurities peeling away as you weld it into your chosen design.
I don’t think we’re metalcore. To me, metalcore is more like hardcore-influenced metal, with lots of breakdowns. I think we’re a lot more diverse sounding than that.
We want metal to be dangerous again. How cool would that be?
I think it’s not only Babymetal’s sound but also the fact that we dance to metal that represents a new way of expressing this genre of music.
On my grandmother‘s chicken farm, they had cows, and they had this big metal container that the cows drank out of, and we used to swim in it. And we used to get into the chicken feed bins and dive through them.
‘The Shining‘ has always been my favorite horror movie. It is scary and incredibly psychological without relying on blood and gore. Jack Nicholson’s performance is absolutely mind-blowing. And the mood and the feel is definitely metal.
Aluminum is the most common metal in the earth‘s crust, almost twice as abundant as iron. And one common class of aluminum minerals, collectively called alum, has been in use since at least Greek and Roman times.
I think that the fact of the matter is that metal isn’t really part of the big picture of the gay, lesbian, transgender music scene. But it’s certainly there. There’s gay metalheads all over the world.
I’ve said the Grammys messed up metal because it’s not on TV. What I’m saying is when you’re in a metal category, it’s not televised, and it doesn’t move the needle forward for metal artists, and I wish they had more respect for the genre.
I think EDM and metal and rock have been together already for a long time. Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, the Prodigy – they all have influences from both.
I knew I wanted to be in music, but I didn’t know my role, so I did everything from interning at Rolling Stone to writing heavy metal fanzines to playing in a high-school band, and I think all those things probably helped in a way.

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