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Meant To Be Quotes

We’ve collected the best Meant To Be Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Baker Mayfield, Dean Devlin, John Bishop, Jaboukie Young-White, Chris Rea. Use them as an inspiration.

Football is a violent, competitive game. That’s the way it was always meant to be played. You are supposed to play with an edge. You are actually supposed to impose your will on the other person to win.
Leverage‘ is meant to be based in Boston. But in one episode we’re in New York, then another in Chicago, Florida, and Eastern Europe.
One of my sons has a tattoo on his ankle that was meant to be Africa but looks like Australia, one of my sons mumbles, and one of my sons is a gay man. I’ll be honest, there’s been loads of nights when me and my wife have sat up and worried and worried and worried, ‘What are we going to do if he doesn’t stop mumbling?’
There’s an infectiousness to comedy. It’s meant to be shared and spread, so I feel like any message that you’re talking about through the vehicle of comedy is going to get further than if you just straightforwardly said it.
I bought a Hofner guitar and amplifier for 32 guineas, then spent ages trying to make a bottleneck. At that point, I was meant to be developing my father‘s ice-cream cafe into a global concern, but I spent all my time in the stockroom playing slide guitar.
If you want to become fully mature in the Lord, you must learn to love truth. Otherwise, you will always leave open a door of deception for the enemy to take what is meant to be yours.
When you look back, I think things are as they are meant to be. Timing is very important.
I’m a great believer in the idea that if it’s meant to be, it will be.
The federal election statutes are primarily meant to be civil. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a criminal violation of the FEC provisions, but that’s just my personal opinion.
When I was younger, I had these romantic ideas about the Black Panther Party and what it meant to be a part of the civil rights movement. Then we’re here, and it’s dangerous. And it’s dangerous to say, ‘Black lives matter.’
Having spent all that time getting away from South Africa, running away from the army, I wanted very much to believe that America and England were actually as free as they were meant to be, not slipping rapidly into becoming police states like the one I’d just left.
Richard Stanley
I don’t know what I would have done without believing in God. His support gives me power and energy to continue to be optimistic, to smile, not to be depressed. Sometimes, if things are not going so well, I don’t cry. I say maybe it’s meant to be.
Ofra Haza
I don’t think that the next generation should fear just being who they are rather than confirming to an expectation of what they are meant to be.
YouTube‘s growth exploded in 2006. Ian and Anthony of Smosh, who began uploading in late 2005, were among the platform’s top native stars and they defined a lot of what it meant to be a ‘YouTuber.’
Once I started the first school, I realized this is what my life is meant to be, is to promote education and help kids go to school, and that’s very clear.
Greg Mortenson
I always, always meant to be on stage. I only ended up even auditioning for television and movies because I was understudying a Turgenev play on Broadway and was so broke that, when I got a mini-series, I had to take it and was so ashamed because I was such a snob.
Films were always there at the back of my mind. I would try to move away, but films kept coming to me. I would do movies for friends. I guess some things are meant to be!
What’s meant to be will always find a way.
I experienced life in a struggling team at Eintracht Frankfurt, but I was still young then and didn’t understand what it meant to be relegated.
I like animals, I really do, but some animals are just meant to be eaten.
Emmanuelle Vaugier
There’s always that element in the back of my head, thinking if it’s meant to be I’ll play for Celtic one day.
Look, it’s a mainstream animated movie, and how often are those considered thought provoking? It’s meant to be a great time at the theater, but it’s also designed to work on more than one level.
Beauty secrets are meant to be shared with the world!
I’m clearly not meant to be in front of the camera. I’m really not meant for anything but behind the camera.
I always figure hey, look, I’m not a rock star, I’m an actor. I’m somebody who’s meant to be other people and I’m not meant to be here representing myself. I’m happier when I’m presenting myself as other characters.
If you don’t like me, if you like me; both are equally cool. I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives. I hope they find where they’re meant to be.
Willow Smith
Legion‘ is meant to be a show that is a state of mind. But the problem with TV is that there are commercials. There’s a hypnotic quality to the way we put it together. I need to get you out of your life in the first seven minutes of that show.
My father always taught by telling stories about his experiences. His lessons were about morality and art and what insects and birds and human beings had in common. He told me what it meant to be a man and to be a Black man. He taught me about love and responsibility, about beauty, and how to make gumbo.
Well, ever since I was six, I had a little notebook with coverages and notes on the mental aspect of a game, what it meant to be a leader and what type of attitude you had to have.
If there wasn’t struggle you would never grow. You would never become who you’re meant to be. And let’s be honest. It would also be… super boring both in movies and in life.
I personally wouldn’t want my second album to sound like my first; it might sound very rocky or hard rock – and that wouldn’t be melancholy. So if people think my music is melancholic, then so be it. It’s meant to be uplifting, and I’m just basically saying what needs to be said.
I will always, forever, write songs, and wherever they’re meant to be is where they’ll be.
If men were meant to be a dominant power, men would be on this earth by themselves. So, I don’t understand when women‘s rights are challenged – because you’re talking about human rights. You talk about subjugating an entire culture that we heavily depend on for everything we need for survival.
I’m not one of those New Age types that believe ‘it’s all meant to be’ and that our lives have been scripted by an invisible hand.
My son is fully vaccinated, but there is one immunization on the standard schedule that he did not receive on time. This was meant to be his very first shot, the hep B administered to most babies immediately after birth.
I want people to understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it’s meant to be, which is fun and entertaining.
Records are always meant to be broken.
My view is that comic books are meant to be long-form stories. They’re meant to be novels.
I found that the more I’d done Shakespeare, and the more I trusted my instincts and applied the same rules you would apply to any scene, the closer I got to how it’s meant to be acted.
Social Security is meant to be – to make sure that no one who’s worked hard and played by the rules and paid into the system grows old in poverty in America.
It’s a violent sport. It’s meant to be that way.
At the top, I was flying high. I didn’t understand what it meant to be down and out.
My shows are meant to be entertaining, not educational.
We’re supposed to be an entrepreneurial company; we’re meant to be expanding and looking for opportunities – but the minute you do it, you get your head bashed in.
Someday, I’ll make the right connection with the house I’m meant to be in.
It was hugely helpful to me, being South African. I have never felt uncomfortable in posh society because I don’t see what it is that I’m meant to be bowing the knee about.
I just think that playing bass, like punk rock bass with a pick, wasn’t meant to be done for 25 years.
The marriage of a man and woman is the most enduring human institution, honored in all cultures and by every religious faith. It’s in this institution that children are meant to be nurtured. We know this after thousands of years of human experience.
People think that cartoons are meant to be watched on television and not in cinemas. To get people into cinemas to see animation really boils down to storytelling for the family.
Harmony singing isn’t meant to be done alone.
Do I think human beings are meant to be in 40-year-long monogamous, faithful, relationships? No, No, No. Whoever said they were? Only the Bible or something. No one ever said that was a good idea.
I was meant to be a composer. I was meant to meet my wife and have our three children. There were a number of factors that led to all of that happening, which, if you mapped it out, you would say, ‘God, a lot had to go right for all of those things to line up.’
I never really decided to be an actress, but I got an agent, was called back on every show I auditioned for, and finally decided I was meant to be an actress.
Shannon Tweed
My cosmetic range, easy4Men, is not going that well. It’s meant to be for the no-nonsense man, but now I don’t know if the no-nonsense man exists.
A lot of people are not meant to be together.
I think our life is a journey, and we make mistakes, and it’s how we learn from those mistakes and rebound from those mistakes that sets us on the path that we’re meant to be on.
Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame are not normal, everyday malware, of course. All three of them were most likely developed by a Western intelligence agency as part of covert operations that weren’t meant to be discovered. The fact that the malware evaded detection proves how well the attackers did their job.
I just wanted to go to New York and be on Broadway, but then I was accepted by Juilliard, where they trained me in classical voice. It was great in the end, but at the time, I thought, ‘What am I doing here? This is not my path.’ But it was absolutely my path and where I was meant to be.
Hollywood never suited me, I didn’t ever feel comfortable with it, it took me a couple of years but I found where I was always meant to be… Chiswick!
Respectfully, ‘Awkward Black Girl’ was never meant to be politically correct. We poke fun at ignorance.
The idea of taking classic American stories and reinterpreting them for a time and place is not just commercially viable. These stories also carry a sensual nature of what it meant to be an American, and they deserve to be reinterpreted.
The Saylor Foundation is meant to be a gadfly to encourage Google, Apple, MIT, Harvard, the United States government, and the Chinese government to aggressively pursue digital education.
Then I was actually meant to be going home but for some reason I decided to extend for a week. Then on the final day by extension, finally an audition came through, and it was ‘Into the Badlands’.
Although music comes from a very personal place, talent is meant to be shared.
It took me eight books to finally be at a point in my career where I could come out with a book and say, ‘This is meant to be a funny book,’ and we didn’t have to make any bones about it.
Anxiety is a trap; it’s not a trend to be followed. It’s not supposed to be cool, it’s meant to be fixed.
Poker is meant to be enjoyed.
Bond was escapism, but not meant to be imitated in real life.
I will admit to being slightly embarrassed that I am getting tattoos relatively late in life. Tattoos are meant to be something you get in your 20s when you’re actually worried about your appearance.
In the worst of times, music is a promise that times are meant to be better.
After the first miscarriage, I tried to take the attitude that it was my body’s way of telling me that this pregnancy wasn’t meant to be.
Everything that happens is meant to be. It’s meant to happen like that. But sometimes you don’t know at the time that it’s meant to be disaster.
Tony Kaye
Sometimes I think some things just happen and are meant to be.
My mother picked my name with a spiritual intention: Destiny, ‘what was meant to be.’ She was a very special woman, and a gifted witch.
‘The Infinity War’ is meant to be a culmination film. It’s meant to join together all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe against an incredible universal threat – Thanos.
I look at things as ‘Everything is meant to be.’
When Lady Gaga wears a meat dress, it’s meant to be controversial, but then it turns into money, and it’s all fine.
Deadlines are meant to be broken. And I just keep breaking them.
We’re not meant to be perfect. It took me a long time to learn that.
Records are meant to be broken and they should be broken, but fairly.
I’m a big believer in everything meant to be. If it didn’t work out then, it’s fine.
Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.
But sometimes I’ve felt a little constrained by that idea of who I’m meant to be.
I feel like I’m meant to be a mom.
I wouldn’t recommend people to go up and ride their road bikes in Kenya. Bikes are not meant to be on the roads. But the mountain biking is fantastic. You can go right up into the tea and coffee plantations up in the highlands. You can descend the great Rift Valley.
Chris Froome
I was meant to be an actor, and I realised that only after my son was born.
I always had the feeling, even when I started, that my photography was meant to be archival in nature. Sort of like wine, I guess – they get better with age.
Gerard Malanga
I can be a bit serious because I’m always focused on my work, but when Meri’s around I feel so relaxed. My body and soul are like, ‘Ah, OK, everything is fine.’ I know I am meant to be with her. It feels right.
There are days when there’s no will to do anything. It’s not easy for someone in my profession, because you are always meant to be in the limelight. I can’t just not turn up, as I will come across as unprofessional, and people won‘t work with me anymore.
All minorities think they’re immune, but we’re absolutely part of the one in five that gets skin cancer! It’s a myth, and myths are meant to be debunked!
Advertising was only meant to be a very small part of my life. I had intended that I would work extensively in journalism for about five or six years and then I’d become a writer.
Bryce Courtenay
Music is liquid. It’s meant to be messed with and played with and stretched and pulled and pushed, I think.
I wasn’t cast to play the part of a paranormal investigator, like maybe some other shows out there. I believe it, and it’s my passion, and this is what I’m here to do in this life. I love it. It was just meant to be for me. It’s what I’m doing. This was my purpose.
I think a lot of people are with the one they’re meant to be with. I see it watching my parents because they’ve been together for so long and are still very much in love. I’m just sort of in awe of that.
The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.
If you’re hard-working and meant to be loved by millions, you’ll have it.
Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You’re not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful, but you understand the world around you better, and you’re at peace with yourself. Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.
I guess it’s a lovely thought, isn’t it, that the person you’re meant to be with was one of your first loves all along. That whole destiny thing.
No matter what I do, I can’t help but feel that I’m under a microscope. Some of it is completely silly, and some of it is meant to be hurtful. For example, a website accumulated all of my music videos to point out perceived Illuminati images. I loved that one. Of course, it was all ridiculous but funny.
Though I’m happy with the response to the film, I’ve been hearing the feedback that ‘Yennai Arindhaal’ has traces of my earlier films. It was meant to be like that. Since it’s part of a trilogy, hence the reference to the other two films in the franchise.
Challenges are meant to be met and overcome.
Liu Xiang
I’m blessed with the fact that I’m a fighter. I’ve always known life was meant to be joyful.
Housefull 3′ is not meant to be taken seriously, but is meant to be laughed at.
There is good in everything; it’s just how you choose to look at it. Everything that’s worth it has a price. For me to be a model – I had to leave my family. Do you think I liked that? No! There are sacrifices. Life is meant to be a challenge, because challenges are what make you grow.
Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?
Alan Perlis
I have come to a point where I have accepted that not everyone is meant to be friends.
I have a brilliant memory of being driven back to school when ‘Super Trouper’ was number one in the charts in 1980. When it came on the radio my mum just drove right past the school gates! When you’re 11 years old and meant to be going back to boarding school, that’s a great feeling.
I love green juices – the ones that include lots of actual greens and don’t include too much apple. Because those are just meant to be yummy, and we all know things that are too yummy aren’t the best for us, unfortunately.
Even in real life, at least I have that very strong sense of timing to do things when they are meant to be done. Like when to stop colouring your hair, when to do whatever, and to live by it too.
I had soaked up all of these ideas about what it meant to be a creative person from media and culture. And I had this idea in my head that if this was your calling it was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to feel good to wrestle with a blank page. And imagine my surprise when it wasn’t fun at all.
Some people are meant to be bigger, and that’s okay. Because if everybody was built the same, it would be a little boring. We enjoy the differences in each other, and I think that’s what makes all of us beautiful.
A weak people and its equally debilitated leaders are bludgeoned by history. It maims them into the cripples that they are meant to be.
Humans need to touch each other. We need to look at each other… We are human creatures, meant to be linked… So, yes, it’s a gift for me to be able to look at somebody that I know or don’t know, that I love or maybe not love, and to be able to connect.
I’ve always been the Rodney Dangerfield of this game. Maybe it was meant to be that way, but that always drove me.
Some things, I think, like fairy books and secret doors, are only meant to be found by children.
Baseball is meant to be a contemplative game. They play music to draw young people to the game. If young people can’t come to the game without music, then they should stay home.
W. P. Kinsella
I think, with my own daughters, rather than preaching a feminine agenda, I just really try to help them understand what it meant to be a woman in the late 20th century and the consciousness of how to be a woman in the 21st century: What is working for you and what is working against you.
People really are looking for this perfect sort of dream person, but it’s hard to go out every night or make the effort to meet people in your hometown, if you haven‘t already met them all. Online there’s this infinite possibility of meeting this person who, no matter where they live, you’re meant to be with.
Nev Schulman
Great brands are meant to be great aggregators.
Martin Luther King Jr. really understood the role of the churches when he said, ‘The church is not meant to be the master of the state.’ We don’t sort of take power and grab the levers of government and impose our agenda down people’s throats.
I suppose that if I could have quit, I would have, because in those days I never wanted to be an actress, the acting was something to do while I waited for a chance to study writing and directing. But I guess I was just meant to be an actress. Because, here I am.
Some stories are meant to be experienced by everyone and language and culture are no bar.
I was always taught that book keeping was more relevant than book reading. The only thing worth reading was meant to be a balance sheet.
Of course there is really vile anti-Semitism in Wagner‘s writings, but I can’t accept the idea that characters like Beckmesser and Alberich are Jewish stereotypes in disguise. Would Beckmesser be a court councillor if he was meant to be a Jewish stereotype? No Jew could occupy such a role.
I don’t want to be equal to a man. We are different and are meant to be that way. Women are more resilient than men. I thrive on the difference between a man and a woman and love a well-behaved man opening doors for me and a certain amount of caring that happens.
Love means home. It’s where you’re meant to be.
Blake Crouch
The experience in Iraq has taken away the essential trust which political leaders need before embarking on military action. It was meant to be about weapons of mass destruction rather than regime change. Unfortunately, the nation was misled, and secret service information was misused.
It can be tough when you’re on the road, but I think food is meant to be enjoyed, so whenever we go to a new place, we look for the specialty item there.
We literally see things so differently, all the architecture and stuff. That’s the cool part about skateboarding. We’re out there skating stuff that’s not meant to be skated.
Number four, we’re going to play like winners, play the game the way it’s meant to be played. Don’t get full of yourself if something good happens. Don’t get too depressed when something bad happens.
Steve Spurrier
I’ve had people following me home or standing outside my house. It’s strange. I just don’t think people were meant to be worshipped or idolised.
Private emails between friends and colleagues written in haste and without much thought or sensitivity, even when the content of them is meant to be in jest, can result in offense where none was intended.
My grandmother flew only once in her life, and that was the day she and her new husband ascended into the skies of Victorian London in the wicker basket of a hot-air balloon. They were soon to emigrate to Canada, and the aerial ride was meant to be a last view of their beloved England.
Alan Bradley
I was always meant to be a writer. I’ve felt that way since I was a child.
Life has never been easy. Nor is it meant to be. It is a matter of being joyous in the face of sorrow.
I started really believing and understanding what it meant to be a follower of Jesus when I was probably in high school sometime. From there, just trying to draw on my faith since then.
I love Sherlock Holmes, but I love any of these old stories where the writer was paid by the word, so the adventures just continue forever. They are almost like they were meant to be read out loud.
Somewhere we turn ourselves into victims instead of being the powerful women we really are meant to be.
Judith Light
Some relationships don’t last for a lifetime but we still feel like it is the one that is meant to be.
If I didn’t get a job, between 16 and 18, that wasn’t significant, I was just going to go to college. I didn’t want to be a struggling actor at 36 with five kids, doing something I hated. You see the story so much. It’s such a vicious business to be in when you’re not meant to be in it.
I don’t know anybody that has a teenage son or daughter who at some point hasn’t been like, ‘God, I hate them’ just under their breath. It’s not meant to be literal. It’s funny.
As for the depiction of the Catholic church, it’s not meant to be a prediction.
Dan Simmons
I was always meant to be a mom. As soon as I had my kids, it just felt so natural.
I was 7 years old when ‘Roots‘ was first broadcast, and my parents gathered all us kids around the TV to learn about how we got here. But it wasn’t until I sat down and immersed myself in the research that I got the barest inkling of what it meant to be a slave.
The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read.
I came to the realisation, rather late in the day, that whatever your body‘s meant to be, it will figure itself out.
It’s very hard to live in an environment where you’re reminded, constantly told that your existence just happens to be here… That you are not meant to be here.
Kangana Ran
Haverford was there for me and taught me what it meant to be a human being.
Falling in Place was meant to be very much rooted in a place and time, and music was a part of that.
Some companies simply aren’t meant to be bigger than they are. They provide products and services that satisfy their customers in a way that pays the bills, produces reasonable profits, and allows them to keep their people employed and fulfilled. And there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with that.
Sitcoms are designed for normal people who just want to turn on their TV and get a laugh. It’s not high-brow, you don’t have to work so hard, and it’s meant to be a relatable genre. That’s why I love it so much – my fans are from 8 years old to 80 years old, because everybody can relate to what’s funny.
Megyn Price
If I break my ankle right now, this Olympics wasn’t meant to be.
Didgeridoo was something I picked up while I was on tour in Australia with Peter Gabriel in ’93. I found out later that it’s only meant to be played by men.
Life is all about balance, and there are certain times of the year – birthday, anniversary, holidays – that are meant to be enjoyed without guilt. That being said, Thanksgiving is a meal – it’s not a Thanksgiving day, and it’s not a Thanksgiving week.
And I’m not anti-sequel, but I just feel like there are very few ideas that are meant to be continued.
People always ask me, how did you grow up to be so confident? I tell them, I always look in the mirror and say I belong, you are so beautiful and you are meant to be here.
Growing up, I knew I was different. But I didn’t know what it meant to be Aboriginal. I just knew that I had a really big, extended family. I was taught nothing about who we were or where we came from.
Some people are brilliant at being comedy actors and if you’re a comedian I think there’s a perception that, if you’re acting at something that’s meant to be funny, it will be funny all the way though and you’ll be dropping in gags.
When youth live in fear of becoming who they are, as adults, they can’t become the creative beings that we are meant to be on this planet.
I don’t really have a bucket list, but if I did, one entry would be to dust off my college Russian and spend a big chunk of a year reading, or trying to read, ‘War and Peace’ as it was meant to be read, in Russian, with all that rumbly rocks-on-rocks poetry inherent to the language.
The title ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘ is meant to be a deconstruction of a stereotype, and the whole show is about deconstructing the boxes that we’re supposed to be put into. We like taking apart the tropes and the stereotypes and explore the nuances, so ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is a label that we go deep underneath to explore.
Baking‘s meant to be done at home. It’s meant to be a good time. It’s not about, like, hoarding secrets. It’s about sharing them.
Mammootty came on board unexpectedly. ‘Uncle,’ which I am co-producing with Sajai Sebastian, was meant to be a low-budget film and we had almost cast another actor in the titular role. But, during the shoot of ‘Puthan Panam,’ I narrated the film’s plot to Mammootty, who liked it and wanted to do the movie.
Records are meant to be broken, I guess.
Parenting is meant to be just a natural part of life. You just think you know how to do it but, of course, it’s much more complicated than that.
The one thing that shaped my life was when I was 15 or 16: I knew I wanted to be a journalist. And not just a journalist, but a journalist in the Middle East, and to go back to the Arab world and try to understand what it meant to be Lebanese.
Anthony Shadid
I’d love to have a really flourishing vegetable garden, and I’d love to have a better area for a rose garden or a cutting garden, but I don’t. You have to develop a garden in the way that it’s meant to be developed.
Owing to cultural beliefs, girls have been taught to be small, disappear and not take our full place in society. But that is not what we are meant to be.
A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.
Bruce Lee
You can’t be all you are meant to be if you think you are better than others, and you can’t be all you are meant to be if you think you are less than others, either.
There are curveballs that are thrown at you, and you just have to get over it and forgive… if you believe you’re perfect, and you don’t believe in forgiveness, you’re not meant to be married.
I never meant to be an actress.
When the idea of ‘Chopped‘ surfaced, it was originally meant to be taped at some guy‘s mansion with him and his crazy Chihuahua. A stuffy fellow in a tuxedo was to host, and the losing chef‘s dish was then fed to the dog! I am not kidding, I saw it! I think it is genius! Twisted, but genius!
What we are is what we were always meant to be, and that’s writers.
I never meant to be in romantic comedies; it’s just what ended up happening. But they are tricky, in a post-1960s sexual revolution way. It was easier when you couldn’t have sex scenes: everything crackled very nicely. They’re not easy.
I mean, once work’s out there it’s meant to be used.
There was a period of time when I first moved to Nashville, like the first couple of years, that I was just simply lost. I didn’t know who I was; I didn’t know really what I was doing here. I was meant to be a singer, but I just felt lost. That’s when I went on the search for my birth family.
I don’t sit down to write a funny story. Every single thing I sit down to write is meant to be sad.
When I called ‘Cut 4 Me’ a mixtape, I was thinking about a few elements: One is used instrumentals. The project is more centered around introducing you to an artist; it’s not meant to be seminal. It’s ‘Hi,’ ‘Hello,’ a thing that you first hear.
I started off tagging stuff – I’m not meant to be having tea and biscuits with the prime minister.
I guess I was just meant to be a secretary who doesn’t take shorthand. I’m a lousy typist, too – 33 words a minute.
Barbara Hale
I feel powerful when I’m onstage talking to an audience. I like communicating; it feels like my calling in the world. Knowing what you’re meant to be doing with your life is pretty bloody powerful.
It’s not a good feeling to hide a huge part of your life. If you were meant to be somebody else, you’d be somebody else, so don’t change who you are.
Wood is very warm and sensual and meant to be touched.
‘The Awakening‘ is meant to be listened to in its entirety. Every song ultimately explores a character dealing with life, making mistakes, fighting, trying. But we also live in a singles-type world, and it works on that level, too.
I think it’s important to really press on with the song writing and just go with it. There’s no code, there’s no craft… it’s just let yourself shine through your music. If it’s meant to be loved and heard, it’ll happen.
In its beginnings, music was merely chamber music, meant to be listened to in a small space by a small audience.
At this point I’ve got a bit of a track record. So people realize that when ‘Weird Al’ wants to go parody, it’s not meant to make them look bad… it’s meant to be a tribute.
I have spent a lifetime trying to share what it has meant to be a woman first in the world of sports so that other young women have a chance to reach their dreams.
I got lucky with ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ in the sense that it was one season and was meant to be that way. When I signed on, they told me that every season is going to be a different girl. I was like, ‘Sweet. If I hate it, then I’m out.’
I am okay being friends with an ex. You don’t become enemies. Everybody has their own journey and they leave when the time is over. Maybe, they are only meant to be with you for that particular time.
Ankita Lokhande
Our Creator would never have made such lovely days, and have given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal.
Nothing can save something that is not meant to be, no matter how hard you try.
Food is meant to be used as fuel for our bodies. If you’re using it for any other reasons, take a step back and ask yourself, ‘What’s up.’
I was always made aware of inequality in society, that there was a class system. In Somalia, we have clan structures. My mother’s family is ethnically not Somali, and so we spoke often about what it meant to be ‘other’ in that way.
You get used to such micro-aggressions, those sneaky remarks. Especially in comedy: when the mood is meant to be light you can get accused of not being able to take a joke.
It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.
I wasn’t meant to be famous. I’ve been blessed.
As a child I learned what it meant to be persecuted. But, even then, at the worst of times, I knew there was good in the world.
I was definitely meant to be a young adult author, and I love it – I’m here to stay!
Simone Elkeles
Some secrets are meant to be taken to the grave, and that’s what I plan on doing with all mine. They’re not necessarily my secrets to tell. I’m the gatekeeper of other people’s secrets.
Drew Lachey
My first motion capture game was with Sony – ‘NBA: The Life.’ It was very ahead of its time. Brandon Akiaten, he was the writer and director. He had a real vision of what this game was meant to be; it was a basketball game where I was the Jerry Maguire sports agent type guy. And it was great!
Ballet was this thing that just felt so innate in me, like I was meant to be doing this.
With a name like Cush Jumbo, you never get forgotten. The ‘Jumbo’ is from my father, who is Nigerian, and ‘Cush’ was a king in ancient Egypt. It’s a name that took a few years to grow into, but now I feel it was meant to be. It’s absolutely who I am, and I love it.
Rock music is not meant to be perfect.
Ozzy Osbourne
Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.
Natalie Morales
I like being at the front – it’s where I’m meant to be.
On ‘The City,’ I allowed the cameras more into my life and I ended up exactly where I was meant to be.
I wasn’t meant to be a cook. It’s a profession I accidentally fell into one summer between college semesters while looking for an easy job as a waiter. Nobody would hire me as a server, but one restaurant, in desperate need of a prep cook, told me that if I could hold a knife, I could have a job.
The studio is meant to be always a place where, first of all, they can be out of spotlight, and second, where they could work with a peer group on parts that they might not have played otherwise.
‘Bridget Jones’ is meant to be a funny night out, but with emotional truth. I wanted to make it a classic that you can pick up in 10 years and not cringe over.
Sharon Maguire
A few goals is the way soccer is meant to be played.
If you are watching a fairy tale, that’s why you go to fairy tales: you want these uncomplicated stories and uncomplicated characters. But if it’s meant to be real life, you want there to be some reflection of your experience and have something you can hook into.
I believe things are meant to be. It’s the only way I can explain it because I had auditioned before to get on ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Britain‘s Got Talent,’ and I didn’t get through – it was literally, ‘No!’
I don’t think I was ever meant to be tied down to one band for the rest of my life, playing one style of music.
I think it’s nice to have children. I didn’t have many, and while I don’t sit around regretting it, I maybe would have liked a couple more. But it wasn’t meant to be, and I didn’t want it badly enough.
Humanity is a crazy contradiction. I accept us for who we are. We’re not that great. Every time we take a step forward we go back to the same primitive behavior. We’re meant to be this way. It’s not our fault, it’s just who we are.
I have a lot to be grateful to L.A. for, but I overstayed my welcome by 28 years. I was only meant to be there for six months.
Each record in the ‘Book of Angels‘ series is meant to be unique in terms of the compositions.
When you’re making music, it’s meant to be shared with people. Sometimes, even if I’m writing a song, someone else brings a vibe. There’s something different about it. If someone can play a better bassline than me, I’ll let them do it. I’m just here to fit in and see where it goes.
Summer is meant to be for travel, for exploration, for leisure, but sometimes budgets and schedules dictate otherwise.
I’m destiny’s child. I wasn’t meant to be born: my mother bled for four months when she was pregnant, and then she fell down the stairs in her eighth month of pregnancy. She nearly died; I believe I came into this world for a reason.
Even though it’s meant to be the season of jollity and goodwill, there’s something delicious about the anticipation of a Christmassy ghost thrill.
In 1600, when Shakespeare’s audience at the Globe heard ‘Hamlet‘ for the first time, every one of them knew very well what it meant to be handed a cup of wine by a figure of authority and told to drink.
Most music that you hear is in synch with itself. We were experimenting with the music falling out of synch with itself and even though it is out of synch you mind can still understand what it is meant to be doing.
An allegory is not meant to be taken literally. There is a great lack of comprehension on the part of some readers.
Challenge yourself, grow, blossom, and become who you were meant to be. Don’t ever stay at a job solely out of convenience or comfort. Aim higher, even if that means pursuing another job that’s just one step closer to your ultimate goal.
When we made the first album, it was meant to be a snapshot of Mumford & Sons in 2009.
I think that carrying on a life that is meant to be private in public is a breach of taste, common sense, and mental hygiene.
Myrna Loy
The goal of reanimation research is not to make perfect living copies of extinct organisms, nor is it meant to be a one-off stunt in a laboratory or zoo. Reanimation is about leveraging the best of ancient and synthetic DNA.
Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.
When you’re at work, be fully at work. And let your leisure time be what it’s meant to be – restorative and fun.
If you’re naturally a certain size, I think it suits you and you can see that. There’s no point in trying to conform for the sake of it. People are meant to be different shapes, and their different shapes are so interesting and, ultimately, why people fall in love with them.
The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship on the money and power front.
I’ve kind of realised life is meant to be tough and everybody is in psychic and spiritual discomfort of some sort and has a burden to carry. I’ve realised I’m not special.
Video games are meant to be just one thing: Fun! Fun for everyone.
I wasn’t meant to be an attorney, but I was meant to go to law school.
The Giving Pledge is not meant to be prescriptive or restrictive.
Give a portion of your money to others. By releasing an anxious grasp on your money, you will open yourself to receive all that is meant to be yours.
I’m a strong believer in ‘everything is meant to be for a reason.’
I’m open to whatever is meant to be, it will be.
Leelee Sobieski
Michael was the first person to show me what it meant to be a star… but you cannot be that star and not accept all the things that came with it.
Because of ‘World War Z’ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ I can’t pitch a modest little zombie film which is meant to be sociopolitical.
I try to maintain the perspective that life is meant to be laughed at.
Nicholas Brendon
I think of talent as being God-given. I know that contradicts what a lot of people believe, but that’s how I see it. I think the Beatles were meant to be, you know? So when I listen to Paul McCartney, I think, ‘Here’s the person that God gave the gift of allowing him to write ‘Let It Be.’
I think that ‘Full House’ is just a feel-good show. It’s not meant to be anything more than just a little silly, funny, heartfelt, and warm program.
It’s drama, it’s a lot of things, but you know it’s always about every movie or every TV project ever made is meant to be watched. If people like it and support it, that’s what it is all about, really it’s sort of the important part about it.
It’s certain I never was meant to be an actor.
I do have the odd dream where I’m on stage and I’ve completely forgotten what I’m meant to be performing – so they are more nightmares than dreams.
One grows up thinking you will naturally be able to have children, and when it doesn’t happen, it’s a shock. But I just feel that it wasn’t meant to be.
I was made exactly the way I was meant to be made in who I am and my personality and the way I was born.
It’s called ‘The Outlaw Album,’ not ‘The Ozarks Album.’ These are stories that delve into different kinds of outlawry, from criminal acts to interior, or psychological, outlawry. The book is not meant to be a tapestry of the Ozarks.
Homer, Vergil, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Proust – not exactly authors one expects to whiz through or take lightly, but like all works of genius, they are meant to be read out loud and loved.
Males and females are unique and different, because their brains are different. There’s not a limitation on girls. My grandmother was very strong, and so was my mother. She also knew what it meant to be a woman and wife and was very successful at it.
I’m meant to be an animation director. That world, and the culture of stop-motion, is where I want to live. It’s more my problem than Hollywood’s. I’m not attuned to Hollywood.
Sometimes my jokes are meant to be tasteless.
Each fight, I’m breaking records that are meant to be broken.
Drag is pastiche and parody and satire. Drag queens are never meant to be stars. We make fun of stars. Drag queens are the people that ‘point’ at the star.
We decided to try in vitro, because both Peter and I felt we couldn’t handle another failure. When I miscarried after that, we had to come to terms with the possibility that this wasn’t meant to be.
I think that my whole journey had been getting to the place where I can accept myself for who I am, to be the woman that I’m meant to be, but you have to get there first.
If a game is meant to be played by everybody, it deserves to be on multiple platforms so everybody can play it.
Some people just aren’t meant to be happy.
Anna Torv
I know being on a major label is meant to be antiquated, but we’re fine with it.
I was not trying to write some sort of serious meditation on war and peace. ‘The Grace of Kings‘ is meant to be a fun book. It’s meant to be an epic fantasy.
Our big songs were all songs that were never meant to be.
In certain strains of Judaism, there’s a profound passion for the ineffable. Contemplation of God is meant to be forever elusive, because, you know, our tiny minds can’t possibly comprehend Him. If we find ourselves comprehending Him, then we can be sure we’re off track.
Ben Marcus
After Bad English, I made three albums back-to-back that I still think is my best work, but it wasn’t meant to be toured.
Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.
George A. Sheehan
You have to fight for your health and stay on top of it. Our bodies are meant to be healthy.
‘We Are the Champions‘ is meant to be ‘we,’ as in ‘all of us,’ collectively, not us the band. It’s a shame that some people understandably had the wrong take on that. ‘No time for losers‘ is not the kindest line, but it’s really more of a ‘we all of us.’ It’s a celebration.
Everyone thinks these are self-portraits but they aren’t meant to be. I just use myself as a model because I know I can push myself to extremes, make each shot as ugly or goofy or silly as possible.
I quit high school to be a pro skateboarder out of Ohio, which is just asinine, but it was meant to be.
When I created ‘Taskmaster,’ it was never meant to be suitable for family Christmases. The host, Greg Davies, is a sweary giant, the comedians are often uncouth and the show was on late-night TV.
‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saintswound up becoming a love story even though it was not initially meant to be one.
Ezekiel Boone’s books, starting with ‘The Hatching’ series, are meant to be big, sprawling, smart, entertaining books that are fun above all else; the literary novels written under my real name, Alexi Zentner, are certainly a little more quiet.
I’m not a one-hit wonder who got lucky. This really is my life. I was born with this talent, and this is what I meant to be. I’m totally grateful.
I think in any relationship in this industry, there’s a stress on relationships. I think that’s reality, but in no way do I think that if a relationship is meant to be together and a marriage is meant to be together, that anything like a show or being in this industry can change that.
I’m quite physical. I’m from one of those dog-walking families where hiking up a mountain is meant to be fun.
What Shakespeare and the Greeks were able to do was radically question what it meant to be a human being.
I was always meant to be Khali.
If you walk out of a movie that’s meant to be about race in our country, and you’re feeling good and happy, then that movie didn’t tell you all of the truth. It’s too big of an issue, and it’s too complicated for you to feel good. It’s something you should feel like you need to talk about.
But I don’t know if people are meant to be together. You have to have a lot in common, choose well and be really fortunate. It’s not like you’re sprinkled with fairy dust. You have to believe that love will be there when you need it.
When I say I wasn’t a ‘meant to be’ guy, I’ve almost been jaded in the sport, where I don’t believe in anything.
I always take kind of a zen view of casting and I really don’t remember people who passed. I kind of turn it over to the universe and figure, ‘Wow, I guess that wasn’t meant to be.’ It doesn’t sit with me.
Peter Farrelly
I sometimes feel that the world is a very uncivilised place where it is meant to be at its most civilised. Where it’s meant to be intellectual or artistic or compassionate, it isn’t, and that makes me very angry.
The whole essence of good drawing – and of good thinking, perhaps – is to work a subject down to the simplest form possible and still have it believable for what it is meant to be.
For all the import and message of ‘The Iliad,’ it’s ultimately a story that’s meant to be heard, and the person hearing ‘The Iliad’ determines what it means.
The difference between comedians and the general public is that we are meant to be funnier. And when you’ve got politicians giving material so easy that the general public is doing it, what is the necessity of us anymore?
I was not naturally meant to be on stage. I hated being in the spotlight; I was scared.
If something is meant to be, then it will be.
I always believe you will end up where you are meant to be.
He’s meant to be that classic Homer, Ulysses, Hercules – a character who goes out or has some gift of some kind. He goes on a journey of discovery and part of that is falling into darkness – the temptations of life.