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Mayors Quotes

We’ve collected the best Mayors Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Bill de Blasio, Maya Wiley, Caroline Lucas, Stephen Kinzer, Wayne Messam. Use them as an inspiration.

There is a heavy-ego, solitary model of being an elected leader. We’ve certainly seen that in some other mayors of this city… I have much more of a Movement mentality. It’s much more of what I’m steeped in. I don’t think it is first and foremost about me. It’s about the ideas and the agenda.
Some will say I don’t sound like past mayors or look like them or think like them, and I say yes, I don’t – that is the point.
The creation of regional mayors has done little to reduce the sense that all power is concentrated in Westminster, and all investment in London.
Mayors are known to be problem-solvers.
Mayors are judged by results.
Willie Brown
Actually, as president of the Conference of Mayors, we passed the Simpson-Bowles plan as a template, as a template, as a frame work for moving forward and the president has done the same.
I’m fed up with democracy. In a democracy, people vote for the mayors. I wanted to build a city where I will choose the citizens.
Our nation is being led astray by ungodly judges, mayors and governors, who are given to change, defying the Constitution and substituting their own wicked agendas.
President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions want to change the false Black Lives Matter narrative, but it doesn’t look like they will have many allies among liberal mayors and their police commanders.
Big city mayors don’t play well with voters outside their city anymore. Just ask John Lindsay, Ed Koch, Kevin White, Tom Bradley, Dick Riordon. Rudy Giuliani is no exception.
We can make mayors and officers every year, but not scholars.
Robert Burton
When I came in, the city was on the edge of bankruptcy. I’m proud of what I did. I built the foundation that mayors after me built upon – particularly Bloomberg. But the foundation was essential because if it hadn’t occurred, we would have been another Detroit.
Mayors are accountable in the way a council is not. Who can name their local councillor?
That’s what mayors do. They lobby Congress to provide resources for their city.
I want to tell mayors, county chiefs and heads of big companies: don’t just chase GDP growth; don’t chase the biggest profits at the expense of our children and grandchildren and at the cost of sacrificing our ecological environment.
Airbnb is built on the foundation of creating community through belonging, and we’re honored to stand with a bipartisan group of mayors and businesses from across the country dedicated to improving communities by addressing affordable housing and homelessness.
If a hurricane strikes, we can blame the president for not being there; we can blame Congress and FEMA; we can blame the state governments; but in the end, it’s the mayors and the local city governments that have to be prepared for emergencies and be prepared to act.
Wellington Webb was one of the most significant mayors of the latter half of the 20th century. His natural political instincts are almost unrivaled.
It’s interesting: the letters I get from mayors that want Wal-Mart to look and invest in their community.
Mike Duke
I will lobby tirelessly in cooperation with other mayors around the country to insure that federal funding for our recently added police officers continues.
Alan Autry
You see as mayors and local officials our jobs are designed so we have more in common with our constituents than Washington politicians can ever have.
What the mayors care about is, ‘How can I get money to invest in the infrastructure in my city? How do we put people back to work, lower the unemployment rate, provide for job training programs? How do we make class sizes smaller and make investments in our children from an education standpoint?’
Mayors of New York have been elected not because of their party label, but because of their philosophy and their approach overall, and that has been since time immemoriam in New York, that people are not party-oriented in New York.
I’ve reached out to other mayors throughout the United States to form an Olympic Task Force of Mayors, and to community leaders, Congress, and businesspeople. As thousands of people around the country join the movement, it gets more and more exciting.
Mayors, I think, tend to be more no-nonsense, and you look for economic opportunities for your communities.
Mayors could never get away with the kind of nonsense that goes on in Washington. In our world, you either picked up the trash or you didn’t. You either moved an abandoned car or you didn’t. You either filled a pothole or you didn’t. That’s what we do every day. And we know how to get this stuff done.
For instance, I always have one hanging in Budapest in the mayors office.
When you compare mayors to Washington insiders, Americans see that mayors actually get the job done.