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Macho Quotes

We’ve collected the best Macho Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Beck, Taika Waititi, Jordan Burroughs, Becky Lynch, Bryan Callen. Use them as an inspiration.

When my nephew was 3 and 4, he would say the most genius things. He said, You’re hammer macho with FBI dogs. I thought it was just one of those great lines.
I come from a country whose idea of masculinity is quite extreme, and I’ve grown up around a lot of that energy. I’ve been part of that a lot. And it’s very draining; it’s quite tiring trying to be macho.
When I was growing up, I was a big Ultimate Warrior fan; I liked Macho Man Randy Savage and a lot of other bad dudes.
When I was a little kid, I used to watch with my brother when there was Macho Man and Hulk Hogan. But then I fell out of it for a few years.
Guys want a 500 horsepower car. I’d rather have one horsepower – in a horse. That’s macho. You go to pick up your date and you show up on a horse.
Bryan Callen
I’m not a macho guy. I’m very soft-spoken on the set. But I’m not really intimidated by the process of making movies.
Michael Lehmann
Unfortunately we – and I’m speaking not for Latin America but for Mexico because that’s where I come from – we still, I think, are a little bit macho. Not that we only live in a macho world, but we also think as a macho world; even the women, you know? The women in Mexico, because that’s the way we were raised.
By definition, gay is smart. I see plenty of macho heterosexual idiots, but nine times out of 10 you can have a great conversation if you find a gay guy.
I grew up in such a macho family. I had a former Green Beret for a dad, a mom who‘s really rough-and-tumble, and three very macho brothers.
I grew up in a great era of professional wrestling. WWF was just really coming into it’s own. The start of WrestleManias, the legendary performers like Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Honky Tonk Man, Iron Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter.
I’ve been fortunate. I’ve worked in a lot of things where I had those kinds of experiences with actors who were perceived as very macho guys, everybody from Lee Marvin to Charlie Bronson to Harrison Ford to Robert Shaw.
Carl Weathers
To call me gay is a compliment. Also, if I’d been macho, I’d just have had an audience full of men.
I very much admired Lancaster. George Clooney reminds me of him today. Not all the macho, swinging around that Burt used to do, but the courage. You know where you stand with men like that.
I’m macho because when I get in the ring, I attack.
I love playing the macho guy who looks like an idiot.
My dad’s a beautiful man, but like a lot of Mexican men, or men in general, a lot of men have a problem with the balance of masculinity and femininityintuition and compassion and tenderness – and get overboard with the macho thing. It took him a while to become more, I would say, conscious, evolved.
Macho means you are in the ring to fight, to attack.
We’re all insecure, aren’t we? I’m not walking around like I’m macho man or anything.
If I was Sean Connery, I would have been macho.
I’d like someone tall, dark and nice. Independent and confident. Not a macho man. Perhaps a little bit girly, in a way. The key for me is if we can cry with laughter.
I don’t have a favorite author; I have favorite books. ‘Moby Dick‘ is a favorite book, but Melville was a drunk who beat his wife. ‘Moveable Feast‘ by Hemingway, but I would not like him personally. He was a stupid macho person who believed in shooting animals for fun, but that book was incredible!
Surrounded by soy boys and pallid milquetoasts, left-wing women often secretly hanker for a Neanderthal macho man in their life.
It was quite a macho world I grew up in, but it was always cheeky and funny, and the women were the ones in the background that were really in control.
I don’t like to play the macho card, but I grew up in a working-class family and a working-class culture.
I don’t think you have to be this macho man all the time, just because you play sport.
My uncle inspired me, and it was because of him that I become a wrestler, but besides him, the one Superstar that really caught my attention growing up as a kid was ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.
I agree that it’s a macho world, metal, but it’s also a very, very social world, where people are loving music in respect for one another, female or male.
I absolutely haven‘t set out to burnish a reputation as a macho figure by picking fights.
My work is not about paint. It’s about paint at the service of something else. It is not about gooey, chest-beating, macho ’50s abstraction that allows paint to sit up on the surface as subject matter about paint.
With rare exceptions, Hollywood typically casts Spec Ops guys as macho, swaggering strongmen. As usual, Hollywood’s got it wrong.
In an ordinary suit and tie, I’d look like a little macho. I’d be ridiculous.
Sarah Palin is a figure of fun on the American left, easily lampooned as a know-nothing, gun-toting ex-beauty queen who loves God and the red, white and blue above pretty much anything else except for Todd, her macho husband, who races snowmobiles across the Alaskan tundra.
As for personality, without a doubt, my favorite of all time is Macho Man Randy Savage.
You know how macho boys get when they’re all together? Well, the set of ‘Desperado’ was like that. They were all trying to put me down, saying, ‘Bring on the stuntwoman, Salma can’t do that.’ But I did everything.
There was a minor burst of macho nuttiness after ‘Jaws’ came out, in which people would go off in shark tournaments and come back holding the bloody heads of these animals and say, ‘Look what I did.’ But they’ve been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years anyway.
Many sports, not just football, have kind of the macho meathead mentality where innovation is almost frowned upon.
Lawrence Jackson
It blows me away the number of truck drivers or macho guys that will call, and then I start peeling back the layers, and I find out they’ve been listening to me for 10 or 15 years, and they know every lyric to every sappy song.
I’ve always had very macho taste in movies.
Trying to erase 53 years of being a macho aggressive guy to trying to be a woman, and this is greatest challenge of my life.
I know it’s a craze in Bollywood to have six-pack abs, but here, it’s not the abs or the biceps that make us feel or look macho. Down south, the moustache still works for us!
A guy is a lump like a doughnut. So, first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him. And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap that they pick up from beer commercials. And then there’s my personal favorite, the male ego.
Macho does not prove mucho.
I love ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero.
If you’re looking at my other major science fiction roles – the Doctor on ‘Star Trek‘ and certainly Woolsey on ‘Stargate‘ – I often play characters that might be good theorists and good thinkers, but you wouldn’t call either of them very macho characters.
I hope many think that I can also do vulnerable parts and not macho, antagonist parts in which they’ve seen me.
I knew Randy right from day one when he started wrestling. I helped him put together that image of the Macho Man. He had a way about him. He grabbed your attention through his voice. That allowed him to present himself as a type of a character.
Harley Race
When people say the word ‘bromance,’ it drives me nuts, because guys can’t be friends so they call it a ‘bromance’ as this macho way out of it.
Tim Robinson
Apart from a small minority, teenage boys fall into three distinct categories: macho, metro, or just plain muddled.
It is the toughest, most macho of male sports, and with that comes an image. In many ways, it is barbaric, and I could never have come out without first establishing myself and earning respect as a player. Rugby was my passion, my whole life, and I wasn’t prepared to risk losing everything I loved.
My inspirations were ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Andre the Giant. It was easy to understand their character.
Talladega is one of the macho tracks on the circuit and when I was a kid, I remember everyone wanting to go watch this race because the cars go so fast on the circuit; there were so many great battles.
For years, the feminists thought of me as an army sergeant. I was too macho for them.
Lina Wertmuller
The toughest opponent for me would have been Randy Savage, the Macho Man, because his intensity paralleled mine.
All girls like guys who are tough. Obviously, riding a motorcycle – I don’t want to say that there’s a bad boy quality – but there’s definitely a tough and macho thing about a guy who rides a motorcycles and that element of danger. That’s really sexy.
I wouldn’t want to lose out on my macho action movie just because I told people I was queer.
Bumble gives men a chance to take a step back and not be the macho aggressor that they may not want to be but were socialized to be. We think it makes for a better and more peaceful environment for everyone.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pro wrestler. Other kids wanted to be cops and astronauts, but I wanted to be Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Brutus ‘The Barber‘ Beefcake, and Jake ‘The Snake.’ I wanted to be those guys! I used to tape matches on my trampoline and body-slam my brother.
My dream mixed-tag match has always been against the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.
When you’re a man you try and be macho.
When I see these guys write all this macho stuff I want to smash their heads.
John Turturro
As an actor, it’s fun to play guys who aren’t just locked into a male pattern, but a lot of guys you’re asked to play are fairly macho and have a certain rigid standard they’re living by.
Fred Ward
Many of my favorite survivors in fiction show that it may not be the most muscled, macho or mighty people who pull through. A strong mind and body aren’t always enough. You might also need a resilient heart.
I don’t like being called ‘macho.’ Macho basically means stupid and a real Italian man is not macho, he’s smart. That’s smart in both senses: elegant and clever.
Contrary to the macho culture of Mexico, both my grandmothers were very brave young widows. I was always very close to these hard-working, intelligent women.
As much as the glasses, it’s the Englishness and the gangliness. The apparent lack of muscularity… they indicate I’m not a macho man.
I guess you just feel like there’s a whole story that’s not being told in movies. You’re only seeing the macho guy version of a story that from the woman’s side, may be completely different.
The time for invisible boundaries that guard the ‘purity‘ of gaming as a niche subculture is over. The violent macho power fantasy will no longer define what gaming is all about.
I despise stereotypes. A gay man can be a macho athlete, or he can be an interior designer or any career in between.
I went to a quite macho art school in the 1970s, and while everyone was making hulking big sculptures, I was making things out of bits of paper.
I am not metrosexual. I am not macho. I am normal. I don’t even wear nail paint.
La Mancha is a very macho, chauvinistic society. I saw very clearly that my life had to be in Madrid, and I liberated myself from my mum and dad after high school.
I’ve always had a problem with the average macho man – they’ve always been a threat to me.
I’m not a very macho guy.
I like to get down there and get physical. I like to get down there and try to show my strength, try to be a macho man.
I’m not trying to be macho, I promise you.
The whole macho thing has to be reexamined. Because in my view, the Bush administration was weak, not strong. To engage in a policy of torture is a weak policy. Because ultimately, it encourages the terrorists. It undermines our own values. It corrupts our system. And it doesn’t get good intelligence.