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Lovers Quotes

We’ve collected the best Lovers Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Krzysztof Kieslowski, Soren Kierkegaard, Lisa Edelstein, Steve Chen, Leo Sayer. Use them as an inspiration.

For me optimism is two lovers walking into the sunset arm in arm. Or maybe into the sunrisewhatever appeals to you.
Just as in earthly life lovers long for the moment when they are able to breathe forth their love for each other, to let their souls blend in a soft whisper, so the mystic longs for the moment when in prayer he can, as it were, creep into God.
I’m obsessed with broccoli, carrots, celery, string beans, snap peas, black kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage – I could go on! They used to call me ‘rabbit‘ when I was a kid. I hate mushrooms, though. I apologize to fungi lovers, but this way, there’s more for you!
Nom is a place for food lovers.
I would say that artists have to be good lovers.
Sita and Ram were two strong individuals, and their love for each other is an example for lovers across the globe.
A betrayal in a family is much more devastating than a betrayal among friends, or even lovers.
To lovers of the truth, nothing can be put before God and hope in Him.
When ‘Teen Voguestarted out, ‘Teen Vogue’ was an aspirational fashion magazine for fashion lovers. You know, it was the little sister to ‘Vogue.’ And over the years, we’ve realized that our mission was really to become more focused on making this an inclusive community that speaks to every kind of young person.
You’re going to have haters and you’re going to have lovers.
In Hollywood most of the films we see are all about the relationships between lovers, but as massively important as that is in someone‘s life, my relationships with women have always been really dramatic and powerful.
In the 1950s in the United States, few music lovers were listening to chamber music. Daddy played Bach and Haydn on our phonograph for me. Not only did I become familiar with the form; he discussed the concerti. My own head start. My own Head Start.
I don’t compose songs to showcase my proficiency in music or to please hard-core music lovers. The basic criterion is that my work should reach all sections of music lovers.
D. Imman
When you meet a lot of people and you date somebody, or you’re just in a relationship with friends, lovers, business, or whatever it may be, there are people that are just toxic to you, and you don’t even know it yourself.
We women often gauge our own self-worth by the quality of our interactions with our lovers. And often these interactions are interpreted for, described for, processed by our women friends. Relationships are the conduits through which flows our connection with each other.
Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.
My parents were very musical in the sense that they were, you know, music lovers and avid buyers of records, but none of them actually play an instrument.
Gustavo Santaolalla
Innumerable lovers of Hindi cinema have lit up the big screen. But on screen, they are just two beautiful bodies. They have no caste nor religion. The love that our filmmakers imagined was little more than make-believe.
Romeo And Juliet’ is the classic love story. When two lovers are separated and trying to get back to one another, that’s fiercely romantic and something you become glued to.
Cooking is great, love is grand, but souffles fall and lovers come and go. But you can always depend on a book!
Claudia Christian
The Humane Society is so great to work with. Because everyone there is so nice and supportive, and they’re all animal lovers like me.
Victoria was just as much in love with me as I was with her. We could not bear to be apart for a single second. We were like two lovers shipwrecked on a desert island. There was no world outside our love.
Andy Gibb
Lovers often invest their first meetings with retrospective significance, as if to try to conjure the elements of the numinous out of the stubborn witness of the everyday.
Husbands are chiefly good as lovers when they are betraying their wives.
‘Under the Poppy‘ is the love story of Istvan and Rupert, lovers and friends from childhood, who‘ve been parted by jealousy – and a secret betrayal by Istvan’s sister, Decca, who also loves Rupert, with whom she runs the brothel called Under the Poppy, where the floozies cater to every taste from saucy to peculiar.
Kathe Koja
All really great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.
Marya Mannes
Lovers have a way of using this word, nothing, which implies exactly the opposite.
We live in a culture that does not encourage women to be epic heroes of their own Big Stories but the mothers and lovers and wives and mistresses and muses and personal assistants, the femme fatales and fantasies and manic pixie dream girls, in someone else’s Big Story, and this someone else is usually a dude.
Some novel lovers have no interest in comics, and some comics fans would never take the time to read a novel.
Christopher Golden
Since Londoners started taking their burgers as seriously as the Americans do, discerning burger lovers have come out of the woodwork to judge every component from buns to pickles, patties to cheeses.
The lovers of romance can go elsewhere for satisfaction but where can the lovers of truth turn if not to history?
Katharine Anthony
We are a nation of film lovers, and films have often been a cultural glue that binds us all in a way that transcends geography.
I believe that the talents of Static and Ben-El will speak to music lovers around the world.
Film lovers are sick people.
Francois Truff
I wanted to only collab with women for ‘Lovers Holiday.’
It’s very rare that you get very old jazz lovers and super-young hip-hop lovers at the same exact show, when you think about it. Not many artists can do that.
I don’t think cricket is a game that people who have never played or been involved in understand the excitement. It’s a game that is full of excitement, because cricket lovers follow the game and understand the basic principles and rules. They become connoisseurs of the game.
For reasons which I can’t logically explain, in all of the films I’ve done, I’ve ended up doing love stories of one kind or another, and it seems to me that love stories are extremely dependent on the obstacles you can place between the lovers. There is no love story without it.
Before I was published, I thought men read car manuals or books about football. But once I started having really serious conversations with male lovers of literature, I let go of that prejudice.
The love story for me was the nature of the love and not the age of the lovers.
Kate Capshaw
People say, ‘Gee, you don’t really do political music.’ Well, I sing a lot of songs about how men and women and lovers treat each other, and none of us want to be talked down to or belittled or ignored or disrespected… So I’m proud to be a feminist.

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