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Loopholes Quotes

We’ve collected the best Loopholes Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Amy Klobuchar, John Kasich, Mike Pompeo, James B. Stewart, Gretchen Rubin. Use them as an inspiration.

I think there’s a lot of Democrats that would favor reducing the corporate tax rate as long as we find a way to close loopholes so we have a way to pay for it.
I think we can have some tax reform, but that doesn’t mean tax increases. We ought to make the, the rates flatter. We ought to get rid of a bunch of those loopholes.
My goal in getting rid of tax loopholes is not to raise taxes. Our problem in Washington, D.C. is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem.
Like or loathe Donald J. Trump, you have to give him this: He’s done more to shine a spotlight on the loopholes and fundamental unfairness of the tax code than any other American president.
When we’re trying to form and keep habits, we often search – even unconsciously – for loopholes. We look for justifications that will excuse us from keeping this particular habit in this particular situation.
We need to close the loopholes that allowed large corporations to abuse the Paycheck Protection Program.
The rationale for eliminating the alternative minimum tax is that such a backup system should not be necessary if the tax code is fundamentally fair and eliminates all the loopholes that made it possible for high-income taxpayers to escape taxation in the first place.
By granting 4 million undocumented immigrants social security numbers that can potentially be misused through loopholes in our tax code and voting laws, President Obama is poisoning the waters of public perception and reinforcing negative stereotypes of Latinos and all immigrants.
When America pays lip service but little more to horrors like the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, instead proclaiming convenient but arbitrary loopholes in our moral obligations, we just give the world‘s worst bullies more ammunition and power.
Asylum is for people fleeing persecution, not those searching for a better job. Yet our broken system – with its debilitating court rulings, a crushing backlog, and gaping loopholes – allows illegal migrants to get into our country anyway and for whatever reason they want. This gaming of the system is unacceptable.
We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere, for anyone.
Lawmakers who support CISA will tell you the bill includes some privacy protections. They’re right. But these ‘protections’ are superficial and include broad loopholes that are so far-reaching as to render the protections meaningless.
Activist court rulings, a broken infrastructure, and widening loopholes, have thrown our immigration system into an unmistakable chaos.
If private-equity firms are as good at remaking companies as they claim, they don’t need tax loopholes to make money.
Foreign agents are taking advantage of loopholes in our laws.
Universal background checks and closing existing loopholes can prevent prohibited purchasers, such as convicted felons, the dangerously mentally ill and domestic abusers from accessing guns.
We need to digitize gun-sales records, mandate universal background checks, close gun-show loopholes and straw-man purchases, ban high-capacity magazines, and push for a comprehensive assault weapons ban with an extensive buyback system.
Tax expenditures for middle- and working-class Americans – like the earned income tax credit – aren’t thought of as loopholes; they’re just thought of as benefits.
Now, the president would like to do tax reform, which would obviously lower rates for most people in America and make the tax code fair and get rid of loopholes and special treatment. But absent tax reform, the president believes the right way to get our fiscal house in order is ask the wealthy to pay their fair share.
We are closing corporate loopholes so we are hardly being heroic to close the combined reporting loophole. I think 28 or 30 other states have done it and a lot of those states will be trying to get Amazon.
Phil Murphy
Broaden the tax base, close loopholes and flatten the tax rates – all of which would bring more revenue stability and certitude to projections as well as make filing a comparable breeze.
That’s the thing I’m worst at: resting. I have to be forced to do it. Sometimes I think of loopholes. ‘Oh, I’m just going for a walk, up a dune that’s 45 degrees, but I’m walking, so it’s not a workout.’
Rather than address the priorities of the middle class, the Ryan budget is an attack on American seniors, students, workers, and families – all for the sake of protecting loopholes for the wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas.
Albio Sires
Tax reform for the 21st century means rewarding hardworking families by closing unfair loopholes, lowering tax rates across the board, and simplifying the tax code dramatically. It demands reducing the tax burden on American businesses of all sizes so they can keep more of their income to invest in our communities.
We’ve had enough with loopholes in our gun laws that allow dangerous people to get their hands on guns.
The Democrats are obsessing about raising tax rates, while the GOP talks about closing loopholes.
The details of the personal expenses that executives put on the company tab often are not known because loopholes in federal disclosure rules let publicly traded companies generally avoid disclosing the perks they give executives along with pay and stock options.
I’m not saying my mother didn’t like me, but she kept looking for loopholes in my birth certificate.
Any reduction in the corporate tax rate must also come with closing loopholes that have allowed the largest businesses in our country to pay less than they owe.
The American people likewise want to see enforcement first, no tricks, no triggers, no amnesty, enforcing existing laws and closing loopholes to reaffirm that our great Republic is, in fact, a nation of laws.
New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing.
Small businesses already struggle to compete with big businesses that enjoy the luxury of a tax code filled with corporate loopholes.
Developing countries can make great strides towards more progressive and effective taxation and spending through action within their own borders. But the damage caused by exemptions, loopholes, and tax havens requires action beyond national borders – it requires international action and cooperation.
I don’t believe there’s a red state in America where people believe you should cut Medicare, Social Security and veterans‘ benefits rather than doing away with corporate tax loopholes.
I don’t read thrillers, romance or mystery, and I don’t read self-help books because I don’t believe in shortcuts and loopholes.
Get rid of the preferences and the special deductions and the loopholes… and invest in getting the tax rate to a competitive level so we stop seeing companies move off shore.
Randall L. Stephenson
Lobbyists and special interests continue to take advantage of loopholes that allow them to host lavish receptions and pay for trips for members of Congress. Those practices represent exactly what‘s wrong with Washington, and I’m committed to ending them.

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