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Last Season Quotes

We’ve collected the best Last Season Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Dean Devlin, Tom Cairney, Julian McMahon, Martin Milner, Jane Lynch. Use them as an inspiration.

It was somewhere in doing the last season of ‘Leverage‘ that John Rogers and I became confident that we had developed an all-new production technique where we could put more on the screen with very little money. So we started to get more comfortable with the idea of trying to tackle ‘The Librarians.’
For a long time at Blackburn and at Fulham last season, I was playing on the right wing. I’ve never seen myself as a right-winger. I could play there and come inside and try to create.
Tom Cairney
I’d say without a doubt I’ve had the most sex scenes in any television show, ever. Last season I did eight sex scenes in one day – I haven‘t topped that yet.
Julian McMahon
My wife and two children traveled with me on locations all last season.
Martin Milner
I was a hugeFriendsfan. I had a very small part. I played a real-estate agent in the very last season.
When I first moved to the bench, it was a little tough to adjust to, but I’ve just recalled last season when I first started. Just taking care of my body and knowing that there could be a random time that I’m checking in, so I need to continue to take care of my body.
Thon Maker
I don’t know if we’d have been as dominant as we were last season. The new things, the new ideas the manager brought in everyone took them on board so well. He is special.
We have had more sales for this year‘s grand prix than any other, and we have been helped in that by the fact that Jenson had 10 podiums last season and looks like a winner. It is good for British motor racing if he is there and doing well.
Jackie Stewart
When I went to Reading last season. I said to myself, ‘This is my last loan.’ My body was always tired at the end of the season from travelling and not knowing what I was going to be doing next, so I made that challenge to myself that it was my last loan and I had to do well.
Playing for 14 years definitely took its toll mentally. I decided when I was playing my last season that when I retired from football I would never go back into it, and I’ve never regretted that decision.
The problem with my shoulders was something I inherited from my dad. The left one would pop out and then pop back in – absolute agony – during almost every game last season, so I had surgery to put it right last summer.
Tough guy Spike was always the funnest, but I’m most proud of the more recent stuff, the last season, I think.
James Marsters
Last season when things weren’t working out, I thought we needed a different voice around the place.
Bryan Robson
Yeah, my first season playing varsity, that was probably the last season I got nervous for. I was kind of nervous for that one.
I have been dealing with back problems since 1995 when I was with the Blackhawks, and I’ve only missed part of one season because of it. That was last season in Toronto.
Ed Belfour
When you practice yoga regularly, you get more then you will from jogging on the treadmill catching up on the last season of ‘Lost.’ When you practice yoga, you use your body and your mind, and you’re gaining awareness and intuition.
Some games you going to play great. Some games you’re not. So, it’s all about moving on to the next game, next possession. Just come in there every day working, figuring out what you got to work on and see what you did wrong in either in the last game or the last season or whatever.
I was watching the last season of ‘Mad Men,’ and they’re now so in their characters and they’re so comfortable in their characters, and they’re doing such good work. That can only happen from doing it over and over, and developing a character over seven years.
James Frain
The last season of ‘Rescue Me’ is going to be very sort of half and half: it’s how you think ‘Rescue Me’ would end versus something very outside the box. And, they do it in this sort of perfect way – it’s only nine episodes, you know. Very stream-lined.
Callie Thorne
I’m playing George quite a bit differently this season, and I’m glad you picked up on the fact that she kind of made peace with her situation at the end of last season.
Ellen Muth
I don’t like watching shows where all of a sudden you’re like, what happened? They shot the last season in Las Vegas?
When I was 18 it was my last season in Milan. I was 18 turning 19 and it was my last season in Milan and I knew that that year was very important for me. A lot of scouts were coming to every game.
Early in last season, George was very worried about other people‘s emotions, especially how they saw her, and felt she was outside looking in. This year, she still hopes people will accept her for who she is, but if they don’t, she’s OK with that.
Ellen Muth
If there’s pressure to prove I am worth the investment, or that I am the real deal, or the pitcher from last season or whatever – I don’t know, I just don’t feel that.
I’ve been very lucky as an actor. I have worked all the time. Some shows I do, they get cancelled. Some, they’re critically acclaimed, and then they get cancelled. And some, I’m in the last season of this or that. But I can’t complain about my career.
Rena Sofer
You know, last season I didn’t do anything on the show, so I was frustrated. I mean, don’t get me wrong: It’s nice to get a paycheck. But if you don’t really do anything it’s not very satisfying.
Lorraine Bracco
Seasons are really annoying. You get a really great pair of shoes or a beautiful pair of boots, and then you try to get them again four months later, and they say, ‘Oh no, that was last season.’
We will not take Arsenal lightly for one minute, as they showed in the two matches against us last season that they can be dangerous opponents if we lose our concentration for a moment.
Being happy is very important. We won our second championship last season and we have our entire team coming back to try and defend our title again. I’m very proud of that.
Larry Dixon
After taking temporary charge last season he took us from looking down at the fringes of another relegation scrap, to within a kick of getting into Europe.
Robbie Fowler