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Laid Back Quotes

We’ve collected the best Laid Back Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jimmy White, Watkin Tudor Jones, Madlib, Ryan Lochte, Sarah Hyland. Use them as an inspiration.

Some people take the view that I’m too laid back. Yet it’s how I feel.
Ever since I was a teenager, my style around girls has been kinda like ‘laid back in da cut.’
I’m a laid back dude, I don’t really get excited.
I’m definitely laid back. I don’t take things so seriously.
I would say at times I am a ‘Glamoholic.’ But I am definitely more laid back than glamorous. I think it takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just want to be in jeans.
Tina Fey is really cool. She’s so mellow and laid back.
Definitely scatterbrained. I internalize a lot of thoughts, and sometimes it seems like I’m not listening or totally zoned out, but I’m always on a loop of ideas and song titles. I’m definitely kind of a space cadet, but I’m very laid back.
Whether it comes to media pressure or anything, I’ve become a bit laid back and actually not bothered.
I used to be quite laid back and that. But obviously the more you‘re in the public eye, the more you’ve got to… dress to impress.
I’m interested in why people talk like they do. Like Boston Irish. It’s so laid back. Why is that?
I think maybe L.A. or San Francisco could be rushed, but Sacramento is just laid back!
Nick Johnson
I’m pretty laid back.
I don’t really know how it feels for an American to go to Mexico, but if you come from Germany, Mexico is a really exotic place. It has this laid back vibe, at least in the countryside, and things don’t seem to be as over-civilized as they are here in Europe.
I’d call myself the mediator. I kind of just float around and do my own thing. I’m kind of chilled out, laid back.
I’m very laid back, easy. There’s nothing better in life than seeing your kids do well.
I remember when I was 13 or 14 friends coming over and my father telling them the benefits of joining the army. But he knew that army life wasn’t for me. I was a little bit too laid back and lackadaisical and ill-disciplined.
I’m super laid back. I’m from Texas. I love my family.
I think people often think of me as very intense. I’m a congressman and all, but I’m actually very laid back.
Lifestyle-wise, like L.A. in general, Utah is very conservative, very laid back, and L.A. is nothing like that.
I know how to put it on when it comes to interviews and performing because I have to. But I’m pretty laid back.
Upsi is definitely the more romantic of the two. I am more laid back. We do have our differences of opinion sometimes. Upsi is always the first one to break the ice after an argument or a difference of opinion. That’s what I love most about her.
I am laughably aggressive, and the rest of the band is very laid back, so we mix well.
When you’re a chill, laid back guy, you maybe have more pent-up frustration, anger, bitterness, than maybe somebody a little wilder would have.
Now that I’m a mom, I’m way more laid back. If you come into my house, don’t look for a coaster. Forget it. There is not a piece of furniture in my house now that is too precious.
The truth is that I am not a frump… I just enjoy being laid back.
I particularly like Shah Rukh Khan’s style. He is very laid back and very comfortable with whatever he carries.
Well, Brett was a pretty laid back kid and I think all the pressure was heaped upon my eldest boy, Bobby.
Bobby Hull
In Australian culture, people are just more laid back, people aren’t as serious, they just take their time with things. It’s just like, whatever, if I don’t get it done I don’t get it done.
Andrew Bogut
People think I’m laid back, but there’s a lot going on in my head.
David Seaman
I’m really laid back but I still like to dress up sometimes.
I don’t have phobias. I’m pretty laid back. Nothing really bothers me. I can handle things pretty well.
My perfect guy wears converse, is totally laid back, and doesn’t worry about being cool.
My style is very laid back. Just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and kicks.
I love the Empire Awards. It is really different and laid back.
L.A. is kind of laid back, but New York, everybody is out there for that buck, you know.