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Kicks Quotes

We’ve collected the best Kicks Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Ava Gardner, David Alaba, Michael Keaton, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Lana. Use them as an inspiration.

I go on tremendous health kicksexercise, yogurt, no booze. Of course, I smoke too much.
Ava Gardner
I used to spend hours on the laptop watching free kicks on YouTubeagain and again. You obviously learn a thing or two.
High energy creates more energy, more energy, more energy. It kicks off synapses, I guess. It opens up your brain and you think of one thing after another thing, after another. You can really open yourself up comedically, which is fun.
I think that, to be an artist, you have to have a big enough ego to believe that people out in the world want to see what you think is a good idea. And if you don’t have that sense of ego, then the minute that idea goes into the world, self-doubt kicks in.
I know I can fight. I know I have kicks that can destroy people. Just because I haven‘t gotten in the ring in my career, that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of crushing people.
All I really think about is, ‘Don’t try to kick the ball too hard,’ because a lot of times when I missed kicks, it was because I tried to kill it. I just try to think of a smooth swing, being slow and under control, and making the kick.
Marketing and press kicks up dust. It gets in your eye, and then you’re not focusing on the product.
I wrotePumped Up Kicks’ when I began to read about the growing trend in teenage mental illness. I wanted to understand the psychology behind it because it was foreign to me.
Coaches would have me in the gym do 1,000 kicks for a practice. I would do them until everyone was gone, until I had done all my kicks. People asked me why I would do it – that’s stupid. But my coach told me to do something like that, and I knew it would benefit me, and I would do it.
For a guy who used to steal watches on the streets of Chandni Chowk for kicks, I surely think my success at the age of 22 was pretty early!
I have judo throws, punches, kicks, knees.
I still get a few dirty looks over the racks in the supermarket, but nobody kicks me in the shins on Water Street. I’ve made sort of a point, apart from being a social dud, not to fraternize with the people I write about.
Ray Guy
When a totally offensive tax hits a few million people, Washington is prepared to look the other way. But when everyone is harmed, self preservation kicks in, and Washington gets going.
One of the great kicks of having a movie made is that you envision this world.
I try to do Pilates when I can all year around and I also like to swim a lot. I also have a trainer that kicks my butt when it’s needed.
I’ve always loved the mixture of crushing live drums with a programmed groove, that really cool blend, like in the verse there’s a really funky drum beat that is programmed then it comes in to the chorus; you’ve got that enormous human feel where the band kicks in.
Taekwondo, those are some major kickers right there. That’s what they bring. That’s all they do is the kicks. They don’t have the punching and the ground but it’s more of a kicking art than anything.
I’m not the type of dude who kicks somebody when they’re down.
Random Rules‘ kicks off ‘American Water,’ and from its opening line – ‘In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection‘ – you know you’re in for something strange and special.
It’s not like Mexicans have an illegal immigration organ in their body and at 14 kicks off a hormone and shows them how to come to the United States illegally. It’s a question of desperation for a vast majority of them.
When I was a wrestler, my job was mostly looking mean and throwing punches and kicks.
I hear an album so many times during the course of making it that when I’ve just finished it, I don’t want to hear it again. After you’ve taken a little bit of time away from it, you can come back to it, which can be scary. I’m happy with ‘Sonik Kicks,’ man.
Beckham takes free kicks better than me. It is a joy to watch him take free kicks and he has proved that free kicks are not all about power.
People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them.
I learnt a blend of different martial arts – not in great depth, obviously – but various moves such as kicks, blocks and punches. It was all quite fun.
Between my brain and my mouth there should be a filter where common sense kicks in before I deliver a word, but I think when God made me he forgot the filter.
I could have pigeonholed us and wrote a whole record like ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ and we would have been this breezy, nostalgic West Coast Beach Boys recreation band. That’s not the type of writer I am. Once I try one style, I move on.
I’ve written so many songs that are hopeful – songs that are, like, about an old man that gives all his possessions away because he wants to help people. I wrote ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ just to tell a different type of story.
Bare hands grip success better than kid gloves. Be thorough in all things, no matter how small or distasteful! The man who counts his hours and kicks about his salary is a self-elected failure.
A lot of people say I am not tall and I am small guy. But I jump very high. I surprise a lot of people when I go for the corner kicks.
My style is very laid back. Just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and kicks.
It’s not until after you’ve been hit by a car and landed all right that the fear kicks in.
When you call upon a Thoroughbred, he gives you all the speed, strength of heart and sinew in him. When you call on a jackass, he kicks.
Patricia Neal
One of the best things you can do to get on an engineer‘s good side is make him feel as much like a regular person as possible, without insulting his intelligence. Say things like, ‘You’re too cool to be an engineer,’ or ‘Nice kicks!’ or ‘You don’t seem lonely at all.’ Note: This only works on male engineers.
Everybody kicks those who do not have a country of their own.
‘Pumped Up Kicks’ is written from the perspective like Truman Capote wrote ‘In Cold Blood‘ or Dostoevsky wrote ‘Crime & Punishment.’ It’s psychologically breaking down someone‘s state of mind and diving in and walking in their shoes.
My training in martial arts was kind of a crash course in how to look like a black belt. I know the moves of a black belt – my kicks, and my stretches, and my punches and all that.
William Zabka
I’ve always liked the stuff that kicks.
Johnny Gimble
If you watch punches, kicks, and moves where there is contact, Cody Rhodes is one of the best.
Nobody kicks on being interrupted if it’s by applause.
Low kicks, you need to throw at least 20 to finish the guy, and he has 20 chances to block you, and you can break your leg.
If ever remarry, it won‘t be for kicks. Marriage is too special.
I started coming to L.A. as often as I could, for three months on and three months off, because immigration kicks you out after 90 days.
One baby is a patient baby, and waits indefinitely until its mother is ready to feed it. The other baby is an impatient baby and cries lustily, screams and kicks and makes everybody unpleasant until it is fed. Well, we know perfectly well which baby is attended to first. That is the whole history of politics.
There are seven days in a week. I take seven free kicks daily.
I have to be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to women‘s fashion, but being a sneaker head, I do like it when a girl can rock a nice pair of sneakers. Not every girl can do it. Every girl looks good in heels – that’s a given – but not every girl can look good in fresh kicks.
I learned to play football in the streets. Every day of school, everyone came and played football. The street is a good school, and you learn many things there – resiliency, how to play against older players, and how to put up with or dodge kicks.
Sergio Aguero
The bicycle kick is not easy to do. I scored 1,283 goals, and only two or three were bicycle kicks.
Aaron Cruden and Beauden Barrett have both been decent, but Dan Carter takes it on to a different level, and he kicks his goals better than both of them.
They drafted me in the third round to come play receiver, return some kicks and that’s my job. The Olympics are behind me and I’m just looking forward to helping the Bills.
I usually like loud T-shirts and band shirts, so I just try to keep it as simple as possible with jeans and white kicks that are worn in and, like, a simple jacket.
Ronaldo can score every type of goal. He can use both feet, his head, take free kicks, finish from close range or outside the box. He has everything.
Barboza is up there. He’s a scary fight, but I like being scared. And that’s a fight that me, as a fan, would want to see. I know how much fans would love something like that. So I’ll go out there and try to finish that dude with leg kicks.
When we put music on, he kind of kicks in the belly, and it’s cool to see how he’s not even born yet, but he’s already responding to the music. When I talk to him, he kicks as well. It’s a very deep connection that I have with my son already and he’s not even born. So I’m loving it.
Jencarlos Canela
I would never disrespect any man, woman, chick or child out there. We’re all the same. What goes around comes around, and karma kicks us all in the butt in the end of the day.
I really like working with someone one-on-one – my trainer kicks my butt!
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
Bruce Lee
It’s a fun day, a day which kicks off the start of our tour, it’s got great tradition – Australian cricketers just love tradition – and it’s been a really pleasant day.
Matthew Hayden
If you make the bad guy enticing and dangerous, that’s where the excitement of playing the role really kicks in. I don’t get to do that in my normal day-to-day life. Life is too taxing to go to those dark places.
Tony Vincent
Nobody wanted to run back kicks until you saw Billy ‘White Shoes” Johnson.
There are a lot of kicks out there in taekwondo that are flashy, so I like all of those. My favourite is probably chop because I’m better at it than the others. But I like a good back kick if I can nail it well.
Bianca Walkden
Well, being my type of fighter and my type of guy, you know I throw a lot of barrage of punches, kicks, knees and elbows.
While we Brits love a curry, the French get their spicy kicks from the culinary traditions bestowed by their North African population.
Penalty kicks are so much about confidence and your mentality going into them. If you go walk up to a kick and you’re not sure where you’re gonna place it, or you’re feeling a little uneasy, that’s when you often miss it.
Small-business people do not want to have more than 50 employees, because that’s when all the regulatory burden of Obamacare kicks in.
The Marines gave me a really strong sense of discipline and a work ethic that kicks in at my job.
I’m a real fan of that Foster the People song ‘Pumped Up Kicks.’
I’ve had loads of kicks over the years, and I’m not really too fussed about them. I get kicked, and I don’t like to roll around or anything. I like to get back up pretty quickly, even if it hurt.
I think I do pose the biggest threat to Aldo. I feel like my boxing is better than his. He’s a kick boxer, with devastating kicks. Neither one of us cares to take it to the ground. I feel with my unpredictability and my boxing, I pose a big threat to him.
I focus all the way on the club. That’s why my music sounds the way it does, with the 808, heavy kicks. Every aspect of it is about the club, so I don’t really care about the person who’s listening on an iPod.
Kicking is a weird thing. You can go stretches and stretches of just doing really good, then you could have one or two kicks that can derail you. You’ve just got to learn to ride the wave.
There’s a lot of rage in my head. I like the friction that means there is nothing relaxing about writing a poem. I can’t afford to relax in any area of life. You have to keep your senses awake to all the complacency that kicks in – particularly for the English.
Obamacare imposed an unprecedented level of regulation and standardization on individual-market health insurance all across America. This has left many consumers in an intolerable predicament – in some cases, having to spend up to a third or even half of their income on premiums and deductibles before insurance kicks in.
Ronaldinho and David Beckham, they took free kicks and took them very well, so there are some players I always try to follow and to learn important things from so that I am able to score goals.
Bounty hunters these days – because everything is so sophisticated with computers and surveillance, it doesn’t have to be a one-man-army-type guy who goes in and kicks a door down.
You’ve got two huge clubs in Manchester that have got ‘celebritymanagers, huge resources, massive turnovers. They can generate resources the rest of us can only imagine, and that’s before the TV money even kicks in.
Ronaldinho takes great free kicks and has scored a lot of nice goals from free play.
I’ll watch a highlight tape of my kicks and I’ll play a song that I like the night before the game and then I’ll sing that song in my head to visually get myself ready and have positive thoughts.
As a female there aren’t too many characters that are very empowering, and there’s something very empowering about Lara Croft. She kicks butt and she does it in style. She’s confident and she’s educated.
David Alaba has a very good left foot. He’s scored some good goals and free kicks.
I have to be careful because there is something destructive within me, I think, and I can have a tendency to just search for the kicks. I can’t really get too close to someone who’s too destructive, or too dark, because then I might go down the rabbit hole myself.
Obviously, throwing leg kicks in the first round is not smart, but it’s something that I can really utilize in the later rounds to both score points and look to finish the fight.
The problem with just wanting to punt it deep and out of bounds every time is that most punters can’t do that. Most guys shank and pull their kicks when they try that, so you have to get a guy who punts the ball high and gets hang time.
Kicks to the legs, they’re not very cool. They’re brutal.
I do a chimichurri sauce with garlic, parsley, olive oil, and red and black pepper. You just mince the garlic and the parsley and mix it all together. Brush a little of that on a steak and it kicks it up, like, 10 notches.
Julie Gonzalo
There are a lot of reasons why guys can miss – it isn’t always just black and white – but you just have to learn to move on from it. That’s just the approach I take. I’ve missed plenty of kicks before.
Before a show, you might have aches or pains, or it’s a bad rainy day, or it’s too humid. We all complain about stuff. But… how do I put this poetically? Once it’s the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint, forget it. Once the adrenaline kicks in and your chest expands, you forget about all that.
I’ve always been a fan of the Club C sneaker because it’s super clean and timeless. It’s one of those kicks that’s been in the street scene forever – more than 30 years.
If I can’t do high kicks or dance in it, then I won’t wear it.
A lot of my kicks are unique to MMA and the fight game in general. I wouldn’t say that it’s on purpose, but more because I’ve had success doing them and using them. I just use them more often.
I finished Edson Barboza in a d’arce choke. What else do you want? He’s very hard to take down. Spinning heel kicks, spinning kicks. I took some of his most powerful shots and I just kept coming forward. I’m the Boogeyman out there.
I decided to grow my hair out during college, and it’s kind of stuck ever since. Even when I thought about cutting it or trimming it, common sense kicks in, and I don’t think the fans would recognize me; people wouldn’t know who I am. It would almost be like Santa Claus losing his powers.
I first learned about kicking under pressure in 1996, my rookie year with the Patriots. I was signed as a free agent by a team that already had Matt Bahr, one of the best kickers around. To win the job, I had to show coach Bill Parcells that I could make kicks when they counted. That process started in training camp.
I never aspired to be in a band, but being onstage is a very cool feeling. It’s like you’re the lord of the room. It’s hard to croon and run around doing big scissor kicks while also trying to play, though. I’m still mastering that.
Kicks are my forte. I’ve got strong legs and high kicks. And I’ve got very good reach, obviously.
If every American automatically has health coverage, the age at which Medicare kicks in becomes a less fraught issue. We could gradually raise the age of Medicare eligibility a bit, according to income, and save money.
As the 2016 presidential race kicks off, candidates on both sides of the aisle are promising to stand up for the middle class. Voters deserve to know that anyone who champions Obamacare cannot honestly say she or he is also a champion of middle-class Americans.
I’ve got a lot of power in my kicks.
My martial arts came a lot from my uncle, who actually taught martial arts through the military. He was a black belt in tae kwon do, but also, he used a lot of military-style fighting where it’s not the high kicks or anything like that. It’s basically defeat your opponent as fast as possible.
Brian Tee
I like when a guy wears ripped jeans, has a loose-fitting V-neck top and has a pair of kicks. You can’t go wrong with a suit either.
When one kicks over a tea table and smashes everything but the sugar bowl, one may as well pick that up and drop it on the bricks, don’t you think?
Margery Allingham
I always back myself as a finisher, but I always practise it as well. Every type of finish: left foot, right foot, headers, penalties, free kicks.
If I’m not barefoot, you’ll probably find me with a pair of New Balance on. And I’m not one of those hipster-jump-on-the-band-wagon-ironically-cool NB fans. I’ve been rocking those kicks since they were true nerd shoes. Since the ’80s, yo! Word.
For a long time when I was working to get a job and in OVW to create an image to get hired by WWE, they kept saying, ‘we’re looking for the next Trish Stratus. We want that look – that beautiful, feminine fitness model that kicks butt, and you just don’t fit the mold.’ That was holding me back for so long.
I take it a little bit hard on myself because I’m comparing myself a lot, and that’s the kind of person I am because I’m so competitive, but it’s also good, because I am competitive, so it kind of kicks you in the butt.
Nastia Liukin
We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.
I have more energy at the end than I do at the beginning. You can be so beat up that you can scarcely walk on stage but when you get to the piano the excitement kicks in, you forget about being tired.
Part of the problem is that many directors treat female characters too often as precious. Or they want to live in a fantasy world where they just do spinning hook kicks and knock out guys who are six foot four, and that doesn’t work either.
You can hit your legs really hard, you can get very, very sore from training and I love that, but, the one I’d feel most on stage is legs. But, the thing that happens is once the adrenalin kicks in, that’s the trigger.
I’ve never told anyone, but my ambition is to become the leading all-time scorer of free kicks in Serie A.
I never take free kicks because it’s not my job.
Once we get into the groove, we’re kind of like long-distance runners – that adrenalin kicks in for me and I just keep running – and I don’t stop!
It’s very difficult when there are pictures taken on the red carpet. I find those things so terrifying that another persona just kicks in. I don’t recognise myself.
Joely Richardson
If you’re talking to an architect, he can look at a blank piece of paper, and once the initial design is there, the formula kicks in. Each room should have something unique and different about it – much the same way that in a song, every eight bars or so, a new piece of information should be introduced.
Ryan Tedder
I realize judges don’t understand what the hell kicks are doing.