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Kate Quotes

We’ve collected the best Kate Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bill Hader, Helena Christensen, Hamish Bowles, Laura Whitmore. Use them as an inspiration.

When I was preparingKiss Me, Kate,’ I did go to the Museum of Broadcasting and watched an old kinescope of Alfred Drake doing the role on a television special. It was interesting, but I didn’t feel any need to try to copy him.
I like watching Kate McKinnon do something – there’s a joy in seeing a new move from somebody and going, ‘Oh, she can do that.’
Kate is going to come back, she is going to be super-strong again. Everybody is going to want her again because she is that kind of person. She is very professional and beautiful and she is going to be around forever.
I have a confession to make. In the beginning, I did not understand the Kate Moss phenomenon.
My style idols are people like Kate Hudson, the Olsen twins and of course Sienna Miller and Kate Moss- even Bridget Bardot.
Sadly, I’ve never met Princess Kate.
Two people who I think have the world‘s most perfect skin are Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth. Maybe there’s something to being named Kate, I don’t know, but those two just seem to be effortless, yet completely, ethereally gorgeous.
Kate Middleton is intelligent, good looking, kind, and fun, and she is remarkably normal.
I love all of Kate Winslet’s characters. And Natalie Portman. If I can have a smidgen of what they’ve done, that would be awesome.
I love ‘Titanic‘ and the idea that you‘re kind of rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to survive despite the fact that you know that they’re not going to.
If Kate Moss hadn’t been booked when she was 14, Kate Moss might not exist.
Kate O’Hare is a former SEAL and is currently in the FBI – we know that there are no women in the SEALs, but we think there should be.
Dancing with Kate Beckinsale made me very excited.
Richard Roxburgh
I’d always just look at Chanel and Kate Spade and think how incredible these brands were.
I really wanted to work with Kate Mulgurew and Natasha Lyonne.
I’ve always found that fashion is, first of all, mainly for yourself. So my two icons are, on one side, Little Edie from ‘Grey Gardens‘ and, of course, like all my generation, I’m influenced by Kate Moss.
I feel like I am walking in some amazing footsteps of writers who have come before me, like S.E. Hinton, Walter Dean Myers, Christopher Paul Curtis, Richard Peck and Kate DiCamillo, who I love.
I admire her so much, but I’m not the next Kate Upton.
I’d like to have a solid, classy career with a good CV of work. I want to be known for acting, not my personal life. Women like Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet – they’re intelligent and sophisticated. I want to be given those opportunities.
I grew up listening to a lot of very smart pop records by artists like Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, The The.
To me Kate Spade represents a woman who still has stuff to get done. She’s like, ‘yeah I’m stylish but I need to be comfortable and able to move.’ I’m excited to be a part of a brand that’s meaningful to women in that way.
I always have my Laura Mercier foundation and concealer with me, and I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. My favourite is shade 08, because it’s just such a lovely natural colour with just a bit of pink to it.
Kate Moss is small and not necessarily model dimensions but she has that special something.
Coming from the U.K., I can think of so many great songs and musical moments that didn’t require a belter of a voice; my favorite singer is Kate Bush and she’s not a belter, or PJ Harvey… I’m definitely more of an alternative girl.
Carmen Ejogo
Why have a model on the front of your magazine when you can have Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Hilary Swank? Because those girls are intelligent and talented, people are interested.
Topshop is one of my favourite shops, and I love shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. There’s a graduate fashion designer called Kate Falcus who makes me beautiful commissioned pieces – one of my favourites was the white Glastonbury dress she made me with the puffy skirt.
I like women who don’t wear too much make-up. Natalie Portman is naturally stunning, and so are Charlize Theron and Kate Bosworth.
I love ‘To Kill A Mockingbird‘ – it seems to offer up new layers every time you read it. I also love Kate Atkinson’s ‘Behind The Scenes At The Museum’ – that’s the book that started me writing.
The people I look up to most are actresses such as Kate Winslet and Amy Schumer, who have never been size zero and are judged on their bodies of work, not their bodies.
Let me tell you, if I could pick the project of all projects, it would probably be Kate Gosselin because if I can help Kate find a man? I can help anybody!
Kate Middleton has no blue blood coursing through her veins. Her father, Michael, is self-made, and he and his wife have been very successful with their party business, but they are and always will be strictly middle class.
I have a dear friend called Kate St John who is a musical genius.
Kate Spade has great feminine classics and I love her bags. Designs by Rebecca Taylor, BCBG and Herve Leger are sexy and fun, and they work on my body.
Katrina Bowden
Some people are natural beauties, some have great style, but sometimes it comes from talent. Take Kate Winslet: I was listening to her speech at the Golden Globes. That woman has so much intensity. She’s amazing to watch and to listen to. With some people, it can even be their voice that makes them attractive.
Walking the runway with Alexander McQueen, I really had to dig deep. You’re with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I was the first person out on the runway, but I thought, ‘I have done the Olympics, I can do this.’
My friend Kate St John is not only a brilliant musician and beautiful person, but also an excellent White Goods Adviser.
I love Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth. They defy trends. They probably take more risks than I do but I would say my style is similar.
It’s no secret that I’ve worked with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale and Helen Hunt. These women have more than just incredible physiques – they have an inner strength, grace ,and comfort in their own skin, no matter what life serves up.
Kate Upton is curvy and nervy.
It’s just fantastic to have someone like the Duchess of Cambridge wear the brand. I think there are often misconceptions about who the brand is for, but it’s not just a 20-year-old blonde girl on the beach, and Kate is testament to that.
I don’t know who the actresses all are. I’ve never heard of Kate but I’m sure she’ll do fine.
We’ve had Audrey Hepburn, we’ve had Twiggy, we’ve had Veruschka, we’ve had Kate Moss. I’m trying to figure out why I am to blame for skinniness.

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