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Josh Quotes

We’ve collected the best Josh Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Jason Aldean, Michael Chandler, Josh Tillman, Tyler Joseph, Dakota Fanning. Use them as an inspiration.

There are people out there who are into traditional country music and for those people you have artists like Brad Paisley and Josh Turner and Alan Jackson. Then you have artists with a progressive style of country music, like myself and Eric Church and Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert.
I do have some unfinished business with Josh Thomson. I think that’s a fight fans want to see, it’s a fight Bellator wants, it’s a fight I want.
I was like, ‘Josh Tillman, you are not a songwriter. You are an ape. Stop thinking of yourself as a songwriter.’
Music can connect people on an intimate level. What Josh and I are trying to do is represent anyone who has some of the questions that we have.
I played the young Reese Witherspoon in ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ when I was 7, and the boy who played the young Josh Lucas was 10.
Nate Robinson has a lot of jumping ability, but I don’t see Josh losing.
Dominique Wilkins
Josh is the guy in the band who’s just so friendly and super, wanting to walk up to you and say, ‘Hey, I’m Josh. I drum in this band, and I’m a big fan of you, and I really appreciate what you do.’ Josh has all these great friends in the industry now.
Josh Allen has a strong arm, we all know that… I’ve been around the league to know it’s one of the stronger arms, but there a lot of guys with strong arms.
One thing I love about Josh Turner is his faith; that’s why I looked up to him so much.
Josh Brolin is an actor that I really, really like; he’s fantastic. I worked with him once; he’s a really great actor.
I don’t get like when people say Josh Norman is tough. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player.
The natural gas industry has worked long and hard to smear Josh Fox, the director of ‘Gasland,’ and has failed.
I did some really heavy, intensive clinics with Billy Robinson. Anyone that knows anything about Billy, he was a mean old dude! I survived training with him and Josh Barnett, right in the same vein, my head coach for, like, 12 years.
My friend Josh Glenn compiles terrific lists of genre novels from the mid-20th century. His latest is a list of the ten best adventure novels of 1966. Josh also includes the cover art of early editions of the books, which are always much better than the art on newer editions. I want to read every book in this list!
Then a friend of Jim‘s suggested we make a theme song to explain the story, and this is where the Mads came from. Josh and I wrote it into the theme song.
Joel Hodgson
It was so freeing to branch out and work with people like Josh Dun of 21 Pilots who played on ‘Savage‘ and ‘Almost Had Me.’
I filmed the ‘Sicario’ sequel ‘Soldado’ with Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin. That was cool. I play the female lead. I’m the bad guy‘s daughter.
Willie Wells, Ray Dandridge, Leon Day, Buck Leonard, Quincy Troupe, Satchel Paige – earlier than when he was called up – Oscar Charleston and Josh Gibson. You see what kind of talent we had, and guys in the majors knew it too.
I was worrying about how Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson or Josh Hazlewood would get me out and how I would counter it, but in doing that forgot how I was going to score runs and put pressure on them, which is what I’m good at. I have to be more focussed on myself.
I’m really high on Josh Allen. He reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger. He’s got the big arm. He’s a very good athlete.
I see myself in a Cleveland Browns uniform and a return for Josh Gordon. Hopefully this time, the biggest and the best I’ve ever been. Really looking forward to giving the people what they deserve, not letting anyone down, myself included. And exceeding their expectations.
I love ‘Drake and Josh.’ It’s supposed to have a demographic of ages 9-14, but really, it’s 9-84. There is no demographic.
A wonderful acting teacher I love, Josh Pais, has a system I love for being in the moment in acting, but also in life. And one of the things he reminds me of is to take a moment and just be here now.
Josh Brolin is fascinating to watch because he is just so effortless. It’s like watching a really gifted athlete run, and I just didn’t have that.
Thank you to Josh Harris for the trust he has placed in me to lead the 76ers. I am humbled by the challenge and will work tirelessly to win the hearts of Philadelphia‘s legendary fans.
Hard times have been on Josh Barnett. Dealing with athletic commissions. Everybody‘s saying, ‘You did this and you did that. You’re the problem for this.’ That’s hard times. Hard times on my family. Hard times on my friends. Hard times on me.
I worked with people I admire; Josh Lucas, who I’d worked with many many years ago on a pilot called The Class of 61 and Kurt Russell, and so there were a variety of different people that I enjoyed working with.
I didn’t know many people in London and became depressed, ending up in therapy. One day, the therapist called me Josh instead of Jacob, and I was mortified. I was telling this woman things I’d never told anyone, and she didn’t even know my name.
I’m still mad at Josh Charles for dying on ‘The Good Wife.’
I count my blessings every day for getting to play Josh in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.’
I started posting a few covers on SoundCloud in 2017, and that got me into contact with my producer who I still work with, Josh Fountain.
I picked up the Joss Stone album, Josh Groban, and the new Norah Jones. I love, love, love Norah.
Josh Ozersky was a meat man. He knew meat, revered it, studied it, sang it, evangelized it, wrote about it, and, of course, ate it. Lots of it. Life, for Josh, was meat, and writing. Everything else was a side.
I have an older son, Josh, and growing up, he just didn’t care that much for baseball. And that was fine. But Chaddie, he always wanted to go to the ballpark. He just kind of took to it right away.
Bruce Sutter
I was on the couch watching Tim Sylvia beat Ricco Rodriguez, Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia, and Josh Barnett fight in PRIDE.