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Inundated Quotes

We’ve collected the best Inundated Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Lynsey Addario, James Wolk, Clint Smith, Teyonah Parris, Andra Day. Use them as an inspiration.

I try not to get caught up in how our society is so inundated with images, and stay very focused on the work that I’m doing.
I had such a broad array of classes, in improvising, in clowning, in Shakespeare. It was so great to just be inundated with all that.
Our entire lives, we’re inundated with media and messaging that tells us that to be incarcerated is to be criminal and to be criminal is to be a bad person.
I’m influenced by many things. Simply turning on the television, I feel inundated with images and messages to be a certain way. So I try to limit my influences by being aware of what I allow into my environment. I’m always conscious of what’s trying to creep into my subconscious.
I was always inundated with music, whether it be my mother‘s favorites like Fleetwood Mac and Carole King and the Carpenters, or my dad‘s jazz music.
We are all inundated with images that present a limited scope of what is considered beautiful. For American women, the closer she is to whiteness/paleness, cisness, thinness, and femininity, the more she is considered beautiful.
If the inner world is inundated with peace, then the nightmare of world war cannot even come into being.
My interested in Brazilian music stemmed from wanting to find a musical identity other than the salsa and meringue that I was inundated with in Venezuela as a child.
As a young surgeon in training at the University of California San Francisco General Hospital in the early ’80s, my colleagues and I were inundated with an epidemic of young men with fevers, rashes, swollen lymph nodes and eventually death.
Since I became a senator in 2015, my office has been inundated by countless letters, emails, and calls from North Carolinians telling us how Obamacare has been a nightmare for them and their families.
Our culture is so inundated with Freudian prototypes, and I think that ‘Twin Peaks‘ came up with a whole new Pandora‘s Box of outlandishly mental, out of balance people that have never been described or have been noted by the psychiatric community.
Carel Struycken
I do feel like, especially nowadays, we are inundated with the message that, ‘Oh my God, you aren’t making your own clothes? You didn’t make your own bread? And you also don’t have a career, and you don’t look unbelievable, and you have 5 pounds on your frame? Where is your book that you haven‘t published yet?’
I want to go to Denmark and Scandinavia. We’ve been inundated with their telly recently, and I’ve never been to any of those countries. I really want to get to know the people. I quite fancy living there for a bit if I could take a month off. They just seem like upfront, friendly folk.
Some critics argue that a tsunami of hogwash has already rendered the Web useless. I disagree. We are indeed inundated by online noise pollution, but the problem is soluble.
I’ve struggled so much, growing up, with just feeling that my life is valid because it’s not filled with these hyper-dramatic moments, and I think a lot of people of my generation feel that way. We’re so inundated with hyper-drama that people crave everyday life.
Ellar Coltrane
We’ve all been inundated with so many ingenious, must-have, time-saving apps and tools that we really don’t have a second left to spare.
I have been inundated with offers to move into a career in television or film, and these, too, are tempting.
David Ginola