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We’ve collected the best Instant Quotes from the greatest minds of the world: Dakota Fanning, Tomas Transtromer, Nikki Tamboli, Diego Simeone, Michael Seibel. Use them as an inspiration.

A person shows himself for an instant as in a photograph but clearer and in the background something which is bigger than his shadow.
Tomas Transtromer
Instant attraction is natural, flirting can also happen. But building a relationship takes time. We can’t control our emotions. If you feel for someone, it will definitely show on your face. But I definitely can’t fake a love story on national television for the footage.
Nikki Tamboli
Football is like hunting. One second can change it all, but it’s not just any second, it’s a flash. The prey is there and suddenly then it’s not. In an instant it’s over – you won’t have the chance again. You need to know which one precise second to train for, and to understand that moment.
When someone posts a Socialcam video, all of their followers get an instant notification.
A popular number from the movie Pedda Pedda’ has become an instant hit and the audience is loving it.
Everyone wants instant gratification: you have to have everything your parents had right away.
Jim Flaherty
Unlike writing a book, which can take several years, baking is instant gratification.
Jenna Blum
My belief is that ‘heaven‘ and ‘hell‘ are metaphorical terms for what you make of your life. In any instant, you have the ability to make your life total pleasure or total hell.
How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?
Paul Sweeney
I remember the first time I received a cassette tape of a band called The Clash. I became an instant fan of the Clash and then bought their albums after that and went to their concerts and gave them my money… but I first got it for free.
Hence the same instant which killed the animals froze the country where they lived. This event was sudden, instantaneous, without any gradual development.
Georges Cuvier
Down on the ground, we seem to do anything but make lengthy, robust monologues. We can communicate in an instant almost anywhere. Gone is the slow old letteritself a monologue, a sort of considered performance of best self – and in its place is the e-mail, the text, the SMS, the tweet.
The thing I love about YouTube is it’s almost like having an instant audience for improv.
When I retired I was done and it was instant relief. Instant.
When I was writing my dissertation, I wrote about Freud and the process of sublimation, which is when you learn to stop breast-feeding, or stop going to the toilet whenever you want to. It’s about learning to repress a desire for instant gratification.
Proponents of nationwide injunctions argue that they are necessary to ensure that the law is uniform throughout the country. But the federal judiciary wasn’t made to produce instant legal uniformity.
We got instant gratification when we would slip in one of our own songs and people would cheer. We started getting a lot of gratification from writing.
Television is instant gratification. We do an episode and we instantly get a reaction for the same. Theatre on the other hand is very satisfying as an actor. It is purely a few thousand people who come to watch the theatre.
Making people believe they can do great things, that’s an instant motivator.
Photography has always been about documentary, the depiction of the instant, a moment, sometimes a place. Each project is somehow an experimentation of a specific context or a character.
One question that often comes up is why, in this age of blogs and tweets and instant digital communication of all kinds, it still takes so long to publish a book.
I just started taking pictures, and it was – it was an instant love affair. It was just ecstatic.
That’s what’s great about standup comedy: the instant feedback. You get up on stage, you tell a joke, if it doesn’t work, come back the next day with a better version of it.
I think if I had come out of drama school and been an instant Hollywood superstar, I would be taking long, leisurely holidays.
When I write about things, it’s a lot to do with sense memory. How things smell and taste can bring incredible memories flooding back and transport you in an instant to another time and place.
We live in a world of instant gratification, the world of the quick fix.
Anyone who is willing for an instant to credit the claims of astral influence is a walking demonstration of the tragic failure of science education.
When you go to our political system, I feel like it’s intentionally kept in the last century. In every other facet of life, we turn to social media for instant response time, complete transparency.
I can’t remember a dish my mother made that to me was pleasant. To this day I have a phobia of instant noodles.
Sometimes people take it for granted that they had success, especially nowadays when you have instant stardom. A lot of people feel entitlement and nobody is entitled to anything.
You’re sent scripts, and for some, as soon as you start reading them, you feel an instant connection to the character. You know who they are, you know how to play them, and there is instant enthusiasm. Then, at the audition, you don’t have nerves because of that natural affinity.
Each medium has its own beauty and way of working. While television offers immense reach and long-running shows, films are shorter and they are presented differently. With theatre, it’s the thrill of instant feedback.
It’s very clear from Biblical history and Jewish history that Jewish monotheism wasn’t developed in an instant, that it became gradually the accepted norm. But undoubtedly, Jewish ancestors were polytheists.
I always have either nuts, Luna bars, or fruit in my bag. A pack of instant oatmeal is also good to carry because it’s a quick, nutritious meal you can make almost anywhere.
I understand Twitter has become popular among politicians. This technology allows them to stay in perpetual contact with their constituents. The electorate now has instant information about what politicians have been up to.
My all-time favorite way to use for instant dashi is to simply boil potatoes in it, simmering the water all the way down until Im left with a finger-licking salty dashi crust all around them.
If someone said I had enough money and I could take six months off, I would run in an instant.
They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it’s night once more.
I had this fantasy. I would be at the Paramount Theater in New York and Louis Prima‘s drummer falls sick. The theater manager asks, ‘Is there a drummer in the house?’ I run up on stage and bang instant fame!

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